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From: “Jagadiish Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Baba Demonstration: “Show Me Your Mind”
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2010 15:08:19 +0100



~ 15 JUN 1979 ~

Note: This posting is related with the letter, “Pathetic Understanding About Oneself“.

After one discourse, Baba graciously conducted the following demonstration with one margii brother, creating a very loving and sweet atmosphere, as well as reminding us of one very important teaching.

BABA: What is this?

Margii: Hand.

BABA: Hand.

BABA: And what is your name?

Margii: Mohan.

BABA: Whose name?

Margii: My name is Mohan.

BABA: Whose name is Mohan?

Margii: My name.

BABA: Touch that man whose name is Mohan.

[Margii remains quiet.]

BABA: Touch that man whose name is Mohan.

[Margii points to his own chest.]

BABA: It is the chest.

[Laughter from Margiis]

BABA: I want you should touch Mohan. Please touch, touch. Touch him
whose name is Mohan.

[Margii touches his head.]

BABA: It is the head.

[Laughter from Margiis]

BABA: Not Mohan.

BABA: Touch him whose name is Mohan.

[Margii shows his palm.]

[Laughter from Margiis]

BABA: No, no, no, no, no.

BABA: He said his name is Mohan. Sometimes he is showing the palms,
sometimes chest, sometimes the head. I know the names of all those
portions of the body, I know. I want to know the name of the entity
whose name is Mohan.

BABA: Can’t you show me? Yes or no? Can you show me?

[Margii nervously answers by indicating towards Baba Himself.]

Margii: You are Mohan.

BABA: No, No [Baba laughs] I am Baba.

[Margiis laugh.]

BABA: Just show the spectacles.

[Margii shows his spectacles to Baba.]

BABA: Yes. Whose spectacles it is? Whose, whose spectacles?

[Margii remains quiet.]

BABA: Whose spectacles?

BABA: Say [Baba says gently]

Margii: Mine.

BABA: Mine – everybody will say “mine”. But what’s the specialty of
that “mine”?

BABA: Whose spectacles? Let me have the name of the owner of the

[Margii pauses.]

BABA: Name of the owner. What’s the name of the owner of the spectacles?

[Margii remains silent.]

BABA: Hmmm?

[Baba awaits patiently for quite some time for the reply, yet the Margii
remains silent. So Baba gently coaxes further.]

BABA: Just show me who is the owner of the spectacles.

Margii: I don’t know.

BABA: Who is the owner of that shirt?

BABA: What is the name of that gentleman who is the owner of the shirt?

Margii: It all belongs to Parama Purus’a.

BABA: Just now you said that the spectacles belong to a particular man.
You used the word, “mine”. Do you own anything? Are you owner of anything?

Margii: No.

BABA: Just now you said “mine, me, my” so many things. Then? He could
not show himself. It is the case. It is not your entire entity. You can
show your entire entity? Show me your entire structure.

BABA: From head to foot.

BABA: And that is Mohan? No.

BABA: Have you got any mind, or not? Have you got any mind, or not?
Have you got any mind, or not? Or you have got only this physical body,
head to foot?

Margii: Yes…

BABA: This much, or you have you got a mind also?

Margii: Mind also.

BABA: Mind also, then do one thing for me. Just show me your mind.

Margii: I can’t show it.

BABA: Then? How, why I am to believe that you have got a mind? And how
can I believe that you have got a mind, when you cannot show it to me?
Then you have got no mind. Have you got a mind, or not? Give the reply

[Margii gives affirmative reply.]

BABA: You have got? And how could you know, that you have got a mind?

[Margii hesitates.]

BABA: How could you know that you have got a mind? How could you know
that you have got a mind?

Margii: I cannot…

BABA: Hmm?

Margii: I cannot…

BABA: You cannot…

Margii: I cannot say.

BABA: You cannot say?!

[Speaking slowly, gently]

BABA: Then what is your decided opinion? Have you got a mind, or you
have got no mind?

Margii: I am having mind, but I cannot show it.

BABA: You cannot show it, you can feel it. You can feel it. You yourself
can feel it, that you have got a mind. Eh?

Margii: No.

[Laughter from Margiis.]

BABA: Don’t you feel, that you have got a mind? You can feel it,
ye-e-e-es, yes. You feel it, but you cannot show it. Regarding your
Parama Purus’a also, you can feel it, but you cannot show it. Do you

BABA: If Mr. X, suppose Mr. X says, that you have got no mind. Will you
accept his view? No. No, you will say, “I have got my mind. I know it, I
feel it.” Will you say like this?


BABA: Similarly, your Parama Purus’a is also an object of feeling, not
showing. Do you follow or not?

BABA: Yes or no?

BABA: You see, in India, there are two styles of saying yes and no.

[Baba gives some physical demonstration. Margiis laugh.]

BABA: This is yes, and this is no.

[Baba demonstrates with His head, tilting his head toward the left and
right sequentially for “yes”, and nodding his head up and down for “no”.]

[Margiis laugh].

BABA: You are doing like this.

[Baba nods His own head up and down to demonstrate what the Margii
himself had done, to indicate an affirmative reply. And the Margiis are
laughing because Baba has just explained that many in India (in the
South) use that very gesture to indicate the negative also, which would
be a humorous reply to the question.]

BABA: In India there are two systems. To the north of the Vidhyas, “yes”
means [Baba nods his head up and down], “no” means this [Baba shakes his
head to the left and right].

BABA: And to the South of the Vindhyas, “yes” [Baba shakes his head to
the left and right], and “no” [Baba nods his head up and down] [Margiis
laugh at this way of expressing, as most present are from the North
rather than the South, and so are not accustomed to the Southern style].

BABA: Do you follow? [Baba laughs]. Haan.

BABA: What do you say, yes or say no? Can you show your Parama Purus’a,
your God, to anybody else?


BABA: You can feel it. Similarly your mind, you feel that you have got
the mind, but you cannot show it.

BABA: And in case of underdeveloped creatures, they do everything as per
their instinct. They do not even have the feeling that “I have got a
mind”. But they do everything, and that doing is done as per mind’s
support, but it is done– what, how? Due to inborn instinct. They cannot
go beyond the periphery of instinct.

BABA: But because you are a developed human being, that’s why you feel
that you have got one mind. And everything that you do, you do with the
support, direct support of your mind.

BABA: When I said “Stand up”, then this sound created a sympathetic
vibration in your nerve cells, through nerve fibers. And due to that
vibration in nerve cells, a similar sympathetic vibration was created in
your mind. And then the power of discretion, that is, a subtler portion
of the mind says, “When Baba says, then I should stand up”. Then you
stood up.

BABA: Do you follow?

BABA: But in the case of undeveloped creatures, or, say, any protozoic
creature, they won’t understand these things. It is possible only in the
case of metazoa. And you are also a metazoic creation of Parama Purus’a.

BABA: So for this day only, or for this moment only, I accept the view
that that shirt belongs to you, and the spectacles belong to you.

BABA: Do you follow? You have followed everything. Very clearly.


By Baba’s grace in His above demonstration, He has clearly shown and given proof that we are mind oriented beings and that our mind is the essence of who we are – even if it cannot be seen or shown.


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From: “Jagadiish Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Pathetic Understanding About Oneself
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2010 08:58:22 +0100



Note: Anyone reading this letter must read the the transcript of Baba’s
demonstration “Show Me Your Mind” which will be posted in a few hours.

The faulty ways of materialism have so limited and degraded the human
intellect that people literally believe and think, “I am this human body.”

Of all the social complexes and psychic diseases that materialism has
brought, this crude concept of self – “I am this physical body” – is
perhaps the most detrimental.

Because when anyone thinks that this body is everything, then there is
no scope for the development of mind; instead people will plunge into
sensual pleasures and enjoyments, thinking that bodily satisfaction is
the be-all and end-all of life.

Tragically, this is what we see happening in so many places, and it is
only spreading more. Even a few people who consider themselves to be
sadhakas fall prey to such lustful ways.


Nowadays, in materialistic societies, people think sex is the greatest thing
in life. This degraded outlook is born out of the notion that: “I am
this physical body.”

That is why in materialistic nations like the US, European nations, and
any place harboring extreme capitalism, sexual images are laced
throughout the community. Billboards, internet ads, fashion designs, and
so many things are sexually suggestive often degrading life to a lustful
pursuit of the perfect female body. To sell, be, or do anything, one
must be “sexy.”

Females have become cent-per-cent objectified for their sexual appeal.

This horrible societal trend leads men to mentally and physically chase
after female organs and makes women do anything and everything to have a
body that men will lust. It is a sad and tragic tale.

That is why in the west people commonly leave their wife and hook up
with a young girl half their age. If one just has the same spouse for
years and years, then that is “boring.” Then one is missing out on the
spice of life. So they turn to a life where they can have countless
sexual partners, or at least change them when they wish.

In fact, this degraded way of life has become not only accepted, but
even embraced. Movie stars and sports stars do it. And soon, even heads
of state and presidents will openly flaunt their girlfriends as this
will give them greater prestige in society, amongst the people.

However this way of life does not bode well for human beings.

Baba says, “Sensual objects are naturally crude and mean; and those who
take these as their goals in life, naturally become crude and mean as
well – they gradually turn into brutes.” (SS-3)


This concept – “I am this physical body” – manifests in so many ways.
People work, live, eat, drink, sleep, shop, think, and plan everything
in life based on this pathetic understanding. Their everything has been
painted in the color of materialism.

Even “upstanding” lawyers, doctors, writers and university professors
fall into this faulty approach that life is just about having fun and
enjoying bodily pursuits. Physical expression becomes everything and
people spend millions on cosmetic surgery, clothing, cosmetics, perfume,
jewelry, tattoos, etc. All because they think their physical existence
is the epitome of who they are.

In that case their entire human personality is standing on shaky ground.
If their boyfriend leaves them then they may commit suicide, if they
gain a few pounds they will become depressed, if someone calls them
“fat” even when they are not fat they will became enraged or even break
down and cry. Plus men will eat viagara all day long to increase their
value (ie. sexual power) and women will get breast augmentations to
increase their value. It is all quite a sad and superficial approach to
life. Yet it is rampant and only spreading more.

Indeed on so many levels and so many ways people define themselves by
their own physical body. People think that is who they are and that is
all they have. They do not realise that the body is a tool or temporary
house for the mind. For this reason they fall victim to so many
complexes from fear of death to so many personal insecurities. This
happens even to people of high regard – governors, businessmen, judges
etc. All because their approach to life is defective.

The point here is that human life needs a proper base and Brahma is that

Baba says, “Everything requires a base; if life does not have a strong
base, it is disrupted by an ordinary storm. Brahma is the strongest
base.” (CC-2, ‘Sadhana’, point #5)

But when one thinks that I am this physical body, then Brahma is not
the base, rather one’s body is everything. In that case, their whole
personality can destruct at any moment.

We have all seen such things in society and if we are honest we may even
recognise elements of this in our own life as well. Hence we should be
extremely careful about how we think of ourselves.


This defective outlook begs the question: “When does life start.”

As sadhakas, we know that our present life is but a part life, chained
together with so many past lives as the mind gets one body after another
in order to one day merge back into Parama Purusa.

But materialistic thinkers believe that their life began when they
emerged from the womb and were given an ID number in the hospital. And
they think their life will end when their physical body is no more. Such
is the material perspective. They do not acknowledge the life of the mind.

Followers of the dogmatic religions often fall into this same pattern.
They equate life with this physical body and unknowingly follow the
principle, “I am this physical body.”

In that way, there is little or no concept of mind, and people lead a
life of materialism, utterly devoid of any spiritual value.


This type of crude concept of self is slightly higher than animal life,
and the irony is that it will degrade one into the depths of animal life
or worse.

Animals do not know they exist; whereas humans know they exist. But when
a degraded human being merely thinks, “I am this physical body” and “my
life is a quest to satisfy my lustful desires”, then upon losing their
physical human framework, they will promptly catapult themselves onto
the path of negative pratisaincara or even saincara. That means they
will either be reborn as a lowly animal or even as a rock or stone. That
is the natural resultant

Baba says, “A human being who behaves like a goat or a dog may be born
as a goat or a dog in the next life, because such an animal body is the
proper base for the congenial expression of the latent sam’ska’ras.
Hence it is not at all impossible for a human being to be reborn as a
hog, a worm, a tree, or even a piece of stone. One’s destiny will be
decided according to the nature of one’s karma – this is an infallible
law.” (AMIWL-7)

Hence, when one leads a life prone to carnal pleasure, forgetting the
beauty of mind, then we cannot call that human life. When one lives for
sex or so many other bodily desires, then that is not a life befitting
of a human being.

Baba says, “The unlimited expansion of intellect is the predominant
quality of human beings. When they lose this quality and become like
beasts drawn to sensual pleasures, then regardless of what they might
have achieved, they hardly deserve to be called human beings.” (NSS,
Disc: 14)

Yet nowadays, so many people define themselves in this crude way – think
of themselves as just this physical body. Sadly, when this happens they
are sure to degrade.


Let’s look at this whole situation in this light.

Suppose you have a bicycle, then you will never think that “I am this
bicycle”, rather one will think, “This is my bicycle”. And one will be
ready to throw away the bicycle when it is no good anymore.

We should view our bodies in the same manner. Our bodies are mere tools
or vehicles. They are not the essence of who we are.

We should follow Baba’s below guideline.

Baba says, “When the clothes become old and tattered, they are replaced
with newer ones. This is the law. Nobody wants to wear old, tattered,
and dirty clothes. Similarly, when the body becomes old and worthless,
it is changed for a newer one.” (AV-23)

Anyone who sincerely practices sadhana clearly understands the existence
of mind and will be mind oriented. In contrast, victims of materialism
can never learn this point and time and again their mind falls prey to
the belief, “I am this physical body.”

Actually, this can happen to anyone who lapses in their sadhana practice.


Baba has given us many ways to properly grow in this world. When we do
sadhana then we always think, “I am Brahma, I am Brahma.” That is the
essential idea behind our ista mantra.

To make life proper from the very beginning and to teach our children in
the right way we should pay heed to Baba’s below story about the great
sadhaka Madalasa. She was a very honorable and spiritual lady who
married one king under the condition that she and only she would be in
charge of raising the children.

Baba says, “Madalasa started imparting spiritual education to [her son]
Vikranta. She would put him in the cradle and sing lullabies in very
sweet and rhythmic tunes which were full of the highest spiritual
truths. One of her lullabies was:

Shuddho’si buddho’si nirainjano’si sam’sa’rama’ya’ parivarjito’si;
Sam’sa’rasvapnam’ tyajamohanidra’m Mada’lasolla’pamuva’ca putram.

“This means, ‘O my son! You are that [pure] Entity; you are that
all-knowing Entity; you are that spotless Entity. This world is a
passing show, is ever-changing. It is all like a dream. O my son, awaken
from your sleep of ignorance and realize the Reality’.” (AV-31)

Having grown up in this deeply spiritual environment, Vikrant had a
strong vision and did not fall prey to the mundance and lustful
allurments of this world. He did not think that, “I am this physical
body”, but instead understood the existence of mind and the real value
of human life. He grew up to become a great sadhaka, as did the other sons.

Baba says, “I have already said that Mada’lasa’s sons were the first
sannya’sis to embrace missionary life and serve the common people.” (AV-7)


By Baba’s grace, we should view ourselves as children of Parama Purusa
who will one day become one with Him. Never should we fall prey to the
lowly concept that, “I am this physical body”. That will only invite our

Baba says, “A rational person should always think in this way…’I have
also been born into the glorious human family. I am also a blessed child
of Parama Purus’a.’ One who has been born a human being will certainly
remain a human being if they do glorious deeds and will ultimately
become an ideal follower of the Supreme Benevolence. Their life is sure
to meet with glorious success.” (AV-4)

Jagadiish Deva


Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not
have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should
be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it
is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)


“An’ur vyatha’, etadine bujhale priyo, anuma’ne…” (P.S. 4593)


Baba, O’ my Dearest, now by Your guessing You have understood the
feeling of this unit being. How You do not have time to come close to
me; rather, You remain sitting on the divine throne of Your devotees. On
that throne which is studded with jewels. So You do not have time to
look towards this little being. People are demanding me that, ‘Why do
you go on crying and why do you call that divine Entity who will not
come and who will never pay heed to your calling’. People also told,
‘Don’t you know, His heart is very hard like a stone. He does not care.
He knows all the scriptures all the shlokas all the mantras and bhajans,
there is no need to tell anything to Him. He will not pay heed’. In
spite of peoples’ suggestions, I never get frustrated or hopeless.
Because by Your grace I know that I must get You. I know for certain
that at some point in this life of mine, up to my death even– I know
that You will come to me. O’ Baba, I am hopeful that You will grace me
and that You will come in the lotus of my heart and that You will make
my life successful…

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