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Date: Mon 04 Oct 2010 06:43:18 -0400
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From: Douglass Lauder
Subject: Wt Beauty Competition: Part 1


“A’lote cha’ya’te dukha-sukhate ket’eche janam kato…” (PS 1128)


O’ Baba, in search of You I have passed so many lives in pleasure and
pain, in effulgence and darkness. My days have passed in good and bad,
virtue and vice, bliss and misery. Over and over again, countless times,
I have come onto this earth. Baba, in this relative world, whatever I
have gained, I have lost. Everything in this material world is
transitory: Nothing is stationary; nothing is permanent. Baba, whatever
came to me has gone away. Even then by Your grace the lamp of my hope
remains lit to get You.

Baba, the cyclone of my life has come making a loud, bustling sound and
it has turned my existence upside down. Baba, in this difficult
situation, I have received Your grace and I want for my mind to be fully
satiated in Your divine love. Even then I have lost the path and am
moving in a downward direction. I do not understand what is right and
what is wrong– what is virtue and what is vice. Baba, please save me
from this miserable situation, from this cyclone of my life.

O’ my dearmost, by Your boundless compassion I have regained the path:
I am adhering to Your teachings and I am slowly moving towards You.
Baba, by Your grace today I understand You. I have learned how to move
with Your divine effulgence. Baba, after wiping away the darkness,
please grace me with more and more of Your effulgence so that I can
become one with You.

Baba, without Your grace nothing can happen. Please keep me under Your
shelter and accept my total surrender…


These days there is a beauty competition going on amongst certain Dadas
and Didis. Let’s see how far this type of thing has been approved by Baba.


The use of cosmetics amongst our wholetime workers has increased
exponentially in recent years. Of course, prior to 1990, no worker would
dare use cosmetics or perfumes etc. Indeed, no one felt the need to use
beauty products as everyone was deeply involved in manifesting Baba’s

Unfortunately, now a number of workers – both Dadas and Didis – are
resorting to these beauty products. It seems they have been affected by
today’s grossly materialistic values.

The question naturally arises: Why do some feel the need to beautify
their faces? What is the psychic cause. We will address this question
and more in this letter.


Every human being – every human mind – has evolved from animal life and
those animalistic samskaras are still present in the human personality,
to some or more degree.

The human personality is tri-fold: Physical, psychic and spiritual.

Some fall prey to the psychic ailment known as self-aggrandizement or
gaorava. This is when people feel a need to present themselves as being
bigger or better than what they truly are.

Baba says, “Gaorava is the second type of aham’ka’ra [ego]. It means
“self-aggrandizement”. Puffed up with vanity, a person will want to
project his image in an exaggerated manner. Often we hear somebody say,
for example, that they have a rose the size of a balloon in their garden
– whereas actually the rose may be the size of a ping-pong ball.
Constant indulgence in this type of activity converts the mind into matter.”

“We have seen bulls moving about in the streets with an air of
arrogance. Such a bull creates a sound expressing the idea that it is
big – Ham bar’a’. But when the bull dies and ta’nt [vina string] is made
out of its intestines and musicians start playing on it, the sound which
is then emitted expresses the idea Tun bar’a’ – meaning thereby that the
bull realizes that others are big, and realizes that he has arrived at
this condition because of his arrogance.”

“In fact the inculcation of gaorava leads one to the worst hell. Just as
there are six layers, or lokas, of the Cosmic Mind above the crude
world, so are there six types of hell, six narakas, below the physical
world. The names of these hells are tala, atala, tala’tala, pa’ta’la,
atipa’ta’la and rasa’tala. Another term for rasa’tala is raorava naraka
– and a person indulging in gaorava will certainly go to raorava
[crudest state of mind].” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-23)

Baba says, “The seventh hell is rasa’tala, the very crudest of all
stages of existence. Obviously in that state human beings are no longer
human beings: their minds, their intellects are reduced to extreme
crudity, a stage of no return. Similarly when people start becoming
degraded, a stage comes when they can no longer elevate themselves;
rasa’tala is such a state.” (AMIWL-11)

Why does this happen? This happens when the mind is not focused on
Parama Purusa, but on one’s own unit ego. Gaorava then is a defect in
mind which may express itself physically and psychically.

To take advantage of this mental ailment, capitalists exploit this
weakness by marketing more and more beauty products. It is a
multi-billion dollar industry. Because of their psychic ailment, people
easily get scooped up into this capitalist trap and spend huge money on
cosmetics, beauty aids, perfume, cosmetic surgery, etc.

Decades ago it was unheard of for our Wts to get pulled in this
direction, but tragically nowadays some of our workers have gotten
trapped just like the common public. That is the main problem: Some Wts
now use beauty products. Essentially it is a psychic problem that needs
to be addressed.


Why do people fall in that trap of gaorava or self-aggrandizement?

The first reason is that all come from animal life and fall prey to
certain lower expressions of mind. This has been described up above.

Secondly, the trend of the general society is towards materialism. That
means people are involved in their own external beauty and wish to
project themselves as being something great, i.e. superior to who they
are. This is all due to their materialistic way of living.

When general flow of society is towards materialism then the mass of
people fall in that trap. They get caught in things like
self-beautification and self-glorification. Then we know they have
fallen into gaorava marga (path of hell) and lost their Goal.


Indulging in gaorava (self-aggrandizement) means falling onto the path
of negative pratisaincara. Why? Because the person is not focusing their
mind towards Ista, i.e. Parama Purusa. Instead they are just involved in
their own personal ego. In that case the mind will become smaller and
smaller and gradually they will not be a normal human being. They will
become degraded.

What to say of mukti and moksa, such a person is sinking deep into the
clutches of animal life. Why? Because the goal was just their own unit
self – i.e. not Parama Purusa but their own little ego. In that case
they are sure to degrade. Hence the path of gaorava is a very dangerous


Another reason behind the use of beauty products is the crude, tamasik
desire to attract the opposite sex. That is also one of the expressions
of gaorava.

If any Wt, either male or female, is doing this they are in the wrong
place. They should just throw away their dress and choose a different
way of life. They should not pollute our Ananda Marga.

Entering Wt life means focusing on Parama Purusa not the opposite sex.
So if any worker is using cosmetics with the goal of attracting the
opposite sex, their situation is akin to some drug addict that walked
into one of our AM jagrtis.

Hence if any worker has gotten confused or led astray and fallen into
this trap they should wake up and realise that this is not the path. The
goal of a wt is not the opposite sex – it is Parama Purusa.


It is true that usually our AM competitions occur in seminars and DMS,
dharma maha sammelan. At such venues we hold tandava competitions,
kaoshikii competitions, and prizes are awarded for the best social
service projects also.

So some may be asking where does the Wt beauty competition fit in.

And the answer is that the Wt beauty competition is an unspoken
competition. They do not talk openly about it, but in a silent manner
many workers are competing and taking note of one another. They apply
all kinds of chemicals and tonics to their face and hair to look their
best – and hope others notice. Various Didis do this and some Dadas too.

They talk about their beauty secrets with their friends but not openly
in public because such things not openly supported in AM. So if you
raise the point and say, “Oh Dadaji, you look so stunning and shiny
today, what is your secret?”, then Dadaji will not tell all the various
cosmetics that he is using. He will simply say, “Sixteen Points”. But
internally he will be thinking that his fake beauty chemicals are very

So the only way to know if xyz Didi or Dada is involved in using beauty
aids and cosmetics is to check their bags. There you may find an entire
case full of their beauty essentials such as: Dyes, creams, and all
kinds of superficial beauty things.



However Baba does not support the use of all these fake beauty ointments
etc by our Wts.

Baba says, “…Artificially perfumed things should not be used.” (32
Rules for Avadhuta, pt #12)

Baba says, “Perfumed oil should not be used” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #3)

Baba says, “Any medicated soap, but not cosmetic or perfumed, should be
used” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #8)

Baba says, “…Avadhuta shall not…use any article which is
artificially scented, (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #32)

Thus it is quite clear that in various ways Baba wholly condemns the use
of fake beauty paraphernalia. No Didi or Dada is to use such beauty aids.

Naturally, since it is detrimental to one’s spiritual progress, sincere
margiis and devotees do not feel comfortable using cosmetic beauty
products because the goal of life is Parama Purusa – not superficial looks.

Finally, we should all keep in mind that females are more prone to use
such cosmetics. That is a fact. The proof being that the entire beauty
industry is directed towards females. But these days more males have
begun this game as well.


Amongst our Wt ranks, such participants want to make their face shine so
they look more vibrated and attractive – as if they are on the doorstep
of moksa.

Everyone knows that all truly great personalities – those rishis, yogis
and true sadhakas – have a glow or psychic lustre (ojah / ojas) because
of their high spiritual attainment. Due to their sincerity in sadhana,
their face changes and they naturally exude a deep sense of sentient
peace and divine love. That is depicted in various images of such great
personalities. Baba has describe this in discourses like,
“Pa’rthasa’rathi Krs’n’a and Aesthetic Science”.

Some fake Wts want that same lustre for their own prestige. When they
understood that they cannot get it naturally because they are not
involved in sadhana, they began to arrange it artificially. By this way
they could (try and) befool others that they are great.

All the while one should remember: Focusing on oneself, i.e. one’s own
greatness, leads to degeneration. And that is what happened to some of
our workers.


Now it is the duty of every disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji to
watch and see if anyone is choosing this wrong path of raorava marga,
i.e. seventh hell. We should try to protect them by pointing them out.

Baba says, “All Ananda Margis, when they see other Margis acting against
the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this habit either
by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly.” (A Guide to
Human Conduct)

Thus it is our duty to open the eyes of those involved in this fake
beauty competition. If we do not wake them from their stupor, they will
continue to fall deeper into the dungeon of materialism.

Baba says, “It is the innate characteristic of the human mind to become
as it thinks – Ya’drshii bha’vana’ yasya siddhirbhavati ta’drshii [“As
you think, so you become.”]” (AV-4)

Thus those who are just thinking about their own so-called beauty are
bound to fall and ruin themselves. We should help them climb back onto
the path of spirituality and think of Baba. Then they will truly become

Baba says, “To associate oneself with Parama Purus’a, the Supreme
Entity, is the actual sa’dhana’. There is no one greater than Parama
Purus’a, and so, when the mind ideates on Him, it expands.” (AV-4)


The concluding idea is that in our AM way of life there is no room for
beauty products for physical “enhancement”, psychic bragging, or fake
spirituality. All these are highly detrimental – especially so when our
Wts are involved. That sets a bad example for the society.

By Baba’s grace we should all think of Him and not get drowned by the
lowly ways of self-aggrandizement and self-beautification etc. We should
not become the selected pawns of the capitalist beauty industry.

Baba says, “An inflated ego is like drinking wine, self-aggrandizement
leads one into the deepest hell, and social status is like the excrement
of a pig. Give up all three of these and only sing the glories of the
Lord.” (AV-23)



In the upcoming letters we will announce the participants and winners of
this beauty competition. Then you will know which Wt won.

Of course there are many good Wts who have nothing to do with this. By
Baba’s grace they have dedicated themselves to self-realisation and
service to humanity.

In Old Age

Baba says, “Over the age of fifty both the body and the mind start their
decline. The power of memory diminishes and people start to forget
things. This is the rule. But through the practice of vista’ra sadhana,
this decline checks. Even an eighty year old person is able to keep the
memory as fresh as a twenty five year old person. In the mental sphere,
the result may be much more evident than in the physical sphere.
Normally people hear, learn, and forget. But by the practice of sadhana,
when the nerve cells get strengthened, dhruva smrti comes. Then one does
not forget easily. In exactly the same way, by the dint of higher
spiritual practice, one can bring about the expansion of oneself…Human
beings become omniscient, become one with Parama Purusa. Nothing is
impossible through the practice of sadhana.” (DKG)


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Subject: Re: Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 1
From: Brian Farrell
Date: 10/03/2010 01:30 AM


In Perth, West Australia the mens jagriti was recently sold off by
Paramatanada. The buyer then sold it within a very short time and
gained a profit of over $100,000.00 Aus.

Obviously the property was sold far too cheaply!!

Dada also sold another property outside the city at the same time.
He claimed that the money would be used to build or buy a new jagriti
in a more central location in Perth.

When i enquired about it a few months after the sale, one of his
lapdogs, Didi Bhaktidara, completely lost control of herself and
screamed abuse at me and another margi who also enquired about the
missing money!

These types of people should be put in jail as they are betraying their

in Him,


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