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Date: 19 Oct 2010 21:29:11 -0000
From: “G Bhaskaran Reddy”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Your Jagrti is in Queue to be Sold: Part 2




Note: This letter is part of an ongoing investigative series about the
selling of AM land. Be sure to read all parts of this report. Links to
prior letters in this series are appended below.

Retaining our Ananda Marga land is a key aspect of our growth and
prosperity. Baba warns us that no organisation can survive if they sell
off all their assets. That is why in various Procedural Orders, Baba has
declared that AM land holdings must not be sold. That is His direct



These days some of the groups not in power are telling how if they were
in power then all the land holdings would be safe and secure. Their
mantra is: “We will not sell AM land.” However, by their actions it is
very clear that all such groups support the principle & strategy of land

Today third front / EC and Kolkata factions are just making noise and
speaking out how Ranchi is selling AM land. But this is just their ploy
to befool margiis. Such EC and Kolkata group members talk as if they are
the great protectors of AM land and that they will safeguard our
properties. But the fact is that they themselves are supporters of the
anti-organizational idea of selling organizational land. They did so in
the past and they will do so in future. When in power, i.e. when given
the opportunity, they will do the same.

So margiis should not think that any leader of any group will save the
property of our Marga. Every margii and wt should be conscious, alert,
come forward and make a concerted effort to save the property of our Marga.


As you may know, Ranchi administration recently sold our very old,
beautiful, and well-established Didi master unit, A’nanda Sambodhi, in
Asansole, West Bengal, India for 50 million rupees. There are a number
of reasons why they sold it. Many say that their great plan was to get
enough money to evict their rival party from Tiljala. And ultimately
they will sell Tiljala as well. That is the plan. Thereafter, the
mahasamadhi will be transferred to Ananda Nagar. That way the tiirtha
(i.e. mahasamadhi) will be transferred to Ranchi group territory –
either Ananda Nagar or Jamalpur.

Now Ranchi is also planning on selling more lands and jagrtis that are
presently under the control of other groups. As soon as they get buyers
they will sell, sell, sell. They will use such monies for their groupist
war chest.

So everyone should be alert. We should not let our AM property holdings
to become of the victim of the present group battle.


We must remember that Ranchi & Co. have already sold one very costly
land in Pune, Maharastra, India. This sale occurred 2 years ago. Yet
this land was purchased with donations from margiis with the sole
purpose of constructing a VSS office. But now that land is gone and
margiis’ dreams have been shattered.


It has already been decided by Central Committee of Ranchi
administration to sell more land which is under their control. In
addition they plan to sell most of our vacant Ananda Marga land that
does not have any constructed buildings.

Nigama’nanda and Rudra’nanda have already sent their agent to deal with
prospective buyers. Some of these land parcels are:

(a) Brother Joshiijii of Rajasthan donated 21 acres of land near Panch
Dam in Nagpur, Maharashtra. This land is now for sale.

Plus all these lands are on the selling blocks:

(b) 2 acres of land in Gaya, Bihar near police line shooting range.

(c) 2 Bighas of land in Sasung, Latehar Dit of Jharkhanda.

(d) More than 5 acres of Master Unit property and 5 Kattha’ of costly
land in town of Chandava block, Latehar dit of Jharkhanda.

(e) Training Center MU in Nasirpur Varanasi which is just 1/2 kilometre
from Ba’ba’ Quarter Varanasii. Rudra’nanda is personally interested to
sell this MU, but at present Nigamananda Dada is objecting. Nigamananda
has emotional attachment to this place. Unfortunately his attachment
does not expand to other lands as well. The reason being that when the
mind is low and small it is hard to fathom that all lands in AM should
be protected, not just one parcel that “I am personally attached with.”
Dadaji lacks the requisite dharmic feeling; that is why Nigamananda
cannot be trusted to protect other lands.

(f) Centre has not posted any worker to the the ja’grti in Sangroor of
Ludhiana diocese for a long time. All along the ulterior motive is to
sell that ja’grti and now they are actively trying for it.

(g) There is very costly land on Delhi Dehradoon national highway on
which Nigama’nanda has cast his greedy eyes.

(h) There is vacant land in Sivan and Gopalganj dit of Bihar, that is
also on the list of sale.

(i) Nigama’nanda’s and Rudra’nanda’s sword is hanging on many Didi
properties in south India.

This list is just a fraction of the land they want to sale.


So, we margiis should not believe in any groupist leaders. We should be
united without taking the shelter of any group. By Baba’s grace we are
to raise ideological issues, be alert and conscious, and fight against
the idea of selling land of the organisation. It is our sacred duty to
save our Marga’s property from the greedy eyes and bloody claws of
groupist leaders of all factions.

We must know that when our organisation sells land then we will never
get money to buy land. No one will donate to the cause of AM land.
Because people will think that any land donated today or bought today
will one day be sold by the organisation. So the inspiration to donate
or buy land will be burnt forever. That is the very real and scary
outcome. No one will trust us to oversee our landholdings in a proper
and responsible manner. That is the “after-shock” effect of selling AM land.

Indeed in this way development of our organisation will come to a halt.
That situation is that grave.So this selling of AM land is not a simple
issue, but has far-reaching consequences. This will create a dangerous &
recurring effect for our Marga.

We have to remember that it is wholly against Baba’s explicit guideline
to sell Ananda Marga property. We must pay heed to His call.

Let us also remember that Ba’ba’ always regarded our land as dharmasthan
and this is our dharmic duty to protect our Marga’s property.


By Baba’s grace He gives the order in “A Guide to Human Conduct” that if
someone tries to capture our land then they can be violently attacked.

Ks’etrada’ra’paha’rii ca shastradha’rii dhana’paha’h
Agnidagaradashcaeva s’adete hya’tata’yinah

Baba says, ““Anyone who, by the use of brute force, wants to take
possession of your property, ks’etra-land, abducts your wife, comes with
a weapon to murder you, wants to snatch away your wealth, sets fire to
your house or wants to take life by administering poison, is called an
a’tata’yii.” If any person or a nation wants to occupy all or part of
another country, the use of physical force against such invading forces
is not against the principle of ahim’sa’. Rather, by a wrong
interpretation of the term ahim’sa’ or by interpreting him’sa’ and brute
force as identical, common people will have to suffer from loss of
wealth, happiness, or other hardships.” (Guide to Human Conduct)

By their wicked ways and cheating tactics some are selling AM lands to
gain money to use at their own disposal. They are taking possession of
AM property and using it for their selfish ends. Per Baba’s above
teaching, we are to understand that those culprits involved in selling
our organizational property are also to be treated as enemies of the Marga.


Here below Baba tells how those who set a negative example that has a
recurring effect are terrible sinners. Read the following and reflect
how this also applies to those Dadas involved in selling AM lands.

Baba says, “To kidnap Sita was an act of maha’pa’taka. But he didn’t
kidnap Sita as a thief or as a robber. He went in disguise. He went in
the form of a sa’dhu. That is, he [Ravana] created a very bad precedent,
and henceforward no kulabadhu, no lady, will pay credence to what a
sannya’sii says. They may think: ‘He may be like Ravana; he may also be
a thief – like Ravana.’ So he has set a very, very bad example, and it
will have a recurring effect on each and every lady of society. So
Ravana is a maha’pa’takii, his action is of recurring effect.” (Ananda
Vacanamrtam, Part 31)

Just as Ravana’s misdeeds set a bad and lasting precedent for the
society, and is hence considered a deliberate sinner, similarly those
who sell AM lands fall in the same category. Their sin has a recurring

Firstly, it will give the idea to other groupists in need of funds that
selling AM land is a viable option. Secondly, good people will lose all
faith and trust that those at the helm of AM will be able to properly
watch over their land. Hence no one in future will donate land to the

Thus there are two recurring negative consequences. Hence, there is no
question that – per Baba’s above declaration – such lands sellers are
grave and terrible sinners, i.e. maha’pa’takiis.


By His grace He has blessed us with the opportunity to safeguard His
teachings and AM lands. Unitedly we can fix the problem, prevent future
land sales, and reverse the damage that has been done.

Baba says, “Who else is to come and shoulder the responsibility? It is
you – you are to do everything. You are the torch-bearers of human
civilization. You are the pioneers of human march, and you are the
vanguard of a new civilization.” (AV-14)



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