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Date: 07 Oct 2010 08:23:49 -0000
From: “Shivadayal Singhal”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Going to the Nucleus


“Dhya’nete a’ji dekhechi a’sabe tumi a’ma’r ghare…” (P.S. 4594)


O’ my dearmost Baba, by Your divine grace, today I have seen You in my
dhya’na and You told me that You will be coming to my house. O’ my Lord,
You are so gracious. And now everything is ready for Your grand arrival.
The seat has been properly prepared and the colorful a’lpana’ decorations
have been beautifully placed on the path of Your arrival.

Baba, since then how many days and how many nights have passed– I have
no calculation. Why is it that You did not come. You must have taken a
strong vow not to come. But by Your grace today You have broken that vow–
and that is why You are coming. It is Your grace.

Baba, we are so very close; we have been together since the dawn of
creation. Your and my introduction did not only happen hundreds and
thousands of years ago. O’ all-pervading Entity, all along– each and every
moment– You have secretly been with me, since the beginning of time. Baba,
always You have remained by my side.

Baba, today You blessed me in my dhyana and You told me that You are
coming to my house. This is Your causeless grace…


In this materialistic era, little thought is put into the meaning or goal
of life. The common masses just get wrapped up in their petty, mundane
desires– running after this or that coloured object. That is the general

Of course for A’nanda Ma’rgiis, the case is totally different; we are
always involved in our Goal– by repeating our Ista mantra and by singing
His name etc. Baba guides us to always remember the Goal.


So there are two basic types of competitions or two types of marches going
on– each diametrically opposed to the other. The general populace, sunk in
the ocean of avidya maya, blindly runs after one fleeting attraction after
another, totally unaware about any greater goal in life. And in their
disjointed way, materialistic fancies become the object of their ideation–
that becomes their goal. This is the way the mass of people are moving

As sadhakas we know the Goal is something different, something divine.
Even then, when surrounded by thousands and millions and billions of people
running after crude things then there is the possibility to get blown off
course– to get pulled into their senseless flow. As we all know, this can
happen. At times their dazzle of mundane jewels may seem alluring. When the
mind goes down such types of tendencies can enter one’s being.


So to safeguard ourselves, day in and day out, we should attend to our
spiritual duties, always trying to please Him. And then there is no
opportunity to get caught in the rut of materialism. Then always we will
remember our true selves and our inner motion will be towards Him– towards
the Cosmic Nucleus. By His grace this is the path of each and every A’nanda


Here following Baba presents us with a series of beautiful portrayals about
the movement and Goal of life.

Baba says, “Every human being, every animal, every plant, moves on with its
different a’jiiva (oocupation) and different structure. Moves towards what?
Towards the ultimate aim, towards the central point, towards the Vishva
Na’bhi, the Cakra Na’bhi, the Supreme Nucleus. So they are marching from
electronic imperfection towards nuclear perfection. No one can avoid this
movement. That is why it is called Para’gati. They are moving towards the
centre, consciously or unconsciously. And who is in the centre? Parama
Purus’a.” (AV-23)

So in this grand cosmic creation knowingly or unknowingly all are moving
around that cosmic nucleus, circling round and round. Some are aware about
Who is at the nucleus while are or not.

Here below Baba describes further about the general way in which the
created beings move around the Nucleus. To make a clear picture Baba gives
the example of a cow moving around a wooden stake, attached by a rope.

Baba says, “Assume for a moment that a cow is tied to a stake with a thong
or a strip. The thong may be short or long. If it is long, the cow will
move relatively far away from the stake; whereas if it is short, she will
not be able to go far away as she circles the stake. But in either case she
has to go around the stake, considering it as a centre.” (AV-23)

The point being that the centre point for that cow is the same regardless
if it is close or far to the stake. Always the stake is the nucleus and the
cow has to move around that.

Now here Baba shows how those materialistic minded people are just moving
in their own crude flow– totally unaware that there is a greater Goal in
life. So instead of racing towards the middle, towards the Hub, they just
fill their lives with their egoistic approach, and hence miss the cream of

Baba says, “Similarly, a person is moving around [in] Brahma Cakra [the
Cosmic Cycle]. The radius of Brahma Cakra is very big, though it is not
infinite. People are moving around without knowing who is at the centre.
They go around without knowing that they are tethered to a stake. They
think that they are everything, that they know so much. They think so much.
Each person thinks that he is not an ordinary person. This creates pride in
a person. One does not know that he can be pulled towards the stake.” (AV-23)

So those matter-centered people are moving on the fringes of the Cosmic
rotation far, far away from His blissful Self. Stuck in their own pride and
vanity, materialistic persons remain totally submerged in the dark, dungeon
of their little I-feeling.

Whereas for sadhakas the path of movement and one’s mental consciousness is
totally different. By His grace, step by step we have become aware about
the real aim of life.

Baba says, “While moving, a question suddenly comes into his mind. The
person asks where he is going. When this sam’vid, this realization, comes
into the mind, then the person realizes that he is moving around a stake.
The person asks where he is going, from which point to which point. Is the
line simple and straight, or is it [vrtta’, a circle]? What is this line?
> From where comes the inspiration to move around? When this question arises
in the mind, the radius starts to be reduced. The person begins to realize
that he has to go towards the centre, the nucleus, towards the
pra’n’akendra. The day this realization comes, the person becomes a
sa’dhaka, a spiritual aspirant. The person now knows that the more he
moves, the more the radius will be reduced. When the radius becomes nil,
when there is no vrtta’, then the person will merge in Parama Purus’a.”

So by His Cosmic grace each and every A’nanda Margii is moving toward His
divine Self. And by adhering to 16 Points more sincerely, by His grace, we
can accelerate our movement towards that culminating point– unto Him. That
is Baba’s above teaching.

And here following Baba outlines that the key point in the whole process is
understanding our inherent link with Him.

Baba says, “The person will continue moving around the stake as long as the
person thinks that he and Parama Purus’a at the centre, are two different
entities. The person will have to go around as long as that person has the
feeling that he and the Entity which has sent him are different. When the
person realizes suddenly, upon nearly reaching the stake, that he and the
Entity which has sent him are not different, the distance between the two
will disappear and the two will become one.” (AV-23)


So by coming onto the path of sadhana Baba has blessed us with the most
unique and ultimate opportunity: To reach to the Goal of life. Because by
doing His sadhana and feeling His love and we receive more and more of His
ever-flowing grace. And without His grace, nothing great can be achieved.
Rather one will just move on the periphery far, far away from the Goal.
Hence, by coming onto the path of AM sadhana, Baba has given us everything
to attain Supreme Success. This is nothing but His divine blessing on us.

Baba says, “But what must happen first before this union takes place? There
His grace, His krpa’, is needed. When it is available, the oneness will be
achieved. People may reduce the radius by constantly moving around, but
they will not be able to achieve oneness if His krpa’ is not available.
When it is available, a person will merge in Amrta Purus’a. This is the
ultimate aim of all animals, plants, or anything which has a life. Thus a
person is unknowingly moving, and will have to move till he becomes one
with Him. This is the truth. Therefore, the person who comes onto the path
of sa’dhana’ early is a wise person and also lucky.”
(18 November 1979 morning, Delhi)



Baba says, “There is no one who is your own except Him. Parama Purus’a is
more dear to you than you are to yourself. Parama Purus’a belongs to you
more than your hands and legs belong to you. Why? Because you will leave
your hands and legs one day, but you cannot leave Parama Purus’a and go
anywhere. Why? Because in this universe there is nothing beyond Him.” (AV-23)

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