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Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2011 11:18:21

From: “Hank Deva”

Subject: Unpublished Unique Handwriting of Baba







Our Ananda Marga is 100% rational in all respects – firmly based in the

ways of neo-humanism.


In 1961, Baba delivered one unique teaching – in the form of a

handwritten message – that ensures the well-being of all peoples and

protects the dignity of the entire humanity.


Till today, this special teaching has not been published in any of our

AM books, pamphlets or magazines.





Here is the hand-written message which Baba has written in both English

and Hindi:


“Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and

any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that

their charges are properly established.” – Baba (8 Jan 1961)


Such are the words Baba Himself penned on that day. It is a great

teaching for all, especially those who are the vanguards of society.


In each and every era, various groups or communities have tried hard to

exploit and demean another people, and in that process the exploiters

have come up with all kinds of justifications and logic, but Baba’s

above guideline wholly rejects all such attempts.


In a phrase, Baba’s guideline does away with all kinds of stereotypes.


Let’s together investigate the full impact and scope of Baba’s above

handwritten guideline.





Baba’s above guideline offers a strong response to all those who indulge

in stereotypes. As we all know, a “stereotype” is when a person or group

makes a blanket statement about another community based on their own

biased views.


For instance, a person might proclaim:


– Black people are dumb; or,


– Females are too weak to be leaders; or,


– Jewish people are stingy, i.e. not generous $$; or,


– Muslims are terrorists; or


– Hairjans are dirty and uncultured; or,


– Mexicans are thieves.


(Note: There are certain existing stereotypes in AMPS such as no matter how hard they try, females will never be smart enough to run their own organisation. They should always be controlled by Dadas. Likewise, some feel that overseas Wts are not and will never be devoted enough to become Sectorial Secretary. Then there are other stereotypes surrounding circumcision, Supreme Command, co-ed camping at retreats, and adolescents having boyfriends and girlfriends, and many more.)


These are the types of “stereotypical” statements that some proclaim.

And in many cases, they may even have the data, facts, and figures to

back up their claim. Yet Baba’s staunch guideline from His handwritten

message is that we should firmly reject such charges.


For instance, about black people, a white supremest will say that by

nature black people are stupid and do not finish school. To support

their claim, that white supremest might present data from Harvard

University that shows that many black people drop out of high school,

very few go to college, and that many black people in the US end up

impoverished or in jail. Based on these established facts, the supremest

concludes that black people are dumb. Such racists, like this white

supremest, use real facts to justify their view(s).


However, Baba’s guideline is that even if “their charges are properly

established”, we should never accept the ways of racism etc. That means,

it may be true that more black people in the US do drop out of high

school and end up in jail, but one must never indulge in the racist

belief that therefore black people are only “half-human” or dumb. That

is not the proper conclusion as there are many factors involved.


Proof being that the same high school dropout rate would apply to white

students if they faced similar circumstances like financial hardship,

neighborhood crime, and a slew of other issues that have been rampant in

black neighborhoods after centuries and decades of racial discrimination

and unfair treatment.


It is our duty to attune our minds to the myriad of social injustices

that forced black people into such a desperate position. That is the

direction we should look and then remedy the situation accordingly. The

answer is not to indulge in racism and wrongly conclude that black

people drop out of school because they are dumb.


Thus, in no way, shape or form, should we give credence to such

stereotypical statements that play into one community pushing down or

exploiting another. Whether those statements are about the nature of

women, the ways of people from a particular nation, or the behaviour of

those in a specific religion or caste etc, we are to firmly stand by our

principles and keep a neo-humanistic outlook, never giving way to crude

beliefs based on caste, group, religious, or national sentiment etc.





Unfortunately, there are similar things going on today in our Marga.

Because of the grand diversity of life in AM and Baba’s special system

of posting workers, the scene in AM is far, far better than that of the

general society, even then we can find hints of racism or lingualism etc.


For instance, if any group in AM tries to enhance their prestige by

promoting their language or their area as being the best and the most

unique in the world, then that stand cannot be at all appreciated. We

must wholly reject such views.


That means if certain Bengali Wts and margiis proclaim that Amra Bengali

is the most important or best samaj and therefore all others are “second

best”, then we should reject their claims. The Bengali speaking leaders

may argue that only their language is 92% Sanskrit, or that Baba wrote

thousands of Prabhat Samgiita songs in Bengali, or that their race is a

unique blending of the four races etc. They may present all these types

of facts to show that workers from Bengal are most venerable and great.

But it is totally wrong to say that Bengali wts are the best or that

Amra Bengali samaj is the top. Because such statements are based on

“isms” like racism and lingualism. In that case those people (i.e.

propagandists) should be dealt with strongly. That is Baba’s exact



“Propagandists of communalism, provincialism, casteism, lingualism and

any other ism should be strongly dealt with even if it is found that

their charges are properly established.” – Baba (8 Jan 1961)


All stereotypes are baseless as they are based on some type of ism. We

should be vigilant when dealing with such type of propagandists. That is

Baba’s exact teaching.





If we look from a different perspective we can see that Hindi group

leaders proclaim that any worker from Bengal is a spy and not to be

trusted. Such groupists view people based on groupist affiliation and

geo-sentiment. Thus, the Hindi or EC leaders are no less guilty of this

disease than those workers from Bengal.


The striking point is that in AM, geo-sentiment is dominant internally. Openly

they may not preach this sentimeent as they intellectually know it goes against neo-humanism, but those in power got there based on this sentiment. They

feel more comfortable with people of their same clan.


All the various Wt groups have been formed on this basis. No doubt they have

their logic to support their racist views etc, but whatever logic they

give should be discarded. Because they are just manipulating certain

facts to support their own narrow-minded ism.


If we see critically, then most of the key posts of a particular group

are given to people of their area or to those who have surrendered their

faith to that particular geographical place.


It is just like if an Afghan man surrenders himself to US supremacy then

and only then can he get a high post – otherwise he will just be thought

of as a terrorist.


Right now, in almost whatever direction we look, we can see groupist

leaders justifying their case and placing greater importance on their

chosen area, at expense of other places and peoples. That is the current

situation in AM and it is this that we should oppose. That is Baba’s






One key point to remember is that each and every area has mix of good

and bad people – everywhere it is like this. In Bengal, there are many

good people as well as bad persons, i.e. criminals and thieves, etc.


So no area, race, caste or group can proclaim themselves as the revered

ones or the best above all others. If anyone does like this it means

that they are are adhering to groupism, racism or some other ism. No

matter what logic they give, we should treat that as straw and throw it



Unfortunately, some people never tire of praising that their own group

and some dumb people feel fortunate or honoured to receive those ideas.

In that we they get totally duped and become groupist pawns. However, we

should never get caught up in the belief that a certain group, language,

or region is really blessed and better than others.


Everywhere there are those who are blessed and those who are sinners. It

is not a functions of race, birth, language background, or birth etc.





By Baba’s grace He has blessed us with all the teachings in life to

build up a healthy human society and overcome all racism, casteism, etc.

We are to take a firm stand against those who indulge in stereotypes.

That is Baba’s distinct teaching that He wrote down that day in 1961.

And it is as true today as it was then. We should all pay heed.








“Tumi eso go, eso go, eso go, a’mi hrday-duya’r khule diyechi…” (P.S.





Baba, by Your grace I have so much longing in my heart. Baba, I am

anxiously waiting for You. By Your grace I have kept the door of my

heart open for You. Please come, please come, please come and reside in

the deep core of my heart. Baba, You have taken all the nectar from my

flower blossom which I had been saving for You. Baba, You have taken,

You have taken.


Baba, year after year has passed– so many sweet,

loving memories have been lost in the oblivion. But You did not come.

Time passes like this. Baba, so many divine songs that I have song for

You have been swept away into the vast expanse. But You did not come.

Even now, I am eagerly waiting and looking constantly towards the path

of Your arrival. Baba, I am desperately waiting and looking forward to

hearing Your footsteps.


Baba, by Your grace I am always moving forward

towards You. Sometimes my speed is fast, by Your grace. And sometimes

due to my lethargy, my speed is quite slow. But by Your grace always I

am moving ahead on Your path, singing Your song with deep longing for

You. Baba in Your divine tune and melody and with the rhythm of

devotional yearning, by Your grace I am always ideating on Your supreme

thoughts and blissful tales.


Baba, please be gracious and come; my heart is always open and longing for You. Baba, please grace me and reside eternally in the depths of my heart and become my own…




Money and Peace


Baba says, “With the acquisition of money people still feel that they have

nothing; in spite of possessing a huge amount of money they often beat

their chests in despair. So it is not money they seek– what they truly

desire is peace, not happiness. But it is only rarely that people attain

peace in life…The answer [then] is that by attaining Parama Purus’a one

no longer has any unsatiated hunger or unqueched thirst.” And that is the

stage of perfect peace. (SS-12, p.38)


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