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== Re: Mahaprayan Came from Islam ==

Here is a quote section from the earlier letter on this topic of how the 
so-called Mahaprayan program was copied from Islam. 

Now compare both: The tomb worship in Ajmer and in Kolkata.

They (1) both have tomb worships; (2) both are 6-day program of chanting 
and kiirtan; (3) both offer free shraddha food; (4) both are annual 
gatherings; (5) both entail requesting boons; and much more.

Plus in both the worshipers think a great saint died.

Although Parama Purusa, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji, does not die but 
those who attend think He has died. This point is both similar because 
they feel He is gone forever.

So the Muslim saint died and those followers think he died so that is 
fine. With regards to Baba, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji, He did not die 
but Mahaprayan participants think He died. So from participants 
perspective it is 100% same. Both are death ceremonies. Both are places 
where people go and cry.

Thus the Islamic program in Ajmer and the Mahaprayan program in Tiljala 
are strikingly familiar. The latter is an exact copy of the former.

Yes that makes sense and I think they got inspiration to start their 
“Mahaprayan” (MPD) program by copying the Sufi-Muslim dogma . 

Here following is one new point. 

The Muslim monk was called Baba of Ajmer or just plain Baba for short, 
they were paying reverence to their spiritual leader by making their 
tomb worship etc. By this way they attracted countless visitors and 
devotees – as well as lots of donations. 

Seeing all this, Sarvatmananda might have thought that if, “We create a 
tomb for our Baba that will attract also large numbers of margii 
devotees from around the globe and Tiljala / Kolkata will become the 
epicenter of AM. He thought will be best for those in-charges & WTs of 
this event. That will be ongoing benefit for ages and ages. 

Sarvatmananda also may have thought it would “enhance our prestige in 
all kinds of ways.” 

With this mind-set, the so-called Mahaprayan program was born by copying 
Islamic dogma. 

Again the Muslims call their leader Baba, give respect and made a tomb 
worship program. The inventors of Mahaprayan thought that: “A similar 
methodology will be best suited for us. That is what we have to do.” 
That was decided in October of 1990. 

By this way all the problems will be solved: 
1. Tiljala will be the epicenter; 
2. Our monetary problems will be solved forever; 
3. Our prestige will be unchallengeable; no place will have such a holy 
tomb like Kolkata. 

They thought that “This is an all around victory and a win-win situation.” 

With this motive Sarvatmananda ordered all to follow a program which he 
himself copied from the Islamic Sufi tradition. Now that is what we call 
Mahaprayan Divas. And the “inspiration” behind this program came from 
holy Muslim pilgrimage, i.e. Baba of Ajmer. 

He also considered: “In eastern part of India the people do not know so 
much about the Islamic tomb worship in Ajmer (Rajasthan), so most will 
not know that we copied it from there. They will think it will be a new 
idea and we will give it a Sanskrit name And it due course it will be 
firmly established.” 

Although I wrote all of the above, I feel happy because since I was born 
into an Islamic family – and then became margii later on – by this angle 
of vision I feel this is all fine. 

Madhan Gopal 

Note: If you want to learn more write in Google search engine: Baba Ajmer, or visit: 


(Scroll down to the 3rd subheading) 

Then you will reach the site and see the tomb of that Muslim monk and 
how they worship, chant, and follow a six day program etc. Plus so many 
other things Sarvatmananda copied from that Islamic program. 



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