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From: George Kourakos
Subject: Wt Beauty Competition: Part 2
Date: Sun 17 Oct 2010 23:11:48 -0000


“(Tumi) esechile mor bakul-bita’ne na’ baliya’ ka’r ghare…” (PS 4320)


Baba, that time the place was surrounded by innumerable bakul flowers
which were blooming and You graced me by coming to my cottage during
that verdant spring season. With Your divine grace, You brought
devotional horripilation (goose bumps) throughout my entire existence
and You also vibrated the very pulsation of my blood. Baba, by having
You in such an intimate and close way, my life has become meaningful. It
is Your grace. Baba, soon after that golden dawn, Your liila moved into
a different phase. Because then You went away leaving me crying all
alone. O’ my dearmost where did You go that time.

Baba, since then I have spent countless days and nights waiting–
sitting by my window threading heaps of flower garlands for You. But
that was all in vain because You did not come. It is painful that now I
no longer see that attractive & charming smile because You are keeping
Yourself distant. Now I no longer see that radiant smile which I used to
see on Your lips when You were with me.

Baba in longing for You, ages have passed since You came close.
Springtime has finished and now summer has come. My entire garden of
those sweet, fragrant bakul flowers has dried up and withered away in
this hot season*. Now that same window– where I used to sit and make
garlands for You and wait– is full of spider webs. Baba, it is so
painful and heartbreaking how You have gone so far away. And my mind is
completely dry in the absence of Your divine presence. O’ my dearmost,
please shower Your causeless grace and appear in my heart in a very
intimate and charming way…

*Hot Season= In the absence of His presence, the sadhaka feels a
distinct dryness in his heart. Summer season– or hot season– has been
used as a metaphor to express that dryness in the devotees heart, where
one’s devotional feeling is lower. And this happens with each and every
sadhaka. Sometimes when one feels dry and out of the spiritual flow then
that is summer season; and when one’s flow of sadhana is good then that
can be compared with springtime because in their dhya’na they feel
greater proximity with Parama Purusa. But when one is experiencing the
dryness of summer, the best thing a devotee can do is to sincerely
request Baba to grace them by coming in their meditation.


Note: This entire issue is related with WT’s. We are not applying such
points to margii life as Baba specifically discussed how Wts must
refrain from such things. Wts have their own conduct rules – because
some are not following this whole issue has come to the fore.

The wholetimer beauty competition is in full form here in Ananda Marga.
In order to glorify oneself, our Wts have taken to gaorava
(self-aggrandizement). This self-aggrandizement expresses in three realms.

In the physical realm, some Dadas and Didis apply cosmetics, perfumes,
and other beautifying tricks to gain stature, show their spiritual
greatness and “aura”, as well as impress and attract others.

This is the sad state of affairs for some of our Wts. Of course not all
are involved, but tragically some are. All of this and more is discussed
in the first letter of this series which focused on how some Wts are
turning to gaorava in the physical sphere.

In this letter we investigate how this disease of gaorava is taking form
in the mental and “spiritual” realms for some workers. This letter is
written with the benevolent motive to help and remind those who have
lost the path. We must always recall that Baba has given us all the duty
to gently remind and point out any in the Marga who are not following
conduct rules – including Wts.


In addition to the many artificial and superficial ways that Wts have
taken for beautifying themselves in the physical realm, we should also
understand how gaorava gets expressed by Wts in their intellectual life
as well.

For starters, such persons always wish to portray themselves as “knowing
everything”. You may have met people like this. This is also the disease
of gaorava.

They wish to pretend that they are very learned and above the common
people. If we see someone like that we know they are suffering from this

Baba says, “Many of them try to project themselves as educated by using
their wealth or official status. They open clubs or libraries to impress
upon others that they should not be equated with the common people. They
pretend to understand and know a lot, smile scholastically with closed
eyes, and speak sparingly with reserve and gravity to ensure that they
do not unwittingly expose themselves!” (HS-1)

Such is the way of their behaviour. Baba has painted a graphic picture.
You may recall watching some of our workers fall in this very manner.

Another way this gets expressed is that after teaching a seminar some
big Dadas say, “I think my class was not very good.” When in truth they
wish for everyone to praise their class up to the sky. That is all they
want to hear. The proof being that if you point out defects in their
class they will be furious with you. So their whole intention is to be
complimented and praised. That is also the disease.

In contrast, a mother does not breast feed her baby in hopes of being
praised. This is not her expectation. She feeds the baby with great care
and love out of a deep sense of duty and internal commitment. The mother
neither expects recognition nor wishes to be praised on this point.

And with regards to those wholetimers giving presentations, let us
consider this: If they were delivering their lecture to please Parama
Purusa then there would not be any need to make such a drama in order to
get praised. A true bhakta does to please Parama Purusa and does not
care about praise or censure.

Those whose mind is diseased and are hungry for praise, they are even
ever-ready to do bad things in order to get praised. They do not have
the courage to do good works for fear of being abused. Such persons are
cowards; there are countless people like this in the society – and
tragically some withing the ranks of our Wt cadre.

So if any Dada ever asks such a question – “I think my class was not
very good” – after their seminar or presentation then we know that they
suffer from gaorava or self-aggrandizement, and maybe other psychic
diseases as well.


The next question is how gaorava affects and ultimately ruins spiritual
life. That we should also know as Baba has given the underlying
spiritual science.

Spirituality means surrendering to Parama Purusa and ultimately becoming
one with Him. And tantra means expanding one’s existence
psycho-spiritually with the help of one’s mantra.

When the goal is Parama Purusa, then our each and every activity in our
day to day life is focused on Baba. All our sadhana lessons and
everything we do from morning to sunset, and childhood to death –
everything is spiritually focused. Because the goal is Parama Purusa and
the mind is goaded towards Him.

But those suffering from gaorava think about themselves. Their goal is
oneself – not Parama Purusa. Hence theirs is the path of fake spirituality.

Indulging in gaorava (self-aggrandizement) means falling onto the path
of negative pratisaincara. Why? Because the person is not focusing their
mind towards Ista, i.e. Parama Purusa. Instead they are just involved in
their own personal ego. In that case the mind will become smaller and
smaller and gradually they will not be a normal human being. They will
become degraded.

What to say of mukti and moksa, such a person is sinking deep into the
clutches of animal life. Why? Because the goal was just their own unit
self – i.e. not Parama Purusa but their own little ego. In that case
they are sure to degrade. Hence the path of gaorava is a very dangerous

Here is how the science works.

Baba says, “Ya’drshii bha’vana’ yasya siddhirbhavati ta’drshii – “As you
think, so you become.”” (AV-4)

When you concentrate your mind on your own glory and greatness then your
mind becomes narrower and narrower and degrades, until finally one
becomes crude like stone or metal. That is negative pratisaincara.

Let us remember that a sannyasi means the one who is dedicated to Parama
Purusa and their goal is one: To serve and please Parama Purusa. There
is no second goal. Otherwise they are fake.


Hence, in the spiritual realm, is there scope for self-aggrandizement or
gaorava? In true spirituality there is no scope because in devotional
life there is no space in the mind to think about oneself. Devotion
itself means that the mind is focused on Parama Purusa. So there is no
room to think about any other thing – what to say about oneself.

But in fake spirituality there is surely scope. That is why we see many
hypocrites posing as great spiritualists yet their conduct and behaviour
is just the opposite. By this way people can easily recognise who is who.

They hardly like to do sadhana but brag about doing whole night sadhana.
They pretend to be strict when others are around but other times they
are not doing sadhana but watching movies and gossiping. But when they
get the opportunity to sit in front of others they brag about higher
practices and vishesh yoga. They talk about old stories about how Baba
blessed them. It is not difficult to recognise such people. They are
very narrow minded, money minded and groupist. They fight for post and
money. The best thing is to watch how they conduct themselves in private
behind closed doors. Then you can understand their hypocrisy.


Why do people fall in that trap of gaorava or self-aggrandizement?

The first reason is that all come from animal life and fall prey to
certain lower expressions of mind. This has been described up above.

Secondly, the trend of the general society is towards materialism. That
means people are involved in their own external beauty and wish to
project themselves as being something great, i.e. superior to who they
are. This is all due to their materialistic way of living.

When general flow of society is towards materialism then the mass of
people fall in that trap. They get caught in things like
self-beautification and self-glorification. Then we know they have
fallen into gaorava marga (path of hell) and lost their Goal.


Now it is the duty of every disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti ji to
watch and see if anyone is choosing this wrong path of raorava marga,
i.e. hell. We should try to protect them by pointing them out.

Baba says, “All Ananda Margis, when they see other Margis acting against
the principles of yama and niyama, must make them shun this habit either
by sweet or harsh words or by dealing even more strictly.” (A Guide to
Human Conduct)

Thus it is our duty to open the eyes of those involved in this fake
beauty competition (first) / self glorification (second). If we do not
wake them from their stupor, they will continue to fall deeper into the
dungeon of materialism.


Baba says, “It is the innate characteristic of the human mind to become
as it thinks – Ya’drshii bha’vana’ yasya siddhirbhavati ta’drshii [“As
you think, so you become.”]” (AV-4)

Thus those who are just thinking about their own so-called beauty
(first) / own glory and greatness (second) are bound to fall and ruin
themselves. We should help them climb back onto the path of spirituality
and think of Baba. Then they will truly become great.

Baba says, “To associate oneself with Parama Purus’a, the Supreme
Entity, is the actual sa’dhana’. There is no one greater than Parama
Purus’a, and so, when the mind ideates on Him, it expands.” (AV-4)

The list of Didis in physical beauty is much more and their name will be
listed in the next issue. In contrast, more Dadas are seemed to be
involved in gaorava in the mental plane. Please write in with what you
see happening with our workers in this regard.



For example, here is one example of gaorava in the physical realm. There
are many such cases – this is but one.

Dada Rudrayamalananda is constantly applying scented spray and perfumes
in his underarms and clothes. Apparently he has a very bad body odor
problem. But the way to treat this is not by using crude cosmetics.

Those not careful about eating in restaurants and taking tamasik food,
then surely a foul smell is emitted from their body. That accounts for
why some Dadas are using perfumes etc. But that is not good as it goes
against WT rules.

Dada Rudrayamalananda is not a family man. If he was we would have
ignored this mattet. However he is wt and he should follow Baba’s stated
rules on perfume/ beauty products and food. In the next letter other
Dadas will be mentioned.

Baba says, “…Artificially perfumed things should not be used.” (32
Rules for Avadhuta, pt #12)

Baba says, “Perfumed oil should not be used” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #3)

Baba says, “Any medicated soap, but not cosmetic or perfumed, should be
used” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #8)

Baba says, “…Avadhuta shall not…use any article which is
artificially scented.” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt #32)

Thus it is quite clear that in various ways Baba wholly condemns the use
of fake beauty paraphernalia. No Didi or Dada is to use such beauty aids.

Naturally, since it is detrimental to one’s spiritual progress, sincere
margiis and devotees do not feel comfortable using cosmetic beauty
products because the goal of life is Parama Purusa – not superficial looks.

Finally, we should all keep in mind that females are more prone to use
such cosmetics. That is a fact. The proof being that the entire beauty
industry is directed towards females. But these days more males have
begun this game as well.

And about food Baba warns Wts about eating in restaurants.

Baba says, “Avadhuta will not take food in a hotel or a restaurant. Even
sattvika food taken in a restaurant will be treated as tamasik.” (32
Rules for Avadhuta, pt #20)


Some fall prey to the psychic ailment known as self-aggrandizement or
gaorava. This is when people feel a need to present themselves as being
bigger or better than what they truly are.

Baba says, “Gaorava is the second type of aham’ka’ra [ego]. It means
“self-aggrandizement”. Puffed up with vanity, a person will want to
project his image in an exaggerated manner. Often we hear somebody say,
for example, that they have a rose the size of a balloon in their garden
– whereas actually the rose may be the size of a ping-pong ball.
Constant indulgence in this type of activity converts the mind into

“We have seen bulls moving about in the streets with an air of
arrogance. Such a bull creates a sound expressing the idea that it is
big – Ham bar’a’. But when the bull dies and ta’nt [vina string] is made
out of its intestines and musicians start playing on it, the sound which
is then emitted expresses the idea Tun bar’a’ – meaning thereby that the
bull realizes that others are big, and realizes that he has arrived at
this condition because of his arrogance.”

“In fact the inculcation of gaorava leads one to the worst hell. Just as
there are six layers, or lokas, of the Cosmic Mind above the crude
world, so are there six types of hell, six narakas, below the physical
world. The names of these hells are tala, atala, tala’tala, pa’ta’la,
atipa’ta’la and rasa’tala. Another term for rasa’tala is raorava naraka
– and a person indulging in gaorava will certainly go to raorava
[crudest state of mind].” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-23)


Here is the initial letter on this topic. This following letter
discusses the ways some of our Wts are beautifying their bodies in order
to attract a mate and compete in today’s era of extreme materialism.


Baba says, “Spiritual practice makes the mind calm and quiet, and
maintains the nerves in a state of equipoise; and thus spiritual
practice increases longevity. Those Vaishnavites who are vegetarians,
who regularly sing spiritual songs, do meditation, perform virtuous
deeds and think pure thoughts, live longer than ninety years.” (AV-33,

Note: By following the devotional cult of AM and abiding by general
health rules every sadhaka is ensured a long and healthy life. That is
Baba’s guarantee.


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