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Namaskar brother.
As an observation I might add that our dear Abhidevanandaji is beyond
logic when it comes to defending any idea or sentence he puts forward.
That means that to prove whatever type of dogma he likes, he is willing
to prove right as wrong and wrong as right. And that type of intellect
Baba has termed as:

Loka vya’moha ka’raka

Baba says, “Hypocrites want to misguide the people by their tall talks
alone. Lord Shiva had this to say about such people: Loka vya’moha
ka’raka. That is, “They create disease in the minds of the people.”
Their aim is not to solve society’s problems. Rather, they are the chief
cause for the downfall, retardation and sad plight of human society. The
present crisis in today’s civilization is due to them. Their theories
are based on the psychology and intellectual extravaganza of the
hypocrite. You will certainly encounter many such theories in the social
sphere, the economic sphere, and other spheres of life. This is not the
problem of a single country, but of the entire intellectual world. Again
I repeat that the crisis in civilization today is due to the
intellectual extravaganza of these hypocrites, these polished satans.”

I have since long been a critic of the 4 step-plan because it is my
belief that Abhidevananda is doing a huge disservice because he is
misguiding hundreds of sincere Margiis and workers on the issues at
hand. Certainly he is a loyalist of Ranchi and will remain so in the
hope of getting his Purodhaship.

Just a few observations:

1. Abhidevananda has been advocating an extreme hardline to anyone not
following Ranchi, labeling them categorically as ex-workers such as
ex-Cidananda, ex-Pranavananda, ex-Parameshvarananda, ex-Sarvatmananda
etc. In addition he calls all these workers and many more as defectors.
But Abhidevananda is an ex-worker because he falls in that same category
– he never follows any so-called organisational systems like RDS.

I have on occasion protested this use of certain prefixes such as ex or
defector to no avail. He has become an extremist with no intention of
benevolence, neither to those he decries as defectors, nor to those he
is intentionally misguiding.

2. Instead of taking a more ideological stand he is actually advising
people to stand down and submit to corruption temporarily by providing a
false hope that eventually the corruption will disappear. He is thus
running after a dream and taking many people with him into a fools paradise.

3. His constant emphasis on silent action is pure hypocrisy. I asked him
many times what is silent about the NIA (Non-Indian Avadhuta / tika) or
NIM (Non-Indian Margii) holding global meetings, making resolutions and
asking Margiis and workers to follow them? There is nothing silent about

In addition he has created his own group (NIA, NIM, 4sp) but blames
everyone else (except Ranchi) for having formed a group or faction
(defectors). Never has Ranchi given Abhidevananda any permission to
formulate a plan (4sp), nor has Ranchi ever endorsed the 4sp (Ranchi has
never even implemented one single step of the 4sp), nor has Ranchi ever
given permission to hold global meetings concerning the 4sp.
Abhidevanandaji is thus indisciplined himself and misguiding many others.

4. His 4sp is pure farce. In the last point of the 4sp it says that a
new CC and Purodha board be formed with all Purodhas who may be
deserving or who are senior (and those who are workers more then 20’some
years or more). The problem is, Abhidevananda is calling all workers and
Purodhas who are not with Ranchi ex-workers. So who actually is left for
the new body of Purodhas the 4sp demands from which a new CC be formed?
If everyone else is an ex-worker it is of course only workers from
Ranchi who are left! So why not be honest and simply say that all those
workers from Ranchi who are eligible will form the new CC and Purodha
board etc.

But the point is, that is perhaps already a reality (excepting his own
Purodhaship of course). So what is the point of the 4sp then? It is pure
nonsense, absolutely useless. A pure waste of time and energy to
continue with this ridicoulous 4sp. Of course, most workers reading the
4sp think that any selection will be done from all senior workers
(regardless of their group affiliation). But the fact is that
Abhidevananda only means those workers from Ranchi will form a new body
of Purodhas since everyone else is apparently an ex-worker and thus not
even a worker anymore.

In addition Abhidevananda has never made any serious attempt or strategy
to implement the 4sp because I specifically asked him about that several
times. The only strategy is individual acts of conscience. But the
problem with that is, if a single worker speaks out as has happened
several times, that worker gets zero support and Abhidevananda even
scolds the worker for speaking out. What a hypocracy. This is what
happened to Pranakrsnanandaji in Berlin Sector, who then withdraw his
support for the 4sp and was transferred by Ranchi to Suva Sector.
Anyway, that happened a few years ago.

Note: Abhidevananda is also the director / moderator of margii-mail.
Each month he sends out a reminder citing the rules of margii mail: No
criticizing the organisation etc. However, each month on that forum
itself Abhidevananda speaks out against AMPS to his heart’s delight. But
then when one someone else does the same, he criticizes that person and
posts the rules of margii-mail stating that one may not criticize the
organisation. And he warns them if they do that again they will be
banned from the network. Yet all along, he himself is free to criticize
AMPS on margii-mail as much as he desires. Such the is extreme case of
his hypocrisy.

5. Last but not least, who has given Abhidevananda the right to call
anyone an ex-worker? As per Carya Carya and AM system, expulsion can
only be done by Guru Himself, just like varabhaya mudra. Because the
disciple comes to Guru and if they betray Guru or lose faith in Guru,
then it is up to Guru to expel or not. No other person can decide this.
After ’90, all “expulsions” have been done for group power and control.
According to bhagavad dharma, expulsion by human beings is itself
sinful. Because that is done for ulterior motive alone.


Abhidevananda is himself is sowing the seed of racism. He is creating
groups based on racist means such as NBI (Non-Bengali Indian), NIA
(Non-Indian Avadhuta / tika) and groupifying that way and calling as samaj.

Here is a fuller list of his groupist / racist dictionary:

NIA= Non-Indian Avadhuta/tika; NITA= Non-Indian Tattvika / Acarya;
NIM= Non-Indian Margii; IO= Indian Office; NI= Non-Indians; NBIO=
Non-Bengali Indian Office;

…And here are more communal terms which the NIA founder created:

IA= Indian avadhutas/ikas; NIB= Non-Indian brahmacariis; BI= Bengali
Indian; NBI= Non-Bengali Indian; B= Bengali; NB= Non-Bengali; BMPS=
Bengali Marga Pracaraka Samgha; HMPS= Hindi Marga Pracaraka Samgha, etc. NBIA= Non-Bengali Indian Avadhuta

All of this is highly detrimental and has a long-term damaging effect on
our human society. It creates a scar in the mind of innocent people.
Indeed there are multiple negative points.

First, people start believing that categorizing others by their
birthplace, such as Indian and Non-Indian, is something approved by
neo-humanism. When in fact this type of groupist or racist
groupification is totally against neo-humanism.

Then he has given a very defective idea about samaj which is not
available in any part of Prout. Abhidevananda just invented his own fake
parameters about samaj. Unfortunately, many half-learned people start
believing him that this is the samaj.

All these things Abhidevananda is doing for his selfish narrow interest.
Because of his ego he does not understand how much damage he is doing by
his dogmatic definition of samaj. That is ideological harm.


First Abhidevananda spreads his dogma and then he labels it as
neo-humanism, samaj or in accordance with bhagavad dharma. That makes it
doubly dangerous.

It is similar to someone propagating sentient food yet saying
meat-eating is sentient. That is a double loss. First there is the harm
of meat eating and second is that innocent victims will never get the
benefit of vegetarianism nor get the teaching to eat plant-based foods.
Plus, on the top, they will also have ego that they are following
bhagavad dharma. So it is a mess all the way around.

Dividing margiis into groups (I, NI etc) and calling that as samaj is a
bizarre idea. On that very basis he is creating all kinds of vocabulary
as noted above. And in his communications he always repeats those words
and indoctrinates people into thinking that this is Baba’s samaj
teaching and “you should feel that you are NIM etc”.

He thinks this is neo-humanism and others not familiar with neo-humanism
think it is true. So Abhidevananda is blind and he is leader of the
blind. About such things Baba says that all the problems in history that
have come up till now is because of such jinanis.

Baba says, “Be careful of the serpentine noose of those so-called
intellectuals.” (AV-5)


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