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From: “Padma Sharma”

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Subject: Women’s Issue

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 07:14:22 +0530







Our local Dada after dharmacakra and svadhyaya, he gave one simple talk

which is as follows.


We have all come from animal life. Thus nobody needs any training on the

point of using basic propensities: Food, sleep, sex, fear, etc. Baba says

in Ananda Vacanamrtam, “A’ha’r nidra’…pashu bhih samana’…” On these

four basic propensities, human beings and animals are the same. Since

thousands and thousands of years, animals were involved in food, sex etc,

and then by gradual progress people get a human body in this higher stage of



So it is an inherent desire which people have about sex. Means people are

prone to fall in sexual thoughts. And the whole yoga practice is the

process of bringing human existence from animal level up to the divine.





Baba does not appreciate any degradation towards animality. Even in our

sadhana of pashavacar one is fighting against animal instincts in order to

become vira.


Baba says, “This first phase of struggle in tantra Sadhana is called pashvácár

in Saḿskrta, for here the spiritual aspirants are to some extent like animals;

and so the fight against all those nooses of páshas and ripus is known as the

fight of an animal – the pashvácára in Saḿskrta.” (Subháśita Saḿgraha Part 11)


And in viracar sadhana there is more control and by that way after more progress

one becomes deva in divyacar sadhana. And this divyacara sadhana is nothing

but our dhyana process. So it is quite clear that external sexual

attraction and higher meditation like dhyana cannot work together. The two

cannot co-exist.







Later I asked my RS Dada about this very same issue and how it manifests

itself in the general society.


RS Dada replied, ‘You see, this is a materialistic era. You must not forget

this fact. So for earning money the general trend of the present society is

to exploit women on the point of sexuality. Means in dogmatic way the

ruling capitalist agents are portraying females as being just tools of

sexual enjoyment for the males.’


‘For example, if you see carefully and check any advertisement in the

television, newspaper, radio, internet, billboards, magazines, company

brochures, they put a female’s picture which is not related with their

subject. For example on even male garments they put a picture of a female

on the top. Or in cigarette advertisements they put a lady’s picture; or

anywhere you will hardly see any male picture as they are showing females.

So they feel women are needed to exhibit those products. If you move in the

market you can see this very clearly.’


‘Furthermore to exploit the females, Miss ‘India’, Miss ‘Pakistan’, Miss

‘Australia’, ‘Miss World’ etc competitions happen. (If you want to have

more picture, then whatever country you like you put the name, Miss ….)

But you might not have heard that “Mister India” or “Mister USA” or “Mister

World” competitions are going on. And some boys selected as most beautiful

in beauty competition and their picture is shown everywhere. Even in

various advertisements this is not happening. But in the future society if

female domination occurs then possibility is there that females will

exploit males. Then everything will be done for the sake of females’

enjoyment. But now the wind is blowing in the opposite direction. That is,

the domination by males. And females are just one sexual enjoyment. This

unfortunate dogma is dominating.”


‘By all this it is clear that males do not have as much allurement in the

eyes of advertising companies in comparison to females. So the ‘Mister’ word

does not have value for the companies. That’s why companies think that no

need to organize such beauty competitions amongst males. Because customers

are more attracted by seeing pictures of females.’







RS Dada continued, ‘For all these reasons, females are negatively trained

from their childhood in that way. It is very unfortunate. Because the

result is an imposed samskara has been implanted deeply within the females’

psychic structure. Thus they feel that they have to paint their faces or

different parts and use different make-up & perfume. The fact is that this

whole business of beauty cosmetics & company products are working on this

very theme: To beautify females for males’ enjoyment. And everybody knows

that females are not beautifying themselves for other females. They are

beautifying for males.’


‘So on the one hand around the globe, the women’s liberation movement is

going on. But they could not understand this very fact that the whole

theory of ‘beautifying females’ is based on a male-dominated society.’


RS Dada added, ‘Women are made to think they should paint their faces and

their nails, shave their legs, wear exposing clothing. All these practices

were designed by males for the crude pleasure of males.’


‘Unfortunately most of the females are not aware about this exploitation of

male domination and beautifying for males. But that dogma has entered deep

inside females’ minds. All are not like that, but the majority are. There

is no dearth of rational females who discard all these crude practices. But

they are rare. And for that reason most females have accepted that this is

the way of life. Beautifying and painting their faces and doing all sorts

of artificial things has become their way of life. Since their birth up to

their death they are involved in this way. And this problem is not limited

with any particular country or race or age. This is a universal problem.’


‘Because this is a male dominated society and males have attraction for the

opposite sex/females, so to sell their products companies are putting

negative and revealing images of females on their packaging and

advertisements etc. Since males have most of the money, capitalist

companies have to convince males to purchase those things.’





Further my RS Dada told that, ‘With regards to Prabhat Samgiita, one group

is very cunning and capitalist-minded. Because they are putting

pictures of sensually alluring females on the Prabhat Samgiita cassette

covers. So many cassettes being issued since 1990 are like this. Because one

group is controlling the sales of Prabhat Samgiita cassettes and they want

to make maximum money. So in their mind they think that if they will not

put sexy females pictures on the cassette cover then no one will purchase

them. Then how are they going to earn money. They think that if they will

not put pictures of females then nobody will purchase it. So to make money

the only way is to put the female’s picture. This is one group’s ploy. Of

course other groups have their own negative strategies but this manipulative,

capitalist trick is the work of a group in order to sell PS cassettes &

increase their profits’.


After listening this I was shocked. That where we are going?





I raised the point that Prout has a movement to protect women and not

expose females in any products. Means as Proutist we are opposing this

psychology on females exploitation and exposing females in advertisements.


Then Dada said, ‘That’s true but these days with all the narrow-minded

group agendas then neither of the groups care about this. Just a group is

selfishly planning for their own pocket. And if you say anything directly

then they will try to appease you and give their various logic.


And some will openly say that ‘Don’t preach me about Prout. Prout is for

non-Margiis, not for us. In which part of Tiljala there is Prout? Everyone

has their own kitchen, and way of living. Enjoying their own way of life.

Own black money, bank account. Where is Prout society?’


I did not say anything. I started thinking, that ‘Where we are going?’


Later, reflecting back, all these insights shared by RS Dada held deep

meaning for me.





Then that respected one acarya also told, that human beings have only one

mind. And if that very mind is diverted towards some worldly attachments or

animal propensities, then how that mind will go towards Parama Purusha. It

is impossible. And sex is one of the most dominating propensities which, if

it is not controlled, it drives the human beings crazy.


Then this respected Acarya told that ‘This is not my own theory. Baba

always explains this fact in our reporting. And there are many evidences

when Baba has clearly written in Subhasita Samgraha by citing this sloka

“Jaha’n ka’m vaha’n nahi ra’m”. That means where sexual attraction is

there, there is no existence of God. Means, into same mind we cannot put

two things. Sexual feelings and Godly love. Devotion.





In this transitional period when society is in crisis and needs our help

and Baba has given the unique philosophy. And there are good number of

dedicated WTs and Margiis working day and night to establish this. In this

situation we should not allow any sort of negative things which goes

against the teachings of our beloved Baba. Whether it is small or big, we

should not allow anything which goes against Baba.


Now in this below teaching Baba says it is the duty of men only to come

forward, and solve this problem.


Baba says, “Candidly when there is no question of women’s rights having

been snatched away, it hardly calls for an agitation reminiscent of the

trade union movement. Whatever responsibility there be on this account, it

is entirely men’s own. If any agitation is called for at all, the

initiative must come from the men themselves. Today, having realised the

necessity of women, it is now the responsibility of men to gradually

restore rights to women, which one day women surrendered to men in a weak

moment of helplessness or in response to their heart felt sentiments.” (HS

I ’87 ed., p.30)





Here Baba’s blessing is with us.


Baba says, “Moralists, though in a minority today, have no reason to worry.

Once society is led by people who are intellectually and intuitionally

developed, there will certainly be no scope for exploitation and

injustice.” (AFPS-2, p. 15)


Sisterly yours,







Various PS cassettes are still being published like this. I have

seen in Calcutta in the market, it is still being sold like this. So this

negativity is still going on. And the common public is looking upon this

Prabhat Samgiita as their tool of crude enjoyment, just like common film

cassettes. So Prabhat Samgiita is getting propagated, but in very negative



Means it is very unfortunate that B group Dadas are putting the picture of

females on Prabhat Samgiita cassette which is absurd. On some of the covers

appears the photo of one filmy actress etc. By looking that cassette you

can see that it is odd.


No true Margii likes to keep that cassette in sadhana place. Nobody likes

to keep such type of negative cassettes along with their musical

instruments etc in their sadhana area. This trend of putting females photo

on Prabhat Samgiita cassette is condemnable. On this very point I talked

with more than one dozen WT’s and half a dozen family acaryas. All were

agree that Baba’s teaching must be followed about – “Caks’una’ Sam’varo

Sa’dhu”. Baba does not appreciate that His disciple should have weakness

for such animal propensities.





Further my Acarya narrated, ‘I have clear remembrance of different

reportings and dharma samiksa when I saw clearly that those Margiis or WT’s

who had even a little weakness towards the sex, Baba could not tolerate.

And Baba dealt with firm hand.’


He recalled one incident when he asked to one senior Dada that ‘Baba

was very serious and tough during dealing with the cases of sexual affairs.’





“(Toma’ke) ka’che peye tabu cena’ da’y…” – P.S. 4792




Baba, even when having You close it is hard to recognise You. You are

surrounding me in different colors and shapes in the form of this entire

creation; but it is difficult to recognise You.

Wherever You live– in the divine world or in the spiritual world or in

the psychic world, what can I do. Nothing comes and goes in my life.

When I face the scorching heat of the burning desert or when I see the

pouring rain of the rainy season, then I do not understand how they are

telling the tales of Your greatness.

Similarly when I see the softness of the winter season and the sweet

fragrant breeze of the spring season that time also I do not understand how

they are spreading the tales of Your glory. In the extremely cold season

when staticity surrounds, it is hard to maintain proper movement in the

life. That time I feel in the mind that behind this entire the creation You

are hiding.

The tender, colorful leaves of the spring season and the sweet fragrance

of the flowers which are full of nectar, they are pouring Your love. Baba

having You in close proximity, even then it is hard to recognise You. Baba

Your liila is incomparable. Baba, You are all around me but I do not

recognise You…




All Are Equal


Baba says, “Parama Purusa desires the spiritual progress of all…His

daughters are as worthy of love as His sons. When a father plays with his

children he does not differentiate between his son and his daughter. He

takes both on his lap. Both are treated equally. But today’s society is a

villain which continues to exploit women. In the eyes of Parama Purusa all

are equal. ” (AV-8, p. 96)



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