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From: “Praviira Matel”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Picture of One Human Society?
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2010 23:01:15 +0000


“Nu’tan diner nu’tan su’ryat pu’rva a’ka’she ut’heche a’cho…”  (P.S. 1308)


Baba, by Your grace, today the new sun of the new dawn is rising up in
the sky. With the feeling of fear and shyness, the Cimmerian darkness of
the night has disappeared.   O’ human being, throw away the staticity and
dogma of the past, and embrace the effulgence of the new dawn. The
divine Entity with the divine effulgence has come to your doorstep–
with new form and color, showering love on all.
O’ human being, the creatures of darkness have disappeared. The Parama
Purusa who is the nucleus of this universe, that very Entity is the
greatest One. Ideating on Him go on doing His service…


These days in this digital era, some think that the social network
phenomenon of “FaceBook” and its 500+ million and ever-growing list
of participants can bring one human society on this earth. But this
type of random collection of people with divergent goals and desires
can never bring our human family together.

Here in this letter we discuss society and why the crowd collected
on FaceBook and the picture portrayed on our “Human Society” book
are not conducive to crating a unified humanity.

Specifically there are a number of ‘odd’ pictures on the
cover of the recent “Human Society” book that make the whole publication
look displaced– or worse than that.

Here following is more of the background & details of this entire affair.


As we all know in our Ananda Marga, the ‘term’ society carries a special

Baba says, “What is society, what makes it up? What is Samaj?”

‘Samanam ejati iti samajah…’

“Here ‘moving together’ does not mean march or double march, here ‘moving
together’ means that all portions of society, all portions of the
collective body, should have the spirit to move ahead.” (PNS-3, p. 49)

Thus moving together does not mean holding hands and going to the cinema
theatre. Nor does it mean attending the Olympic games where several hundred
thousand people are sitting next to one another. Because in neither case
are those persons moving together. Rather theyt all have their own plans
and programs. Indeed no two are moving together. Their thoughts are all
different. Their goals are different.

So in the real sense of the term, ‘society’ is a high ideal that means
collectively moving together in one direction towards the Supreme Goal. So
it is not an ordinary thing.

Hence Baba has specifically given the special shloka, “Saman ejati…”, as
beautifully noted above.


So only those assembled together with one Goal and moving ahead in one
direction are a society. Otherwise any group of people is nothing but a

Anyone who has visited Kolkata knows that Howrah railway station has a huge
number of people– a huge crowd, but you cannot say it is a miniature form
of a society.

And the same can be said of any such public spot in nearly city. And the
same can be said of all those pictures that got glued up on the cover of
our Human Society book. Which is discussed in greater detail down below.
The main idea being that there is a vast difference between the formation
of a society and the gathering of one crowd. The crowd is not at all a
society– rather far from it. And all Margiis are aware about this.

That is why in AM we say that the term ‘society’ has special meaning and in
countless discourses Baba has beautifully depicted how a human society
should be and what steps should be taken to build it up. Indeed our AM
mission is inherently linked with the formation of one human society.
And here in this unique discourse Baba reveals that fact in the human
history a society has never been made and that our only AM carries the
right vision to lead in the creation and progression of a society.

Baba says, “Society in the true spirit of the term is yet to be formed in
the world. So our primary duty now is to form a society. The seed of social
consciousness is inherent in our ‘Sam’gacchadhvam Samvadadhvam’ Mantra.
Where there is no such Mantra there is no ideology, and where there is no
ideology, life is a goalless voyage.” (PNS-8, p.1)

Hence the special link between Ananda Marga and the formation of one human


Yet the cover of our very own “Human Society” book parts 1 & 2 (’99 Edn) is
filled with all sorts of negative photos that go directly against the
build-up of One Human Society. Means the perfectly dharmic pages of Baba’s
grand book is telling one thing and the dogmatic front cover of the book
made by the Publications Dept is leading in an entirely different
direction. Such an irony: One book & Two diametrically opposed  statements.

Please see the following examples:

1. As we all know that Baba has told on numerous accounts that the horrible
defect of Buddhism is its sheer and blatant inability to be able to guide
the society. Rather the Buddhist monks and nuns themselves are part of the
problem as they were co-habitating and getting into all sorts of crude
relations until finally as a religion they basically were kicked out of
India due to their extremely poor conduct. And then those dogmatic
Buddhists went off and created thousands of sects and groupings. And the
black tales of Buddhism go on and on. Yet on our very own Human Society
book there is one close-up picture of one Buddhist monk in full clad when
in no way does our AM supports their dogmatic, negative behaviours or their
defective teachings. So this photo does not at all depict the formation of
a society– neither in letter nor spirit.

2. Next, which Ananda Margii does not know that gross American imperialism
and its capitalistic approach is arguably the last negative empire before
the build-up of sadvipra samaja. Baba has warned us about the grotesque
ways of capitalism. And currently the exploitative ways of American
capitalism have led that ruthless nation to invade and manipulate the
government and economy of one after another countries in order to exploit
their resources and turn those innocent local people into tools for the
American capitalist machine. And not only throughout this globe yet now
those capitalists have feasted their greedy eyes on capturing other planets
and satellites as well– with the same nasty motive. To exploit and rule by
economic might. So this entire capitalistic strategy is condemned by our
Prout philosophy and Baba Himself opted & refused not to step foot on
America soil. Yet on our very own Human Society book there is one close-up
picture of an astronaut standing on the moon wearing an American flag. When
in no way does our Ananda Marga advocate those negative dealings of
American capitalism. So this photo also does not at all depict the
formation of a society– neither in letter nor spirit.


3. In a similar fashion on the cover of the Human Society book (’99 Edn)
there is also a snap-shot of one female who got completely tied up by
western pseudo-culture. And instead of leading a life of dignity and
simplicity that brings one to the respectful motherly status, instead of
that this female on the cover of the Human Society book fell right into the
dungeons of western modernism where the female is nothing but one negative
sex toy of the males. Such a terrible plight where females use all sorts of
poisonous cosmetics in order to make themselves appealing to their lustful
male counterparts. Yet the exploitation runs so deep that those degenerated
females think that they are gaining something when in fact they’ve been
tragically cut down and stripped by male western capitalists. Of course AM
only supports the dignity of women and the deeply respectful and
significant role of mother in the society. So when such a negative picture
is displayed on the cover of the Human Society book then it gives the wrong
impression that we appreciate such things. So this photo also does not at
all depict the formation of a society– neither in letter nor spirit.

4. And also on the cover of the Human Society book is a picture of one
dogmatic Muslim Mullah. When the Muslim religion is nothing but one
negative force that stands for the repression of people and suppression of
free thinking. Because in countless discourses Baba Himself condemns and
exposes the rampant hypocrisy and negative ways of Muslims such as their
exploitation of women or meat-eating or countless other things.

4A. Plus there is a photograph of one athlete who is in first-place and
highlighting the ‘Nike’ trademark. When Nike is one negative international
corporate power that is infamous for its labor sweat shops in the third
world. And so many other exploits. And on countless occasions Baba lashes
out against such exploiters and as a solution He has put forth the
Proutistic system of cooperatives. But those at the helm of the
Publications Dept placed the ‘Nike’ photo on the cover of our Human
Society; when in true sense Nike is one of many negative corporations
responsible for tearing society apart.

5. And not only these above photos but the entire cover of the Human
Society book is filled with numerous such photographs such as village
people stuck in the age old dogmas of their area or simple people who are
working like oxen at the hands of exploitative rulers. So these photographs
which they placed on the cover have nothing to do the dharmic buildup of
society. Rather these photos represent the dark forces clutching at
humanity’s heels.

6. Because indeed when you take one mullah and one Buddhist monk and each
are following their own dogma. Where Muslims have to eat several pounds of
meat each day by killing/sacrificing animals; that is their common food.
And Buddhist monks also have their negative foods and dogmas. Then what
society are they going to form.

7. Likewise in Islam, three females are equal to one male. Females have no
right to vote, even no right to speak or get an education or go outside and
play. They do not have rights– period. Muslims are the kings of that
dogma. Yet our Dadas placed that photograph of the Muslim priest (Mullah)
on the cover our Human Society book. This makes it look like we think
dogmatic fundamental Islamic law as being one key ingredient for building a

8. By all this it is evident in fact haphazardly bringing Jews, Christians,
Hindus, and Muslims etc, when are all tightly clutching onto their own
religions. And then snapping their photo and gluing them all together and
saying this is the society– that is one false notion.



In Tattva Kaomudii Baba Himself says that the unification of various
dogmatic religions is impossible and can never lead to a true human
society. (Tattva Kaomudi, Q&A, #49)

The point being that those locked in the grip of degenerative habits and
dogmatic beliefs can never lead the society ahead.

Baba says, “The right of preserving, building, and rebuilding society is
the duty only of those who are moving, not of those who are motionless, who
are dead.” (Prout-10, p. 4)

Rather people will have to follow Bhagavad dharma, then unity will come,
otherwise not.

So altogether this cover to the English edition of the Human Society book
is one poor showing. Because in true sense human society is one seamless
dharmic movement of the people. Yet here on this book cover they just glued
up various dogmatic faces and images and stuck them together and the whole
things is moving in the wrong direction.  At least they could have selected
a single picture that showed people working hand in hand. But even that
could not be done. Just in their narrow-minded individualistic way they
one-by-one collected single dogmatic photographs and stuck them there so
that each one has its own negative vibration. And there is not even one
iota of feeling of collective movement. Rather this entire imbalanced
collage that somehow got placed as the book cover wreaks of oh-so-many
dogmas and negative scenes.


By seeing all this on the cover of our book then many common people will
surely think that the “Human Society” book is nothing but a collection of
dogma or that we Ananda Margiis are ourselves dogmatic. Because the Human
Society cover gives that feeling / negative depiction. So really our
publishers and editors should be careful.

In this below teaching Baba guides us that any person who does not have a
proper understanding of the meaning of society (samajam) then they will
allow all those negative tendencies of the past to continue. In such a
terrible condition society will never advance, rather it will sink.
Baba says, “If those who have not comprehended what the form of the society
will be allow the trends of the past that have shaped the present to
proceed unchecked, then they can never lead the society to the path of
perfection. They will indeed thrust the society into darkness.” (PNS-10, p.

How far the editors and publishers of this edition of the Human Society
book fall into this category is for you to decide

Prior to ’90 Baba did not allow such things and when His name was signed on
any book cover then it was sure that everything was done in proper way. Yet
now with the recent edition of the Human Society book, something else is
going on. Because on the one side Baba is the Dharma Guru Supreme whose
teachings are the guiding light for the humanity and side by some few
editors etc are pasting negative, dogmatic photographs all over the front
cover of Baba’s divine book– Human Society.

Please write your opinion how far we can compromise on such an issue as it
is directly related with the sanctity of Ista etc.


Here below Baba is guiding us that all sadhakas of the Marga ensconced in
Supreme Benevolence are sure to build up that glorious, unified human society.

Baba says, “Moving together with the people they will continue to sing
their marching song– they will go on filling the human mind with the sweet
nectar of eternal life.” (Prout-10, p.5)


Note 1: Here Baba is warning that those guided by groupism or dogmatic
differentiation like religions etc will never be able to build up one

Baba says, “If going ahead in mutual adjustment only out of narrow self
interest or momentary self-seeking is called society… it will not
suffice.” (PNS-9, p.3)

Note 2: Baba guides us that the dogmatic religions are the cause of so much
negativity & divisiveness in the society.

Baba says, “There are a variety of religions in the world formulated by
different propounders. But instead of enhancing the spirit of unity in the
human society, these religions have actually increased disunity and mutual
conflict. How many wars have been fought in the name of religion? So, far
from being a unifying force, religion should be seen as a cause of
disharmony.” (PNS-7, p. 23)

Note 3: A few years ago when I visited DMS then I saw some beautiful covers
of various AM books that did indeed represent the dharmic spirit of
society. In particular on the front cover of one of those books there was a
wonderful drawing or picture of a near endless line of colorful & diverse
people from all the four corners, who were all marching together in
unison– everyone carrying the triangular saffron flag with the white
swastika emblem, and simultaneously raising the Jai slogan. The whole scene
depicted on the cover is one glorious sight that nicely represents AM
ideology and the spirit of a universal human society (samajam). Indeed it
was a pointed and attractive cover for one of Baba’s books. So creating a
proper and well-suited book cover is a task well within our reach. So I
have hope that the next edition of the Human Society book series collection
will be up to the mark.

Note 4: Here following are more of Baba’s beautiful and dharmic guidelines
about the formation of one human society:

Baba says, “All human beings must attach themselves to others by the common
bond of love, and march forward hand in hand, then only will I proclaim it
a society.” (PNS-9, p. 3)
Baba says, “‘Samgacchadhvam’ means to build a strong, well-knit society,
where there shall be no exploitation, no superiority complex or inferiority
complex.” (PNS-3, p. 49)

Baba says, “The entire society of A’nanda Ma’rga is thus founded on a
common ideal, the goal of becoming one with Brahma…the unity in a society
founded on the ideal of Brahma will be everlasting.” (Tattvika Praveshika)

Proper Care Needed

Baba says, “Pregnant women and female animals may work half of what they
usually do at other times; but under no circumstances should they be
allowed to do strenuous work, as it may lead to premature delivery or
stillbirth.” (SC-20)

Note: Those who are forcing or allowing expecting mothers to do such things
may be developed materially but are not at all developed on humanitarian
grounds– with regards to understanding others’ problems. That is why
nearly everywhere in the western world, in all offices up to the last stage
of pregnancy women are working as they did in when they were in 100% fit
and healthy condition. That is why nowadays the most affected on this point
are females in western countries. And in result serious damage to the
babies happens. One can easily imagine that when mothers do not get resting
time before giving birth, then how will that same mother provide love and
affection to new born infants. Because in one week or so they will again
join their career jobs. This is a very sad state so I invite everyone’s
attention to this. Because this is related with the future of the people in
those affected areas. And indirectly the whole globe is seriously affected.
Because without proper love, their children’s development is severely
hampered– their full psychic growth and the growth of their brain is
impossible because of this problem. Baba tells this in His book, Namah
Shivaya Shantaya.

Likewise in many third world countries like Indian, the people do not care
about female animals on this same problem. And not just animals but very
poor mothers in third world countries are also suffering from the same
problem of being overworked in the late stage of pregnancy.


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