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Two Stories

From: “Jayanta Deva”


Subject: Two Stories

Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 22:56:36 +0000






I looked at the caller ID on my phone and saw it was Dada calling back again. I was wondering what he wanted as I thought we had finalized our plans for pracara at the college.


“Namaskar”, I said.


Dada replied, “Cancel the pracara program at the college. I can’t go there I will be attending an LGBT party.”


“What? Where?” I replied.


“Don’t you know, there is a big party sponsored by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual). I want to attend that.”


I said, “Dada, are you joking. We do not attend such big parties by LGBT.”


Dada said, “Do not be so outdated. Ananda Marga does not believe that monks should remain in caves; this world for enjoyment.”


I told Dada, “That is 100% against our conduct rules. We cannot go there and do that.”


Then Dada told me that I was off-based and that I did not understand. I tried to convince him but after a long talk I could not.


I did not know what to do.


I thought for a moment and then phoned another Dada. I quickly briefed him of the situation.


He said, “Look here. Our Ananda Marga society is dynamic and includes all. Going to a gay party is not a big deal. If he wants, let him go. It is fine to participate fully in such a party. We are getting many new people this way.”


Dada further replied, “Do not become old, outdated and stale. There is nothing wrong with alcohol and drugs either.”


I said, “Are these not against our conduct rules as given in Caryacarya, Avadhuta conduct rules, and Organisational / Procedural Orders.”


Dada said, “Why are you living in the past – throw away those old things. Those codes given by Baba are half-a-century old, they must be changed according to the times. That is what Baba has said. So we will be updating and amending all those old rules. This is a new era.”


“Remember, we are not Catholics who live in the dark ages. We are revolutionaries. We change with the times. Our avadhuta order is going to change. Soon all avadhutas will start marrying. There is no need for celibacy.”


“In this modern era, all these conduct rules as given in Caryacarya, Avadhuta conduct rules, and Organisational / Procedural Orders etc are to be changed because they are outdated.”


After hearing his lecture I was left speechless…


Just I am curious: In order to satisfy their baser vrttis some want to change Caryacarya, and our Organisational / Procedural Orders etc. Are such events happening in your area also?






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