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From: “Shantatma Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Dogma: My Way is High Way
Date: Sat 16 Oct 2010 05:05:16


“Ke ghumiye a’che tumi ja’n, d’a’k diye ya’o…” (P.S. 2179)


Baba, as the Savior and Controller of the whole universe, You are well
aware about who is sleepy and drowsy, and who has lost the path of
divine effulgence. Baba, You know everything. Those who have lost the
Goal, You always call them and show them the right path. Those who are
crying bitterly after facing their defeat, with Your divine compassion
You graciously show them the proper path for their forward journey– and
help them move ahead. Baba, You are the Sadguru.

Hence those who remain forgetful about You as well as those who are
always calling You with deep adoration full of longing and tears, with
both these two opposite types of people, You shower Your divine grace on
all– without any differentiation.

Baba, Your grace is for everyone. But crude people are not realising
that You are gracious on them also. Whereas devotees realise. That is
the difference. Baba, You grace everyone; Your greatness & glory is
beyond explanation…


Here is another way of looking at how the current day dogmatic program
of Mahaprayan came into form– as well as why one day soon it will die.

Of course, most understand now that the the so-called Mahaprayan program
is a dirty dogma, however a few in their innocence still follow it out of
habit, out of ignorance, out of social pressure etc. So for those few,
unfortunately they just got sucked into this dogma.

But those days are numbered and soon all will place the so-called
Mahaprayan in the trash bin, where it belongs.


In our Marga, Baba has graciously guided us how to observe all our AM
festivals: From naming the festival itself to describing how the
occasion should be celebrated. There is no aspect which He did not detail.


All are aware that Niilkantha Divas is the day that Baba was poisoned in

Immediately acaryas and margiis thought this should be a day to be
observed in AM. And for the first several years this occasion was
observed by fasting.

Then, later on, in one darshan, Baba sweetly explained that it is very
good that the occasion of Niilkantha Divas is being followed, but that
the way it is being observed should be changed. Rather than fasting on
this day, we should prepare and cook delicious food for all the needy

Baba elaborated further, ‘On this day, the powers that be fed up poison;
in turn, we are going to feed the people nectar. Let us change that
poison in to nectar.’

Hence, ever since, Niilkantha Divas has been marked by the cooking and
serving of sumptuous meals to the underprivileged.


By this we can understand that Baba recognised that the idea of
observing Niilkantha Divas is proper, but the way it was being observed
was not correct. After all, human beings are human beings and mistakes
are bound to happen. So He graciously corrected the problem and now the
occasion is perfect in all respects.


The dogmatic program of Mahaprayan falls into an entirely different
category. The so-called day itself should not be observed. Baba has
clearly stated all our festival days and Mahaprayan is not one of them.
He knew that one day He would physically conclude His stay on this
earth, but He never ever indicated that the day should be observed.

Plus, He blatantly overlooked and never mentioned the so-called
Mahaprayan of Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna. This also indicates that He
does not appreciate observing such a day related with Mahasambhuti.

Finally, in Senior Acarya Diary, Baba clearly explains how to do Guru
Puja when not in the physical presence of Guru. Among other things, Baba
says that the physical objects one is offering should be given to the
poor. Plus He has given other guidelines as well.

With regards to this point from the Acarya Diary, it is obvious that
Baba is giving advanced warnings and details how to do Guru Puja in His
physical absence. He has covered the point. So this was not a realm that
He did not address. Rather He has given clear-cut instructions.

Hence when He has never said even one word about the so-called day of
Mahaprayan being an AM festival, then we should understand that it is
not to be included. It is simple as that. Baba had the opportunity and
knowledge to make it a festival, but He clearly chose not to do so.

Thus, the dogmatic Mahaprayan program is not a day of festival in AM,
and the way it is celebrated is also wrong: The so-called Mahaprayan is
sending the message that Baba is gone, yet our devotional feeling is
that Baba is here, in our hearts.

So the day itself is wrong as Baba Himself never talked about observing
such as occasion; and the style of celebration is wrong as the dogmatic
message of Mahaprayan is that Baba is gone, when our sadhana tells us
that He is always with us.

All in all, the dogmatic Mahaprayan program is a double mistake– one
which should be wiped away from our calendar and removed from their fake
appendix to Caryacarya part 1.


The groupist faction that created the dogmatic Mahaprayan program had
their own agenda in mind: To make Kolkata an epicenter; to make a
tiirtha in Tiljjala; to garner maximum money; to have all the world
honor Bengal; to get huge donations for Tiljala campus; and the list
goes on and on. So this idea, from the get-go, was based on
narrow-minded and selfish intentions. They did not at all consider the
magnanimity of Baba’s divine Personality, nor have the welfare of the
Marga in mind.

That is why they just got stuck in this dogma of Mahaprayan. They
thought “My Way is the High Way” and in that way they plunged into
their own dogma and disregarded Guru’s divine teachings.


By His grace, He has given all the needed plans and programs for our
Marga. And where correction was needed, then He has also provided that
as in the case of Niilkantha Divas. So when the so-called day of
Mahaprayan itself was never declared and when the way it is observed
goes counter to our devotional sentiment, the it is quite clear that it
should be eliminated entirely. We should not fall into the dogma, “My
way is the high way.”

Baba says, “You should always remember that…He is seeing what you are
doing. He is hearing what you are thinking…He is always with you.” (8
May 1979 evening)


Relation With Atithi

Baba says, “An ideal householder should try to provide food for the
maximum number of human beings and animals. Disadvantaged persons and
guests: Do not remain indifferent to the service of disadvantaged
persons and guests. Do not consider their lineage, culture, or religious
beliefs while serving them.” (CC-1)

Note 1: In Baba’s above teaching, guest means not only those who are
close and intimate friends and relatives, but also unknown strangers who
are in need of shelter and food, passer-byers, and travelers. They all
come within the category of guest– according to our AM definition.
Sometimes then guests may be someone whom you may not have known prior.

And in all these circumstances our duty is not to judge them by their
so-called caste, community, or race etc, but rather to serve them as
expressions of Parama Purusa.

These days in city life, usually travelers stay in hotels, but often
these travelling to villages and small towns often depend upon the help
of local inhabitants. So in that case those travelers become our guests.
For instance, suppose someone was walking or driving on a long journey
and they realise that they could not go any further. Then they may have
to stay in a small town or village. Then it is our duty to extend our

Unfortunately in those modern era, many persons have become so selfish
that opportunists realised that starting hotels would be a good
business. Because it could be seen that hosts thought it was a headache
to have guests stay with them. This is especially the case in the modern
cities. While in remote areas they still consider the concept of serving
guests is an honoured tradition. As Ananda Margiis we should also carry
this responsibility wherever & whenever possible.

Here is another aspect to this situation. Just image how hard it would
have been to do pracar in those so-called third world countries if
villages had not provided the basic needs to our acaryas etc.

Nowadays in this 21st century, selfishness has grown so much that those
who have more opportunities do not care about others. This becomes even
more vivid then when natural calamities occur. In that case many times
people just think for themselves and try to take advantage of the
situation. Tragically, this is what has happened in at least one recent

Note 2: In Sanskrit, Atithi means ‘guest’; and the etymological meaning
Atithi is A + Tithi, A = no & Tithi = date. So those who come without any
planning with regards to date or time is known as a guest; or those who
come without any forewarning. Hence the tradition is that when anyone
comes at anytime they are respected and received in the honoured way as
guest or atithi.


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