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From: “Mishra”

Subject: For Optimal Health– III







As we all know fasting is special practice whereby one’s entire system gets

cleansed and purified. Because by allowing the organs to rest and collect

the toxins, the body gets the opportunity to rejuvenate itself. And of

course, breaking the fast properly with a thorough cleansing process is an

indispensable feature of fasting– otherwise much of the benefits are lost.


So by doing the whole fasting and breaking in a sincere and complete manner

then an innumerable amount of “health and wealth” is aroused in the human

structure such that the body and mind glisten with purity and lightness.





That is why we all know that Baba Himself is very strict with all margiis

and acaryas on the point of fasting. He wants that we should derive all the

many benefits from this great practice. Indeed, in multiple ways He reminds us

that always He is watching. This following teaching is leading in that

exact manner.


Baba says, “Suppose, a gentleman is undergoing fasting, and secretly in a

closed room, he takes chocolate. ‘No one will know, nobody will know.’ But

it is not so. His unit cognition will know that he has taken chocolate. And

similarly, the Cosmic Father will know that in a particular room one unit

body took chocolate very secretly, and that unit body is still thinking,

that the fact that he took chocolate on a fast-day is not known to anybody.

It is known to everybody. Nothing is a secret.” (AV-12)


Hence Baba is acutely aware of exactly what happens– as well as what does

not happen– on our each and every fasting day. And He wants that we

sincerely follow His guideline as this is for our welfare.





That is why in dharma samiiksa and in all types of reporting sessions, Baba

used to point out sadhakas on the point of fasting in front of one and all.

And if one person got pointed out it was understood that if others are also

falling into this same category then they should also rectify themselves.

That was the spirit. It was not just that Baba was speaking to only one

individual on such occasions.


Some people would wonder why Baba was pointing out margiis or Wts in front

of the collective, as opposed to informing them individually. And surely

the reason for this is that Baba did not have the time to speak to each and

every individual on each and every particular point. So by highlighting a

particular sadhaka’s mistake in public, then if 4 or 5 others were doing

the same wrongdoing then naturally they would get also alarmed. And the

feeling would come that they too should rectify themselves. As they

understood that Baba is very concerned and strict on this point.


Plus, another reason is that naming the defects on the public platform was

a good way of reminding one and all. Because day after day or every few

days if He was pointing out a different margii or Wt on the point of

fasting, then it automatically became a reminder to all those present that

this was something important. So if anyone was attending the reporting for

an entire week or two week period, then numerous reminders they would get.


And invariably they would spread that idea to others who did not attend.


Here we should keep in ming that as Guru Baba was pointing out the defects

of disciples from the very beginning, not just in later years. From the Jamalpur

era up to the grand DMCs in the late 80’s, Babe would point out, beat, and His

shower love. This was all done for our welfare. By this way we could grow and move on

towrards Suprem fulfillment. Baba is the dharma Guru and His special quality is to

both love and punish.


Baba says, “The preceptor must also be nigraha (capable of inflicting punishment)

and anugraha (capable of bestowing grace). One who punishes only or who bestows

grace only is not an ideal preceptor.” (ANIWL-9)





Hence overall there were at minimum two distinct reasons for pointing

people out in front of the collective: lack of time to speak to everyone on

an individual basis and by this way it was a good reminder to one and all.

Thus within a short period Baba could rectify and instill proper practices

within countless sadhakas within the entire Marga. Overall we can say it

was His special technique and blessing.


And surely every Margii and Wt will readily admit that Baba is very strict

on the point of fasting. And He wants that we should all be sincere on this

very point. As He tells us again and again in various ways that indeed He

is always watching our each and every action to ensure our welfare.


I hope others will also come forward and share their experiences on this

very topic.





Here following is Baba’s Blessing:


Baba says, “You boys and you girls do you realise why you were born? You

were born to do something to please Parama Purusa. Always move towards

Parama Purusa through your actions, through your thoughts, through your

contemplation, and your goal will be attained, your purpose in coming to

this world will be fulfilled.” (SS-18)



Satyanarayan Deva





Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not

have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should

be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it

is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)













1. First mix 1/4 piece of lemon or lime with some salt in a dry container–

preferably a plastic or ceramic container, but not metal.


2. Then add 1/2 litre to 1 litre of warm water and stir.


3. The lemon salt water mixture should be distinctly salty to taste– but

not overly salty.


4. If your mixture is not sufficiently salty then little by little more can

be added. And if really it is already too salty then simply dilute your

mixture by adding more warm water.


5. Then one should begin to drink this lemon salt water. Not in one gulp

per se, but in a series of comfortable sips and swallows over the course of

a few minutes, without bloating the stomach. But one should not take too

much time either.


6. After finishing that initial round of salty lemon water then one can

walk nearby for a minute or two– either in the fresh air or indoors.


7. Plus you can gently stretch the upper body by raising the arms on the

inhale and then exhaling and gently bending to the side. And repeat by

bending to the opposite direction. This gently helps to hasten the

cleansing process.


8. Then as soon as one feels ready to again drink, then the next round of

lemon salt water should be taken. Note: It is important not to wait too

long in between rounds. As soon as the stomach feels comfortable one should

again drink.


9. And like this multiple rounds should be done of drinking lemon salt

water and then walking slowly. This process should be repeated until one

feels the need to go to the toilet. And overall upwards of 2-3 litres of

lemon salt water can be ingested in this way. (Note: But under no

circumstances should solid food be taken yet. Rather this will wreak havoc

on the system as fresh food will be sitting on top of waste material. So no

food should be taken at all until the entire system gets clear.)


10. By this process of drinking round after around, a strong urge will come

to go to the toilet– within 1/2 hour to one hour, depending. And initially

when in the toilet a very strong smelling brown waste matter will be

released. And thereafter progressively more and more liquids will be

released via the rectum. This will also be brown at the beginning. But one

should not worry that they have been stricken with a severe case of

diarrhea. It is not like that. Rather this is the initial stage of cleaning

out the digestive track.


11. Once one has begun the process of defecating & clearing the stomach and

bowels. Then you can switch over from drinking a salty mixture and instead

begin taking pure fresh water without any salt. This fresh water will help

hydrate the body and will also aid in the cleansing process.


12. In this process of cleaning one might have to visit the toilet anywhere

between 3-5 times, or more. And one important thing to remember is that

never should the urge be suppressed and “held in”. Rather as soon as the

impulse comes one should go straight to the toilet.


The waste material will go from brown and somewhat solid to being yellowish and

liquidy until finally being a completely clear liquid. And once completely clear

liquid comes then in this case one can feel assured that indeed the entire digestive

track has become clean– including the intestines, colon, and stomach. Everything has

become perfectly clean.


14. And by this entire process of cleansing a very light and healthy

feeling will consume the body. And one will fell very happy, fresh, and



15. Within ten to fifteen minutes a slight feeling of hunger will come. And

at that point one can eat 2-3 ripe bananas, depending on the size. But the

bananas should be soft and ripe– not green and hard.


16. And then after taking a few bananas– and do be careful not to overeat

and fill the stomach completely– then after waiting 25 minutes it is

important to again drink some fresh water. This will help in digesting the



17. And thereafter when stronger hunger comes one should take some easily

digestible food– like well-hydrated rice and vegetables, or whatever is

conveniently available in your area or locale. But neither strong food like

citrus fruit nor heavily spiced or oily food should be taken. These should

be avoided and instead more simple food should be eaten.


18. And throughout the day care should be taken to continue to drink fresh

water in small amounts, but not at the same time as eating. This will help

ensure the solid food gets digested properly and it will also keep the body



Attention: One should also keep in mind that breaking fast is a highly

individualized thing. Everyone should be gentle and listen to their own

body when undergoing this entire process.





“Tumi a’ma’y hrdaya ma’jhe eso go priyo madhurata’ ma’khi…” (P.S. 747)




Baba, please come in my heart and saturate my entire being with the

showering of Your sweetness, O’ my dear most.

Baba please remove my all impurities and negative samskaras– and

whatever other things I have that got accumulated over the ages. Please

inundate my entire existence with the showering of Your love and divine

grace. Baba, this entire universe, these seven lokas, nothing is beyond Your

reach. Everything is within You. And because everything resides in You,

that is why You know all my merits and demerits– whatever I have. By Your

Grace today I am surrendering whatever that is mine unto You. With the only

desire that You please look towards me with Your compassionate eye, eyes

full of karuna’. This wee-bit of grace I long from You.

Baba, since ages, since many lives, I have been crossing through the

negative path, path of dogma. But today by Your grace, this is the first

time in my entire life when You awakened my samvit and now I understood my

mistakes. And I rectified them by Your grace.

Baba, all my actions, my entire being, my whole heart, everything I

offer at Your lotus feet. I do not want to keep anything as my own from

henceforth onward. With this pointed mind I am doing sastaunga pranam to

You. Please accept it…






Baba says, “When a swift horse runs its hooves make a turtur sound. That

which makes a turtur sound as it moves is called turaga or turaunga or

turaungama (that is, “horse”). That animal which makes a kurkur sound as it

runs is called kuraga or kuraunga or kuraungama (that is, “deer”). In this

way human beings have created many word forms and verb forms to express

their mental ideas. This process of word formation is called “acoustic

derivation” and the original verbal roots in all the world’s languages were

created in this way.”

“The first word forms in all the world’s languages were the original

verbal roots. By adding prefixes and suffixes many different words were

derived. Among the established languages of the world, mainly four can be

considered as the root languages. They are Vedic, Latin, Hebrew and old

Chinese. If one examines the derivation of the vocabulary of these

languages one will find that their method or process is identical. (Varn’a

Vijina’na, Disc 19, p. 270)



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