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Subject: Baba Story: When He was in Jail

Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2011 18:54:34 -0000







We all know that we need to “jumpstart” our AMPS in order to make it

dynamic and vibrant once again.


However, one should not think that this has never happened before. In

the past also our organisation experienced a distinct lull, if not a

full-blown crisis, and by His grace we did bounce back with tremendous

momentum. So the situation we find ourselves in today is not new – there

is a precedent.


This below Baba story offers the perfect strategy for transforming our

AMPS into a sterling, bustling society once again.


Your thoughts and reflections are most welcomed.







During Emergency, when Baba was in jail, then the mood of our Marga was

a bit sullen. There were court cases, controversies, tales of scandal,

and quite a bit of intrigue. Devotionally margiis were managing alright,

by His grace, but in the social sphere things were a bit gloomy. People

were hesitant to do pracara or go out in public and talk about Ananda

Marga. Our AM train was moving slowly.


Baba, being the Parama Purusa incarnate, knew the perfect remedy.


While fasting in jail, Baba forcefully declared, “I need newsletters,

that will be my food.”


Baba’s dynamic proclamation set the wheels of our Marga in motion.

Immediately, word spread how Baba wanted to hear news about what was

happening in the Marga around the globe and that this would be His food.


Of course, in His mind’s eye, Baba was intuitively aware about each and

every thought, word and deed so His declaration for newsletters was more

of strategy for rejuvenating the Marga. And indeed how well it worked.





The effect of Baba’s call was very dramatic. Ananda Margiis all over

jumped into action.


Each district and locale realised that they needed to create a

newsletter. And to write a newsletter they needed something to write

about. In order to have something to write about they needed to do

something. This was the way it worked.


So margiis began vigorously involving themselves in all kinds of social

service projects and good deeds. Once done, then they could and would

write and print that news and mail it to Baba and that would be His

food. Everyone became quite active; all were feeling blissful.


Plus, everyone was vigilant to write news that was accurate and true.

Nobody wanted to give Baba bad food and we all knew that He knew what

was true or not. So the social service endeavors were done with full

feeling and accurately reported.


Then the various units thought that since we are printing news for Baba,

why not print more copies and send it to other units and regions as

well. This created a whole network of newsletters. No longer were

various margiis or units sitting alone in isolation worried about the

fate of AM. Now the scene was abuzz with news coming in all kinds of

directions. Margiis were more active than ever: Schools, pracara, talks,

mass feeding, clothes distribution, university seminars, and so much

more. And when one unit would read about what another was doing, then

they would implement that program in their area as well. Such

newsletters had a wonderful domino effect.


By all this activity our Marga was growing by leaps and bounds and the

sullen skies in AM cleared and everyone had a bright, positive vision

for moving ahead, despite the difficulties.


Then, when Baba was finally cleared of all charges and released from

prison, our Marga society was in full-swing. It was a driving force.

This was all His grace and His divine planning.


Baba understood perfectly that in order to turn things in the right

direction there needed to be dynamism in the social sphere. And

newsletters were the perfect way to get things going. Then people would

feel that they are part of some larger movement. This made everyone feel

connected, engaged, and hopeful.


What worked so beautifully those days will have an equally beneficial

effect today.





Now when the mood is a bit down in AMPS due to rampant groupism, there

are various calls for how to bring things back to life. Some are making

organisational handbooks, some are attempting peace meetings, some are

trying to merge the groups, and some are just working independently.


Whatever may be, we should certainly aim for Baba’s approach: newsletters.





Some may naively declare, “But we already have newsletters – I get lots

of emails.”


In truth however, we do not have lots of newsletters. There is not a

single organisationally sanctioned newsletter. Only the various groupist

forces are sending out their own biased views and news – most of which

is either tainted by group interest or totally false.


A newsletter – whether it be electronic or otherwise – should be true,

rational and totally unbiased. Yet today, everything coming out of this

or that organisational channel is just one concocted groupist portrayal.

If their group is involved then the event is reported like gold and if

their group is not involved then it is reported like feces. Everything

is drawn along party lines.


Actually this type of thing has been going on since 1990, in one form or

another. So much false news has been reported that people have lost

interest in these reports. And they have lost interest in reporting what

is going on in their area.


This has all had an extremely detrimental effect.


Now then is the time to turn all this around. We should actively support

and adhere to Baba’s newsletter strategy.





The first question might be: What type of things are newsworthy. And the

answer is anything that tightens the bonds within our Marga.


That means things like births, baby-naming ceremonies, akhanda kiirtan,

social service, developments in schools, pracar, deaths, retreats – each

and everything can be reported. And there should be organisationally

sanctioned channels, totally free of group interest.


By sharing all these types of news in a fair and truthful manner – on

the regional, sectorial, and global level – then our whole Marga family

will be benefited.


And while this is Baba’s distinct approach, it should not be overlooked

that many organisations and movements do like this as well.





Every organisation hoping to succeed on this earth keeps their internal

structure strong by keeping their members “in the know” and inspired.

Whether the organisation be Greenpeace, Amnesty International, or any

other, newsletters, grass-roots sharing, and open and truthful lines of

communication are a must. They all do it.







Now there may be some news clippings moving around our AM society here

and there. But that is not enough, especially when the crude hand of

groupist networks are on the rise.


By implementing Baba’s system of oranisationally sanctioned newsletters

– employing a multi-tier approach – covering local and global events,

all will feel more connected and inspired. It will encourage others to

implement the ways of AM into their own lives and that of their community.


Living alone or in isolation is not at all good. We are social beings.

Having healthy, productive, open newsletters will improve the overall

climate and psychology of the Marga. We will no longer feel like we are

sitting in one seething groupist volcano.


Instead we will realise how many like-minded sadhakas are in our grand

AM family. By Baba’s grace He has brought us together – and with good

reason: To learn and grow with one another as we embark on leading a

life dedicated to Him and serving humanity.


With these newsletters, all will feel closer and part of some greater

whole. No doubt on the spiritual level we all feel linked with Baba by

His grace. But that social connection is very important for building a

strong, cohesive movement. That will give us force.


So at the earliest this program should go on – in all units and in all

areas. One newsletter will lead to the next and inspire everyone to move

ahead. It will create boundless energy and much zeal.





By Baba’s grace He has given us a great example to live by. Whatever the

situation, Baba has already provided us with the pathway to move ahead.

Now when we are drowned in the dogma of groupism, one excellent way to

move forward and bring a new charge in the Marga is by creating

newsletters. Baba graciously declared this to be His food and today

such newsletters will be the staple for creating a new AMPS family,

unshackled by groupism and factional interest.


Baba says, “When people hesitate and doubt whether they can accomplish

something, and if they start to work in that hesitant frame of mind,

they can never accomplish that task. But if they plunge into action

thinking of their goal with courage, imbued with spiritual inspiration,

they are sure to be crowned with success. No action is greater than the

human capacity to perform it. Of all the manifold entities in this

expressed world, human beings are the most powerful.” (AMIWL-11)








“A’ma’y cha’r’iya’ kotha’ ja’o e nirajane…” (PS 665)




Baba, You are my closest One. O’ my Beloved, where are You going in

this isolated, lonely dark night– leaving me all alone. O’ my dearmost

Baba, please do not go away from me. Baba, why are You making me cry so

profusely & letting me float in the tears of my devotional longing for

You. Baba, please smile always in my mind, constantly radiating Your

sweet, divine love. Baba, by Your grace I have loved You so intimately

in dhyan; You know it well. Baba, You are my dearest One. But if You

were really a good person You would not play this heart-breaking liila

with me each and every moment; You would not leave me in this dark hour.

Baba please be merciful; please remain here along with me. Baba, there

are countless devotees with great qualities & talents who love You very

much. Indeed there are numerous persons with top-notch merits & virtues

who have deep longing for You. Because of this, it seems there is no

place for me in Your mind– neither during daytime nor nighttime,

neither in dream nor in awake state: Never. O’ Baba, please do not

leave me alone. Please shower Your causeless grace on me by keeping me

eternally in Your divine shelter…




Historical Fact


Baba says, “In the Pharsi language the sweet fruit known as mango is

called ta’mar. But in the early days the people in Iran did not know

what a mango looked like, nor did they know how it tasted. Because they

had only heard about it from travellers passing through. So the first

time a sour type of fruit from India reached Iran the local Pharsi

speaking people mistakenly thought it was a mango. Consequently they

started calling it ‘ta’mar-e-hind’, meaning ‘Mango from India. In

Pharsi, “Ta’mar” means ‘mango’; “e” means ‘of’; “Hind” means ‘India’.

Thus, Ta’mar-e-hind. And later when the Britishers saw those Iranians

calling those sour fruits ‘ta’mar-e-hind’, then the Britishers adopted

their own English pronunciation and started calling it “tamarind”. So

this is how the sour fruit tamarind came to be called in the English

Language.” (MGD & Field Walk, Raipur 18 Oct ’79)


Note: For those who may not be aware, the name for tamarind in Hindi is




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