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Subject: Pre-Requisite For Doing Service
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 05:29:44 -0000


“Jamiin a’sama’n tumha’ra’, tumha’ra’ jaha’n sa’ra’…”   (P.S. 4335)


Baba, this earth & this vast blue sky belongs to You. Not only that,
but this entire universe is Your property. You are the sole owner of
everything. I am Yours; You are mine. I want to move according to Your
direction. You are my everything.

You are the source of all energy. Whatever strength the sun has,
it is coming from You. Similarly whatever fragrance comes from the
flower garden, that is Your fragrance. You are the divine Entity which
decorates everyone’s heart.

Baba, You are always with everyone in sorrow as well as in happiness,
equally. You are always residing in my heart; in Your longing my eyes
are showering tears. Baba, You are the controller of everything. This
entire created world belongs to You. You are mine and I am Yours…


As we are all human beings our desires are infinite. So our longings can
only be satisfied by achieving that Divine entity. Power, post, or chair
cannot satiate our unlimited hunger. Human life in the true spirit of
the term is indeed very rare. Without proper preparation, if anyone
indulges in politics then they lose the goal. Unfortunately due to a lack of
spiritual motivation usually people start doing negative things.

Here then is some reminding of a few of our past historical incidents.

As we all know Baba began teaching AM sadhana in 1939 and ultimately
formed and registered the organisation (AMPS) in 1955. And in those
early days there was only an emphasis on sadhana. And it took some years
to create the necessary base for doing Prout work. And it was not until
1959 that Baba revealed His Prout theory.

Any rational margii can understand that if anyone with only superficial
spiritual feeling engages in some socially responsible post, then there
is a strong possibility for things to go awry.

In contrast, when the goal is Parama Purusa then the feeling naturally
comes that I want to serve Him by doing social service. But when the
mind is low,then in that lower condition usually people think that for
the sake of post, power, prestige I have to do something. That very time
the real problems start. Because when work is done for personal, selfish
gain, then that invariably  brings problems.

And when any social service is done to serve Parama Purusa then that is
great and ideal. And this is not possible without proper sadhana.
Nowadays in this world when the material side has been developed, surely
then general human beings have better facilities in comparison to the
human beings of 10,000 years back.

This facility is not related only in mundane sphere– the present day
humanity is blessed in various ways. At present we have the teachings of
total of three Mahasambhutis. Although essentially One in spirit, but
Parama Purusa has taken advent three separate times in the forms of Lord
Shiva, Lord Krsna, and Lord Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. And with His
divine teachings present day human beings can manage better progress in
spiritual life in a very short period.

In the past yogis and rishis were doing very long penance their entire
lives, sitting in caves of the Himalayas. But now realisation can be
attained in a few decades. Baba has made it very easy. So we are all
blessed ones. Please read the following quotations.

Baba says, “Today human beings are progressing in the realm of
intellectuality. To attain the culminating point of spirituality the
human beings of today have to face less obstacles than the people of the
past such as Mahars’i Vishvamitra, Mahars’i Agastya, etc. The
development of the glands and the amount of the hormone secretions is
much greater than 100,000 years ago.” (PNS-17, p.36)

Baba’s guideline continues:

Baba says, “Transformation in human psychology will come about through
spiritual practices. So I advise each human being that as long as you
are alive, you should try to build yourself in a nice way, in a complete
way.” (PNS-17, p.37)

Baba says, “The only way of achieving emancipation is through
sadhana…The wise would therefore start sadhana as early as possible
and attain emancipation quickly…It is hence imperative for everyone to
achieve emancipation quickly by practising sadhana. Intuitional practice
(sadhana) is the innate duty that everyone has to perform.” (AMEP)


Note 1: The following are Baba’s teachings about doing the necessary
spiritual preparation before engaging in social service. Due to this
deficiency that is why the H-B group fight started and why it is going
on still today. And that is why Purodhaship and chair became the focal
point. When the goal should have been serving Parama Purusa. In this
regard sadhana is the solution:

Baba says, “One should realize that to render selfless service, an
absolutely pure mind is required with the expansiveness of the vast
ocean and the serenity of the blue sky. Otherwise, while promoting the
welfare of the world, one may develop a selfish desire in one’s mind in
a weak moment, as a result of which one may bring harm to oneself as
well as to the universe. (NSS, p.145)

Baba says, “The spirit of serving comes from the spirit of serving the
Supra-Conscious Entity, [Parama Purusa]. Where the spirit of serving the
Supra-Mental Entity is lacking, there cannot be any service spirit in
any emanation or any manifestation.” (Prout-12, p.6)

Note 2: Here following Baba further guides us about the need to partake
in proper psycho-spiritual training and tapah before engaging in social
service endeavours.

Baba says, “Those who do not aim at self-realization cannot promote the
welfare of the world either.” (NSS ’95 ed, p.174)

Here it is clear that to do social service, a spiritual personality is
needed. That’s why when Baba propounded the Prout theory then He told,
that first one has to create sadhakas. And gradually each one will
develop into a strong personality, and become sadvipra. And with that
strong personality if they will take responsibility to lead the society,
then they will be able to do. Otherwise, if personality is not made. Then…

Baba says, “If there is no strength in the neck and if 200 lbs of weight
is put on the head then the neck will be broken. If human beings are not
trained properly and they do not have the necessary psycho-spiritual
strength- due to not following dharma– then their protest movement or
march against exploitation or fight against corruption will be useless.
First you have to create proper human beings. And then they will be able
to carry the responsibility. Otherwise all your efforts and protest
against corruption will be impotent and futile.” (SS-16, Hindi Edn)

To Become Family Acarya

Baba says, “Only those persons who are sincere, spirited and endowed
with sharp intellect; and who understand and can make others understand
the philosophy will be considered eligible to become acaryas.” (CC-1,
’95 Edn, p.12)

Note: In the current times, Baba’s above golden guideline is being used
“for show only”. Unfortunately, the reality is that family acaryas are
made on the basis of (a) approaching Centre with one’s hands and arms
raised above one’s head in surrender; and (b) going on filling Centre’s
pockets one after another. If these two qualifications are fulfilled,
that is  enough. No other qualification is necessary.


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