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From: “Karma Rasa”
Subject: Main Reason of their Death
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 21:02:46 +0000


“Vinati ja’i kare tava caran’ dhare…” (P.S. 3687)


Baba with folded hands I go on requesting You again and again holding
Your lotus feet that: Please come to my home. Please grace me again and
again. Baba, You have countless abodes to go visit or stay that may be
according to Your liking; even then You should not forget that this
little hut of mine is Your creation. Baba I always dance in Your rhythm
and sing in Your melody, in Your tune. I feel that You are the tune,
melody, and lyrics– everything. I play Your viina.

I am Yours, and everyone is Yours. Your divine play is our world. What
way You play Your liila, that is my entire existence. I am always
ensconced in Your ideation, in Your dhyan. I always speak and sing Your
ideology, Your tales, Your teachings. I move accordingly by Your grace.

Baba, when You play Your flute, with that attraction You pull me close
to You. And that is my vital energy for forward movement. Baba You are
the base of everything. You are the quintessence. Your glory is
unfathomable which cannot be expressed. You are everyone’s soul–
everyone’s heart. Baba with my folded hands I do sastaunga pranam that
You please come to my little hut. Please grace me…


With each and every passing day it becomes more and more clear that we
are at the height of this vaeshyan era. The situation is almost over the
top. But we are not there yet, still tougher times lay ahead.

We are seeing its final series of pulsations as it unsuccessfully tries
to rescue itself before its final death.

Unfortunately, this spells trouble for the common people. Not just
ordinary trouble, but the deep-seeded type of trouble, or sheer
desperation, which leads one to the brink of suicide, or even suicide

Everyone wants happiness, that is what every human being is searching
for. And when they lose all hope in getting it, then thoughts of
self-destruction arise.

Tragically, this is the phase we witnessing now in this present era.
Because of the inherent defects of capitalism people are falling into
this chasm.

Every day this or that report comes on the news how such and such
billionaire has killed himself or how an ordinary person who lost their
home due to foreclosure committed suicide. This is the horrible reality.

As Ananda Margiis it is our duty to understand the deeper nature of the
problem, avert that dark whole ourselves, and help others come onto safe
and stable ground.


There are two root causes of the recent rash of suicide cases: (1)
Improper goal, and (2) isolation.

Both are part of the inherent defects of capitalism.

In capitalism people get enslaved into materialism and they think that
crude objects and money are the goal. Their entire existence gets
painted and shaped in that color. They think that is everything: Their
job, their prestige, their house, their car, their whole way of life.
And when that is jeopardised or lost, then they think everything is gone
and there is no reason to live. That is one of the main causes of
extreme desperation and suicide these days.

The second cause is also due to capitalism. Selfishness is direct result
of capitalism. People are taught to satisfy and indulge themselves, and
not worry about the plight of others. This brings isolation such as in
the US where the family system has broken down and where people live
more and more unto themselves and interact with others less. Computer
games and blogging– and the pursuit of owns own selfish desires– have
taken the place of friendship and community. In that case, when tough
times arise, there is no one to turn to for help and support.
Desperation then multiplies and suicides can result.



Here we should remember that the problem does not only strike those who
are rich or those or are poor. The amount of wealth is not the operating
factor. There are some poor people who have lost their homes due to a
typhoon or unemployment and mentally they are alright; and there are
some poor people who have lost their homes due to economic woes and they
are totally distraught and stricken with thoughts of suicide.

The same variation can occur with the wealthy. Some may lose their
wealth and be able to cope and some lose their wealth and can only think
of ending their lives.

So the root cause is not one’s economic status or social status. The
main cause is harboring a mundane ideal as the goal of life. If one
thinks their house or car or wife is everything– no matter the size,
cost, or beauty of that thing– then if and when what disappears from
their life, one becomes prone to extreme desperation and even suicide.

That is why a person who lost their house in the US is far more prone
to suicide than someone of the same economic means who lost their house
in Bhutan or Indonesia. Because the US is far more materialistic and its
citizens feel that the value of their life is tied up with material
things. That is the common way of thinking.

Hence today, with all the economic woes – i.e. when the carpet has been
pulled out from everyone – then there is so much cause for concern,
especially in western, materialistic countries like the US.

Because knowingly or unknowingly millions and millions of people have
been focusing on material wealth as the goal of their life. And with
that gone, a crisis like a rash of suicides can occur– and indeed
we are now seeing this horrible trend.

So we should all be aware and sincerely ask ourselves how far
materialistic interests have crept into our mental framework.


Let’s revisit the other side of this equation.

As we know life is systaltic: It goes up and down. Sometimes one is
happy and sometimes sad. Often, it is friends and family who help us
through difficult times.

So in a materialistic era, when people view money and material wealth as
the crowning jewel or goal of life, and when economic woes are
everywhere, then naturally one will be in a time of trouble and difficulty.

Now here is where the other part of the problem strikes.

In places where extreme materialism is in vogue, like the US, then
because of the very self-centered attitude, many of the social
conventions and safety nets are gone. Friends and family have been
alienated and one may feel alone.

And then when there is an utter dearth of social programs from the
government side, then people will really feel helpless, as if there is
not a hope in sight. At that point, feelings of suicide will swirl in
the mind.


When the economy is down, as it is now, then we can really see the
horrific effects of capitalism. Capitalism is not just a harmful
economic approach, it is a way of life that railroad people’s lives into
dust. Their minds become saturated in a materialistic outlook and they
lose touch with family and friends. In a phrase, materialism and
selfishness destroy the whole human personality. In that case, when the
tidal wave of economic woes erupt, then people feel that their whole
world has come crashing down and they have nowhere to turn. That is why
capitalism is an agent of suicide.

And that is why Baba harshly warns us off the ill effects of
materialistic philosophies like capitalism.

Baba says, “Materialism is the most dangerous – indeed, suicidal –
philosophy.” (NSS)

Tragically, that is the fate many will face, if they do shift their goal
away from the material venues like property, cars, retirement accounts,
stock options, etc


We should all be vigilant to ensure that we are not depending on
physical or mobile things as our goal. Because when those slip away, one
will feel sad, hopeless, and ultimately shelterless and depressed. That
is when suicide feelings begin.

Although materialism is everywhere, we must rise above it and keep our
spiritual aim in mind. That is the only path of our survival and
success. Being a materialist is not based on how much one owns but
rather what one values in life.

We should all ensure that the Supreme Goal is what we most treasure and
not any fleeting thing of this world like prestige, wealth, etc. Even in
AM, we sometimes see how lust of post is a reflection of one’s
materialistic bent of mind. For that they can kill others or even
themselves. So this disease of materialism is rampant and those who
follow it will not be spared.

We should all be alert and help awaken others also.


By Baba’s grace only the God-centered approach of Prout can save the
people from the poison of materialism. As Ananda Margiis, we have to
propagate His ideals and show the people that there is more to life than
materialistic pursuits. And by His grace society is already hungry and
thirsty for something more. So it is the ideal time to propagate
spirituality and Prout and bring relief to the people, lest they fall
prey to the illes of capitalism like suicide.

Baba says, “Both capitalism andhave failed to provide the proper
ideological inspiration and desideratum to human beings. In the
interests of the welfare of humanity, these systems should be replaced.
PROUT is against the exploitation by capitalism and the false dogma of
communism as both are detrimental to the all-round progress of human
beings…When the crimson sun is reflected on our faces we should
understand that the entire day is ours. Victory will be ours.” (PNS-15)

Karma Rasa

Allopathic Medicines Not Good

Baba says, “When people take allopathic medicine to cure a disease, the
medicine disturbs the ecological balance of the body because more
negative microvita get concentrated at the point of the disease.
Allopathic medicines do not kill diseases — diseases die by their own
natural death. Although the medicine may check the disease, the
increased concentration of negative microvita can overcome the effect of
the medicine. In fact, the increased concentration of negative microvita
caused by allopathic medicines creates many new types of diseases, and
due to this, two or three new diseases are presently being created every
decade. So what is the solution to this problem? Our approach should be
two fold– external and internal. Externally we should take medicines to
check diseases, but internally we should perform spiritual practice.”
(MVNS, p.136)


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