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Subject: Why Didis Must Carry a Trishul


“A’ka’shabhara’ a’jake ta’ra’…” (P.S. 2523)


Baba, the sky of this amavasya night is filled with the stars. The
sweet, nectar-like breeze is blowing mildly. The mind is floating in
divine ecstasy from the known to the unknown world– towards its final
destination. Baba, ensconced in Your ideation, my mind is getting lost
in Your divine bliss. Baba, the lily flower is constantly looking
towards the sky; the aroma of flowers is emanating all around. They have
forgotten themselves and lost their awareness about their own unit
existence. They restlessly move in the attraction of one call. Baba in
Your longing I am sitting alone, counting the stars. I understand that
by Your grace I have lost myself in this beautiful
atmosphere and the attraction of Your love. Baba, You are ever-gracious
and You are always remaining by my side and guiding me. Baba, on this
amavasya night my heart is yearning and longing for You. Please grace me
by coming closer and still more close…


Most everyone has heard that Didis are required by Baba to carry a
trishul (trident). It is part of their uniform.

Everyone also knows that Baba’s each and every order bears great

To what degree all our Didis are following this code – only they can
truly say. I do know that my Didi does indeed carry hers. She and I have
discussed why and then I did more research by talking to others and here
is a summary for your review.

I would appreciate if others – especially more Didis – would share their
comments on this subject.


As we know, women have been enjoying greater social equality around the
globe, but still there remains lots of work to be done in this arena.

Regarding, in-born or innate qualities and potential, women and men are
equal in the more subtle spheres. We know that males and females can
equally progress on the spiritual path. A person’s progress is more a
function of an individual’s commitment to sadhana than any biological
difference. So in the more subtle spheres, there is no real gender
difference. And that is Baba’s teaching.

Baba says, “According to Ananda Marga, women have equal rights in each
and every sphere, so why shouldn’t they also have the right to attain
salvation?…So on behalf of the philosophy of Ananda Marga, and also on
behalf of the cult of Tantra, I hereby announce that males and females,
who are the boys and girls of Parama Purus’a, the sons and daughters of
Parama Purus’a, have an equal birthright to attain salvation.” (“An
Equal Birthright’)

However, we also know that Baba does indeed point out differences
between men and women. In some respects men are more developed and in
other regards women are more developed.

Baba says, “The number of cells in a female body is a little smaller
than the number in a male body. Again, from the viewpoint of
sentimentality, the number of nerve cells in a woman’s body is a little
greater than that in a man’s. That is why in areas needing intelligence,
knowledge and rationality men progress rapidly, and in areas where
success depends on sentimentality, women progress very swiftly. Through
the dispensation of God, men’s deficiency is balanced by women’s
sentimentality, and women’s deficiency is balanced by men’s resoluteness
and subtle propensive propulsion. And this is why in the sphere of
education, both men and women must be afforded equal opportunities.
Otherwise society will become crippled, and its all-round well-being
cannot be achieved.” (YP)

So clearly according to Baba there is a some difference between men and
women in the psychic sphere. Each have different strengths and taken
together, society is balanced.

Perhaps the most notable difference though comes in the more crude
sphere – on the physical plane – as the glandular system of men and
women are quite different. In particular Baba points out how the
physical might of men is more.

Baba says, “As the physical strength of women is less than that of men,
the latter should always endeavour to save the prestige of women.”
(CC-1, ‘The Social Relationship Between Men and Women’)

Baba says, “Generally, males have got much more stamina, courage…than
females. Females have less courage, stamina.” (YP)

So while in the most subtle sphere men and women enjoy an equal
birthright, in the more crude spheres there are stark differences
between men and women. And one certain difference is that men are
physically stronger.


Not only are men physically stronger, they are also more domineering and
more brutal. Tragically, much of this brutality is aimed toward women –
and much of it due to misguided sexual energy.

Domestic violence as well as rape continue to be a huge, if not growing,
issues around the globe. So many women become victims both in and out of
their own homes – in the west and in the east. Although women enjoy more
social freedom in the west, still abuse against women runs rampant.
Mostly because we are physically weaken than men. And in the east, each
and every day we hear of more and more cases of abuse. Plus in the
Muslim world, the violence against women has become well documented.

Much of this is also due to women being projected as objects of sexual
gratification in this male-dominate world. The movies, the media, the
advertising all point in this direction. Women are grossly objectified.
And in this era of extreme materialism, males’ sexual energy and
frustration leads to so many attacks against women – both inside and
outside their home.

This is all quite commonly known and accepted – no footnotes or
citations are needed.

Tragically, or even most surprisingly, women are not entirely safe
within the walls of AMPS. Certain males wt’s as well as margiis have
been known to create problems. More can be told about this by others.


My main point is this use of trident. None should think that it is some
outdated teaching like that of Sikhs who walk around with a sword and
hair piled on top of their head which was originally meant to safeguard
men from being hit over the head with a club.

Baba’s directive that Didis carry a trident bears great significance in
today’s world and is probably related with the fact that Didis are
supposed to travel in pairs, at least most of the time.

Women are susceptible in this world – due to our limited physical
strength. If all the men were enlightened the world would be much safer
for us. But that is not the case. Many men are still grossly dominated
by physical propensities and that leads to so much abuse against women.

Point being, our esteemed Didis must not fall prey to this and become
victims. Baba’s clear-cut message is that Didis should be prepared and
one such step of preparation is carrying a trident.


If we use our rational minds, we can think of other steps that Didis and
margii women can take. When sexual crimes and domestic violence are
occurring at such high levels, then every female must always be alert
and take precautions. We always have to think if we are in a safe
position or not. This precautionary measure will help prevent so many
cases of abuse and rape.

Even then our Didis are always traveling and they may get caught in a
bad situation, or at the very least one that is unenviable. So they
should be ready and prepared.

Beyond carrying a trishul, it is not a bad idea for our Didis and margii
sisters and all women to learn basic elements of self-defense. Martial
arts like judo and karate will help reduce the susceptibility of women.
We will no longer feel like victims.

To be honest, this is not yet a step that I personally have taken
directly in my own life, but as a mother I have enrolled my 10 and 12
year old daughters in Tae Kwon Do classes. Such classes not only improve
their agility but help them develop self-confidence and courage.
Basically, I wish them to feel prepared without scaring them into
thinking they live in a violent world. So we emphasize the positive side.

Of course martial arts are not a replacement for sadhana. Our aim is not
to become a black belt. We are sadhakas. But given today’s topsy-turvy
world, we have to be prepared.

And I feel that preparation extends to our Didis as well. And that is
what I have been told about why Baba has included the trident as a
mandatory aspect of a Didi’s uniform. It is a tool for safeguarding our
lady acaryas. Then it is their own prerogative if they wish to learn
some type of systematic method of self-defense as well. I would highly
recommend it.

Men are physically stronger and because in this present era the mass of
men are physically and sexually oriented, self-defense has become a need
for all women. And Baba Himself recognises this by requiring Didis to
carry a trishal.


By Baba’s grace I feel in my heart that He deeply cares for all His
children. He is watching and guiding us. His every teaching is important
and bears significance, including that of Didis being required to carry
a trishul. I hope this matter is not being neglected. Rather we should
use it as rallying point to prepare our margii sisters (including Didis)
for how to live in this world. No one should be susceptible or victimised.


Note 1:        From the World Health Organization

Revised November 2008

Violence against women

Key facts:

* Violence against women is a major public health problem and a
violation of human rights.
* A lack of access to education and opportunity, and low social
status in communities are linked to violence against women.
* Violence by an intimate partner is one of the most common forms of
violence against women.
* A wide range of physical, mental, sexual and reproductive, and
maternal health problems can result from violence against women.
* Many women do not seek help or report their experiences when
violence occurs.

Baba Loves All

Baba says, “Bihar is rich in natural resources; and its human resources are
also sufficient. Yet poverty is rampant. Without any delay, one healthy
socio-economic planning needs to be prepared urgently for this land. It is
the need to start this work. We cannot push Bihar, the golden crown of
history, into the mouth of darkness.” (Varna Vicitra, Pt-1 (H), p.66-67)

Note: Baba is the universal Father and He loves all. That is why He
encourages each and every local area and land. In the above quotation Baba
is speaking specifically about Bihar– yet Baba has told similar things
about Rarh and numerous other lands. But a few narrow minded people get
caught up in their groupist agenda. Thus when Rarh is mentioned then
certain groupist leaders brag up and down as if Rarh is the top-most place.
And they never get tired of singing the glory of Rarh. As if Baba only
talks about Rarh and that Rahr is the greatest place. And on that account
they propagate only those things which Baba has told about Rahr– as if
Baba did not speak about other places. Hence this is nothing but their
narrow outlook or psychic disease. Because Baba encourages each and every
area and Baba loves all.

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