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From: “Manindra Singh” 
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Date: 13 Oct 2010 07:23:57 -0000
Subject: Belief: ‘Baba is on My Side’


“Sukhe ele na’ko, shoke sa’ntvana’ dite ele…” (PS 3091)


Baba, when I was feeling happy and content that time You did not come.
Those days I was so enamoured with myself and I was so involved in my
own glory that I did not even think to call You. So You did not come.
But when I lost all that happiness and when I become drowned in my
sorrows of self pity and when I was suffering and overwhelmed by various
problems, then by Your grace You immediately came and consoled me. Baba
in that desperate moment You graciously relieved me of my grief. Baba, I
did not ever feel that You are mine. In this life I was always suffering
from the vanity and ego of my own I-feeling. Those days I was thinking
that ‘I am everything’. Due to my ego I did not accept You as the
Supreme One– as my Goal. I did not take You as that most loving One who
can solve all my problems; I did not surrender at Your feet. Baba, even
then by Your grace You advented deep inside my heart and became mine.
And now I understand that You are ever helpful and that You remain with
me always.

Baba, those days when I was overwhelmed by that severe suffering, I did
not outrightly tell You about my problems. I did not openly say
anything. I did not express my pain to You. But because You are
ever-present in my heart and because You are my eternal shelter, with
Your infinite compassion You fully understood the desperated state of my
mind– You understood my sorrow. And by Your grace You instantly poured
Your eternal sweetness and love. By Your grace You filled my whole
existence with Your divine bliss.

Baba, due to my ego and vantiy I could not recognise you. You were
showering huge grace on me but I could not recognicse that. I thought
that due to my own qualities everything was happening. In those happpy
times I could not recognise You. Only did I begin to recognise You in my
sorrow. Baba, in my state of terrible suffering, when the mountain of
misery started falling on my head, then all my friends left me. I was
all alone. When I was happy then they were along with me but when I
became sunk in misery all those friends disappeared. Baba, You are the
exact opposite. When I was sunk in woe then by Your grace You
immediately came and removed all my pains and troubles. Baba You bathed
me in Your infinite love. Filling my I-feeling with Your bliss, You
surrounded me each and every second. Baba, You showereed Your grace and
saturated my heart.

Baba, You are so gracious. You are love Personified. You have done
everything for me. Baba, I surrender at Your alter…


For a while the level of the group clash in our Marga has been at a
critical phase. Each faction is fighting for their own survival &
dominance, all the while thinking that Baba is supporting their party,
their narrow cause. Verily, all think that ‘Baba is on my side’. This is
the very delicate– if not tragic– situation going on now in our Marga.
‘Tragic’ because this is the very same syndrome that has brought down
all the various religions.


In the Shia & Sunni fight within the Muslim religion, both sides think
that by killing members of the opposite faction then Mohammad is
pleased. So both sides think that their preceptor is Mohammad and that
the other side is an intrusion of their religion. Both have their own
interpretation of Islamic law– both have their own teachings of Islam.
And for that, they end up killing each other thinking that Mohammad is
on their side.

Christianity is the same. All the factions think that ‘Jesus is my Lord
and He is with me’, and in that rigid belief they commit all kinds of
heinous crimes against other Christians. All parties feel justified in
their cause and think their teachings are the real Biblical sermons.
This is the height to which their conflict has reached.

So this type of battle– or downfall– is quite common amongst all the
dogmatic religions. And here Baba signals how it has happened in
Buddhism as well.

Baba says, “About thirty-five years ago, a war was going on between two
countries, the citizens of which have the same religion (Buddhist). When
the soldiers went to war, their mothers used to pray to Lord Buddha to
save the lives of their respective sons. What will Lord Buddha do? Save
this man or that man? Both have the same “Is’t’a,” but both parties have
totally forgotten their ideology. If they were established in the
ideology, they would not have gone to war. So therefore, man should
follow both the ideology and “Is’t’a”. One should be an ideologist and
an “Is’t’anist.” (SS-20, ‘Ideology, Goal and Devotion’)

Here the whole point is that when any religion reaches the stage of
illogical fanaticism or groupism, then they appeal to their Lord to
support their selfish cause, totally forgetting the very teachings given
by their Preceptor. And in that way, members of the same religion fight
against and even kill one another.

Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism have all sunk to this lowly state.


Unfortunately, now all the groups in AM are marching down a similar
road. Read any groupist propaganda and stand outside almost any AM
function and you can see such things taking place.

For the sake of their petty interests and groupist survival, fights are
breaking out over jagrtis, Master Units, Prout bhavans, retreat sites
etc. All the physical properties of AM have been divided up and are
being treated as battles zones. Indeed, heated battles are taking place
left and right, and amidst it all, the various factions think, ‘Baba is
on my side’. That is the very real belief that permeates their mental plate.

Yet what they forget is that what they are doing is not consistent with
Baba’s teachings. They may think they have Ista, but they have lost
adarsha, i.e. His teachings. And when they have lost adarsha or AM
dharma, then how is it that Ista can be pleased. In that case, how is it
that Baba is really on their side? When they are hurting and harming
other Ananda Margiis for their own selfish gain.

But this is the level of where things are at: Avadhutas have been
murdered; Didis are being beaten and locked out of jagritis, land is
being wrongly captured and sold, presses are being hijacked, offices are
being broken into, and so much nonsense is going on. Each side is drunk
in the intoxication of their own group’s power struggle, and all hail,
‘Baba is with us, we are doing for Baba’.

Should these groups take a few more steps down this fateful road, then
they will all create their own silly interpretations of AM teachings as
well. Each will have their own Ananda Sutram.

Then truly there will be no difference between them and the dogmatic


But such groupists should stop and reflect. Because, while they may
think that ‘Baba is on their side’, clearly such internal feuding does
not bode well for their future. When a Dada is murdered, when a Didi is
harmed, when Ananda Margiis are victimised and abused, then clearly
someone is going to meet their fate– i.e. pay their dues.

Baba says, “If an Ananda Margi engages in harming another Ananda Margi
he remains under the condemnation of A’nandamu’rtijii till his conduct
is reformed.” (CC-2, ‘Society’, pt #14)

So even though, all the groups think, ‘Baba is on my side’, in their own
ways they are all going to face Baba’s wrath. Because He does not and
will not tolerate the harming or hurting of other Ananda Margiis. That
is against the very teaching of Baba. So no matter what their logic, no
factional camp is justified in such malevolent actions.


Although, things have sunk far below our AM standard, still there is
hope. The various camps have yet to tear apart Baba’s teachings. AM
ideology remains in tact and singular in form. And that is what we are
to follow– not any groupist conflict or factional agenda.

Indeed, our first and foremost duty is to strictly adhere to His
guidelines, that is the only way to overcome groupism. When the mind is
ensconced in neo-humanistic feelings, then such crude battles will never
occur. Rather there will be a joining of the minds and natural unity
within AM. Then really all will be doing for Baba as their actions will
be according to His teachings.

So none should lose hope– nor should anyone be duped into thinking that
any particular factional camp is standing for Baba and holding that flag
of AM. Because no one involved in any selfish power struggle is on the
path of dharma– ‘Baba is not on their side’.


By His grace, His teachings will soon serve as the guiding light for
creating one Ananda Marga.

Baba says, “O human beings, frame the social structure considering the
needs of humanity. Do not try to do anything for your petty personal and
group interests…” (SS-1, Ch.1)



Baba says, “This has been our failing: that we neglected the spiritual
faculties of human life, we neglected the cardinal spiritual points of
life. If we are interested today in the welfare of this beautiful
universe, we should try more and more to accelerate the speed of
spiritual progress. If the acceleration of spiritual progress becomes
tremendous, then not only in the human world, but also in the physical,
psychic and spiritual spheres of the entire world — and not only of the
entire animate world, but of both the animate and inanimate worlds —
there will be tremendous progress. And this is what we want. Now we are
anxiously waiting for that crimson dawn on the eastern horizon.” (AFPS-5)

Note: Generally people do not realise this very thing which Baba has
explained above. To understand this fully it needs agraya’ buddhi
(pointed intellect). Only those who are blessed sadhaka can understand
that sadhana is the panacea.


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