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All Are Workers

Date: 09 Nov 2010 06:12:33 -0000
From: “K  Lingappa”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: All Are Workers


“A’mi ca’i ni toma’re ka’che kon din, tumi krpa’ kare esecho…” (P.S. 2367)


Baba, I was leading a crude, materialistic life; the divine feeling was
not coming in my mind. Baba, I never tried or desired to come close to
You– not anytime. Yet by bestowing Your Cosmic grace You have come in my

Baba, I was completely submerged in crude life. I was not understanding
anything about You– how sweet and divine You are. Baba, You have graced me
by destroying my lust and worldly attachment and bringing me close to You.

Baba, in the past I wasted my time searching eternal happiness in this
ephemeral, external world. With my clouded mind I was thinking that these
worldly achievements will satiate my heart. I was always busy boasting
about myself and my own greatness and bragging about my own achievements
and glory. In this way my life got wasted.

Baba with Your divine grace You have turned my vision from external to
internal and transformed my worldly attachment into divine longing. In this
way You have graced me and opened my eyes. Now I do not have any interest
to think about my own self. Baba, You showered Your causeless grace on me
and filled up my dry deserted heart with Your divine love. Baba, I do not
have any words to express my feeling.

Baba, prior to this my ego was a huge burden on me. It was the cause of
my all-round degeneration and downfall. Because of that ego, I never tried
to move on the righteous and straight path– the path of dharma. Instead, I
always chose to move on the crooked, unrighteous, and sinful path. I was
just passing my existence in animal life. In that way I committed many sins.

Baba, with the showering of Your karuna You showed me the divine
direction. And You put me on the righteous path and bestowed the energy to
move on that. This way You have made me a human being. It is Your grace.

Baba, from my side there was no effort to come close to Your lotus feet.
Only You graciously lifted me up from the mud, cleansed me, & lovingly
placed me in Your divine lap…


Since the hoary past the superior class has always exploited the weaker
classes by injecting various sentiments. Indeed it has always been the
common tactic to inject inferiority complexes and exploit the masses in
various ways. No where else is this more evident than in the dogmatic
religions wherein they inculcated the supremacy of the priest class. And by
that way the common public got duped into believing that the priests are
far superior and holy– irrespective of their conduct.

In the Hindu religion, they falsely propagated the misguided notion that
celibacy and brahmacarya are one and the same. That is why if you ask any
lay person in India they will say that brahmacarya means those who are not



To make the society free from exploitation Baba has formed Ananda Marga. In
that way He has rooted out all those dogmas which were injected in the past.
For example, on this point of celibacy & brahmacarya, the definition given
by Baba is quite clear. According to Baba, brahmacarya has nothing to do
with unmarried life; rather as well all know the practice of brahmacarya–
which is the 2nd lesson of AM sadhana– is to view all with cosmic
ideation. Hence this lesson of brahmacarya is essential for & practiced by
all, whether WT or family person.

And to root out the dogma of the supremacy of monkhood, Baba has given a
new term to our dedicated workers. He did not call WTs as monks. Rather
Baba has given the name: Workers. Because the full form of “WT” is:
Wholetime worker.

And in  our Marga there are various categories of workers:
(a) General margiis are LPT, local part-time worker;
(b) LFT’s are local full-time workers;
(c) WT’s are wholetimers.

So all three belong to the same category. All are workers. Some part-time,
some local full-time and some are wholetimers. But qualitatively, there is
no difference. All are equal.


Since long in India, the supremacy of the priest class has been
established. So common Indian people do not like to think about the
negative or positive conduct of monks. They do sastaunga pranam to the
dress: saffron dress. Even when seeing their monks in a drunken state, if
you question those Indian citizens, then they will say, ‘I am not saluting
that person, I am saluting the dress’.

The point is this superiority of the priest class is saturated everywhere:
in the Indian soil, water and air.

So when AM was formed then naturally people dragged this dogma into AM when
they joined. In this way, those using the saffron cloth were automatically
treated as great, holy, & divine.


Baba was thinking that if this dogma will continue then one section will
suffer from superiority complex and the other section will suffer from
inferiority complex. Just as the Hindu society is getting exploited, the
same fate will happen in AM. Knowing this, to root out this problem
permanently Baba has given the term ‘worker’, so nobody should mistakenly
think that because of their dress WTs are holy or divine.

Here I am not telling that they are not divine. But there should not be any
dogma on this. If anyone’s conduct is divine then surely they are divine.
And that person may be WT, LFT, or LPT.

And if their conduct is negative then the color of their cloth does not
have any value. That is why Baba has given this following quote which I am
adding below in the note section which is related with negative conduct and
using saffron cloth.


To destroy the dogma of priest supremacy it was a very difficult task to
root it out from the Indian soil, so Baba did some practical approaches.

In the past other gurus were only allowing those people who had a strong
sentient feeling and dedication in the real sense, or strong yearning &
longing for god, they only got the initiation in their monkhood. This was
the common way of giving monks initiation in the past.

But Baba wants to destroy the supremacy of the saffron cloth. Because He is
aware that without eliminating this supremacy, then the exploitation of the
common mass in the name of spirituality cannot be eradicated. So let us see
what Baba has done.

(a) He has given the proper definition of brahmacarya, that is our 2nd
lesson and that has nothing to do with celibacy, or adopting monk life.

(b) He has given the proper definition of sadhu- which in the past was
quite different. Monk and sadhu were linked. Some monks using a special
type of cloth were identified as sadhu. Generally in India every monk is
called sadhu / sannyasis. But Baba’s definition of sadhu is unique & that
has nothing to do with the colour of the cloth. Rather it is based on the
quality of mind and caring for others.

Baba says, “Pra’n’ah…sa’dhavah”

“Definition of sadhu. Those who think: “As my life is dear to me, similarly
all living beings feel their life is also dear to them. So I should not
harm anyone. Harming others means harming myself. Rather I should be
merciful toward all.” Those who feel like this, they are sadhus.” (AV)

(c) He has also given the correct definition of sannyasis. The meaning is the
devotee who has yearning and longing for Sat, i.e. that unchangeable
Entity, Parama Purusa. And it is obvious that this can be anyone, family
man or celibate. Please see AV part 24th Hindi, Purnia DMC 1971.

(d) Baba has also created meditation teachers who are family persons. These
are our Family Acaryas. And this is also a revolutionary step. In the past
such things never happened in any religious organization.

(e) Plus up above it was explained how Baba has given the name WT, which
means worker. So WT’s are not monks.

(f)  He has forced all His disciples to create more and more Wts. In this
process many xyz type persons got included in our WT cadre.
Means even xyz persons became Wt. And if we see critically over the past 40
yr history of WT creation, then not one or two but we will find more than
2000 cases where workers did one or another very negative things — i.e.
stealing, theft, looting, smuggling, attack, sexual scandal, murder of
other brother avadhutas. All these things have come in the picture. Anyone
familiar with the history knows this to be the case. That this is done by
our WTs. In various shapes and forms.


And our WTs also spread the poison of groupism, falsehood, so many negative
tales. Distorting Guru’s scriptures. Creating different dogmas, despite
Guru’s warning. — All of which came to be known in the public, margiis,
non-margiis, everyone.

Certainly though that all our WTs are not negative. Many good WTs are
there, indeed the majority are good, only some are bad.

In the circumstances of these days, in their mind and heart, everybody has
started understanding that cloth alone has no value. Conduct is the main

But still because of being deep-rooted, the dogma or the supremacy of
priest class does not go easily from the mind. No doubt in the brain or in
the philosophy with logic and reasoning all think that in AM everyone is
equal, i.e. priest supremacy is not there. Rather they think that priest
supremacy is one kind of negative dogma. But in day to day life, many of us
feel in our heart something else– And that is that the color of the cloth
is important.


Around the 1960’s when this negative conduct of Wts started appearing and
Margiis saw this for the first time in their life then they complained to


Then Baba lovingly replied, ‘Why are you thinking that they are monks. They
are Wts, Wholetimer workers, workers, cadres,  karmiis– And just like
different military and police departments have their uniform, in the same
way our Wts have their uniform. Because they are dedicated for the society
that is why they have a saffron uniform. What is wrong. Saffron means

Baba further explained, ‘To do social service workers are needed; so these
people are workers. And when society is crude then we will not get
thousands and thousands of very elevated souls. But we need thousands and
thousand of Wts who will be engaged 24hrs in social service. So that is why
our WT system has been made’.

Further Baba convinced that, ‘Just like other public departments and
organisations have rules and regulations for their cadres, same way our
cadres have their conduct rules. And if anybody is not following those
rules and doing some negative things, then to deal with them boards have
been created to rectify and punish them if it is needed. All these things
have been made after thinking deeply that all these negative things are
going to happen but still society needs dedicated workers who can serve the
society. So these workerships and monkhood have nothing to do with each

In the last Baba told that, ‘If you remove this idea or false expectation
from your mind that all our WTs are holy due to their dress, then all your
complaints will go’.

After hearing this the margiis became satisfied.


So I am coming to my original point. All these things have been done by
Baba in order to root out the dogma about the colour of the cloth / priest
class supremacy / monkhood.

And if we analyse the history of the last 12 yrs, then we can see that this
supremacy of cloth is getting rooted out slowly. Still though, certain Wts
in order to be able to perpetuate their exploitation, created more dogmas.
Means dogma in regards that “margiis do not have the rights that WTs have”.

1. That is why the rights of margiis have been curtailed in many ways such
as the decimation of the ACCB

2. And in another aspect the rights of Bhukti Pradhans have been taken

3. And some injustice has been done to LFTs.

We know that AM has been formed to root out dogma. That is why Baba made
different systems and rules and regulations which point-wise have been
discussed in previous paragraphs. That is Baba has given very significant
things: rights to Margis. Then these rights we should safeguard. Otherwise
the situation will be like if something important and very significant is
given to care-free, irresponsible people, then most probably due to
carelessness their things will get taken away from them by opportunists.

Such things are unfortunately happening these days.

So we should think on this Baba’s gift and make the society free from
exploitation to fulfill His desire. I am hopeful that we are moving from
darkness to light singing the song of samgacchadhvam– all are equal &
moving together.


According to Baba’s teaching, jinanis are the lowest category of people,
next comes karmiis, and then the top section is devotees. So those people
who are completely attached with the work and think that by the work they
can attain Parama Purusa– whether they have love for Him or not. Such
dry-minded persons are surely workers; and their standard is quite low–
irrespective of which post they are holding whether they are Purodha
Pramukha, Purodha, or whatever post they have. This is the teaching which
Baba has given. Some margiis also fall in the category of karmiis or
workers and some margiis are devotees. The only way to tell is by hearing
their expression and seeing their conduct.

Of course there are some who are bragging that ‘We are workers and we are
super-most’. Thus from a social or worldly perspective they are what they
are but from a spiritual stance it is quite clear that they are really low.

Baba says, “The jina’nis have no future– they simply waste their time. And
the karmiis or people of action have no fixed desideratum, no fixed
personal goal, no personal God, hence karmiis have no future.” (DMC, 3rd
Dec 1978)



Here Baba is talking about how those in power instill an inferiority
complex into the minds of the masses and by that way it is easy for them to
exploit the common people. This is especially done by the priest class.

Baba says, “If you analyse the history of the world, you will find that
whenever one group exploited another in the economic sphere, they first
created psychic exploitation by infusing inferiority complex in the minds
of the exploited mass. You will find that in each case of economic
exploitation, psychic exploitation was the foundation: if you go deep into
the background, you will discover a continuous and cunning attempt to
create inferiority complex.” (NH-LOI, p. 47)


Around 500 years ago Saint Kabir who was a fighter against dogma created
some systems where family persons were preaching, but in his system there
were no dedicated people.

Note 3:               WT’S EXPLOIT LFT’S

Injustices done to LFTs= So Wholetimers (WTs) could perpetuate
their dogma of supremacy, in that case LFTs were forced to get married
because it was wrongly injected that dedicated means only WT. And that
without the saffron cloth you cannot be called dedicated. If I will get
time I will write in future why this is wrong. It is a long and delicate
point; it is not one line job. So in future if I will have time to write
then I will. Or even better I invite that other margiis should write their


Baba strongly condemns the person whose cloth is dyed and not the
mind. Here in this following quote from Subhasita Samgraha Baba says:
“Nothing will result from dyeing one’s clothes with saffron colour only for
show.  Dye yourself within.  People of some particular religious creeds
think that dyeing their clothes or bodies with a particular colour is a
part of spiritual Sa’dhana’. But remember that is all useless, unless you
are dyed within as well.” (SS part 3)

Baba further says,

“Mana na’ ra’inga’ile ra’inga’ile yogi ka’par’a.

Saffron and red do not a yogiis make
With mind undyed he remains a fake.”

“Dye your mind with His colour. Those who have not done so cannot attain
Him, for this very coloration is Prema or Divine Love…  No external sign
of Sa’dhuta’ or virtue is  necessary.  Become sa’dhu  within. Behind the
external show of virtuousness of many so-called sa’dhus exists a pharisaic
state of mind. Preserve the true dignity of the word, Sa’dhu.”

“Mu’d’a mu’d’a’ye jata’ v’ar’aye….

With shaven head or matted locks
And ashen body a Sadhu walks
With the swaggering gait of a well-fed buffalo.
And crude mind filled with thoughts mean and low.”

“That is why I say that you must bring about a revolutionary change in
the flow of your judgment and thought, and see how, after overcoming your
fascination with external colour, your mind becomes tinged with His
glorious colour.” (SS part 3)


Actually at first margiis were shocked to see the negative conduct
by avadhutas. And margiis were thinking that Baba did not create the WT
system in proper way. They thought that Baba should have set stricter
standards in recruitment, and not just that everybody should be allowed to
join up. But gradually everyone has come to understand that what Baba has
done, that is best. And that maximum workers are needed to establish the
mission. Only we have to understand that on the whole those in uniform are
workers– and not anything higher.


On numerous occasions Baba has warned us that we should not be
fooled or blinded by the color of one’s dress or other superficial
decorations. Unfortunately most of the world falls into this trap and that
leads to great harm and many problems. So Baba is guiding we Ananda Margiis
to use our vivek and in that way evaluate the quality of a person– whether
they be avadhuta or not, or as the case may be. The whole point is that
conduct is what determines one’s greatness. Dress alone is not the thing.

Here Baba is pointing out and condemning how dogmatic Hindus become so
infatuated by the saffron dress that they do not care about the qualities.
Unfortunately the same negative mentality is developing in AMPS. WT’s are
not following Baba’s directives and instead they are just involved in
groupism, yet when people see them they become completely infatuated– all
because of the dress.

Baba says, “Many knaves in the garb of sa’dhus are being worshipped in
today’s society. Their bestial mentality that is well-hidden behind their
ashes, matted locks, tiger-skin and kuandala, the common people cannot and
do not want to discern. They merely remain awe-struck at the sight of the
sanya’sii’s saffron garb.” (SS, Part 3, p. 80)

Hence the central ideas of this above Baba’s teaching is that we should not
be captivated by seeing the dress; rather with a cool mind we should view
the seeing the quality of conduct. Otherwise one will just be overwhelmed
by false delusions.

We Should Understand
Baba says, “Human life is a mission; life itself is a mission; one’s very
existence is a mission. A’tmamoks’a’rtham’ jagaddhita’ya ca: ‘Whatever one
is to do, one is to do for a’tmamoks’a– for their own liberation– and for
the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society’.
One is to do both of these things; that is, these two things are one’s
mission.” (AV-30, p. 28)

Note: By Baba’s above teaching it is clear that AMPS is not the mission.
But for their selfish reasons, certain opportunist or dogmatic type of
people try to misguide or take advantage of the margiis by making them
think that AMPS is the mission. So this is all done for their selfish
interests. Yet in Baba’s aforementioned guideline He explicitly tells us
what is the mission.


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