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Adoption & Pornography

Subject: Adoption & Pornography

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 05:38:52 -0000






“Tumi eso, tumi eso a’ma’r ghare…” – P.S. 3190



Baba, You are so charming; please come in my mental abode– in Guru

cakra. I go on waiting for You constantly in uninterrupted fashion after

lighting the lamp of hope in my heart.

Baba, You are always so gracious. I get You in my dreams. By Your grace,

I get You there. When I wake up then I go on thinking of Your tales and

talks. On my each and everything, the sketch of Your love is painted.

Baba, I always remember You; even if I want to forget You still I

remember You. When I yearn for You so strongly then in my heart I feel pain

in longing for You. It is then that the thought comes that I should forget

You– because by that way at least it will be peaceful. But it is difficult

for me; I cannot forget you.

Baba, in the deep core of my heart You are always residing there. The

whole universe is saturated with Your divine love. You shower Your

causeless grace on everyone. Baba, please come in my mental abode; You are

my everything…






Yoga and Tantra aims at the complete unfoldment of human life– enabling

each and every unit existence to blossom fully. It follows then that from

the very tender moment a child emerges from the womb, or even before then,

tantra places great emphasis on the care & well-being of the infant.


Tragically in this present era, especially in our materialistic west, there

are countless social ills undermining and ruining the raising of our

children. And while there are numerous angles to view from, this particular

letter focuses on the controversial topic: Adoption and Pornography.





Note: This below description reveals somewhat alarming and graphic

information about child abuse. All readers should be aware and proceed

keeping this in mind.


In the late 1990s, an American man registered with an adoption agency and

went through the long and arduous process of adoption. At the end of this

1.5 – 2 year period, the man was approved and a young three-year-old girl

from Russia was placed in his custody. According to the rules of adoption,

he was now the legal and recognised parent of this child.


This began a tragic and disastrous scandal that will shock even the most

experienced counselors and social workers who “have heard it all”.


From day 1, the man used the innocent young girl in lewd sexual acts and

posted those things on the Internet. Here is not the occasion to reveal all

those nasty details etc, but from the tender age of 3 up to the age of 10,

the deranged man kept the girl as his own personal, sex toy. His entire

rented apartment was made up of 1 main bedroom where the two of them would

live together and sleep. And when the deranged man would go out from the

house then he would lock the young girl in the basement. This was going on

day after day for years. And to fund his crazed lifestyle, he would film

pornographic and erotic acts performed on the young girl and publicize and

sell them on the internet. In this way the years passed and obviously

throughout it all he kept his own identity secret.


Authorities began to investigate those scandalous images posted to the

Internet and ultimately after a lengthy investigation they uncovered who

the offender was and brought the man to jail etc.


Unfortunately the terrible damage was done: the young girl was jarred for

life. There was no way to undo the years of terror and abuse.


Only now authorities are looking into how the adoption agency could have

“approved” such a man for being an adoptive parent.


Tragically, there are many such sick adults who engage in this type of

nasty endeavour as the Internet is used as a medium to profit from child






In the aftermath of such a tragedy, adoption agencies are considering what

they could have and should have done to prevent such a disaster that has

permanently scarred the young girl for life.


Some advocates say that the adoption agencies should make routine and

follow-up visits to the adopted children after they are placed in the

custody of their new parents.


Others say that the standards and regulations for adoption should be made

even more strict.


Still others suggest that multiple social agencies should be involved while

others want schools to take a more active role.


And some authorities recommend making harsher laws and increasing the

punishment for sex offenders.


These are some of the many proposals being made to avert such crimes in the

future– crimes which rob another human being of their life. But with their

limited approach, nothing which they propose will be a final solution to

the problem. Because the ills of materialism can not be solved through

materialistic means.





Here Baba gives us a step-by-step look into the matter: From the raising of

the child to the elimination of the problem to the positive method how to

move ahead.


Firstly, in AM, Baba reminds us again and again that children are very

impressionable and parents have a tremendous impact on the growth and

development of the child.


Baba says, “The mental outlook of children has already been moulded in a

particular fashion by the influence of their family environment before they

start school. No matter what or how much they learn at school, it is

extremely difficult for them to free themselves from the influence of their

family. Drawing on what they have learned in the family, the immature minds

of children begin to learn about the world and understand it, and to

receive ideas and master language so that they can express those ideas.

Unhesitatingly they adopt their elders’ way of looking at the world. Hence

the primary responsibility for acquainting children with the world lies

with their parents or guardians. Children will become assets of society in

the future to the extent that their parents or guardians discharge their

duties properly.” (HS-1)


Reading Baba’s above directive, it becomes clear that parents are the

primary factor behind the success or failure of their children. Their

effect on the children is enormous. Here again is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “Children will become assets of society in the future to the

extent that their parents or guardians discharge their duties properly.”






When children are reared in an abusive and contaminated environment where

the parents are totally mishandling and torturing them, then that

permanently scars the minds of those young kids. It is not something that

can be corrected easily. Because the torment and pain experienced by those

children is extremely deep seeded. Here Baba presents the extreme anguish

of those children.


Baba says, “The lack of cordial relations causes many children to heartily

wish for the death of…their abusive parents.” (HS-1)





Here Baba presents a key guideline for how to handle those situations where

child abuse is happening.


Baba says, “It should be the duty of society as a whole to ensure that the

children of immoral and unrighteousness parents are brought up as virtuous

citizens. If possible such children should be removed from the unwholesome

environment of their parents.” (HS-1)


According to Baba, once it is found out and discovered that a particular

parent or set of parents are abusing their children, then it becomes a

problem which should be properly and thoroughly addressed by the combined

efforts of the collective. One broken down adoption agency is not enough.


The entire society should be held responsible for ensuring the proper

raising of those children. According to Baba, that is the first step

towards rectifying this problem.





Here Baba gives us insight into the next phase how to overcome the entire

problem of childhood pornography.


Baba says, “In certain parts of this world, depraving tendencies such as

pornography exist. Simply protesting will not stop these things: we will

have to do something positive to check it. Such positive action will create

a new stir in the human mind.” (AFPS-8)


Thus Baba’s solution goes far beyond the short-sighted vision of today’s

materialistic adoption agencies etc. Baba guides us that merely protesting

the matter is not enough. Raising slogans and putting offenders behind bars

will not do. That will neither cure nor eliminate the problem.


Baba explicitly tell us that we are to inject a new way of thinking into

the minds of those wrongdoers as well as in the minds of each and every

citizen. Exposing the criminal behavior is not enough, side by side the

positive and pure vision of neo-humanism must be presented to the people.

This will ensure their minds develop in a natural and proper way– not

allowing negative ideas to fester and take shape.


Here furthermore Baba gives specific recommendations as to how we are to

infuse a healthy, positive vision to overcome the evils of child pornography.

Baba says, “Pornography and other depraving tendencies will be completely

discouraged and checked. That will be our course of action. We have to

create new literature, new books, new music, new songs. We have to chalk

out a programme and act accordingly.” (PNS-12, ‘Rule of Rationality)


By giving the people a clean and spiritual way of living where each and

every aspect of human life is sentient and pure, then people will surely

develop in a nice way. Nourished with the freshness of neo-humanism, their

mode of thinking will be sweet and benevolent.





By Baba’s divine grace He has blessed us with all the answers– ensuring

that on this dusty earth we will develop a beautiful world order.


Baba says, “There is only one ideology in the world which is not only

all-embracing but also all-pervading. Both the problems and their solutions

have been pointed out. Now it is our bounden duty to carry this message to

all nooks and corners of this world. The wind is blowing in our favour. We

should carry the message to each and every particle of marrow of this

living world.” (Prout-12)








Life is so imbalanced in the sex-oriented materialistic countries. Such

authorities are totally inept to solve any problem. On the one side in

places like the US there is a growing concern about child abuse and child

pornography: The laws and punishment against such crimes are becoming more

strict and severe. In that case, naive and foolish people will think that

these authorities are concerned and ready to solve the problem. Simple

people think those solutions are viable etc When in fact their whole

approach is nonsense.


Because that same US government gives Hollywood and the US corporations

full freedom to use female sexuality to sell each and every film and each

and every product. The entire country is filled with sexually alluring

signs, posters, and billboards. Such degrading scenes fill every street

corner and bus-stand. On every television set and movie screen people’s

lower vrittis are getting stimulated. The female body is used as a selling

point for each and every company product. The whole society is littered in

that way. In that case, of course the minds of the people will get

deranged. Already they are constantly being goaded towards crude,

animalistic tendencies. In that case even good people are bound to be

degraded and thrust into pornography and sexual scandals etc.


Yet through it all the materialistic authorities pretend that they are

going to solve the problem. But they will never get success. And in fact,

such governments are happy seeing the people degraded and running after

sexual allurements. Because this keeps their minds dull and makes it easier

for the government to befool and exploit their own citizens. This is the

height of their hypocrisy.


About all this much, much more can be written. Let us simply conclude with

this fact: The materialistic “solution” is no solution.


Only Baba’s neo-humanism can lead the society out of the darkness and into

the light.



Why Kiirtan


Baba says, “Now the question is, does Parama Purus’a really want people to

sing His glories? He never tells anyone to do kiirtana for Him: then why

should people do kiirtana?…Kiirtana was first invented by devotees to

give joy to Parama Purus’a, and in the process of pleasing and delighting

Parama Purus’a, the devotees lost themselves. Thus kiirtana belongs to the

category of supraaesthetic science…So of all the branches of music,

kiirtana is the best. And since music is the composite of song, dance and

instrumental music, kiirtana is not only song–it also includes

instrumental music. These three aspects of music when combined together

create such an unblemished, heavenly environment that people completely

forget themselves. This is the charm, the excellence, of kiirtana. So those

who are truly intelligent should certainly do kiirtana. So those who are

truly intelligent should certainly do kiirtana either in public, or if they

feel rather shy — in private.” (AFPS-4, ‘Supra-Aesthetic Science & Music’)



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