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Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 22:23:42 -0400

From: Donald_G

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Subject: Story: Horses of Three Barns







In the aftermath of the recent unity meeting in Tiljala, a listing was issued of all the new postholders and next to their name was a code (KA) or (TF) indicating their group affiliation.


This reminds me of one story.





Once there were many horses. They were all living together but after some time they began fighting visciously. So they were split up into different camps. They were groupified according to various geographical regions: Borough farm, Harmond farm, and Taffu farm. The fighting continued: When they would go to graze they would quarrel and then return to their separate farms. Then one day some of those horses decided once again to live together. They thought they would live as horses, and not as Borough horses and Taffu horses. So they held a conference and the two horse farms shifted themselves to the same pasture. The Borough farm and the Taffu farm joined together. Yet even though they now lived under “one roof”, each horse still identified themselves as being from Borough Farm or Taffu farm. So even though they were “living together”, those horses would only eat and talk with horses from particular region: Borough or Taffu. And they were only friends with other horses from their region. They harboured nothing but hatred and animosity for horses from other areas. In that way they were branded according to their geographical area, and they kept that brand even though they now all now “lived together” in one central barn. Plus they fought like crazy, unable to truly generate a feeling of oneness. Seeing their brands, farmers and other animals were just laughing at the hypocrisy of such horses. Those horses tried to proclaim that they were united as horses in a single barn; but, in truth, they retained their old factional identities and branded themselves as Borought horses, or Taffu horses etc. And the fierce fighting continued – with seemingly no end in sight. And still today it is like that. Those horses cannot give up their brands and live together peacefully.





Regarding the above parable, is that not exactly what we are witnessing in the wake of the recent Tiljala unity meeting. Two warring groups had a meeting in order to unite themselves, yet afterwards they all kept their old group affiliation: “I am KA (Kolkata Administration)” or “I am TF (Third Front)”. So even though they held a “unity meeting”, they still identified with and branded themselves as a members of their own separate group camp, i.e. KA or TF.


That is why many are saying this was just a so-called unity meeting or a bogus unity meeting. Because in truth, not a shred of unity happened. Only those two groups reinforced their old factional alliances. It is all just a case of hypocrisy – nothing more. They are claiming unity with their tongues but in reality they are totally locked into their old group camps.







In the neo-humanistic outlook of Ananda Marga, all are human and no one should be identified as being from a certain group. But now look what has happened.


In the past all group affiliations were hidden. No one wanted to label themselves in any way. No one wanted to claim that they were part of a particular group. Rather all wanted to be thought of as being beyond all narrow sentiments. They were saying that others were making groups, but would deny that they themselves were part of any group.


Yet now we find that in the wake of the recent unity meeting, they are all openly recognising their groupist affiliations in front of all: KA (Kolkata Administration) and TF (Third Front). And of course we know that sitting in their own turf is the Ranchi faction.





The situation is just like a person who at first does not want to smoke or drink in front of their elders. But then once that person becomes totally debauched and addicted to drugs and alcohol, then that same person will leave all their shame behind and openly drink and smoke in front of their esteemed family members.


A similar fall has occurred with today’s groupists. In the past they would never openly admit that they were part of a group. Yet now they have lost all shame and worry and they proudly state their group affiliation. Indeed, in the wake of the recent “unity meeting” they have branded themselves as being KA or TF.


That is why many say that the recent unity meeting in Tiljala is totally bogus and devoid of any ideological integrity. Those group leaders who actively participated in the unity meeting on 25 – 27 March do not treat themselves as being disciples of Baba. Rather they classify themselves according to their own geo-sentiment.





For real unity, a distinct universal feeling is a must. Branding oneself as being KA or TF will never give rise to unity.


Baba says, “In this world we find different varieties of group sentiment and socio-sentiment. For example, a small group may be composed of only a very few people, which we call a family. There are still larger groups, such as castes, communities,(1) tribes and nationalities; and behind all those groups the same mental weakness, the same psychic disease, is operating. As a consequence of this disease, people confine themselves within a particular group, and due to this confinement, they suffer from different types of complexes…Within a gang of thieves, one of them says appreciatively, “Oh! The sleight-of-hand of such-and-such other thief is marvellous – he has made a fool of me!” Here one pickpocket is praising another, because they belong to the same group. But one who does not belong to that gang of pickpockets will never appreciate it.” (NH-LOI,


I anticipate that Baba will be gracious and those who have fallen in the quagmire of narrow sentiments will rise up and become true human beings and not just confine themselves to being KA and TF etc.






Note: Of course it is obvious to all that those in the Ranchi camp are yet another group. They did not have a big part in the above story but that does not mean they are devoid of groupist feelings. To the contrary, they are drowned in that as well.


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Date: 31 Mar 2011 19:18:46 -0000

From: “Maya Devii”

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Subject: Re: Why Didis Must Carry a Trishul






~ Part 2 ~



After reading the letter about why Didis must carry a trishul (trident),

a few of us discussed the situation and came up with these points.


(Note: The original letter of this series is pasted below for your easy






Everything Baba has done was totally revolutionary at the time,

including the creation of female wholetimers. Back then, in India,

females were not allowed out of the house. So to have wholetimer Didis

moving openly around the society was quite revolutionary. Many crude and

dogmatic people did not like the idea that AM was creating female

wholetimers, hence our Didis needed a way to protect themselves. Many

say that is also why our Didis are required to carry a trishul. This was

a way for them to defend themselves against anti-social elements.


Of course, all Baba’s teachings have lasting significance. What was

needed 30 years ago is most applicable today as well. Perhaps today,

more Indian ladies are allowed out of the house, but there continues to

be more crimes against women – in the form of rape, domestic violence,

and street crimes. This has been a terrible issue as there is a dramatic

rise of educated, professional women in India getting sexually attacked

by young males villagers.


As materialism grows more and more in India, women are looked upon &

honoured less as mothers and viewed more as mere objects of sexual






Given the overall social and sexual environment, where Hollywood and

Bollywood portray women as thing for male gratification, it is quite

important for Didis all over the globe to carry a weapon. Because men

are constantly being bombarded with lustful images and they become prone

to committing sexual crimes. It happens – both inside and outside AMPS.


A trishul then is a weapon which can act as a deterrent.


Of course we do not want our Didis to have to stab anyone. But the

greater point is that when the public has knowledge that our Didis carry

a trishul, then crude people will be less inclined to attack our Didis.

Because those crude elements understand that our Didis are not just an

easy target – they move around with a trishul.


So this deterrent factor is solid reason why Didis must carry a trishul.





As materialism spreads, females are looked upon more and more as sexual

objects. So even though women have more economic and social opportunity

than before, they are under greater threat of attack.


In such an environment, protection is needed. Everyone has the right to

protect themselves and our Didis should exercise this right. They should not

be easy targets or susceptible to an attack, whether it be a sexual

attacker or someone trying to grab their money.


Our Didis need to be prepared.


As stated in the first letter, we women are not as physically strong as

men. In other realms, we are certainly equal or even more developed and

mightier, but not in the crude physical sphere.


In that case we must be ready. Having a trishul is a great deterrent. It

will prevent many an attack. And of course if an attacker does strike,

then our Didis will be ready. They will not be defenseless or become

victims. With their tantric spirit they will retaliate.


I also like the idea (as stated in the first letter) of our Didis

learning judo or karate or some other form of self-defense. That is also

quite positive.


So those are the things I wished to add – look forward to hearing from




Maya Devii


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