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Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 19:41:22 -0400
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Subject: Baba Story: Creation of WT / PP



This following real incident that was exposed by Baba in reporting neatly parallels the present day scenario of creating a new PP on Mar 25, 26, 27.

In the 80’s when there was intense pressure to create Wts, one avadhuta came up with a special ploy. In those days, workers would get higher posts and all kinds of rewards for creating a new Wt. To satisfy his selfish agenda of getting a higher post, here is what that one worker / avadhuta did.

This Wt convinced one margii to become a fake WT. The plan was for this margii to (a) go to training centre, (b) live there for a few months, (c) become an acarya, and (d) graduate from TC and get posted in the field. All along that margii was to maintain strict secrecy. The Wt furthermore told that, “Once you get a posting our agreement is over and you may do as you wish. Since I am requesting you to do all this, I will pay you double your normal salary while you carry out my plan.”

The plan proceeded accordingly and by this way the avadhuta got the credit for creating a new Wt and the margii got trained and posted as an acarya and then left his acaryaship to resume his prior margii life.

Shortly thereafter, the avadhuta who arranged this came for reporting. Then in front of one and all Baba exposed this worker. The Wt got a serious beating and lost everything he had gained, i.e. his post and prestige was now all gone. Indeed Baba exposed the whole story.

A similar event is happening now with those who are trying to make Kinshuk into the new PP. Just see.

In the aforementioned incident, one avadhuta contracted and paid a margii to act as a Wt temporarily, so that he (the avadhuta) could gain more power. Of course we all know that being a Wt is a lifelong commitment; it is a permanent position. But that avadhuta coaxed the margii to do it temporarily for his own personal gain.

The situation going on now of making Kinshuk into PP is 100% the same. It is perfectly analogous to the above story.

Baba Himself has designated the PP post as a permanent, lifelong position. Yet now the position of PP has been reduced to a mere few months as certain groupists prepare to place Kinshuk in the chair so that they (B group) can grab the power. Of course Kinshukji is a family man with many personal responsibilities, so B group has promised to compensate Kindshuk handsomely for obliging them. In this way Kinshuk is going to become PP, then B group will reap the rewards, and soon after Kinshuk will leave the post and return to his normal family matters and business pursuits. Such is the scheme B group has devised. Hence theirs is a mirror image of the above noted incident with the avadhuta who turned one margii into a “Wt” for his own personal gain.

The only difference between then and now is that earlier Baba was there to whip that deceitful avadhuta and expose him to the bone and whereas today one has to to use their vivek to see through the smokescreen.

We must not compromise our standard. We must safeguard Baba’s teachings and maintain the integrity of the PP post.


We are human beings; our minds are limited and we do not know everything. On all fronts though we saw that Baba is Almighty. He has perfect knowledge.

Those who know this very fact and all sane human beings will never try to use their brain to find fault in Baba’s rules and regulations, nor will they try to change Baba’s mandates. Those who do try to change Baba’s teachings are not proper disciples. Our duty is to try to understand, follow, and execute Baba’s guidelines in the right way and get the proper result – including with the creation of a new PP.


Those searching for a flaw(s) in Baba’s teachings suffer from a defective mentality. With that silly mindset, they will see “flaws” or “weaknesses” in Baba’s every teaching. Such persons will be prone to change all our AM guidelines – including the duration of PP’s tenure. They do such things not because the philosophy is faulty but because of their own stupidity and ignorance.

Baba has designated the tenure of PP to be lifelong; it is a permanent position. Baba’s teaching about this in Caryacarya is ideal; We should not compromise. Those who do so suffer from a defective mentality.


There are many, many benefits to following Baba’s guidelines and having the post of Purodha Pramukha as a lifelong position.

1. When the post of PP is permanent then the Purodha Pramukha does not have to worry about losing his post and he can focus fully on his work and make tough decisions. That means the PP can strictly adhere to AM mandates without concern that fickle-minded people will try and oust him. By this way dharma will be maintained.

2. When the PP post is lifelong then it will not be politicized in that one will not have to campaign to keep their post, nor will the PP be prone to or become a victim of public pressure. Whereas if the post of PP is for the short-term, then when the PP leaves the position he may face backlash and victimisation.

3. And of course, despite all logic, after all, this is Baba’s given system that the post of PP is lifelong. So we should follow Guru’s mandate whether we understand it or not. We are merely mortal human beings prone to error and we should not change the rules and regulations of Parama Purusa. This point alone is enough for any proper Ananda Margii to understand that the post of PP must be lifelong.

4. In every religion, the top postholders have lifelong tenure. By this way their designated rituals and traditions are carried from generation to generation. Then mullahs, rabbis, or priests can hold strong to their religious mandates without fear of repercussion from the masses. Because of this lifelong tenure, the Catholic church has carried on with their old dogmas from one century to the next. Of course in Ananda Marga there is no dogma so all those dharmic teachings will be kept in tact by keeping PP post as a permanent position.

5. Here the point is that we will be unable to maintain the sanctity of our darshan (philosophical) and shruti (spiritual) shastras if we keep changing the PP. With a lifelong tenure, the Purodha Pramukha need not be sidelined by any other worldly matters like job security or winning popularity contests. Only the PP will adhere to Baba’s tenets. As was noted in the previous point, the religions use this system of lifelong appointments and they have kept their scriptures and rituals in tact.

6. Everything in AM needs a lifelong commitment. In the public or private sectors people do their jobs for a short time. But in AM most everything is permanent. Becoming a wholetimer is a lifelong commitment; one must immerse oneself in that flow. It is a lifelong decision. Plus anyone who becomes a margii must make permanent lifestyle changes. Our Marga is not a political party; it is a way of life. By this way people are highly dedicated and get truly transformed. Having PP be a permanent position is wholly consistent with our AM ideals.

7. Top of all Baba is Parama Purusa and with His infinite wisdom and knowledge He Himself decided that the post of Purodha Parmukha will be lifelong. This is enough proof for any devotee to realise that this is best for our AM society. So we should follow Baba. He is the Sadguru and we are just His disciples.


Regarding the post of Purodha Pramukha, Baba’s given system is permanent. PP should be, nay must be, a strong and dharmic personality. If the post is not secure, then the PP position itself will be weak. In that case he will just be overpowered by group sentiment and public opinion. The post of PP must be above that.

Some naive people may worry that if the PP post is lifelong then that PP may do wrong. But this is a silly idea as the Purodha Board has full authority to overrule PP should the need arise. The only reason so many wrongs were committed under thew watch of PP Shraddhananda is that the purodhas those days selected Shraddhananda with the idea of manipulating him. Indeed Sarvatmananda did that just after 1990 and thereafter it was Rudrananda who dominated PP Shraddhananda. In both instances that outcome was not good and more about this is written down below. Here again, the point is that when purodhas have a proper vision in mind then their selected PP will be dharmic, not a stooge. Then the lifelong appointment of PP will bear much fruit and one need not worry of PP doing wrong etc.

In the US, the high judges / justices are given lifetime appointments and they do not do reckless things. Rather, with that job security they are able to focus on the law and not concern themselves with public opinoin. So just because a post is a lifelong appointment does not mean it will be misused. The right person will hold the post honourably and do proper work.

PP can retire due to health concerns, but margiis / acaryas cannot force him to retire. When the post is subject to margii protest then that is not a religious organisation but rather a political one.

When AM philosophy is so rational then the darshan shastra and dharma shastra / shruti shaastra will never be changed. The post and power allotted to PP is all based on scriptures given by Baba. In that case margii protest is not the deciding factor.


Some may look back on the years of this post 1990 era and wrongly conclude that PP Shraddhanandaji was the cause and we should avoid (again) having PP as a lifelong post. But in truth all those wrongdoings were not the fault of Shraddhananda. The blame goes to those groupists who made him PP. Such so-called purodhas effectively placed that post in Shraddhanandaji’s hands because they knew he could not do the job and therefore they would hold the power. They knew he would be the perfect spineless stooge and they could have their way. That was the way Sarvatmananda was thinking and that later on that was Rudrananda’s outlook as well. Use the PP Dada as a pawn to grab the power.

And indeed that is exactly what happened. Just after assigning Shraddhananda as PP then those same purodhas instantly started changing Baba’s divine guidelines in Caryacarya and tearing down all His given systems like the Bhukti Pradhan & ACB systems and curtailing margii rights. Plus so many other heinous crimes they committed.

So here the whole point is that those purodhas were not trying to select a proper PP back in 1990. Rather they sought a spineless person whom they could control and manipulate and with whom they could put forth their agenda. For this reason Shraddhananda was made PP.

Unfortunately a similar event is happening right now with the selection of Kinshuk as PP. In order to further their groupist agenda they selected Kinshuk as that would dupe margiis into believing that a new era had begun and family people would be respected and given a voice; when in reality their agenda is to bring people into their camp and rule the roost. That is what B group wants in this present situation.

Hence, whenever the purodhas are not proper then they will select the wrong person as PP. Thus it is not PP’s fault, nor is it the fault of Baba’s system. All blame goes to those selfish purodhas.

When the purodhas are proper then the right PP will be selected and that will be of great value to our entire AM family. That PP – with his lifelong tenure – will do all kinds of great works.


Baba is Parama Purusa and His system of making PP a lifelong position is perfect; it does not have a flaw. The flaw is in using that system. It is just like if a car is very good but if a person puts liquid cow dung in the gas tank and not petrol, then if the car does not function it is not the car’s fault but the user’s fault. Here the central idea is that thinking to change Baba’s system is not a good idea just because up till now the chair of PP has been misused.

Likewise, if a cat urinated on PP’s chair that does not mean that PP cannot sit on a chair ever again and he should sit on the floor forever. Just because up till now the person in the post of PP has not been proper does not mean that we should abandon Baba’s system.

Consider this: Baba is telling that democracy is foolocracy and our system should selecto-electoral. That then is the proper system. According to our view, all should not have the right to vote; that is our AM policy. But in the current political arena, this is an abhorrent idea in the present day society. They will oppose our system, but as we know the truth is that most of the public are fools and therefore they should not get the right to vote. In all ways Baba’s system is proper – regardless what others think.

Baba’s system is the the post of PP is lifelong and that is what we should follow. Any hint of problem starts with having undeserving purodhas like Sarvatmananda and Rudrananda etc. Changing Baba’s system and keeping corrupt purodhas will not solve anything. That will just multiply the problems.

Baba has given both the political system (Prout) and the AMPS organisational system. In both cases, the power is centralised, not decentralised. With that power, a dharmika can quickly lead the society forward. That is why PP post should not be weak and subjected to being a temporary position. That will compromise the post of PP. A weak leader (powerless) cannot do anything.

And of course, despite all logic, after all, this is Baba’s given system that the post of PP is lifelong. So we should follow Guru’s mandate whether we understand it or not. We are merely mortal human beings prone to error and we should not change the rules and regulations of Parama Purusa. This point alone is enough for any proper Ananda Margii to understand that the post of PP must be lifelong.



“Tumi ele, a’lo a’nale, a’ndha’r du’re sare gelo…” P.S. #1036


Baba, You have come and brought a showering of grace and divine effulgence along with You. By Your auspicious advent the thick fog of cimmerian darkness has been vanquished. And all the fear which I had has vanished in a flash– by Your grace.
Baba, You are so magnificent. With Your soft, sweet smile You have told me, ‘Look towards Me and remember that I am the Fear of fear. By taking My name and ideating on Me, then fear itself gets terrified’.   Baba, You also have said to me, ‘By taking proper ideation look towards Me.’
O’ my Dearmost Baba, You have also lovingly told me:
‘You must not forget that in this cosmic play the divine rule is not that there is only effulgence and no darkness. Or that there are only rose flowers and no thorns; or only high tidal waves of bliss and no stretches of sadness. This Divine play has both qualities, side by side– darkness and light.’
‘You should also always remember this divine truth: That I (BABA) am always along with you, all the time, in pleasure and pain. I love you– you are mine and I am yours. Remove and throw away all the loneliness and inferiority complexes from your mind. I am ever-gracious on you.’
Baba, You Yourself have blessed me like this. Baba You have come and  showered Your causeless grace on me…

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