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Date: 01 Feb 2011 07:26:38 -0000

From: “Chandramohan Jha”


Subject: The Missing Link…










While there are many trends happening in AM, here below is one important

scenario that deserves the attention of one and all.


These days, most Dadas posted overseas are busy in doing business. They

earn money for their survival and for their different projects; plus they

have to pay “dues” to their supervisors etc to save their own situation. In

this way they have various financial demands. And these demands, including

those for maintaining AM projects, are met increasingly through our Dadas’

various businesses.


As an organisation and Marga family, we have to carefully evaluate how

sustainable this approach is, and how far it supports the well-being of

our Wts.





When we analyse the history of human society, there are numerous examples

of organizations which were only supported by particular individuals, or

only by a particular rich person, or only by the king. That organization

could not survive for a long time.


In India, in the Muslim period, many mosques had been sustained by the help

of the then Muslim rulers. And when the throne changed to a different

dynasty, thousands of mosques got abandoned.


In the era of domination of Buddhism in India, Buddhist monasteries were

financially supported by various kings. And when the rulers lost their

power, those Buddhist monasteries died a premature death.


The bottom line is, that if any organization is not depending upon support

from its local members and if those local members are not encouraged or

welcomed to be deeply involved in managing those projects, then that type

of organization will not survive long.


Thus, in our Marga in all our service projects, local margii involvement is

necessary. Indeed margiis should be encouraged and empowered with positions

of authority in all local service projects. So in each and every area, in

every district our local margiis should get the opportunity to manage the

projects and more new local people should get initiated and be brought in

to help along. Otherwise if only a migrant / transitory population alone is

managing the project– as is the case of Wts or margiis from other areas–

then it never gets success. And of course non-margiis can leave any time so

they cannot be depended upon to sponsor or oversee our projects.





That is why in each and every country, province, city, and town, Baba has

given the plan that local people– local margiis– should be actively

involved and they should be the managers of our organisational works in

that place. Only by this way can our projects grow. And in this way local

population will feel more and more connected with Ananda Marga. Because

they will see their own hometown citizens mangaing the projects. So they

will have trust etc.


Overall then two points are needed:


(A) Local Margiis must get opportunity to actively engage in and run the

local organisation projects.


(B) Specifically, the indigenous local population must be supportive. Our

AMPS organization must not depend on the migrant or temporary population






But in practice what we see is that most of the projects in AM are run with

the business money of Dadas. This is the case in various sectors. And when

the particular Dada who is funding a project gets transferred, then the

project falls apart. The reason is, that the Dada was overly busy in

business and feeding the project. And neither he had the support from his

supervisors, nor the time, nor the presence of mind to create and nourish

local margiis and inspire and give them duty to run the local service



But to build up our Marga, Baba guides us to do pracar among the local

people. That is the only way. In every nook and corner around the globe

Baba wants for AM to grow in this way.


Yet when we see the history of the last 20 years, then we see that gradually

our acaryas working overseas are getting more and more dependent on

business to earn money and run the projects. And more business involvement

is needed to fulfill their different financial needs — from local

arrangements to what their supervisors are pressing them to give. In this

condition sincere Wts hardly have time to manage their own psycho-spiritual

development– let alone be able to guide margiis in that arena. Thus Wts

engage more heavily in their business affairs when spiritual life gets






Not only that some of most harmful consequences of this are as follows.


A) When such Dadas get transferred, then those very projects – which they are

feeding by their own legal or illegal business – collapse.


B) The standard of acaryas is getting lower day by day. Here low means,

relative to what the conduct of one acarya should be. Most of the acaryas

who are deeply involved in business lose that type of inspiration and

spiritual conduct. For business, these acaryas spend a lot of time traveling

around. During these periods especially, they have much difficulty in following

16 points and dietary rules. Instead they are constantly thinking about business

and money; the mind gets degenerated step by step.


There are so many examples which can be cited with different names and their

history and business. But I think that those who are senior margiis, they

know all those things. Time to time other margiis have also discussed about

this, on this net.


And the overall effect is that our respected acaryas fall prey to negative






A particular microvita takes influence on the human mind when the mind

begins to degenerate. This causes the mind to satisfy itself compromising

with ideology, to adjust in selfish way with the crude world.


Baba says, “Microvita exerts greater influence on the mind than on the

body. …They (yaksa microvita) advise human beings, “Practice dharma

sa’dhana’ as and where you are. Continue it in perfect adjustment with

everything.” That is, they advise a kind of selfish adjustment.” (MV, p.106)


In result we have seen so many WTs who were involved in serious

businesses affairs left their acaryaship. And they are nowadays leading

degenerated life. The number of such degenerated avadhutas are not one or

two. Rather the tragedy is that this list will counts up to several hundred.


Unfortunately, when these acaryas were earning money by different

businesses and feeding their own projects, then they never thought that

their fate will be like this. Because, according to the cosmic principle,

progress or degeneration does not come in a flash, usually.


In a continuous way, the mind gets crudified or elevated according to the

actions which one does, or in which one is involved. For example, initially

those well-intentioned Dadas thought for money I have to gain the money.

But then in that course when they are involved in jewelry business, or

selling various goods and clothes, ladies garments, soda water and other

foods and company products, then in an attempt to build their business

they attend different lowly environments at the beach, or pseudo-culture or nude

gatherings. Then they are forced to see the ugly scene. So in the face of

all this their mind gets degenerated. And such WTs end up justifying this

negative scene by convincing themselves that “this way we have to adjust

and do Baba’s work. To earn money.”


So this is the sad state of affairs because surely when the human mind is

exposed to such types of negativity then the outcome is not good.





In this way those WT’s get trapped and their flow gets totally affected &

by this way the mind gets more and more degenerated. Means these acaryas

forget the goal– engrossed in avidya maya. Yet as they get more immersed in this

they convince themselves and do self-cheating by justifying internally and

also to their friends, “Objective adjustment…Objective adjustment…We

should compromise with our rules and regulations, for earning money”.


Meanwhile the real definition of objective adjustment, such people they do

not know. And in confused state, they think that staying in five-star

hotels, taking bath in swimming pools with other nude or semi-nude people

of opposite sex. Or during sadhana, even listening to pop music. To such

things these acaryas misguidingly give the label, “objective adjustment”.

In the name of adjustment, various Didis are also involved in business. And

they do not follow Baba’s guidelines. Instead they keep long hair, go to

different beauty parlors to make their hair proper, and they use all sorts

of cosmetic make-up on their faces and dress as if they are business



So you see the situation. In the name of objective adjustment, such acaryas

are cheating themselves. And they get involved in crude business

activities, 24 hours. Unfortunately, the whole day they pass their time,

thinking about and selling their merchandise or smuggled items-those things

that they are selling. Maybe in the beach side, or street selling. Or

working as salesman wandering around the market.


So when in this way their daytime passes, then one can imagine what happens

to their sadhana and asana. That is zero.


So in such a condition, earning money becomes the primary goal. And Parama

Purusa, becomes secondary. And in that degenerate state, such people lose

the path. And they become microvita yaksa, in due course. This is one

horrible stage.


Here we are not saying that this happens with all Dadas etc. Rather the point

is that any Wt who begins to compromise in this way suffers and faces

degeneration. And this entire formula applies to margiis and LFTs as well.





Indeed, this very negative situation is alarming for everyone. Maybe as a

WT and involved in business, or maybe, a family margii who is doing a lot

of adjustment and compromising with the various Baba’s teachings. So

everyone should be careful. And mend their way. Bring back unto the path of

dharma. For future progress, and to achieve the goal – Parama Purusa.


If one unknowingly even, does something wrong or sinful. Then the wrongdoer

has to face the consequence. Ignorance of the rule will not help. Or it

will not be one excuse, that “I was not aware that giving more importance

to money will open the door to convert myself to microvita – yaksa”.


Human life is very rare. Our goal, or aim of life is Parama Purusa. And

eternal peace will be achieved at His feet. There is no other way. Only

Parama Purusa is the shelter. Not money.





Some important notes and quotes are here below which relate to this entire

them of those who meet their fate due to over-involvement in business



Baba says, “Those who were decent human beings and deeply spiritual, and

used to collect money for a noble cause, but in the process of fund raising

forgot Parama Purus’a and attached greater importance to their fund raising

at the cost of Parama Purus’a — that is, they remembered Parama Purus’a as

part of dharma sa’dhana’ and collected money for a great cause, and

although Parama Purus’a was the goal collecting money became the dominant

desire — they attain the state of yaks’a devayonii after their demise.”

(MV, p.105)


Baba says, “Those who constantly think about rupees or dollars attain a

kind of sama’dhi, too, for they become completely identified with their

crude object of attraction. If such people incur heavy losses due to the

collapse of their business or bank, they will die an instant death, for the

pillars on which their life was built crumbled beneath them. So, once they

lost their wealth, they lost their lives too.” (APH-6, p.404)


Baba says, “Microvita do not divert the mind from the path of dharma, but

they do not allow the human mind to accept dharma as the dominant

propensity.” (MV, p.106)


Even then I have deep faith that in the near future we will advance ahead

rapidly and build up a brilliant AM society and spread the ideals of dharma

and welfare to all the four corners.





The overall message then is two-fold. To run successful AM service projects

in any area, both local margiis and the general society must support and be

actively engaged in that project. Our Wts are to advise but not indulge

in the daily operation of those projects, otherwise our service programs

will not last. And side by side, regardless of whether one is WT or margii,

we should be extremely vigilant not to allow the mind to become so crudified

that we lose our sadhana and become totally immersed in worldly works. For

this honesty is needed both with ourselves and those around us. The aim must

be Him and not any mundane engagement.





Here we should take help from Baba’s following guideline.


Baba says, “There are many good people in this world who want to do good

work. You should convince them, work with them, and organise them to do

maximum service for the suffering humanity.” (PNS-17, p.51)








“Aja’na’ Pathik eseche…” – P.S. 4490




The Parama Purusa Ajana Pathik has come. He has filled this mortal world

with the love of flowers and fruits. For Him no one is distant, no one is

alien, everyone is His own– close and intimate.

He has wiped away all the tears and removed the suffering of everyone.

Baba has come riding on the chariot of effulgence. He is associated with

one and all through His ota and prota yoga. He is pulling everyone with His

divine attraction and with the blessing of His varabhaya mudra. Today Baba

has come. The whole world is inundated with His love– His grace….





Fate of Egotistical People


Baba says, “It is only when the human beings, become puffed up with vanity

and misuse the power granted to them by Parama Purus’a, that He steals

everything from them. Hence, He is called Darpaha’rii – the stealer of

vanity…Vain people suffer a similar fate when their vanity is destroyed

as the balloon faces when its air is let out. But, does Parama Purus’a

snatch away everything from everyone? No, He takes away only when the unit

beings try to create obstructions in the flow of His creation.” (APH-4,



Note: In the above teaching Baba warns us about the fate of arrogant

people. As we know the ultimate antidote is developing a devotional link in

life and surrendering to the sweet will of Parama Purusa. Then in that case

arrogance will not get the scope to crop up. Unfortunately some in our

Marga overlook their devotional practices and instead get wrapped up in

their own plans and programs. Such persons can be easily recognised as all

day long they tell, ‘I did this or I did that… I delivered one lecture

and all were amazed… I created one project… or I should be the

ruler…’ and on and on they go about their own unit deeds & desires–

intoxicated by their little accomplishments and imposing their will on

others. To lovingly rectify such persons, Parama Purusa describes above

what dramatic intervention He takes. Looking around today, we can see how

some in our Marga have already undergone this thing and others are going to

experience the same similar fate.



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