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Date: Sat 19 Feb 2011 21:23:42 -0400

From: Divyajyoti_Deva

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Subject: Pratiika: Adjustment between Two Cakras







As we all know, Baba has placed great importance on the meaning and use of our Ananda Marga pratiika. Here below is a short explanation of how the pratiika is related with our cakras.


1. The two, perfectly-balanced equilateral triangles in our pratiika represent the manipura cakra (i.e. 3rd cakra) and the ajina cakra (i.e. 6th cakra).


2. The manipura cakra is the triangle pointed upward signifying service to society. This cakra gives the body energy and stamina to do action in the world.


3. The ajina cakra is the triangle pointed downward signifying spiritual sadhana and self-realisation. The ajina cakra is the seat of the mind.


4. We must practice and represent this symmetry in our day to day life by keeping perfect balance between our meditation (sadhana) and worldly work (social service).


5. Our mission is: Átmamokśárthaḿ jagaddhitáya ca.


A’tmamokśárthaḿ (self-realisation) is represented by the downward pointed triangle (i.e. ajina cakra) in our pratiika; jagaddhitáya ca (selfless service) is represented by the upward pointed triangle ( i.e. manipura cakra) in our pratiika.


6. Maintaining balance between these two triangles – representing spiritual practice for self-realisation & selfless service to humanity – is needed. As sadhakas, we should be in perfect balance just like our pratiika. That means we must do maximum sadhana without losing our adjustment with this world; and we must do maximum social service without forgetting our sadhana.


7. When we maintain perfect balance between our inner world (downward pointed triangle) and the outer world (upward pointed triangle) then we will get all-round progress (signified by the rising sun in our pratiika) and ultimately victory (signified by the swastika in our pratiika).


8. Achieving this state is not easy. All too often, as aspirants we fail to maintain proper balance in life. Most commonly, people get too caught up in their worldly work and their sadhana gets neglected. In some cases the opposite happens. So we must constantly assess our position and strive to keep a balance between our inner and outer worlds.


9. Here the point is that we must not just wear our pratiika around neck, but our daily life must be a proper representation of the pratiika, i.e. perfectly balance between service to society and self-realisation. That means our life must fully represent AM ideology.


Baba says, “What should a person do? Life is a mission. I have said that human life is an ideological flow. That is, human life is a mission; life itself is a mission; one’s very existence is a mission. Átmamokśárthaḿ jagaddhitáya ca – “Whatever one is to do one is to do for átmamokśa – for his or her own liberation – and for the elevation of the entire world, elevation of the entire human society.” One is to do both these things: that is, these two things are one’s mission.” (Ánanda Vacanámrtam Part 30)


10. In the notes below please read about (a) how we use the pratiika in our social and spiritual functions, (b) Baba’s description of the pratiika, as well as (c) how the pratiika is explained in the latest editions of our AM books.








At dharmacakra, we may display (a) the Ananda Marga pratiika, (b) Baba’s photo, or (c) both items.


Likewise, when our acaryas perform diiksa (initiation), they may use the AM pratiika and / or Baba’s photo.


During DMC when Baba was up on the stage then there would always be a pratiika on display behind Him. Still today at DMS we present Baba’s photo and behind His photo is the pratiika.





Here is Baba’s pointed explanation of the pratiika.


Baba says, ‘Your Pratiika [Emblem]: A triangle with one vertex up superimposed on another triangle with one vertex down, with the rising sun having a swastika inside. These are symbols of energy, knowledge, advancement and permanent victory, respectively.” (Caryacarya, part 1, “Treasures of Ananda Marga”)





Here below is the dharmic way the publishers have explained the pratiika on the inside pages of the recently printed AM books.


The pratiika represents in a visual way the essence of Ananda Marga ideology. The six-pointed star is composed of two equilateral triangles. The triangle pointing upward represents action, or the outward flow of energy through selfless service to humanity. The triangle pointing downward represents knowledge, the inward search for spiritual realization through meditation. The sun in the center represents advancement, all-round human progress. The goal of the aspirant’s march through life is symbolized by the swastika, which means spiritual victory.


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From: “Seshagiri Deva”

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Subject: Short Stories About Naive People

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 21:37:19 +0530







Some friends went to the zoo and were very intrigued by the lion. There were big, thick iron bars all around the area and red warning signs stating “Alert – Dangerous Animal: Keep your hands and feet away”.


Seeing the magnificence of the lion, some of the people were very mesmerized and were tempted to extend their hands within the boundary line. The zoo keeper noticed what was going on and warned everyone not to place their hands. He told them all to go back.


Immediately, the naive visitors became quite angry with the zoo keeper. They said, “Why are you terrorizing us, why are you trying to scare us; everything is alright, nothing bad is going to happen.” This was their reaction to the zoo keeper’s guideline.


Of course, we all know that the zoo keeper was not trying to scare or curse anyone. The zoo keeper’s sole intention was to warn them of the dangers and keep everyone safe and happy. If those visitors to the zoo understood this then they would not have argued with the zoo-keeper. Instead they would have calmly accepted his guideline, knowing that the zoo keeper was watching for their well-being.


Here is another story.


Once a team of travelers were driving from the flat lands up into a hilly and mountainous region. Soon they began to see lots of road signs: “Winding Road, Drive Slow”; “Dangerous Roadway, Exercise Caution”; and, “Deadly Turn – 200 Foot Chasm” etc.


Seeing all the signs, the drivers became furious and started a court case against the department of transportation for trying to terrify and scare them.


But we all know that the highway authorities were not trying to frighten anyone. Their sole intention was to warn drivers of the very real dangers and keep everyone safe and happy.


So those are the two stories. Now let’s see how they relate with our AM way of life.





At present in our Marga, a few people are upset and want to change or delete certain words from our Supreme Command. In particular they do not like these lines:


“Those who perform sadhana twice a day regularly, the thought of Parama Purusa will certainly arise in their minds at the time of death…Disobedience to this command is nothing but to throw oneself into the tortures of animal life for crores of years…”.


They especially do not like the second half of the aforementioned quote, which is intrinsically inseparable from the first line.


These naive people contend that Baba is trying to scare and terrify them – hence they do not want to speak or repeat this line, nor the entire Supreme Command.


But we all know that Baba wants our welfare and as the Supreme Father He is merely alerting us of the dangers of not doing sadhana twice daily. It is similar to the zoo keeper warning those visitors not to extend their hand beyond the boundary line and the department of transportation warning about the deadly turn.


Baba wants our progress to hasten along the path of bliss. He does not want to see anyone fall into problem.


Due to their simplicity, some people do not realise this. For this reason they are no different from those naive visitors to the zoo or those ignorant travelers on that mountain road.





Here the critical problem is that some people are not aware about Baba’s teachings on brahmcakra, saincara, pratisaincara and negative pratisaincara. If they knew those points, they would understand that not doing sadhana and indulging only in materialistic thinking causes one to get turned into matter: stone, iron, wood and rock etc.


Unfortunately, such people do not realize that this line of the Supreme Command has been given to warn every aspirant about the dangers of materialistic and sensual pursuits. Baba wants everyone to make their life successful.


If those people were properly taught by their acaryas and understood Baba’s teachings about pratisaincara and the cycle of creation, they would have felt gratitude for Baba’s reminder in The Supreme Command.


Just like high-blood pressure patients feel gratitude towards their doctors for saving them by educating them about the dangers of a eating meat; in result, they can extend their life. Such patients feel grateful.


If those people understood how Baba’s guideline will help save them, they too would feel gratitude. But naive people cannot think in this way and instead become furious upon hearing Baba’s good advice.








My deepest respects to those wts doing pracara work in difficult fields. I appreciate their sacrifice and hard work. They have dedicated their life to propagate the gospel of neo-humanism and truth. My request is that they should do just that by educating these sympathizers who have newly come to the Marga. Such sympathizers do not understand Ananda Marga philosophy. Dadas should educate them. Then this type of problem will be eliminated permanently. And they will be grateful to those Dadas for saving them.





“Dhya’nete a’ji dekhechi a’sabe tumi a’ma’r ghare…” (P.S. 4594)




O’ my dearmost Baba, by Your divine grace, today I have seen You in my dhya’na and You told me that You will be coming to my house. O’ my Lord, You are so gracious. And now everything is ready for Your grand arrival. The seat has been properly prepared and the colorful a’lpana’ decorations have been beautifully placed on the path of Your arrival. Baba, since then how many days and how many nights have passed– I have no calculation. Why is it that You did not come. You must have taken a strong vow not to come. But by Your grace today You have broken that vow– and that is why You are coming. It is Your grace.

Baba, we are so very close; we have been together since the dawn of creation. Your and my introduction did not only happen hundreds and thousands of years ago. O’ all-pervading Entity, all along– each and every moment– You have secretly been with me, since the beginning of time. Baba, always You have remained by my side.

Baba, today You blessed me in my dhyana and You told me that You are coming to my house. This is Your causeless grace…




Slowly Moving Towards Cemetery


Baba says, “Human beings often attach less importance to the spiritual aspect of nitya karma and more importance to the physical aspect. This is detrimental because one should not forget that human life is short. From the moment of birth one slowly and steadily advances towards death with every passing second. This short period of time from birth to death is human life. Human beings have come from the world of invisibility and at the end of this short span of time will return to the world of invisibility. Those people can be called intelligent who utilize every moment of their short life engaged in spiritual practice.” (APH-4, p. 251)



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