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Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2010 14:56:00 -0700
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Reynolds_HT 
Subject: Infighting In NY Sector: Margiis Are Not Fools



Here is an update, review, and course of action regarding the fight for power in NY sector. Those in other sectors should also read the below and avert such disasters in their areas.


There are two main groups battling for control of NY Sector: Ranchi represented by Vimalananda and EC led by Tiirthananda. B group has only a minor role at the moment in NY.

In a day to day manner, Tiirthananda & crew control most of the resources of NY sector; this of course is not pleasing to the Ranchi team.

Some months ago, Ranchi began taking legal action purporting themselves as the real controllers of the sector. They told they have reconstituted the current board of NY sector and laid claim to all assets and resources.

Tiirthananda’s group took this as a direct affront and started a counter case against Vimalananda & Co.

Some say that at present there are as many as three lawsuits / court cases between these two warring parties and the first one comes to trial in the first half of 2011.

As we all know, court cases are extremely costly, especially in the USA. So naturally these group leaders are appealing to “you know who” (i.e. the general margiis and workers) for financial support.


Given the aforementioned situation, all sincere margiis & wts have to think and evaluate what to do. Here are some points for consideration:

1. This fight between EC and Ranchi has nothing to do with saving Baba’s divine ideology, nor is this a form of social service.

2. This fight has been created by a few power hungry Dadas – period. Many workers have nothing to do with this power clash. Only a few mongers started this infighting.

3. It is similar to how a few greedy US capitalists wanted oil from Iraq so they attacked the country and needlessly killed large numbers of innocent Iraqi citizens. In addition, many US solders lost their lives while countless more returned home maimed. This entire offensive was launched under the slogan of patriotism. Yet, in truth it was all about money, resources, and power.

4. Margiis are not fools. Fighting this petty court case has nothing to do with bhagavad dharma. So helping either party economically and undergoing financial hardship is a dogmatic idea and the height of stupidity. With each groupist regime appealing for money, it is is just like two gangs taxing the neighborhood in order to pay for their own partying and drinking.

5. In this situation of total infighting, new margiis will leave the Marga and old ones will keep distance. It is all very unfortunate.

6. Nowhere in any of His discourses does Baba encourage infighting by giving money for a  divisive court case.

7. Remember this fight is not ideological: It is not about saving Baba’s scripture, nor is it about margii rights, nor any other genuine cause. This fighting is all about the lust of power.

8. Baba has warned not to let such tragedies take place in our Marga. For this reason He has given the teaching about the Yadava dynasty where they fought and massacred one another at Prabhash tiirtha.

Baba says, “During the time of the Mahabharata the same thing happened in the Jadu [Yadava] dynasty. …[They] started taking increasing amounts of alcohol. The resulting drunkenness caused people to quarrel amongst themselves. Eventually they killed each other at Prabhash Tiirtha and the Jadu dynasty was destroyed.” (Disc MHB)

In the past, the Yadava / Jadu dynasty was drunk on liquor. Today these group clans are intoxicated by power. They are rushing to the courts and indulged in infighting in their quest for more power and control.

We should not fuel the fire of this infighting by adding oil – i.e. giving money for their court case. Those donating for this “cause” will have to face the consequences. So be aware: Giving donations means fueling infighting.

9. Best is to individually give 2% for those in real need in your area: the poor, the hungry, the sick, the suffering. Parama Purusa resides in all, in various shapes and forms. We should serve His creation and never give money for infighting.

10. We must remember that this power struggle was not created by general margiis and this court case drama has nothing to do with philanthropy. So why should margiis pay for it.

11. Baba warns us again and again to keep ideological unity. That is why He has ordered that we chant samgacchadavam daily during collective meditation, or at minimum once in a week at dharmacakra. Why did he do so? Why did He not select another mantra? Because He was well aware that infighting was going to happen. So at least by not giving donations for this court case, you can restrict infighting – so don’t give any money, not even one penny.

12. This letter is not on the behalf of any group; this is for every margii.

13. By any angle of vision there is no veracity or reason to give a donation for infighting.

14. The entire situation is similar to two thugs who entered into your living room and started punching each other and destroying the furniture. To settle this fight one must not give in to their demands and offer them what they want. Rather get them out of the house entirely. That is the only way. Likewise – with regards to theses two belligerent parties involved in this court case – we should keep distance from them and use our money for a proper cause.

15. By no means should we support today’s group conflict and their divisive court case by giving donating money for their power struggle.


By Baba’s grace He has bestowed upon us enough sense to easily recognise the difference between the dogma of groupist infighting and the pure essence of bhagavad dharma. Our efforts and resources should always be used in support of dharma – never for dogma.


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