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Date: 03 Apr 2011 14:04:18 -0000

From: “Pramod Dev”


Subject: Proof of Distortion: AV 11-12







Note: Many of us know that there are terrible issues with the publication

of Baba’s books. Even then it has to be recognised that Dada Acyutanandaji

has tried hard since he became part of the Publications team to improve the quality

of the books. It is due to his efforts and Baba’s grace that progress has been made.

Tragically our dear Dada Acyutanandaji is often in a poor state of health. As our

brother and esteemed worker, we are wishing him strength to continue his strong

effort to improve upon the publication of our AM books since 1990. Once again,

Dadaji has been steadfast in his sincerity since day 1.



Note: An audio file of Baba’s original spoken discourse has been uploaded

to the blog. The file is called “Ticket For Hell”. That is the absolute proof that

what is printed in the book is totally wrong. Read below for all the details.



The highly touted, latest edition of Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 11-12

(2008) came out a few years back with much fanfare; unfortunately the book is

riddled with scriptural distortions.


This letter (a) contains an important Baba story on keeping the sanctity

of His scripture, and also (b) points out grave transcription /

translation errors from the recently published AV 11-12 (2008).


Although AV-12 has many, many errors, one key distorted paragraph about

priest dogma has been discussed in detail below.





One of Baba’s great reasons for coming onto this earth is to teach

humans how to live together. Some mistakenly think that by mixing and

merging all the groups together then a great human society can be built.

However, that is not possible: Just as leeches can never co-exist with

humans, similarly, combining different forms of self & group interests

can never bring that grand ideal of ‘ek manav samaj’, or one human

society. To do that– to build a human society in the true sense of the

word– ideology is needed. For that reason Baba has come and given His



And it is our duty to maintain the integrity of those teachings– if not

one human society will never be formed on this earth.







Being the Parama Purusa incarnate, Baba has issued various warnings

about future events and wrongdoings pertaining to His divine teachings.

From these below instances, we can see how much importance Baba has

placed on keeping Marga teachings perfect and free from dogma.


For example, it is well known how Baba issued a stern warning to

Raghunathji about the dogma of idol worship. Baba said, ‘After I leave

this body, you must ensure that no form of idol worship is done in AM’.


And to Parasattananda, Baba told, ‘After my leaving, there must not be

any form of celebration or ritualistic ceremony commemorating that

date’. Hence here, Baba was foretelling that no dogmatic Mahaprayan

should be started.


And to family Ac Pratapadityaji, Baba warned, ‘In the past crooked Hindu

priests who professed to be followers of Lord Krsna distorted and ruined

Lord Krsna’s teachings by inserting all kinds of dogma.

I have taken certain precautions and arranged to have everything

recorded. That way distortions will not be allowed to happen, even then

you must be vigilant not to let anyone ruin My discourses.’





As disciples of Baba, we should be very strict in preserving the

sanctity of His printed discourses. This is our moral duty.


Some may claim, ‘What is the big deal if we change a few words here and

there– that is fine, so long as we keep the gist of what He is saying’.

Some may say like this.


But that error-prone approach will not do. It is not acceptable. Because

one error leads to another until finally everything is totally ruined.

Vigilance is needed from the very beginning.





Everyone knows that the Tiljala camp is the one printing Baba’s books

these days. But here the issue is not who is printing Baba’s books. No

one is trying to criticise any group per se. That is not the motivating

factor behind this letter.


The issue is that the our AM books– Baba’s teachings– must be proper,

period, no excuses. That is what Baba wants and that is what this letter

is about.


Who can forget those days in Patna when Baba was harshly scolding and

rebuking various wt’s for not recording and printing His discourses.

Baba was furious and set the tone that His discourses must be recorded

and printed in a timely and proper way.


So this whole topic goes way beyond any petty group clash. Rather it is

an issue of non-compromising strictness and faith regarding the sanctity

and Ista and Adarsha.


Without proper scripture then any movement will turn into dogma. That is

what happened with all the religions. They put more emphasis on buildings

and road and less emphasis on the accuracy of scripture. In result, all

that is left is dogma. We must not let this same fate meet our Marga. We

must ensure that Baba’s discourses are 100% accurate. His each and every

word must be printed “as is”. That is the only way to safeguard His scripture.

Without that, AM will just sink into dogma, marred by one scriptural distortion

after another.





Now then to the problem at hand…


Nearly every discourse in AV-12 (2008) has been terribly distorted in

one way or another. Here we are not just talking about skipping over

small words like ‘and’ or ‘but’ etc, but rather deep-seeded distortions

that affect the very meaning of Baba’s discourse.


Here is one critical example. In the 3rd to last paragraph of the

discourse, ‘Everything Comes From Something’ (2 June 1979 evening, Lyon,

France), those publishers wrote it entirely wrong.


THEY WRONGLY WROTE: “And you should never think, ‘Oh, because the priest

didn’t issue me any ticket for Heaven, I won’t be able to go to Heaven.’

No, no, no, don’t say that. The priest has no right to issue you a

ticket, and who is going to issue you a ticket to Hell? No, no, no, your

good actions will bring you closer to Parama Purus’a, and finally you

will become one with Him by dint of your sa’dhana’, by dint of your

occult practice.”


Yet see here what Baba really spoke.


BABA ORIGINALLY SPOKE: “And you should never think that, “Oh, because the

priest didn’t issue any ticket for Heaven, that’s why I won’t be able to

go to the Heaven.” No, no, no, no don’t think like that. The priest has got no

right to issue you a ticket of heaven, and who is going to issue him

with a ticket for Hell? [laughter] No, no, no, no, no, your good actions will bring you

closer to the Parama Purus’a, and finally you will be one with Him

by dint of your sa’dhana’, by dint of your occult practice.”


Note: An audio file of Baba’s original spoken discourse has been uploaded

to the blog. The file is called “Ticket For Hell”. That is the absolute proof that

what is printed in the book is totally wrong.


Note: When Baba is saying “who is going to issue him with a ticket for Hell?”,

then those in the audience started laughing because Baba’s statement is

quite humourous. So those who attended that day enjoyed Baba’s talk, but because

those words were omitted from the printed discourse, readers are deprived of

this gift.


The above is what Baba originally spoke in English as He was in Europe

at the time and this discourse was given 100% in English.


So in Baba’s version, He is pointing out the injustice of the priests

and making a joke about how those dogmatic priests should be sent to hell.


BABA SPOKE: “The priest has got no right to issue you a ticket of

heaven, and who is going to issue him with a ticket for Hell?”


Here Baba is making a direct statement about how crooked priests have no

right to misguide exploit the people based on the false notions of

heaven or hell. Rather, those priests themselves will live in their own

hell if they continue to perpetrate crimes against humanity. That is

Baba’s essential point.


But the publishers of the book changed that very section to make it

sound like you the reader, not the priest, is being sent to hell.


THOSE PUBLISHERS WROTE: “The priest has no right to issue you a ticket,

and who is going to issue you a ticket to Hell?”


So they totally missed the issue of Baba mocking and attacking that

priestly dogma. So their new edition of AV-12 strays far from Baba’s



Because in His revolutionary way, Baba is boldly pointing out the dogma

of the priest class and bashing and mocking their so-called authority,

yet our Publishers changed that section entirely. The publisher’s version

wrongly tells the reader to go to hell – not the dogmatic priests.


And indeed there are numerous errors.





In comparing the above two paragraphs, anyone can see that 13 errors of

omission and commission have been made in only 4 or 5 lines of text.

That means there are 2 or 3 distortions on every line. And it seems the

whole book is like that. Yet this recently published AV 11-12 (2008) is the

book that some of our respected Dadas are saying is “perfect”, and done

“word-for-word” according to the original cassette. They were assuring

margiis that there are no errors in this book etc, etc.


But now we can see for ourselves what is going on.





And again, the main critical error of this passage is that those

publishers distorted the section where Baba is saying that the priest

will go to hell. This is a serious point.


Because AM is against all kinds of dogma, especially religious dogma as

that stifles the growth of the whole society. And Baba is adamantly

telling that not only do those priests not have the power to send anyone

to heaven, but because of their shams and duplicity those crude priests

themselves will go to hell. That is Baba’s dramatic statement.


Yet the publishers missed and distorted this point entirely when

printing the latest version of Ananda Vacanamrtam 11-12.


Baba makes a revolutionary stand against priest dogma and our respected

publishers ruined that point.





Was the error done deliberately by our publishers– i.e. The Tiljala

camp. Was it a mere oversight– along with thousands of others? How did

it happen? Only we can guess.


But one thing is certain: Since they are so enthusiastic to translate

all Baba’s discourses from Bangla, irregardless of the original

language, perhaps that is the cause of this problem. That is one hypothesis.


Or maybe those Dadas just want to preserve or protect the sanctity of

the priest class. Or maybe they are scared of criticising those priests.


Any or all of the above may be the reason why this horrible distortion

was done.


Let us remember that in the recent past, these same publishers deleted

the final three paragraphs of the discourse ‘Liberation of Intellect’

(NHNS) where Baba points out how the dogma of Islam says three females

are equal to one male.







So now that we know the book, Ananda Vacanamrtam Part 11-12 (2008),

is full of big and small errors, then what should be done.


Truly speaking, this book is not worth purchasing when it is in such bad

shape. The plus point is that by our not purchasing it, then it puts

pressure on those publishers to print it properly.


Whereas if we all simply go out and buy the book with all those current

errors and distortions, then they will think it is fine. And those

errors will remain in the book up to eternity.


Because just see: The first edition of AV-12 was published in July 1980.

And now, after 28 long years, the book is again being printed with all

these errors. If we just accept the book in this poor condition, we will

all be long gone from this earth by the time a new edition is printed–

in 50 or 100 years from now.


So if in this lifetime you would like to have an accurate version of

AV-12, and would like to see all of Baba’s books printed in the right

way, then certainly we should discard the 2008 version of AV-12 and

refrain from purchasing it.


That will send the proper message to those involved.


Excuse me for saying so but, “money talks”, at least in this case

because those publishers are trying to generate a solid income. And if

we opt to NOT purchase the book then it makes a profound statement on

their bank account.


Of course those truly interested in serving Baba will always be strict

to ensure that no mistakes are made in His books, and if so an immediate

correction will be done and an apology issued. In that case, money need

not come into play. With all due respect, our Dadas seem to have

something else on their mind because they never make a swift, or, for

that matter, any rectification of their distorted books. And they

certainly never apologise or admit their guilt. In that case what are we

to think. No doubt they are our family members, but still we have to

evaluate the situation for what it is.





By Baba’s grace He has given us human life and we should ensure that we

preserve the integrity of Baba’s teachings. Here is Baba’s special

teaching on this point.


Baba says, “You have to build up society by your collective efforts. You

know when the weaver weaves clothes then rats and termites engage in

trying to cut it. So the weaver has to protect the clothes from those

rats and termites. In the same way when you are building anything then

without any delay various types of “termites” and “rats” will try to

destroy that work. You must be careful. Above all those who have a pious

motive to build up something, they ultimately get victory. But “rats”

and “termites” do not have a pure motive so ultimately getting destroyed

is their fate. Just they leave some dirty, ugly mark in the pages of history.”


“By seeing those ugly, black marks, in future people think ‘oh, it seems

this was attacked by termites and rats. Oh it appears that the termites

and rats which came to attack and destroy this, but instead those rats

and termites broke their teeth and got annhiliated’.”


“It is the universal law. So as you build up good things, be vigilant to

keep sharp eyes all around. Be sure to protect your work from “rats” and



“In the past females were preparing mango jelly in summer. And to shoe

away the crows & to protect the mango jelly, one boy from the house was

always standing guard with large stick in his hand and sharp eyes

watching for those crows. Same way you should always be alert & vigilant

to save your work from termites and rats. Then work will be done…”


“Today again you take oath to build up the earth by your own individual

and collective efforts. We have come here to beautify this earth. We

will make it so and we will go on doing this our whole life. This will

be our main collective vow.” (AV-24 Hindi, p.149).








Here is another discourse from AV-12 (2008) that is riddled with errors

and distortions. The following is the opening paragraph from the

discourse ‘An Expression is Never Alone’.


In BOLD LETTERS & [in brackets] are words that Baba spoke but do not

appear in the latest printed edition of the discourse.


“The entire expression of this Universe is vibrational. Whenever

[WHEREVER not whenever] there is vibration, there is sound, there is

colour. So whatever you see or whatever you feel has an inference or

inferences that come in contact with your [OUR not your] sensory or

motor organs – has some sound. You see, when you are moving, you are

walking, a particular sound – “tak, tak, kat, kat” – is created. That

particular sound, sound representing an action, is called “acoustic

root” – in Samskrta, “Biija Mantra”. [WHATEVER YOU DO], there is a sound

just to represent the spirit of that being [DOING not being], of that

deed. While you sit [SLEEP not sit] you are doing something, that is,

your respiratory organ is functioning…”


And like this there are countless errors in the newly printed AV-12.

Because the errors in the above paragraph are of a less severe nature

than the error about the priest dogma and going to hell mentioned in the

main letter, for that reason this has been added as a note instead of

being discussed in the body part of the letter.





“Tumi bha’lo ba’so yadi, eso…” (P.S. 792)




Baba, You are the most loving One. But I have hardly any devotion; that

is why sometimes I feel that You do not love me. Baba, when You love me

so much then please come close. Baba, if You are going to judge me by my

virtue and vice and based on that You will decide whether I am qualified

or not, then I do not have any hope because I only possess negative

things. I do not have any good qualities or virtues in my life. So

without considering my virtue and vice– good or bad things– please come.

Baba, the garden of my life is filled with thorns. There is not a single flower;

but, innumerable buds are there. So when You will come then those buds will surely

bloom, otherwise not– they will wither away. But on those flowers which do bloom,

then there You will remain seated. Baba, please sit on those newly blossomed flowers.

Baba, in my heart neither I have any song nor I have longing to sing the song.

The pollen of my prana has dried up and is floating in the air. All this happens

because You are remaining distant. When I will get the blessing of Your touch then

my whole existence will be vibrated. And all the negative things will turn into

positive ones. And by that way I will be able to serve You. Baba, without seeing

my virtue and vice please come…




We Should Know & Correct


Baba says, “In algebra the formula (a+b) squared= a2 + b2 + 2ab. This is

a well known formula and originally it was invented by Mahars’i Kapil.”

(SC-8, disc 1, 5 Oct 86 Kolkata)


Note: It is well known that Mahars’i Kapil was born in India several

thousand years ago. People commonly think the above formula was first

propounded by a western mathematician, but in the above teaching Baba

reveals the real fact. This gives the idea those mathematics was highly

evolved in that early history of India.


Here below Baba tells another important fact regarding Kapil:


Baba says, “The first philosopher was Mahars’i Kapil, who will be

remembered and respected for all time.” (AFPS-9, ‘Geology & Human




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