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From: “Shantatma Deva”

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Subject: Feeling Happy by Others Suffering

Date: Tue 15 Feb 2011 11:38:42 +0530







We all know that Nigamananda ji became quite ill this past week, and this may have engendered an array of sentiments within our Marga family. After all, when any person is controversial then some are against him and some favour that individual.


Upon hearing of Nigamananda’s deterioration of health, some become very sad while others become very happy. This is the common human tendency. We should all consider how far this is appropriate and consistent with Baba’s teachings.





Actually there are many examples where incidents incite opposing reactions, or when people derive happiness from seeing others in pain and misery.


For instance:


(a) When the Twin Towers crashed to the ground on 9-11, many Americans were totally distraught while some radical Muslims were feeling quite happy;


(b) In his book Nagina ji says that when his boss – who used to harass him regularly – was punished by the higher authorities then Nagina became very happy. The next time he saw Baba, then Baba scolded him for his behaviour;


(c) When Shraddhanandaji was sick then his supporters were very concerned for his well-being while those who hated him due to his political ties became happy;


(d) Likewise when there are riots in the street, then some feel happy watching the protesters get knocked down, and others feel happy seeing their pain.


Here the point is that there are always some who derive pleasure from watching others get knocked down and stricken by disease. They become happy seeing another’s misery. This is a very common occurrence.


Why? Because this is the way the human mind works. In the mind there is one propensity known as kru’rata’, or sadistic tendency. It is this vrtti which leads people to think in this hurtful manner.


Yet Baba guides us to follow the path of benevolence. So we should all be aware about Guru’s teachings and overcome this tendency of kru’rata’, i.e. sadistic mentality.





Amongst the general populace, if your friend is having a problem, then you also feel unhappy as you do not wish to see your friend or family member suffer. Whereas if an enemy – or someone you do not like – is undergoing difficult circumstances, then people often feel happy. This is the common human tendency.


But this latter approach is of a sadistic mentality; i.e. people derive happiness from watching others undergo suffering and troubles. This is not at all an appropriate response, especially for a sadhaka. Why? Because sadhana can only be practiced when the mind is in a balanced state.


So we should not harbor any vrtti that is sadistic in nature, as it is wrong to derive pleasure from another’s suffering. Then one will be going against the code of neo-humanism and one will not be able to perform sadhana. Even then there are some who pray to the Lord to destroy their enemies. That is even more negative; that is tamasik devotion.





Here below Baba reviews one important shloka about cultivating benevolence and compassion towards others. In so doing, He presents critical life scenarios that are invaluable to us all.






Baba says, “Suppose someone is very sad; seeing his miserable fate people will say, “Well done! He deserved it!” But this is not the proper approach. The proper approach should be to show compassion, thinking “What a pity he is in great trouble. Had I also been in such a difficult position, how badly I would feel.” In this way the feeling of compassion (karuńa) should be aroused in one’s mind.” (Ananda Marga Ideology Way of Life, Part 11)


And here again Baba guides us about what our approach should be upon seeing someone sick or in problem.


Baba says, ““Again on seeing a person in distress one should have the feeling – “Alas, how miserable is the condition of this person! Let his miseries be over expeditiously … I shall also try to remove his misery as early as possible.”” (Shabda Cayanika-4, Discourse: 27)


In yet another discourse, Baba pointedly describes how we are to feel towards those undergoing difficulties.


Baba says, “”And for those people who live in misery one should develop an attitude of compassion. One should never feel happy upon seeing the sorrows of others, but should think, “What a miserable life that person is leading. I hope things get better for him soon.”” (Ananda Marga Philosophy in a Nutshell, Part 8)


Thus, irrespective of how good or bad someone is, if they are suffering we should have empathy and compassion for their situation. That is the only way. Failing that, the mind gets twisted and and makes doing sadhana impossible.


Indeed, during PC or dharma samiiksa, Baba would point out such circumstances where a person rejoiced in another’s misfortune. Baba wants that we overcome such a defective mentality. That is His clear-cut message: Do not derive pleasure from seeing others in pain.





By all of the above, and by understanding the teachings of neo-humanism, as sadhakas we should strive to see all as the manifestation of Parama Purusa. Regardless of who is in problem and suffering, one must not feel happy by their misery. That is Baba’s teaching.


We are to impose the karuna vrtti and arouse compassion to make the mind balanced.


The whole point is that in seeing others suffer one must not become happy. We must have sympathy; that is quality of sadhaka. We are to think that Narayan has come in this form. Then we can render real service and help them.


In this regard there must not be any duality or hypocrisy. If anyone is in trouble or undergoing difficulties, we must be sincere in cultivating compassionate thoughts within and offer our help. There must be no difference between our internal feeling and our external expression.





Thus when Dada Nigamananda ji has fallen sick. There is only one response: compassion. We must empathize with his condition and we must do what we can to sincerely help him and relieve him of his pain. No matter what our personal feelings may be for his political or group interests, when he is sick the only response one should have is 100% compassion and support for him. That is Baba’s teaching.


It is not that only his group cohorts should help him and those who deem him as an enemy should rejoice in Dadaji’s suffering. This is not the way and to plunge in deriving pleasure from Dadaji’s painful condition is against Guru’s teaching.


The singular stand is having compassion for Dadaji’s plight and wishing for his welfare and recovery. That is the way of a true Ananda Margii.





Here again is Baba’s teachings – I think nothing more need be said.


Baba says, “”And for those people who live in misery one should develop an attitude of compassion. One should never feel happy upon seeing the sorrows of others, but should think, “What a miserable life that person is leading. I hope things get better for him soon.”” (APH-8)








Baba says, “At the time of initiation or shortly afterwards, those who do not have a Sanskrit name should be given one by the ácárya/á. The word deva should be suffixed to the name…the more the usage of deva as a title, the better it is. The Sanskrit name should be used in all worldly dealings.” (Caryacarya-1)


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From: “Mirabai _Devii”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: For Optimal Health– Part V

Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 19:44:25









Note: One WT has published “tips” how to break fast and those are reviewed

in this below posting.





All around the globe there is a growing interest, and even fascination, in

human health & wellness. People are trying innumerable types of tonics,

diets, pills, surgeries, procedures, and remedies to increase their quality

of life. But unfortunately most of the public guidelines are improper and

push innocent people in the wrong direction.


By Baba’s divine grace we Ananda Margiis are in a unique position. Because

He has graciously bestowed on us all the inner secrets and special tips for

living a long and prosperous life. Among these many wonderful guidelines,

one very helpful process is Baba’s unique system of fasting & breaking

fast– as it cleanses and purifies the entire body.


In the general society most have never even heard of fasting, or never

tried it. And those who have done it often proceed via improper

instructions, thus causing more harm than good. However in Ananda Marga

Baba has blessed us with the perfect and ultimate system.





As every Ananda Margiis is well aware, Baba’s expressed teaching is to fast

from sunrise to sunrise– thus giving the body’s organs ample time for

complete rest and rejuvenation. This is one unique aspect.


And another speciality of the AM system of fasting is the special emphasis

which Baba places on breaking fast properly. On numerous occasions Baba

Himself has told that animals know how to fast but only humans know how to

break fast. The point being that there is a definite and proper way to

break fast– and this is how the toxins get removed. Thus a wrong technique

such as haphazardly breaking fast or prematurely filling the body with food

will ruin the entire detoxification process.


Hence Baba has put forth the idea that everyone should follow a rational

and systematic approach for breaking fast. And as a review here are a few

of those teachings.





[A] Baba guides us that we should give ourselves plenty of time the morning

of breaking fast to attend to our spiritual practices as well as for

the actual process of breaking fast. Doing everything in a rushed or

hurried manner and then running off to the office or catching a bus is not

at all advisable. Instead that will just create more problems as the body

is in a very delicate state and needs proper time to be re-hydrated and

energized. Hence as most of us require less sleep the night of fasting we

should rise early the next morning to give ourselves a maximum amount of



[B] Another invaluable guideline which Baba has given us is the great

emphasis He places on drinking water and hydrating the body.


Baba says, “To maintain the internal functions of the body without

hindrance and to maintain the internal liquid balance, everyone should

drink a sufficient quantity of water.” (YT, Appendix A)


And Baba continues to explain that on normal day a healthy person should

drink 3-4 liters as a baseline. So on breaking fast morning when the body

is dehydrated it is obvious that we should also drink a very “generous”

amount of water– and not just a single glass.


And, as we have all experienced, on the morning of breaking fast drinking

an ample amount of water fulfills two distinct purposes. Firstly by

ingesting a minimum of 2-3 liters of lemon salt water then the body is able

to cleanse itself from top to bottom. The toxins are pulled from the

entire body and the entire length of the digestive track is made sparkling



Thereafter by drinking fresh water the second task is accomplished.

And that is to re-hydrate the body because after a 36 hour dry fast the

body is in need of water. Thus after cleaning the body with lemon salt

water one must drink another liter or two of fresh water to properly

hydrate the body. As others have described before, this two-fold process of

water drinking has to be completed prior to taking any solid food.


[C] When the body is cleansed and hydrated then one can eat a few ripe

bananas by chewing them properly to promote smooth and easy digestion. This

will give some calories to energize the body and when these bananas have

properly settled in the stomach (approximately 20-25 minutes) one should

again drink water before taking a light meal of well hydrated rice and

vegetables or other food commonly available in your locale.


[D] So these are some of the key points yet no doubt there are various

other detailed steps about breaking fast that others have already written






The grand outcome of all of this is a dynamic and wonderful cleansing

process which consumes the entire body.


Baba says, “As a result of fasting, the poisonous and unproductive waste of

the body gets destroyed and expelled.” (CC-3)


Thus by Baba’s complete system of fasting and breaking fast all the toxins

get removed and the body becomes vibrant and pure.





Unfortunately in one small corner of our present day AM society, one WT is

preaching and publishing something different which runs counter to Baba’s

perfectly prescribed system and guidelines. For the awareness of all and to

clear the matter entirely, we should all be aware about the defective

approach being advocated by this WT.





Our WT wrote: “Break the fast the next morning after sunrise with a glass of lemon juice

(about 1/4 of a fresh lemon in a glass of water), with a little salt or honey.”


Needless to say drinking only a single glass of lemon water on the morning

of breaking fast will never ever suffice. That is like placing a tiny drop

of water in the desert. Because a mere small glass of water is nothing

compared to what the body really needs. Not to mention that one cannot

cleanse the body with that paltry amount of fluid either. In which case all

the toxins, previously undigested food, and other waste material will just

sit and linger in the body. And those dirty substances will release their

negative microvita throughout the entire body since they could not get

expelled from the body. Thus on multiple accounts this incorrect guideline

of drinking only 1 glass of water is totally wrong and harmful as it goes

against Baba’s expressed teachings. So no one should do like this and we

should warn others also. Because unfortunately one WT published this faulty

suggestion in their book.





Then that same WT wrote: “Then eat 1/2 or a whole banana slowly, biting off

small pieces and swallowing them whole without chewing.”


So after drinking only 8 ounces or 1/4 liter of water, now this WT is

recommending to eat a banana without chewing it.


Yet for sound health, Baba’s explicit teaching in Yogic Treatments book is

that all the food taken into the body must be digested properly. And part

and parcel of this process is chewing since this act of chewing awakens and

stimulates the digestive enzymes and produces saliva in the mouth– thus

allowing for proper digestion.


But on this most sensitive time of taking the first solid food after a

fast, our WT is putting in black and white that one must not chew their

food. So this is another “faux pas” or negative guideline given that is

contrary to Baba’s teaching.





The WT writer then recommends: “If possible, wait a 1/2 hour and then eat your



So lastly, after not cleaning or hydrating at all, and after not chewing a

banana, now the guideline has come to eat breakfast after just a short gap

of time, or even right away if one does not have an adequate amount of

time. Without question, this type of thing will create one “train-wreck” in

the stomach. Because in that dehydrated state unchewed food is being mixed

with a full meal of new food and that is all getting mixed into one mass

along with the toxins and waste that never got released from the system.

All of which spells disaster for any human being. No doubt this is not what

Baba means when He says that we should break fast in a proper way.





This WT erred from the path because they tried to invent their own way that

was not at all consonant with Baba’s guidelines. Otherwise what can be the

cause. And even worse is that they put those things in print– thus

misguiding all. So before following anyone’s professed recommendations we

should always evaluate how far those things are truly proper or not. This

is Baba’s warning.


Baba says, “Whatever people learn from the external world– be it from a

book of facts or a learned discourse, or any source of knowledge– is

‘prapta vakya’ or ‘relative knowledge’. It is sometimes correct, sometimes

incorrect.” (PNS-18, p. 6-7)


Thus in the world there a countless books full of wrong information like

the section of that book about breaking fast written by our WT.





Baba’s teachings are best. They are the Supreme Guideline. Thus whether in

the realm of sadhana or fasting, by following His way we will always

proceed along the road of progress and welfare.


Baba says, “Knowledge directly from the Cosmic Mind is true and beneficial

for all people in all ages and in all countries. It is called ‘apta vakya’

or absolute knowledge. The books in Ananda Marga [i.e. Baba’s books] are

all absolute knowledge.” (PNS-18)








As a general rule, it is important not to overeat and stuff oneself the

night before fasting. Certainly we have all seen how this is a common

tendency; but this type of overeating is to be avoided as it delays or even

disturbs the body’s cleansing process and makes it difficult or even

impossible to break fast properly. So to maximize the benefits of a fast

one should take care about the quantity of food taken the evening prior.





It is highly unfortunate that the involved WT has written these misguided

ideas in a published book that has been translated into multiple languages

and circulated all around the globe. Hence the problem or tragedy is

two-fold, at minimum.


Firstly, hundreds or even thousands of readers have already been

misinformed and anyone following those printed suggestions has been taught

the wrong technique for breaking fast– thus causing them harm and

difficulty. So the book was written to help others yet here the opposite

effect is happening.


Next, when this point of breaking fast is wrong then simple readers may

think that all the points in the book are wrong. This would be a natural

conclusion to arrive at. In which case the common people may also blame

that the book’s recommendation of a vegetarian diet is also harmful. Thus

this is another negative outcome or possibility.


And worst of all is that these mistakes committed by this WT were done in

the name of Ananda Marga. Because the book itself was printed by AM

Publications; and not only that but Baba’s name appears in countless places

throughout the book. So naive readers will be misled to believe that the

faulty recommendation given by the WT for breaking fast is consistent with

or part of Baba’s divine teachings of AM. Thus the public will form a poor

opinion in that regard also. Means the sloppy and misguided work of this WT

reflects negatively on our Marga. This is the yet another tragedy.


When in fact in all the spheres from relief work to meditation to human

health we are trying to project Baba’s Supreme and seamless teachings to the

general society in the best way possible yet this WT’s book is going against.





The WT who has given these “recommendations” for breaking fast is Didi

Ananda Mitra. She is the one who is misguiding others on this sensitive

issue of breaking fast. Because it is in her book “Food for Thought” (’91

Edn, pp. 78-9) that contains all these wrongful and indeed harmful directives.

















“Iisha’n toma’r vis’a’n’ bejeche, alasata’ dure sare geche…” (P.S. 2496)




Baba, Your divine call and thundering voice is resonating all around &

has removed the staticity, dogma, and lethargy from everyone’s mind. Those

negative things which were impeding the path of human progress have

disappeared into the far distant horizon. Now the degenerated state of

dogma cannot remain any longer. Living beings have gotten new life, smiles,

and joy due to the rejuvenating spirit of Neo-Humanism.

The world which was sleeping in the past is getting awakened. New leaves

and flowers are beautifying the green vegetation and trees. Everything has

been filled with the colours of flowers & fruits– ensconced in the feeling

of service to one and all.

Now there are no narrow sentiments or dogmatic thoughts which can hinder

our forward movement. Now there is no one to create obstacles on our path

towards our cherished Goal.

The time has come that, under this free sky and beautiful environment, I

should go on marching forward undauntedly towards You. O’ Parama Purusa…




Need of the Day


Baba says, “The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the

advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble and

righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to

assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that human society

is one and indivisible.” (AFPS, pt 2 p.25)


Note: Nowadays in our Marga society, a few are forgetting this truth. They

should understand that this is not in the favour of dharma. Rather the call

of dharma is to form one human society.



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