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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Modernity & Spirituality
Date: Thu 14 Oct 2010 22:06:43 +0000


“Tumi na’ bale esechile, a’j na’ bale cale gele…”  (P.S. 1327)


Baba, without saying anything You came and appeared in my dhya’na, and
now today without telling You just left– disappeared. Baba, I was lying in the dust on the path, but You just lifted me up and put me on Your lap. It is Your grace, O’ Parama Purus’a. Baba, my dwelling was old and tattered– broken down. And not only that, I was also without intellect and conscience. Indeed, my condition was so pitiful that I did not have even one morsel to put into my mouth. But, by Your grace, You bestowed everything upon me and You taught me all the things.

Baba, I was not understanding the dharma of human life– what human
beings should do, what are the do’s and don’ts– about all these things I
was not at all aware. To get You I did not do any sadhana. But even then by
Your grace You have taught me sadhana and You have blessed me with
perfection to move ahead on the path.

O’ my dearmost Baba, previously in my life I was not even getting the
status of a human being. All the teachings I had been given were full of
dogma. Baba, by Your grace You have poured the sweetness and given me a
voice and lifted me onto Your Divine lap. Baba, You have done everything.  Secretly You came and secretly You left– even then You have arranged
everything for me. Baba, Your grace is unforgettable…


In this ultra-modern era where life has become so complex, if we want to
save ourselves from rampant psychic ailments like depression, melancholia,
personality disorders, madness etc, then we have to think very carefully.
Because we are all living in the midst of an extremely difficult era– and
the problems are only multiplying. In which case keeping one’s peace of
mind is not a small endeavour.

If you want to know more about this entire idea which is based on Baba’s
guidelines, then read the following and contribute your own thoughts as well.


Due to rapid scientific progress, the present-day world has become
increasingly intricate and complex. Such that no longer can people keep
their mental balance as they have so many different things to think about.

From fixing the car to paying taxes, from raising a family to dealing with
health issues, from multi-tasking to future planning, from job security to
computer meltdowns, from divorce to infertility, from global warming to
competition within one’s profession, there are an ever-increasing array of
issues that people have to address in their day-to-day lives.

And with all this comes a similar array of mental problems. From a “simple
case” of frustration to heated anger outbursts, from mental stress disorder
to thoughts of suicide & madness– and everything in between.

This entire package of exponentially increasing worldly difficulties and
the rampant spread of mental problems is especially true in so-called
developed countries– i.e. those materialistic lands where money is king.
No doubt these issues are becoming more prevalent around the globe, but in
those places where materialism has been tops for decades and decades like
the USA, then these problems have become systemic. And if we are not
careful, soon they will be systemic everywhere. That is the very real fear.
And this is not just my opinion or your opinion, or the views of some
new-age wellness committee, or Dr Weil, or Deepak Chopra etc, this is a
quite common concern amongst all– everyone is thinking about this. Because
it is paralysing the whole society.

But only Baba has given the solution. In numerous discourses He has warned
us about the lack of balance between the inner and outer worlds that is
coming to a crescendo in this 21st century.

Baba says, “People have lost their tranquillity…peace is lost. What is
the overall consequence of this phenomenon? Mental disorders have become
rampant – more and more people are becoming insane.” (AFPS-4)

So Baba has issued the warning and side by side given the solution.


And through it all, Baba guides us that the solution to this epidemic is
singular– one.

Baba says, “The only way out now to save human beings from destroying
tranquillity is to adopt the path of synthesis [pointedness in sadhana];
there is no other way than this.” (AFPS-4)

So only by intuitional practice– sadhana– can one escape the ghastly grip
of mental problems that go hand in hand with a money-dominated,
materialistic way of life.


However, just getting initiation is not enough. If one is not pointed in
sadhana then they will suffer the consequences of various mental problems.
That is Baba’s warning.

Here we are not talking about brain diseases but rather psychic diseases
which leads one to the brink of a total mental meltdown.

And what is even scarier is that those suffering from the early onsets of
these psychic diseases may not even recognise it. And that disease will
grow and grow until one day their whole existence is consumed by that
degenerative and toxic syndrome.

So one must be very serious and sincere in doing sadhana.

Unfortunately many times we think that since we learned sadhana then that
is enough. But that will not do; that will not alleviate the problem. That
is a false sense of security and will bring one’s demise. Rather, the
pointed practice of sadhana is needed to save onself in this crude
materialistic era. Otherwise one will be swallowed whole and drown in
self-pity, depression, or other types of mental delirium etc.


And on the top, again it should be said that the worst aspect is that the
problem starts and the person suffering cannot recognise it. Just as an
animal cannot solve their own physical problem as they are physical beings.
Similarly, humans cannot solve their own psychic problems as they are
psychic beings. Rather the way out is to make the mind spiritually
oriented. But this people fail to do.

That is why all around there are so many imbalanced and crazy people. Some
we may see on the street or on the news channel, or even right beside us in
our workplace or own household. Because this problem is everywhere.

Yet many times we cannot tell the next person about their psychic disease,
because their mind is so weak. That is the difficult scene and living
reality in this contemporary world: All around lunatics are moving.
Baba says, “Today the number of lunatics – people suffering from psychic
disorders – is on the increase.” (NH-LOI: Disc 1)

So this is the very real situation that confronts us.

And even scarier is that neither can such persons recognise their problem
nor can one say anything to them since they will get depressed and kill
you. This happens not just between strangers but with people living in the
very same household.

I am not exaggerating the situation. These are the facts which social
scientists & medical experts are raising. Many are speaking along these

However, only Baba has given the solution: Pointed practice of sadhana is
the way out– merely having the lessons is not enough. This is Baba’s
practical guideline which we all should realise in the core of our hearts.


Of course, theoretically speaking, we all know that doing sadhana is the
road to welfare. Many know this, nay all know this. But side by side, we
can say that spiritual lethargy is quite common, or even more prevalent.
Baba says, “Of all the different types of lethargy, spiritual lethargy is
the worst. Spiritual lethargy means not to sit for meditation regularly.
Those with spiritual lethargy have time for all other actions, but for
spiritual practice there seems to be no time. They say, ‘It’s already late
today – I’ll do a short meditation right now, and devote more time to
sa’dhana’ tomorrow.’ They sit attentively inside the cinema hall, but in
dharma sa’dhana’ they feel sleepy.” (SS-9)

Those suffering from this type of spiritual lethargy slide step by step
into the mud  of psychic diseases. So this is yet another pitfall to be
wary of.


So sadhana is the only way out of this modern-day nightmare of complexity
of life. See here how it works.

In the past, people were not very developed but their life issues were
basic and relatively easy to manage. Acquiring food was the main problem
and that was their only issue to address.

In contrast, to survive in this present era, one must think in thousands of
directions all day long. Otherwise one is sure to drown.

To combat this, humans have resorted to more and more cheating, lying,
tricks, and duplicity in hopes of “getting ahead”. They adopt multiple
personalities: Thinking one thing, saying another, and doing something
else. This brings a split or division in their existence– thereby
incurring more struggle and strife.

Baba says, “Today human beings’ thoughts, words and deeds never coincide.
In civilized language what we call, “diplomacy” is also increasingly
practised. As a result, people have lost their tranquillity.” (AFPS-4)

And there are numerous examples of this in everyday life: A husband worries
about his wife finding out that he cheated on her; a businessman loses
sleep over embezzling from his company; a sister feigns friendship with
another and worries about what was said behind her back etc. And the list
goes on and on.

Because due to an outright vacuum of spiritual thought, everyone just
develops their own dogmatic views and they argue night and day with others
about this. Till in the end, no one can adjust with anyone else. This is
what we see happening– especially in the so-called advanced nations.
And again, this is all the result of a distinctly aspiritual way of
living– i.e. money oriented & materialistic approach to life.

Baba says, “There is also a lack of amity (love and affection) among human
beings. The cause of this lack of amity is the same: an outlook which is
not synthetic but only analytic, compels people to see the differences and
bring divisions.” (AFPS-4)


So even though their problems and mental headaches are multiplying in
various strata, the general people are indulging in more and more dreams of
getting money– falsely thinking that this is the solution. When in fact
money will not solve their psychic woes, and money will not bring them an
ounce of mental peace. But still, due to the shackles of ignorance, they
chase after money.

Even you may have met some margiis and acaryas who fall into this category,
as it is an easy trap to fall into.


However, Baba warns us again and again that the only escape from the
complexities of this modern world is more and more sadhana. Only then can
one keep themselves mentally balanced and disease-free.

Baba says, “If human beings want to save themselves from this catastrophe,
the only way is to march forward towards a single goal– Parama Purusa.”

So if sadhana is done properly then all the problems can be solved but if
sadhana is not done then one will only invite mountains and mountains of
negative consequences and psychic diseases.


By Baba’s grace may we all progress on the path of sadhana and achieve
divine emancipation and eternal bliss.

Baba says, “When people attain self-realization in sa’dhana’, then they
realize, ‘O Parama Purus’a, You are vast, You are unfathomable– and I am
small and insignificant. But I am a small fraction of Your immeasurable
limitlessness, and I will completely surrender to You all the feelings of
sam’kalpa and vikalpa of my mind and totally obliterate the distinctions
between ‘I’ and ‘You’.” When these distinctions of “I” and “You” are
dissolved, people become liberated from all bondages…In this state,
shattering all bondages, they attain the supreme stance of eternal bliss.”

Karma Rasa


For more information on this entire topic, please reference any of Baba’s
many discourses like ‘The Ever-Expanding Domain of the Microcosm’ where He is discussing the rise of mental tension and insanity in the so-called
modern world.


All are aware that in that pre-1990 etc, our AMPS was filled with sweet and
joyous thoughts. Everyone had love and affection for one another and there
was a feeling of unity among all. Everyone experienced this. But now there
are so many factions and dogmatic perspectives that we have fallen away
from our ideal and instead gotten trapped in division and strife. Indeed
now the differences are so great that various groupist camps want to kill
each other. That is what we are practically seeing these days. So in our
Marga also, sadhana is needed as by that way we can once again feel the
spiritual link that unites us all, generating good feeling among all.


“Along with the theory of spiritual inheritance one Cosmic Ideology will
have to be adopted and that ideology is that one Supreme Entity– the
Cosmic Entity– is the goal of all living beings. This spiritual
sentiment will keep human beings united for all time to come. No other

theory can save the human race.” (To The Patriots)

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