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Only a Week Away

Date: 24 Dec 2010 06:12:48 -0000

From: “Gurucharan Yadav”


Subject: Only A Week Away




“Pita’ ma’ta’ bandhu sakha’ a’ndha’re a’lokavarttika’…” (P.S. 218)




Baba, You are my most intimate and loving One; by Your grace You are so

close. Baba, You are my father and You are my mother; You are my friend as

well as my eternal companion. Baba, You are my everything– my One and

only. By Your infinite grace You are that divine lamp of effulgence, always

guiding me along the proper path in life. Baba You are everywhere. By Your

grace no one is ever alone or helpless. You are ever-present carefully

watching over everyone. Baba, by Your grace You are always residing in my


Baba, with Your infinite compassion, no matter how difficult the

circumstances are, You are always present to provide a gentle touch.

Amongst the thorns & tears You are the soothing balm of the lotus flower

which relieves all pains and sorrows; and in scorching heat of the burning

fire You are that refreshing, calm, cool sandalwood. Baba, You are the

ultimate Savior. When one has lost everything then in that bleak hour You

are the only shelter. You are that divine jewel which makes everything else

into a shining jewel as well. By Your touch, unit beings become divine.

That is Your causeless grace. Baba, You are the best of everything. In the

beautiful rose garden where all the flowers are aromatic and fragrant, You

are the most gorgeous– You are the most beautiful. Baba, You are the most

effulgent Entity in this vast universe.

Baba, You are the Cause of everything. You are the Source and You are

the Origin. Baba, because You are, I am. You are the breath of my very

life. Without You my whole existence is meaningless. Baba, You are my

dearmost, You are my everything. You alone are the eternal lamp of my

heart. Baba, please grace me by keeping me in Your divine shelter…






Next week the various group leaders will be finalising their

devious plans and issue their fake Ananda Vaniis. However

this way of theirs is not at all proper. Because blinded by their group

interest they will select some partial quote and mislabel that by titling

it as Ananda Vanii– when in truth it is nothing but a fake Ananda Vanii.

Yet this they have been doing for years. So let us again take a look at

just what exactly is going on.





Baba’s true Ananda Vanii messages which He has given twice annually on New

Year’s Day and on Ananda Purnima are very precise and pointed way like an

arrow. They are complete discourses in and of themselves. They are not part

of any larger discourse and they are not just a quote or partial paragraph.

Instead, Baba’s true Ananda Vaniis are 100% full & complete and ready to

stand as is. Plus they are unique and new in their own particular way–

never a repeat of previously released material.


In total Baba has given us seventy four of these divine guidelines

known as Ananda Vaniis. Each with their own special beauty; each with their

own timeless message. And Baba has Himself specially collected them all

together and marked them as the Ananda Vanii Samgraha. And these alone

stand as those unparalleled and dharmic messages which Baba has so

graciously blessed us with during the time of His global DMC gatherings.


So in the realm of Ananda Vanii, Baba’s specially given messages are the

biggest asset in this entire universe. For these are what Baba wants to

call His grand and golden teachings of Ananda Vanii.





Yet in the name of Ananda Vanii the various group leaders are going against

Baba by infusing their own dogma and creating their own Fake Ananda Vaniis.

Whereby they are pulling some quote out of context that is obviously

incomplete as it is part of a different discourse and then in misguided

ways labeling that as Ananda Vanii. All done for their own selfish interest.


So their whole way of dealing is just their dogmatic approach and has

nothing to do with letter or spirit Baba’s sacred and divine messages of

Ananda Vanii.


Because as we know each and every Baba’s teaching has its own special and

unique value. And to misuse or distort them in some twisted and concocted

manner will not bear any fruit.





(a) For example take the case of CaryaCarya: It is one of our AM books but

it is not suitable for purposes of svadhyaya after dharmacakra. If used for

this purpose then that is wrong. But this Caryacarya is absolutely perfect

& blemishless as our smrti shastra– or social code. Because Caryacarya is

the social code of AM. But it is not for use as svadhyaya after dharmacakra.


(b) Similarly when we want to know about the depths of AM philosophy then

we have to read AM philosophy books like ‘Ananda Sutram’ and ‘Idea and

Ideology’ etc. Reading CaryaCarya by itself is not going to meet the

purpose of learning the whole AM philosophy in deeper sense. But surely if

to perform a marriage, shraddha ceremony, or any other type of social

function etc, then CaryaCarya has highly significant role.


(c) Likewise, when singing a song to start the paincajanya or dharmacakra

program then the book ‘Idea and Ideology’ is not going to help. Neither

will ‘A Guide to Human Conduct’ or ‘Shabda Cayanika’. To sing the song,

only Prabhat Saungita book is suitable.


(d) And when reviewing critical matters on politics and economics then

books like ‘Strange Experiences’, ‘PR Sarkar stories’ or ‘Ideal farming’,

etc, may not be excellent to refer. Rather we should seek support from the

Prout series.


The whole point being here that all of Baba’s divine books are 100% perfect

for their stated purpose– thus all are of equal importance. No one is high

no one is low and Baba has given each for a particular use, i.e. for their

own golden purpose.


Yet when taking a quote from one book and then labeling it as Ananda

Vanii– that is not at all going to work.


And on the top when goaded by selfish desires, then that malintent, misuse

or wrong-use goes against the whole spirit of those teachings. Then it

creates a create a very poor and sinful showing. And that is exactly what

is happening in the case of the Fake Ananda Vaniis being made by those

groupist kingpins.





Thus those who are misusing certain quotes and wrongly calling them as

Ananda Vaniis are misguided in their ways. Nobody has right to change and

manipulate Guru’s things in that way. What He has given for a particular

purpose is absolutely perfect and nobody should try and change that.

If anybody believes in or adores Baba then they should not go against

Baba’s desire. When Baba Himself has made & named and given the title as

Ananda Vanii, then that should be honored and revered as such.


Thus what right do the various groupist leaders have to splice other

passages and change the title of the discourse which Baba Himself has

given. It goes completely ultravarious to the ethical code– let alone the

dharmic code of discipline and sanctity of Guru-disciple relation.

Tantra is very strict. If anybody is going against Guru then they should be

ready to face consequences. Prakrti will not spare them.





Here following is one of Baba’s special messages of Ananda Vanii.


Baba says, “Human civilization now faces the final moment of a critical

juncture. The dawn of a glorious new era is on its one side and the

worn-out skeleton of the past on the other. People have to adopt either of

these two. You are the spiritual soldiers, you are the worshipers of Life

Divine, hence I call you to adorn this crimson dawn deluged with glorious

light. Victory is surely yours.” (A’nanda Va’nii #26)








If anyone is carrying a glass of water in hand to serve your friend. Then

it is ok– quite fine. But if anyone is putting that glass on their head

then that is looking odd, completely wrong.


Similarly a putting tie and coat on facing forward is proper and ok, but if

that same coat and tie are put on facing backside that is not good. And

anyone doing like this will be treated as foolish if they try to attend

their office looking like this. Or it may be looking like they are some

drama party member, or some joker etc..


Same way in marriage ceremony if anybody started singing the Shraddha song

(death ceremony song) at the marriage function itself then everyone present

will think that the singer(s) are crazy. Here the song itself is not at

fault. The fault lies with the singer, who has no sense which song should

be sung when, or who purposely has ruined the scene.


Likewise taking a partial quote and presenting it as Ananda Vanii is not

the way.













Our Dances


Baba says, “The heel of the foot is related to the sound ta’, the ball of

the foot to the sound dhin, and the toes to the sound dhae. In the

kaos’ikii dance all three are utilized to some extent. But in the

ta’n’d’ava dance ta’ is utilized more than dhin [and dhae not utilized at

all]…Actually, both tandava…Actually, both ta’n’d’ava and kaos’ikii are

more physical exercises, useful to the body, than they are forms of dance.

Kaos’ikii serves as a medicine for twenty-two diseases — it is a panacea.

The ta’n’d’ava dance is an all-body exercise, by which even the brain and

its nerve cells become strengthened. Ta’n’d’ava is a very vigorous

exercise.” (AV-15)



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Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 07:58:49 -0000

To: am-global@earthlink.net

From: Mukunda

Subject: Organisational Order Related with Food Distribution









Here is one important guideline from Baba related with our various food distribution programs. As many are aware, Baba’s procedural / organisational orders are His explicit edicts for how we are to carry our Marga activities and run the AMPS structure.









In Baba’s organisational order (168, 164) He clearly says that all Ananda Marga offices, jagrtis, units etc which run any type of soup kitchen, cheap kitchen, food distribution center, or food related relief project must not use tamasik food items to feed others.


Here is the exact line quoted from Baba’s organisational / procedural order of R-3 ERAWS of July 1969:


“No tamasik diet will be served from such kitchens.”


Thus when operating any such kitchen of Ananda Marga where we are serving food to those in need, we must not use any tamasik food items. That is Baba’s explicit mandate





Of course no sincere margii wants to displease Baba by going against His guideline. If one is not aware about the above mandate and doing something contrary, then that will yield an unfavourable result.


Just as an unknowing child will get burned if he puts his hand in the fire as the fire will not spare him, similarly every sadhaka should follow dharmic guidelines and not serve tamasik food to others, otherwise prakrti will not spare them.


One should not forget that in all AM service projects you are serving is Baba Himself. If you do not remember this fact then your “service” is no service at all. Because to whom you are serving, you must impose the ideation that you are serving Parama Purusa Himself.


Thus under no circumstances should you serve tamasik food to Baba (Guru) who is in the form of a poor, homeless, sick, or needy person. This must never be done as it will produce a bad result.


Finally, may we all remember this following teaching: If you make God unhappy then Guru will save you, but if you make Guru unhappy no one can save you.


Shiva ruśt́e gurustrátá;

Gururuśt́ao na kaschana.


Baba says, “If Shiva [Parama Purusa] gets angry, the Guru will save you, but if the Guru gets angry, no one can save you.” (AV-5)





Note: Nobody should become emotional in this critical dharmic issue. This guideline is taken directly from Baba’s organisational mandate. So we should view His teaching with our with rational mind; we must not become emotive. That will save us from us from all kinds of troubles and predicaments.


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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2010 06:14:47 -0400
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: dharma@eco-net…
Subject: Prout: Save Money with Psycho-Economy


“Aja’na’ Pathik eseche…”  – P.S. 4490


The Parama Purusa Ajana Pathik has come. He has filled this mortal
world with the love of flowers and fruits. For Him no one is distant, no
one is alien, everyone is His own– close and intimate. He has wiped
away all the tears and removed the suffering of everyone. Baba has come
riding on the chariot of effulgence. He is associated with one and all
through His ota and prota yoga. He is pulling everyone with His divine
attraction and with the blessing of His varabhaya mudra. Today Baba has
come. The whole world is inundated with His love– His grace….


This letter contains something for everybody– how to save money and be
healthy by paying heed to Baba’s Proutistic teachings of psycho-economy.
And yes this letter relates well to those in certain countries where
“year-end, holiday shopping” is an all-out offensive for capitalists.


The ills of capitalism are fast rising to the surface: Inflation, energy
costs, mortgage lending, collapsed banks, ‘bear market’, corporate
buyouts etc, etc. These terms make the headlines every day.

However, there is one aspect of this materialistic, free market economy
that is causing great harm yet going largely unnoticed– or at least is
going mostly undiscussed. Probably because it is accepted as being
‘alright’ by most of the people, by the general public.

Namely, as we know, today’s capitalistic system is based on the
profit-motive, not on consumer needs. In result, corporations or
businesses make piles of money by convincing susceptible consumers of
buying products which they do not need. And the chief outcome is that
that business is praised, honoured, and heavily rewarded $$$, what to
speak of rebuked and rectified. That is one side of the story.

The other is that countless consumers waste what little money they have
by purchasing those unneeded & often harmful products, such as
cigarettes, alcohol, junk food, coffee, pornographic videos, gambling
etc. Or in countries like the USA, people buy more of what they already
have in order to keep up with the rage of fashion. That is why people
have 50 or even 100 expensive, name-brand shirts in their closet, when
really only a few cheaper, yet high-quality varieties are needed.

Or sometimes like with computer parts, they are all manufactured in the
same place, and then various companies put their own labels on those
items. But consumers– do not see this– only they chase after that
company label, and pay two or three times the price for the very same item.

So in one way or another people are lured into buying, buying and buying
things which they do not need– or pay more for what they could really
buy for less. Nearly everyone is ensnared in this debacle. All because
companies take extreme measures to convince the innocent public that to
get ahead in life or to enjoy living then xyz product is a “must-have”
item, or be left out in the cold.

This is the awful environment in today’s capitalist system. And most are
unaware about it or too helpless or stuck to do anything.


Tragically, this is the on-going issue in today’s economy: Consumers get
duped into buying products either which they do not need or that will
not be beneficial for them, either mentally or physically or both. But
because of massive advertising, good citizens have been brain-washed
into purchasing those things. Sadly, it is most often our youths– our
teenagers– who fall prey to this.

Teens buy sexually-laced movies and videos, designer clothing,
extraneous gadgets, and so many things which they think they need in
order to look ‘cool’, ‘hip’, ‘modern’ etc. And while for years and years
this practice was going on primarily in the US, now because of the
internet and the growing Asian economy, this negative trend has spread
all around the world.

Outside of teens in general, the second most affected population is
probably women, with teenage women being the most victimised, overall.
But in one way or another everyone is affected. Most certainly even you
and I, to some or more degree.

Below please read more about this systemic problem as well as Baba’s
perfect solution: Psycho-economy.


In the dizzying array of today’s advertising battlegrounds, general
citizens are bombarded with thousands and thousands of advertisements
each and every day. Of course, the more television one watches, the more
newspapers one reads, the more internet surfing one does, the more one
is prone to getting exploited. Because those advertisements and media
messages goad a person to look or act in certain way; and, the general
people get lulled in that direction, knowingly or unknowingly.

And this pull is only further emphasized by countless movies, books,
billboards, and subtle and not-so-subtle messages from fellow consumers
etc. Verily it is everywhere and nearly everyone is caught up in this
mess, whether they wish to admit it or not. Some people may not have the
money to purchase what they desire, and they are also caught up–
because they will suffer from an inferiority complex, thinking that they
are a low-life for not having that expensive car or costly home or
expensive shoe etc. So nearly everyone gets caught up– one way or another.

But again, our teenagers are often hit the hardest. In fact, one
sexually provocative novel for teens recently sold 20 million copies–
and this is in an era when hardly anyone ever reads anymore or buys
books. Just imagine how many more are reading those same passages online.

Because teenagers are such an impressionable and innocent group, they
are regularly targeted by corporate advertising departments as well as
by individual scammers trying to make a big sell.

The problem with all of this is that families end up spending whatever
little money they have on items that they really do not need for their
survival, or on things that are harmful for them. Because people
purchase things which they have the psychic urge to buy based on crafty
advertising etc. And most of the time, such purchases lead to the
degeneration of mind as well as degrading habits & life practices like
on-line pornography, crude cosmetics, skimpy clothing, etc. And this may
even force a family to go into debt or forgo the purchasing of basic
essentials of life like food, rent etc.

This is the very grave and real problem which burdens hundreds of
millions– if not billions of people– on a daily basis.


So what is to be done in the face of all of this.

By Baba’s grace Prout philosophy has the exact answer: consumer
education– true consumer education. Not just issuing a cheezy Q & A
pamphlet about how to shop like many consumer advocacy groups publish,
but rather giving a pointed analysis with graphic demonstrations and
protests that will awaken the masses as to what is going on and how they
are getting exploited, befooled, and duped. This highly important aspect
of the Proutistic enterprise is known as psycho-economy.

Baba says, “Psycho-economy…endeavours to eradicate exploitative and
unjust economic practices, behaviours and structures. It will counter
all economic and psycho-economic exploitation and make people aware of
how capitalists, in their singular or collective roles, exploit society
and create unhealthy, artificial demands which not only poison the mind
but encourage dangerous habits detrimental to psychic sanctity and
expansion. The first and foremost duty of psycho-economics is to wage a
tireless fight against all degenerating and dehumanizing economic trends
in society.” (PNS-12)

Only psycho-economy can start to open the eyes of the people as to how
they are getting ‘taken for a ride’ day in and day out by cunning,
ruthless capitalist exploiters.


Right now, in all the materialistic-oriented countries, which are
growing in number day by day, the whole concept of what it means to be
human is getting lost. People measure themselves based on how their hair
looks, what they own, how they look, what brand of clothing they wear,
and so many other useless and superficial measuring rods. The whole
society is falling in this direction because of living under a
mass-media blitz, 24/7. This creates the desire of buying useless items
and going into debt by overspending, or it creates in people the
inferiority complex that they are not as good as others simply because
the name-brand of their shirt is different.

Here below Baba warns us of what happens when there is this degree of
psychic bankruptcy on the planet.

Baba says, “If there is a lack of prama’ in the psychic sphere, then
many omissional and commissional mistakes and defects are bound to enter
into their art, architecture, literature, philosophy, science and other
branches of human knowledge. Dance may lose its rhythm, painting may
lack proportion, music may lose the harmony of its melody and rhythm,
and in the various branches of literature there may be an overgrowth of
the parasitic weeds of immature expression.” (Prama-1)

And that is exactly what we are seeing now. Each and every aspect of
human life is infested with crude ways of living and being, and
capitalist exploiters are making billions by selling these degrading
things to the public.


So perhaps the first policy of our psycho-economic statutes that needs
to come forth is teaching everyone what it means to be human. Humanness
is not based on what you wear or what type of soap you use, but is based
rather on sadhana, service, and sacrifice. It is these qualities that
create a true human being.

But capitalist blood-suckers have imposed their will on the public in a
totally different way. Such that a person is someone who has a new
i-phone, mercedes-benz, swimming pool, etc etc. This foresaken,
materialistic recipe leads to the degeneration of mind and the gross and
vicious cycle of selling one’s soul by investing more and more in
superficial, material ornaments.


Only through Baba’s teachings on psycho-economy can humanity escape from
this harmful loop.

Baba says, “Human society today has reached the stage of degeneration
and, as a result, is lost in the wilderness of economic bankruptcy,
social unrest, cultural degeneration and religious superstition.” (Prama-1)

Thus only by becoming aware and awakened to the capitalistic strategies
can we lift out of this crude era. Only by breaking this bondage of
slavery and regaining our purchasing capacity can we fight this
capitalist onslaught.

So we should all understand and teach others about it means to be a
victim of capitalism and the consumer society– i.e. purchasing things
we do not need and basing the value of life on material gains. All this
is nonsense.

As Ananda Margiis, we have a far greater ability than the common people
to slip out of this trap. But even for us it may not be easy. We have to
take an honest look at how we are living.

So the whole process of education is two-fold. People need to be taught
the real value of human life and spiritual practices as well as be
guided as to how to avoid the psychic trappings of those capitalist
exploiters. Both aspects are needed.


As soon as one opens their eyes even a wee-bit, then the first thing
they will realise is that they have a lot more money in their pocket
than they did before. And secondly, they will feel mentally free from
the oppressive wave of capitalist advertising.

This is an absolutely huge topic so cooperation amongst all is needed.
All should write in with their thoughts, comments and experiences. I
could not possibly write it all here, now.


By His grace we will burst this false bubble of capitalism and provide
real socio-economic values that promote the true fulfillment of human
life– the realisation of a spiritual ideal.

Baba says, “By propagating spirituality, implementing PROUT and
rendering selfless service to suffering humanity, you will be able to
elevate the standard of human beings in a very short time.” (PNS-18)


Fate of Egotistical People

Baba says, “It is only when the human beings, become puffed up with
vanity and misuse the power granted to them by Parama Purus’a, that He
steals everything from them. Hence, He is called Darpaha’rii – the
stealer of vanity…Vain people suffer a similar fate when their vanity
is destroyed as the balloon faces when its air is let out. But, does
Parama Purus’a snatch away everything from everyone? No, He takes away
only when the unit beings try to create obstructions in the flow of
His creation.” (APH-4, p.247)

Note: In the above teaching Baba warns us about the fate of arrogant
people. As we know the ultimate antidote is developing a devotional link
in life and surrendering to the sweet will of Parama Purusa. Then in
that case arrogance will not get the scope to crop up. Unfortunately
some in our Marga overlook their devotional practices and instead get
wrapped up in their own plans and programs. Such persons can be easily
recognised as all day long they tell, ‘I did this or I did that… I
delivered one lecture and all were amazed… I created one project… or
I should be the ruler…’ and on and on they go about their own unit
deeds & desires– intoxicated by their little accomplishments and
imposing their will on others. To lovingly rectify such persons, Parama
Purusa describes above what dramatic intervention He takes. Looking
around today, we can see how some in our Marga have already undergone
this thing and others are going to experience the same similar fate.

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Adoption & Pornography

Subject: Adoption & Pornography

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 05:38:52 -0000






“Tumi eso, tumi eso a’ma’r ghare…” – P.S. 3190



Baba, You are so charming; please come in my mental abode– in Guru

cakra. I go on waiting for You constantly in uninterrupted fashion after

lighting the lamp of hope in my heart.

Baba, You are always so gracious. I get You in my dreams. By Your grace,

I get You there. When I wake up then I go on thinking of Your tales and

talks. On my each and everything, the sketch of Your love is painted.

Baba, I always remember You; even if I want to forget You still I

remember You. When I yearn for You so strongly then in my heart I feel pain

in longing for You. It is then that the thought comes that I should forget

You– because by that way at least it will be peaceful. But it is difficult

for me; I cannot forget you.

Baba, in the deep core of my heart You are always residing there. The

whole universe is saturated with Your divine love. You shower Your

causeless grace on everyone. Baba, please come in my mental abode; You are

my everything…






Yoga and Tantra aims at the complete unfoldment of human life– enabling

each and every unit existence to blossom fully. It follows then that from

the very tender moment a child emerges from the womb, or even before then,

tantra places great emphasis on the care & well-being of the infant.


Tragically in this present era, especially in our materialistic west, there

are countless social ills undermining and ruining the raising of our

children. And while there are numerous angles to view from, this particular

letter focuses on the controversial topic: Adoption and Pornography.





Note: This below description reveals somewhat alarming and graphic

information about child abuse. All readers should be aware and proceed

keeping this in mind.


In the late 1990s, an American man registered with an adoption agency and

went through the long and arduous process of adoption. At the end of this

1.5 – 2 year period, the man was approved and a young three-year-old girl

from Russia was placed in his custody. According to the rules of adoption,

he was now the legal and recognised parent of this child.


This began a tragic and disastrous scandal that will shock even the most

experienced counselors and social workers who “have heard it all”.


From day 1, the man used the innocent young girl in lewd sexual acts and

posted those things on the Internet. Here is not the occasion to reveal all

those nasty details etc, but from the tender age of 3 up to the age of 10,

the deranged man kept the girl as his own personal, sex toy. His entire

rented apartment was made up of 1 main bedroom where the two of them would

live together and sleep. And when the deranged man would go out from the

house then he would lock the young girl in the basement. This was going on

day after day for years. And to fund his crazed lifestyle, he would film

pornographic and erotic acts performed on the young girl and publicize and

sell them on the internet. In this way the years passed and obviously

throughout it all he kept his own identity secret.


Authorities began to investigate those scandalous images posted to the

Internet and ultimately after a lengthy investigation they uncovered who

the offender was and brought the man to jail etc.


Unfortunately the terrible damage was done: the young girl was jarred for

life. There was no way to undo the years of terror and abuse.


Only now authorities are looking into how the adoption agency could have

“approved” such a man for being an adoptive parent.


Tragically, there are many such sick adults who engage in this type of

nasty endeavour as the Internet is used as a medium to profit from child






In the aftermath of such a tragedy, adoption agencies are considering what

they could have and should have done to prevent such a disaster that has

permanently scarred the young girl for life.


Some advocates say that the adoption agencies should make routine and

follow-up visits to the adopted children after they are placed in the

custody of their new parents.


Others say that the standards and regulations for adoption should be made

even more strict.


Still others suggest that multiple social agencies should be involved while

others want schools to take a more active role.


And some authorities recommend making harsher laws and increasing the

punishment for sex offenders.


These are some of the many proposals being made to avert such crimes in the

future– crimes which rob another human being of their life. But with their

limited approach, nothing which they propose will be a final solution to

the problem. Because the ills of materialism can not be solved through

materialistic means.





Here Baba gives us a step-by-step look into the matter: From the raising of

the child to the elimination of the problem to the positive method how to

move ahead.


Firstly, in AM, Baba reminds us again and again that children are very

impressionable and parents have a tremendous impact on the growth and

development of the child.


Baba says, “The mental outlook of children has already been moulded in a

particular fashion by the influence of their family environment before they

start school. No matter what or how much they learn at school, it is

extremely difficult for them to free themselves from the influence of their

family. Drawing on what they have learned in the family, the immature minds

of children begin to learn about the world and understand it, and to

receive ideas and master language so that they can express those ideas.

Unhesitatingly they adopt their elders’ way of looking at the world. Hence

the primary responsibility for acquainting children with the world lies

with their parents or guardians. Children will become assets of society in

the future to the extent that their parents or guardians discharge their

duties properly.” (HS-1)


Reading Baba’s above directive, it becomes clear that parents are the

primary factor behind the success or failure of their children. Their

effect on the children is enormous. Here again is Baba’s guideline.

Baba says, “Children will become assets of society in the future to the

extent that their parents or guardians discharge their duties properly.”






When children are reared in an abusive and contaminated environment where

the parents are totally mishandling and torturing them, then that

permanently scars the minds of those young kids. It is not something that

can be corrected easily. Because the torment and pain experienced by those

children is extremely deep seeded. Here Baba presents the extreme anguish

of those children.


Baba says, “The lack of cordial relations causes many children to heartily

wish for the death of…their abusive parents.” (HS-1)





Here Baba presents a key guideline for how to handle those situations where

child abuse is happening.


Baba says, “It should be the duty of society as a whole to ensure that the

children of immoral and unrighteousness parents are brought up as virtuous

citizens. If possible such children should be removed from the unwholesome

environment of their parents.” (HS-1)


According to Baba, once it is found out and discovered that a particular

parent or set of parents are abusing their children, then it becomes a

problem which should be properly and thoroughly addressed by the combined

efforts of the collective. One broken down adoption agency is not enough.


The entire society should be held responsible for ensuring the proper

raising of those children. According to Baba, that is the first step

towards rectifying this problem.





Here Baba gives us insight into the next phase how to overcome the entire

problem of childhood pornography.


Baba says, “In certain parts of this world, depraving tendencies such as

pornography exist. Simply protesting will not stop these things: we will

have to do something positive to check it. Such positive action will create

a new stir in the human mind.” (AFPS-8)


Thus Baba’s solution goes far beyond the short-sighted vision of today’s

materialistic adoption agencies etc. Baba guides us that merely protesting

the matter is not enough. Raising slogans and putting offenders behind bars

will not do. That will neither cure nor eliminate the problem.


Baba explicitly tell us that we are to inject a new way of thinking into

the minds of those wrongdoers as well as in the minds of each and every

citizen. Exposing the criminal behavior is not enough, side by side the

positive and pure vision of neo-humanism must be presented to the people.

This will ensure their minds develop in a natural and proper way– not

allowing negative ideas to fester and take shape.


Here furthermore Baba gives specific recommendations as to how we are to

infuse a healthy, positive vision to overcome the evils of child pornography.

Baba says, “Pornography and other depraving tendencies will be completely

discouraged and checked. That will be our course of action. We have to

create new literature, new books, new music, new songs. We have to chalk

out a programme and act accordingly.” (PNS-12, ‘Rule of Rationality)


By giving the people a clean and spiritual way of living where each and

every aspect of human life is sentient and pure, then people will surely

develop in a nice way. Nourished with the freshness of neo-humanism, their

mode of thinking will be sweet and benevolent.





By Baba’s divine grace He has blessed us with all the answers– ensuring

that on this dusty earth we will develop a beautiful world order.


Baba says, “There is only one ideology in the world which is not only

all-embracing but also all-pervading. Both the problems and their solutions

have been pointed out. Now it is our bounden duty to carry this message to

all nooks and corners of this world. The wind is blowing in our favour. We

should carry the message to each and every particle of marrow of this

living world.” (Prout-12)








Life is so imbalanced in the sex-oriented materialistic countries. Such

authorities are totally inept to solve any problem. On the one side in

places like the US there is a growing concern about child abuse and child

pornography: The laws and punishment against such crimes are becoming more

strict and severe. In that case, naive and foolish people will think that

these authorities are concerned and ready to solve the problem. Simple

people think those solutions are viable etc When in fact their whole

approach is nonsense.


Because that same US government gives Hollywood and the US corporations

full freedom to use female sexuality to sell each and every film and each

and every product. The entire country is filled with sexually alluring

signs, posters, and billboards. Such degrading scenes fill every street

corner and bus-stand. On every television set and movie screen people’s

lower vrittis are getting stimulated. The female body is used as a selling

point for each and every company product. The whole society is littered in

that way. In that case, of course the minds of the people will get

deranged. Already they are constantly being goaded towards crude,

animalistic tendencies. In that case even good people are bound to be

degraded and thrust into pornography and sexual scandals etc.


Yet through it all the materialistic authorities pretend that they are

going to solve the problem. But they will never get success. And in fact,

such governments are happy seeing the people degraded and running after

sexual allurements. Because this keeps their minds dull and makes it easier

for the government to befool and exploit their own citizens. This is the

height of their hypocrisy.


About all this much, much more can be written. Let us simply conclude with

this fact: The materialistic “solution” is no solution.


Only Baba’s neo-humanism can lead the society out of the darkness and into

the light.



Why Kiirtan


Baba says, “Now the question is, does Parama Purus’a really want people to

sing His glories? He never tells anyone to do kiirtana for Him: then why

should people do kiirtana?…Kiirtana was first invented by devotees to

give joy to Parama Purus’a, and in the process of pleasing and delighting

Parama Purus’a, the devotees lost themselves. Thus kiirtana belongs to the

category of supraaesthetic science…So of all the branches of music,

kiirtana is the best. And since music is the composite of song, dance and

instrumental music, kiirtana is not only song–it also includes

instrumental music. These three aspects of music when combined together

create such an unblemished, heavenly environment that people completely

forget themselves. This is the charm, the excellence, of kiirtana. So those

who are truly intelligent should certainly do kiirtana. So those who are

truly intelligent should certainly do kiirtana either in public, or if they

feel rather shy — in private.” (AFPS-4, ‘Supra-Aesthetic Science & Music’)



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Date: 20 Dec 2010 05:28:18 -0000

From: “G Bhaskaran Reddy”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Extreme “Sadavrata” in USA







Recently an event took place in our Marga that causes us to stop and think about the way some in AM are doing “service”. Read about this below event and see what you think.





On December 4th, it was reported that one Dada in California organised a food distribution program in the end of November during the “Thanksgiving” holiday in the USA.


Note: During Thanksgiving, many Americans sit down and eat turkey, i.e. the name of one big, wild bird that is similar in size and look to the turkey vulture. A turkey is two or three times the size of a chicken and can weigh up to 14kg (30lbs). And these wild birds are eaten during the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA. That is the dogmatic tradition. As Ananda Margiis we categorically reject this tradition of eating meat and slaughtering animals.


Anyway, in doing his food distribution, this Dadaji got 7 Turkeys (i.e. big, dead, feathered birds). That means Dadaji collected 98kg (215.6 lbs) from the market and donated that meat on the occasion of Thanksgiving.


So we should all think how appropriate this is. Should one serve tamasik slaughtered birds, i.e. turkeys, to those in need. Is this the way we do service?





Collecting and distributing 98kg / 215lbs of turkey meat by one Dada for food distribution is extreme. Some say Dadaji has these future plans as well:


1. Distribute violent video games on Christmas to poor kids struggling in school.

2. Donate guns and ammunition to poor hunters;

3. Distribute cigarettes to poor & distressed tobacco addicts;

4. Distribute heroin to poor & distressed drug addicts;

5. Give arms to poor & distressed criminals / terrorists;

6. Distribute poison to the elderly for their assisted suicide;

7. Serve alcohol to poor people on New Year’s Eve & other festival days;

8. Distribute machine guns to thugs and gang members;

9. Give high-fat sweets filled with hydogentated oil to poor & distressed heart patients;

10. Give foods loaded with sugar to poor diabetics;

11. Distribute sharp blades to poor & distressed pickpockets or robbers.


Please see the email appended below for further information.








Here the point is that doing something with a good heart or with a good spirit is not enough. The overall effect of the action or service also counts.


With full sincerity if you offer poison to someone then they will still be harmed.


Those who do not have any idea of bhagavad dharma may say that Dadaji donated all those things with a good mind-set and we should not chase him. But one should know that doing sinful things with a good heart will not make that action virtuous.


Prakrti does not overlook such wrongs but rather punishes those going against bhagvad dharma. Here we should not only think by the angle of a greedy human; as neo-humanists we should think by the angle of those birds as well. Then it will not take time to understand this entire issue.


Dada should have given things for the people’s weflare. That is the effect of AM service. He should have only given plant and grain-based foods, i.e. sentient foods. Because our approach is never to give away harmful or tamasik foods in the name of service. Not only that, birds have their own existential value, they are not to be slaughtered for human consumption.


But in Dadaji’s case he gave something that is harmful – harmful both to them and the bird. So Dadaji’s dealing caused the death of so many birds and he has to face the consequences. Such type of activity is sinful – not service.


All around the world there are margiis surrounded by so many meat-eaters, but we do not therefore sacrifice animals and birds and feed meat to others. No true Ananda Margii does like this.





To: das.kiyoga@yahoo.com

From: das.kiyoga@yahoo.com

Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2010 22:48:47 -0800

Subject: [AM-nCal] Service to Homeless, Service to DEER nor more, Service by Seminars, Service to Professionals [4 Attachments]


Service to Homeless Food Distribution


Thanksgiving is over and lots of Food is donated and under the direction of Dada Jiivapremananda, Mixed rice and Dal, 2 big containers of oil and 7 turkeys were given to the homeless.


Brotherly in His Service,


Ragu Das, SDM-LFT, 408-338-6495


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Re: How Culture is One

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 05:34:12 -0000


From: Hariish Deva

Subject: Re: How Culture is One




“Maneri gahane tumi a’cho, a’cho prabhu sada’ jege a’cho…” (4380)




Baba, You are always remaining in the depths of my mind– You never

leave me. You always remain awake. You go on working day and night, beyond

the time. You never stop. Baba, whatever You want to do, You go on doing. This whole expressed universe is Your eternal game. You are ever-present: beginningless and endless. You are ever intoxicated in Your divine flow. You are the Goal of everyone– everyone wants You. You are remaining with one and all. Those who are trying to come close to You by their virtuous deeds and shravan, manan, nididhyasana, & dhyana, only they are able to come to You. Only they are able to realise You and have Your grace and proximity. Baba,

You are grace-Personified…





~ Part 2 ~


Note: This letter is in reply to one margii brother who was inquiring about Baba’s use of the term, demi-culture.



Yes indeed, Baba’s use of the term, “demi-culture”, is well known to senior margiis and those familiar with Baba discourses.


In fact, by Baba’s grace, I was in His divine company for field walk (May 8, 1979) in Fiesch during His Berlin sector tour in 1979. And on that tour itself Baba used the term, demi-culture. For your reference I have appended portions of that field walk in point #3 below.





Here are further points for consideration:


1. All sadhakas are aware of His guideline that human culture is one and that so-called cultural wars, distrust, and clashes between one geographical areas will cease to exist when people accept our human culture as one.


2. These days what people commonly think of as culture or separate cultures are really nothing more than different modes of expression – not different cultures. Human culture is one and Baba chose the term demi-culture or mode of expression to represent the different ways people express our singular human culture.







3. As mentioned above, on one field-walk in Fiesch, in reply to the margii Baba spoke the following lines about culture and demi-culture:


Baba says, “You see, I have said that the human culture is one. Only, there are different modes of expressions. Now, we may say demi-culture, regarding those modes of expression. There were during the Middle Ages, three distinct demi-cultures in Europe. One Prussian, another Latanic, and the third one Iberian. “Iberian” means Spain, Portugal, and Basque….”


Then the Margii states: In ancient times, one human culture. Although in ancient times there was only one human culture. Baba then corrects the margii.


Baba says, “Even now, human culture is one. There are local differences in eating and dancing. [But] that doesn’t make culture.” (Baba’s Field Walk in Fiesch, May 8, 1979)


In His above teaching, Baba is clearly stating that human culture has been and remains one. Only we may say that the modes of expression, or demi-culture, vary. Those variations reflect the various ways how people eat and dance etc. That is Baba’s use of the term demi-culture.


4. It is our duty to use these terms, demi-culture and modes of expression, in our day to day life. We should utilise Baba’s given terminology of demi-culture in our: writing, art, literature, talks, lectures, presentations, stories, dramas and more. Gradually, by this way, Baba’s teachings on culture and demi-culture will be propagated. The concept that human culture is one is a completely new idea. We have to help teach others by our practical daily use of the term, demi-culture.







5. At present, due to a lack of understanding, people think in an analytical (divisive ) way. They divide our singular human culture into many. And still this is going on.


Baba says, “Dogmas have taken root in the human mind. People cannot get rid of these false ideas because they have been injected into their minds since childhood. As a result, one human society is divided into different nations, and one nation is divided into different religions; religions also have different castes, and caste also have different sub-castes – what kind of situation is this? We have only learned how to divide and subdivide humanity, and we never learned how to unite the people. This is all due to the defective teachings of dogmas.” (A Few Problems Solved, part 7)


Indeed on this point of culture, people continue to divide humanity to such a degree until finally each and every person carries their own separate culture. This is nothing but the path of analysis (division & factionalism) while ours is that path of synthesis (unity).


6. For instance, some think that there is both western culture and eastern culture. And by their path of analysis they divide western culture into parts like European culture and American culture. And they further divide American culture into so many parts: Italian-American culture, Native American culture, Chinese-American culture, African-American culture, Mexican-American culture, Guatemalan American culture, Filipino American culture, Japanese American culture, Greek American culture, etc.


If we continue to list all there divisions then there might be several hundred classifications. Because people from all over the globe are in the US and they carry their own demi-cultural label. In the same way, this type of analysis (division) can be done in each and every land. Tragically, through that lens there is a gigantic wave of differentiation and distrust.





7. The solution is that irrespective of one’s mode of expression or demi-culture, human culture is one. We are all human. We are bound by one paternal love of Parama Purusa. Wherever humans are born and raised they adopt local variations which vary from place to place. So there are local variations but in essence humans are not different from one another. Human culture is one.


8. Here again the central idea is that all human beings are one: (a) everyone greets, (b) everyone expresses happiness, (c) everyone has something they value or holds as an ideal, (d) people share and serve food together, and (e) many similar practices can be included in this list.


Irrespective of their so-called caste, language, so-called race or geographical areas, and level of education etc, all have these common qualities. That is why inherently human culture is one. By superficial look, it seems that people live in different ways and have a different culture, but these are local variations that we term as demi-culture.


The conclusion is that fundamentally human beings are one and there are various local differences and those differences are not cultural but rather demi-culture.


Baba says, “According to PROUT all of society has the same culture. There are local variations in the mode or state of cultural expression, but the expression is universal. While everybody eats, some eat by hand, others by stick and still others by spoon. Indian dance is based on mudrá or dance postures, and European dance is based on rhythm, but they do not represent two different cultures.” (Prout Nutshell-15)








Here are some of Baba’s further teachings on the point of culture:


(A) Here Baba puts forth the point that culture represents a wide array of human expressions.


Baba says, “It [culture] is the collective name for different expressions of life. People eat, enjoy hospitality, laugh on some occasions and shed tears on others, and thereby express life through various actions. The collective name of all these actions is culture.” (Prout Nutshell-15)


(B) Next Baba further emphasizes how human culture is internally one with many external variations. As well-wishers of humanity we are to always rally around the common points. That will make society healthy. Those who highlight differences from one human being to the next harm society.


Baba says, “There are certain prima facie local variations, but there is no difference in the subterranean cultural flow of the human society. The difference is external and not internal. Culture is one for the entire world. Common factors for the entire humanity (that is, culture in the true sense of the term) should always be encouraged, but prima facie differences should never be encouraged. Those who encourage these differences help the fissiparous tendencies which endanger human progress. To establish a cosmopolitan cultural outlook, we have to wipe out prima facie differences through matrimony and other socio-economic blendings.” (Prout Nutshell-4)


(C) Here below Baba differentiates between customs and culture. Customs are many whereas human culture is one.


Baba says, “Local variations will diminish if there is a close blending between different groups of people, because this will create common customs. In Nepal there is a blending of Hindu and Buddhist customs. In Bengal there is a blending of Aryan and Dravidian customs. These local variations are called customs. Thus local modes of expression bearing local or group specialities are customs, but the expression itself is culture. Therefore it is a mistake to readjust boundaries on the basis of language and culture. Indian culture and the culture of the world are one and the same. Readjusting boundaries on the basis of customs is not possible for customs may differ within the same locality.” (Prout Nutshell-15)


(D) Finally, Baba demonstrates how there is both good culture (saḿskrti) and bad culture (krśt́i)


Baba says, “The particular expressions of life which are not considered beneficial to others are called krśt́i. To take a very common example, an English family, out of hospitality, may offer beef to an Indian guest who may not like it. The term saḿskrti also means culture. It is used in a good sense and is beneficial for all.” (Prout Nutshell-15)





On 12/14/2010 01:12 AM, one margii wrote:


Namaskar, can you please reference where you got the definition of demi-culture.


I cannot recall Baba speaking of demi-culture.






Animals Are More Aware About…


Baba says, “A crow has a natural premonitive instinct regarding storms. An owl and to some extent a dog can sense beforehand the possible occurrence of an earthquake or some other unforeseen natural calamity of great magnitude. Such power of apprehending phenomenal vibrations exists not in ten or twenty but in innumerable species of birds. Such a power is indeed of paramount necessity in their rigorous struggle for survival. Such a power did exist, too, to some extent, among the prehistoric people. But today, in this age of so-called civilization, human beings, having become extremely ease-loving, have lost that power through misuse and lack of necessity; just as their tails, their ability to move their ears and their capacity to hold things with their feet have disappeared. Now the hairiness of their bodies and the strength of their teeth and nails are also becoming extinct. The greater the pre-occupation of creatures with the struggle for existence, the necessarily gr

eater must be their power of premonition or prescience of impending danger, or else their existence will be effaced from the surface of the earth — this is the law of nature.” (SS-3)


Note: People often think that animals are lowly & neglected beings but that is not true. As Baba points out above, animals are far more aware about naturally occurring phenomena than human beings. On this point animals are highly instinctual and are always surveying the scene. They can forecast and predict a wide array of storms and natural calamities. In the above quote Baba indicates how humans also used to have such abilities, but now with the onset of modernity and a comfort-oriented lifestyle, humans have lost this skill. So now modern people are entirely dependent upon science to forecast the weather etc. But as developed as science is, scientists (meteorologists and seismologists) are still totally in the dark about earthquakes. They are unable to predict when and where an earthquake might occur; whereas various animals like dogs and owls have this unique gift. That’s why the recent earthquake unleashed in Pakistan, many dogs reportedly started behaving abnormally. They were restless, walking around whimpering, and going in and out of the house constantly. The dogs knew about the impending disaster that was about to strike Pakistan, and parts of India. In contrast, modern scientists did not have a clue than an earthquake was about to occur. But the dogs know. And those smart people who understood why the dogs were upset were able to help themselves and others also. So in future, we should rely upon animals to guide us about when and where natural disasters will strike. While dogs know about earthquakes, crows know about cyclones. Similarly there are numerous animals that are acutely aware about impending storms and natural disasters.




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Subject: How to Cure Oneself of Nightmares

Date: Sun 19 Dec 2010 06:28:07 +0500 (IST)

From: Ram Sahay Kulshresth




“Toma’r na’mer bhela’y bha’siye dilum pra’n’…” (P.S. 724)




O’ my Dearmost Baba, my whole existence is floating on the divine wave of Your name. I do not want anything from You. Desiring something from You is to stray from the path. Baba, just I want to please You and surrender at Your lotus feet. Baba, I will go on singing Your song, and adjusting to Your tune and melody. In my heart the resonance of Your tune and melody will always resonate by Your grace. And this way the caravan of my life will proceed– keeping Your sweet love with it…





Note: This is an important letter and the title itself is significant. All too often people think that nightmares come from outside their being. So they say, “I need to get rid of these nightmares.” But in Ananda Marga we know that nightmares are a product of our own mind – they stem from inside the mind. So just as one does not get rid of heart disease but rather cures oneself of it – since the problem lies within, similarly, we do not get rid of nightmares, we cure ourselves of them. Because nightmares result from a defect within our own mind – from within our own being. And this is something which one can cure.




Getting proper rest at night is an important part of the life cycle. Unfortunately, many people suffer from nightmares, bad dreams, and other psychic difficulties while “sleeping”. Actually what they are experiencing is not sleep per se, rather they are in dream state. And this dream state disturbs both their physical and mental well-being.


As Ananda Margiis, we are working with all segments of the population as we implement Baba’s divine teachings. In this endeavour, we come across innumerable people who suffer from nightmares and bad dreams. This is especially so in this materialistic era when many are plagued by psychic problems.


So we should understand well the science behind their difficulties as well as the practical solution.





As we begin this topic, here is a real-life scenario that is deeply related with this entire issue.


Whether it be in the remote village or an ultra-modern urban center, poor parenting techniques goad mothers and fathers to use fear tactics to discipline their child. They say things like, “If you do not eat your vegetables then an ugly monster will bite you when you are not looking”, or they say, “If you do not behave then so-called goblins will invade your bed when you are sleeping”. Most often parents are well-intentioned, but their approach proves disastrous. Their ploys have a deep-seated effect. This can often result in nightmares and fear complexes for the duration of one’s life. So every Ananda Margii should be aware about this as we address this issue of nightmares.


For more about this, refer to the audio file – Baba’s Warning About Infusing Fear in Children – along the left side of the AM-GLOBAL blogsite (http://www.am-global-01.blogspot.com/) where Baba Himself talks about how one’s nightmares as a child stick with a person their entire life. Here is the letter related with that sound file.








In a step by step process, we should investigate how the mind works: Specifically why do nightmares have a much more dramatic effect on the mind than one’s imagination during waking hours.


Let’s say during waking hours you are thinking about a so-called ghost, or reading or watching a scary tale. At that time with the immediate support of one’s motor and sensory organs, that person will realise that their fear is unfounded. Because they will look, listen, touch and even smell all around, and rationally come to the conclusion that it was an imagined image. It is not real. So in a flash that problem fades from the mind and one will feel normal, as if nothing ever happened. So it really is not a big deal at all.





When one is truly sleeping, then the unconscious mind, kárańa mana or causal mind, is awake – and the conscious mind sleeps. In addition the subconscious layers (i.e. the mind which memorises the day to day events and has the power of recollection) of mind cease functioning. That is true sleep. In that case, both body and mind are getting perfect rest. Then one is in a dreamless state. This happens primarily during the first 2 or 3 hours of lying down.


Unfortunately, in this hyper-busy digital era, most spend very little time actually sleeping.


Suppose you are sleeping six hours and the first three you are in deep sleep. That time dreams do not come. After that when sleep is not very deep, the subconscious mind starts functioning. So many ideas and stories are stored in the subconscious mind. And they start streaming across your mental plate. At that time you feel that those stories are real. And you say, after awakening, that you have seen it in a dream.







For most people, during the majority of their “sleep”, the subconscious mind is busy at work. Only the conscious mind ceases functioning. In that case, various images stream across one’s mental plate. And those images seem real because the conscious mind is not functioning. This is known as dreaming.


In other words during the daytime when you are thinking about so-called ghosts, it feels as though you are just imagining the scene. However during the night when in the dream state, that very imagined image seems totally real and one views that image or so-called ghost as reality. Hence you become terrified by the so-called ghost.


So that which you know to be nothing more than your imagination during daytime becomes very real and terrifying at night in a dream state. Why does this happen? Because during daytime, the conscious mind is working and one can verify with their motor and sensory organs what is real and what is not. Whereas during the nighttime the conscious mind is not working. And when the conscious mind is not working there is no verification process with the eyes and ears etc, so the imagined objects become our reality. Such is the power of those nightmares.


As a quick review, when we imagine the so-called ghost and so-called goblins during the daytime in wakeful state, we do not get terrified by them. The reason is very simple. The conscious mind is also at work, interacting with the physical world via the 10 motor and sensory organs. As noted above, this conscious mind can check anything going on all around to determine if it is real or imagined.


However, in the latter part of “sleep”, the subconscious mind projects an image onto the citta (one of the layers of mind) and one starts dreaming, then that dream becomes our living reality. Why? Because the conscious mind is not functioning. The mind is not interacting with the mundane world via the brain and 10 motor and sensory organs. In that case whatever one thinks, i.e. dreams, one experiences as reality.


One might dream that they are in a business meeting; or one might dream of playing a sport; or one might dream of falling from the sky, or one might dream of so many things. And those dreams that a really scary such as when one is confronted by so-called ghosts or robbers, then that is a nightmare. And one accepts that frightening experience as being real.







Indeed, in one discourse, Baba describes how one of his cousins would imagine football matches in his sleep and accept those games as being real.


Baba says, “During sleep when his subconscious mind was functioning and not the conscious mind, the memory of the football match came alive on his mental plate. As the conscious mind was inactive, the subconscious mind could activate the nerve cells directly, so as soon as his vocal chord shouted “goal” his legs, in adjustment with rhythm of the nerve cells and fibre, kicked the ball into the goal. ” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell, Part 6)


Here the whole point is that when the conscious mind (wakeful state) is not functioning, then the imagined image projected by the subconscious mind becomes totally real such that even the physical body gets involved in that scene. That is why dreams can have such a dramatic effect.





During sleep one might think of so many things: Visiting a certain place, talking to a particular friend, eating a favorite food – so many images might flash in the mental plate that one accepts as being real.


And when those images are of something scary then we call that dream a nightmare. It might be a monster, a serial killer, a so-called ghost, a so-called goblin, a robber, or a ravenous tiger. When we are faced with such horrifying images during our “sleep” due to the activity of the subconscious mind, then we are tortured by those dreams. Even though they are imagined, they are totally frightening for us because the conscious mind is not active. Because this is not active that is why imagined objects look real i.e. a so-called ghost, a so-called goblin, a robber, or a ravenous tiger.


This happens to so many people and they become terrified. Not only are they scared while dreaming, but the whole next day as well – even for months or even years after. And it can happen for many reasons. A nightmare might be based on something they saw during the day or it might result from an experience as a child. In any case, the mind has been negatively affected and it projects that image during the time of sleep.


Baba says, “You may have encountered yet another type of demoniacal possession, which does not weaken the conscious mind very much in the wakeful state; but during sleep such strength of mind does not exist, and as a result during sleep, while lying on his back, the person sees a nightmare of an imaginary so-called ghost sitting on his chest. Dreaming is an act of the sub-conscious mind. In the dream state the imaginary so-called ghost of the sub-conscious mind takes form beautifully and repeats verbatim to him the language of his imagination. In the dreamful state he feels stupefied with fear, due to this excessive stupefaction he starts groaning, and people take it to be demoniacal possession. Thus what is generally called a “nightmare”, is usually the vision of a person whom the dreamer had oppressed in the past and whom the weak-minded oppressor now “sees” after that person’s death.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Life – 5)


Such nightmares are so scary that anyone can get affected. For instance, even an Olympic champion boxer may lie down at night and face all kinds of fears and demons while “sleeping” as those dreams become a reality, irrespective of one’s age or worldly status. That nightmare might occur simply because of what one was told as a child, or because of a horror movie, or for some other reason. And these nightmares might plague and chase a person for their entire life.





Now that we have investigated what dreams are and how they occur, it is critical that we understand how Baba says we can cure this problem. After all, dreams, nay nightmares, can really plague a person. They can deprive one of sleep and leave one feeling frightened.


Here following then are some of Baba prescribed remedies for curing oneself of nightmares.





In the physical sphere there are a few things that can be done:


1. Don’t eat food late at night or sleep on a full belly: When undigested food remains in the stomach at night, then gas forms and that air rises and creates pressure. In result, the mind is affected and scary dreams, or nightmares, often result. Best then is to finish one’s evening meal 2 – 3 hrs before sleep. Going for a short walk after the evening meal is also advisable. Then the food will be properly digested when one goes to bed. That is one way to help combat nightmares on the physical plane.


2. Be sure to sleep on the left side: The best way to sleep is on the left side as that ensures proper digestion. As Baba says the right nostril must be open for proper digestion and that is what happens when one lies on the left side. In contrast, the worst position for sleeping is on the right side as that effectively blocks the right nostril. Sleeping on the back and stomach are also to be avoided. One way to keep from sleeping on the back is to tie something uncomfortable object there – such as an apple-sized rock covered with a cloth – that prevents one from rolling onto their back. In a short while one will get habituated and one will naturally keep off the back and sleep on the left side. In addition during sleep do not keep your hand on your chest as you might think that is one so-called ghost sitting on your chest.


All of the above are Baba’s guidelines from His discourses and reportings.





In the psychic plane, there are a few things one can do that will cure one from having nightmares.


First, in the hours just prior to going to bed, do not watch or see negative movies or films and thereby pollute your subconscious mind. In that case those horrifying scenes will bring nightmares. So the best thing is to engage in quiet, peaceful and sentient pursuits – like kiirtana, sadhana, and Prabhat Samgiita – in the hours leading up to bed.


Secondly, one should avoid any arguments or heated discussions just prior to going to bed. Those thoughts and feelings will then create disturbances in the mind during sleep.


The main thing to be aware of is that the conscious mind should not knowingly be involved in crude dealings (movies, scary stories etc) directly before bed. And best is to avoid those things entirely. Then the subconscious mind will not be plagued by such thoughts or images during the night.





In the spiritual field also there are practices to be done that will cure oneself from nightmares.


Singing kiirtan directly before going to bed will purify the mind and create a sentient vibration. In that case one will not be disturbed by foul or frightening thoughts during the night.


Secondly, doing mantra japa with one’s ista mantra will certainly elevate the mind above all such lowly thoughts that might create nightmares. The mantras in Ananda Marga are siddha mantras – they have been charged by Sadguru – so repeating one’s ista mantra will certainly cure the mind of all troubles like nightmares etc.


Thirdly, regular sadhana practice of all six lessons will further bring the mind into a positive track. During sadhana, the entire mind is cleansed and bathed. In that case, the subconscious mind is bound to be spiritually vibrated during the night.


The absolute final solution is to do sadhana in a dark cemetery during the night – alone. This type of sadhana will cure one of all such fears. That is the final solution and can be learned from an acarya.





One last thought on this topic is that one should firmly understand that there is no such thing as ghosts and goblins. They do not exist. Therefore any nightmare about ghosts, goblins or any such monster or supernatural being is baseless and irrational. If a person can understand this in the depth of their mind, then that will go a long way in curing oneself of nightmares. For more about this see Baba’s teachings in note 1 below.





By Baba’s grace, we have all the tools and teachings to lead a balanced life – free from all complexes and fears, including nightmares. We should help others in this regard as well.


Baba says, “Maintaining a balanced mind is one of the greatest virtues. There are no complexes in a balanced mind. One neither feels inferior nor superior to others; one never fears anybody nor ever gets perturbed. One maintains a mental balance.” (AV-5)



Ram Sahay





In the preface to His book, “Strange Experiences”, Baba clearly tells that He does not believe in ghosts and refutes their existence entirely.


Baba says, “Let me state at the very outset that I am not a believer in ghosts and spirits, demons and devils, or heaven and hell, because I have found no logic behind their existence. I know that whether ghosts and spirits or demons and devils, everything which bears the imprint of the supernatural is only the play of the mind. The appearance and


disappearance of such things takes place in the various kos’as [layers] of the mind due to variations or possible variations in physical or mental circumstances.” (Strange Experiences, ‘Preface’)


In His above teaching, Baba further explains that the entire “ghost” phenomenon occurs within one’s own psyche. As Baba says, it is just a “play of [one’s own] mind”.


Then in the Q & A discourse, “Some Questions and Answers on Ananda Marga Philosophy – Section B”, Baba directly asks and answers this question about ghosts.


“Q. 56 Do ghosts really exist?”


“Ans.: – Those strange figures which we call ghosts are mainly figments of the imagination. When the mind is in a weak or vulnerable state, what was previously created in the imagination now appears to be real.” (TK-3)


So in the above query, Baba tells that not only are ghosts imagined by one’s own mind but that such so-called apparitions tend to occur with unit minds that are “weak” and “vulnerable”.


And finally, Baba issues this most conclusive statement.


Baba says, “Ghosts do not exist.” (SS-4)


Thus under no circumstances should anyone be led to believe or think that Baba or His philosophy supports the existence of ghosts.





Baba says, “There is still another type of dream. Even when people are in a deep slumber, there may arise in their sub-conscious minds through their dreams, the prognosis of some good news or bad news, or even a huge calamity. The all-knowing causal or unconscious mind usually cannot express its all-knowingness due to the unsteadiness of the conscious and sub-conscious minds as well as due to its own expressional inability, but sometimes it can awaken in the calm conscious and sub-conscious minds of people in deep slumber visions of past, present or future and those visions overwhelm the sleepers minds. A surging vibrational flow emanating from the fountain head of the unconscious mind and vibrating the sub-conscious mind, is also a sort of dream; and that dream is not insignificant for its cause is the all-knowing causal mind. This type of dream we may call a supramental vision. Sometimes even in the wakeful state the cognitive flow of the unconscious mind penetrates into the subtle mind, as the result of which people even in the wakeful state, with a little concentration, can know events concerning their distant near and dear ones, this is called telepathic vision. Through the concentrated state of this telepathic vision, when conscious mind is more calm and sedate, people can visualize events concerning their distant beloved ones, enacted before their eyes in the external world or feel as if they are seeing them; this is called telepathic clairvoyance. Mistaking such acts as those of spirits many people come to believe in spiritism or spiritology. Truly speaking such incidents have no connection at all with spirits or ghosts. Telepathic vision and telepathic clairvoyance are intrinsically the same as supramental vision. They are born of the inspiration of the unconscious mind, the knower of the universe. To believe in ghosts and spirits is merely to perpetuate the cowardly mentality of the pre-historic people. But compared to supramental vision, the incidence of telepathic vision is very much less frequent, and still less is the occurrence of telepathic clairvoyance due to the activeness of the Kámamaya Kośa or the conscious mind. Nevertheless the supramental vision itself does not occur more than 8 to 10 times in the life of a person. The greater or lesser frequencies of such experiences wholly depends on ones sádhaná (intuitional practices) or saḿskáras (reactive requitals). (One, however, must bear I mind that self-acquired telepathy or self-acquired clairvoyance is something different.) (Subhasita Samgraha, part 2)


If you want to read more details on this subject please read Ananda Marga Philosophy, Intuitional Science of Vedas-5 and Faculty of Knowledge-3. If you do not have either one of these discourses than kindly let us know.





What is the subconscious mind? It is that part of the mind which memorises the day to day events. This aspect of mind is our power of recollection. With this subconscious mind you can remember your friends, what you ate yesterday, what you did 10 days back or 10 minutes back. Everything is stored in the subconscious mind. This subconscious mind does not need help from the indriyas, i.e. sensory and motor organs, to re-create stored images in the mind. For instance, even if your grandmother lives 100 miles away, with your subconscious mind you will be able to visualise your grandmother in your mind. The motor and sensory organs are not needed.


Without the help of the the subconscious mind we cannot do anything substantial because one will not have the required memory or knowledge. One will not even remember one second into the past. One will forget.


The conscious mind only works with the help of motor and sensory organs. When those organs are not functioning the conscious mind cannot do anything. It does not store any information. When you saw the monkey at the store then it is the subconscious mind that memorises that image. Later on when you tell your story about the monkey with the help of the subconscious mind then you will be able to clearly visualise that monkey in your mind.





Baba says, “It has been said, “When a person creates a kingdom in his dream…” What is a dream? To dream is to think while sleeping….”


“During sleep these thoughts, in the absence of contact with the hard realities of the external world, appear to be real. Thus people who are not at all affected in the waking state by propensities of fear, anger, etc., may be deeply affected by them during dreams; because, as I said earlier, in the waking state, people know that they are imagining; but during sleep, they do not realize that the play of their imagination is going on. So during that period their dream-thoughts become hard reality for them.”


“During the time of waking, because there is much resistance from the external reality, there is not much speed of imagination; but during sleep, in the absence of this resistance, there is great acceleration. Within one second people can imagine a vast epic like the Mahábhárata. Sometimes during dreams the dreamers, propelled by such propensities as anger or greed, restlessly move their limbs about. If those moving limbs come in contact with any hard object, the imaginary dream is broken, the dreamer’s sleep is disrupted and the dreamy fantasy woven in nets of imagination comes abruptly to an end.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 16)





Baba says, “Dreaming means thinking or recollecting during sleep. Now the first question that arises is this: Why do people not always think or recollect during sleep? During the wakeful state, people are always thinking or recollecting. Even when people meditate in the wakeful state, they are thinking of, or recollecting, Supreme Consciousness. In the waking state, the mind never remains inactive. Then why does it not always dream during sleep?”


“The answer is, the sleeping state means a state of rest for the mind. But if, before or at the time of sleep, one is tormented with deep sorrow, or becomes overjoyed with extreme happiness, or is afflicted with a serious disease, or is brooding over imaginary pains and pleasures – then during sleep if the gases in the body rise and create vibrations in the nerve cells, one starts thinking and recollecting. That is why people do not always dream during every sleep.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 16)





Baba says, “In the lives of many people, a time may come when their days are full of the thorns of miseries, but at night, during dream, they transcend their pains and pleasures. Then, meeting their Iśt́a in dream, they beam with joy and laughter in the ocean of bliss. All the sufferings and sorrows of their lives, great or small, merge into that indescribable ocean of bliss. Those who experience this type of dream are truly fortunate.”


“Even in the waking state their lives are drenched in the drowsy sweetness of that dreamy atmosphere, and then in their lives, that dream becomes a reality. As a result, the waking state for them becomes meaningless.”


“Then cannot those dreamy persons do any good to the society? Yes, certainly they can, and in a better way. This state of drowsiness is not dullness or crudeness; rather it is the golden opportunity to fully utilize one’s existence by touching the feet of Táraka Brahma, as long as there is life.” (Namah Shivaya Shantaya, Disc: 16)


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