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Subject: ‘I do not Belong to any Group’

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Many Dadas openly declare, ‘I do not belong to any group’. This is not

an uncommon proclamation these days. And indeed, in most cases, such a

declaration is to be appreciated; since, as we all know, groupism is

negative to the very bone. Groupism has no redeeming quality or value–

none at all.


Thus when any Dada says, ‘I do not belong to any group’, then that is

essentially commendable. Their stand is a positive stand.


At the same time we should be aware of two common pitfalls that occur

with some of these Dadas. A few fall into the chasm of Rajput’s Folly

while some others get stuck in creating fake unity. So we should all be

able to easily recognise these two detrimental syndromes.





Some, though certainly not all, of those Dadas who declare, ‘I do not

belong to any group’, often find themselves in the unfortunate position

of Rajput’s Folly.


This happens because those simple Dadas valiantly state their position

without realising or understanding the power of those groupist forces.

Hence, in their nativity, those Dadas boldly state, ‘I am not part of

any group, I am against all factional parties, etc etc’, but such Dadas

are not aware about their own inherent vulnerability, and in the end

they succumb to those very groupist forces and factional pressures.


Hence, what Baba describes here as Rajput’s folly is the same type of

syndrome that affects some of our Dadas.


Baba says, “Weak people must assess their strength before indulging in

violent conflict with a powerful aggressor; otherwise, if a fight is

started without acquiring proper strength injustice may temporarily

triumph. In history such an error has been called “Rajput folly”. The

Rajputs always went forward with courage to resist Mughal invasion. No

doubt, they fought valiantly, but they faced the enemy without assessing

their own strength. They suffered from intrigues and internal

dissensions and hence they always lost battles and died a heroic death.

It is, therefore necessary to acquire adequate strength before declaring

a war against an aggressor.” (GHC)


Regarding AM and groupism, those Dadas who are not mentally strong or

who do not have sufficient allies should not openly wage a war against

groupism by publicly declaring, ‘I do not belong to any group’. Better

they should temporarily keep quiet and maintain a basic truce with those

groupist elements until they themselves have garnered adequate strength

to maintain their dharmic position.


Failing that, some Dadas– no need to mention names here– have bravely,

yet naively’ declared their position against groupism, only later to

find themselves cornered, and unwittingly or not, they end up becoming

the agents of one or another faction.


Tragically we have all seen such things occur to some Dadas who

previously stated, ‘I do not belong to any group’.





Then there is another ailment that affects a few of our Dadas who state,

‘I do not belong to any group’. They fall into the dogma of fake unity.


As we all know unity can only be created through following AM ideology.

That is the only way.


Baba says, “Human unity is purely an ideological unity.” (PNS-15)


But what some Dadas do is try to create unity by bringing together

various groupist elements. They think by tying H, B, EC, NIA etc into

one flower garland, then a wonderful unity will result. But that is

total nonsense. Because ideological unity can never result by blending

various dogmas together.


And here, in this below question and answer sequence, Baba describes

this point very clearly.


Baba says, “How far is the unification of all religions possible?”

“Ans.: – To seek infinite bliss is the only dharma of humanity. Humanity

has but one dharma. Thus, the question of the unification of religions

does not arise. The apparent dissimilarity between various religions

arising due to differences in their ritualistic practices is not a

spiritual difference. Whenever rituals dominate and efforts to attain

bliss are feeble, whatever that may be, it is not spirituality.” (TK-1,

‘Q & A #49’)


Thus, no matter how hard one tries to create unity by gluing together

various groupist factions, they can never be successful. Because just as

it is impossible to create dharma by merging the various dogmatic

religions, similarly it is impossible to create unity by sticking all

the groupist forces in one hall. That is one doomed proposition.


Unfortunately, on the email, a few Dadas write, ‘I do not belong to any

group’, and then side by side they begin describing how they are

creating unity in their area by bringing all the groupist parties

together under one roof. But this is not at all unity. In that case,

only those groups are vying for supremacy and scouting out the

opposition. Whereas unity can only result when all those party members

renounce groupism entirely. And that they are not going.


So the plan of bringing B, EC, H, and other factions together and

stating that unity has been achieved is just one fake show of unity–

nothing more. That is exactly what Baba has stated in the above teaching

when He says that the unity of the dogmatic religions is not at all






Mahatma Gandhi once declared, ‘I do not belong to any religion, I honor

all religions’, and in that way he created temples where all the

dogmatic religions could pray. But the result was not at all unity.

Rather more and more animosity was created as Muslim and Hindu tensions

escalated, as they were both encouraged to follow their dogmatic ways.

And in the end, Gandhi himself was gunned down by a radical Hindu. Thus

his faulty dream of unity just shattered and drowned in the spilling of

his own blood.


Similarly, those who declare, ‘I do not belong to any group, I honor all

the groups’, then their way is going to create trouble as they are

validating the existence of those very groups. If one invites various

groupist leaders to a conference or table talk– without first ensuring

that those elements have truly renounced groupism– they that conference

or that table talk will just validate the existence of those very

groups. In a phrase one is saying, ‘It is ok for you to be groupist’.

When in fact groupism is a disease and should never be tolerated or

honored, neither implicitly nor explicitly.


One other way of thinking about it is if one says, ‘I am a vegetarian,

but I honor and respect all meat-eaters and they are allowed to come and

cook in my kitchen’. In that case, who can think that that person is

keeping a vegetarian kitchen.


Likewise, those Dadas who say, ‘I am not groupist’, yet invite

recognised groupist elements into their meetings or living rooms, then

who can think that that person is really a proponent of unity. When

unity itself does not allow the existence of any group.





So these above are some of the recognised flaws and pitfalls of those

who declare, ‘I do not belong to any group’. Of course this is not the

case with all Dadas, but some. And we should all be aware so that we

also do not fall prey to any faulty plan that actually gives more power

to groupist elements.





We all want true unity in our Marga, and by His grace it is going to

happen soon. The more we strictly adhere to His ideological tenets, the

more we do not feed the fire of groupism, then the faster our march to

unity will reach its sacred home. Victory, victory to Ananda Marga.


Baba says, “To live in peace and harmony, there must be a supreme

ideology accepted by all, because whenever there are ideological

differences, physical conflicts between individuals and groups are bound

to occur, and peaceful social life becomes impossible.” (NSS, Disc: 2)









So we must be careful. Because in the name of unity, various factional

leaders may try so many ploys, or stunts, and in one way or another this

or that margii might get roped in– some might fall prey to those

groupist schemes of fake unity. That is why Baba says we must be wary of

such an unwanted scenario.


Baba says, “They will try to unite the people forcibly through the

pressure of governmental [or groupist] machinery….by the steamroller

of governmental [groupist] machinery, but such unity is not at all

desirable.” (TTP)


Thus one must never succumb or give way to groupist pressure thinking

that by this way unity will be found.





“A’jake sa’njhe madhur sa’jhe ke else go, ke ele…” (P.S. 5006)




In this sweet and intoxicated evening, Who has come, Who has come? Who

is that Entity Who has created this new wave in everyone’s life and in

everyone’s heart. Those who are sitting with their doors and windows

closed, please come out and forget about the differences of own and

other. That divine Entity Who is always sitting in the mind, He has come

in front of us. We should enjoy His august arrival all together…




Food Problems and Their Solution


Baba says, “In the event of shortages in the food and accommodation of

the population of the world, people will convert uncultivated land into

new arable land, increase the productivity of the soil by scientific

methods, produce food by chemical processes with earth, water and air,

and if this earth decreases in its productivity, then land seeking human

beings will migrate to different planets and satellites and settle

there.” (PNS-13, p.45)



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