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Date: 19 Apr 2011 14:48:32 -0000

From: “Acintya Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Unpleasant Truth




Along with His infinite love, Baba has graciously given all the

requisite guidelines and mandates– including how to translate His


All should be aware then that Baba Himself has verily dictated a list of

key points for how to do translations of our AM books. And, for your

review, here are a few of those directives.


DIRECTIVE FROM BABA: ‘In the interim period until it is possible to

translate directly from the original language into all other languages

of the world, then English should be used as a middle step, i.e.

Original language of Discourse to English to Language of Publication.’

That means if Baba delivers a discourse in Hindi then if, at the time of

translation, it is not possible to translate directly from the Hindi

into a particular language like Chinese or Portuguese etc, then one

should translate from Hindi into English and then from English into

Chinese or Portuguese etc. That is the essence of Baba’s expressed

guideline which He has dictated to Publications Dept.


Unfortunately, right now, the unpleasant truth is that the faction most

involved in doing translations regularly transgresses His guideline.

This may be unpleasant to B group’s ears, but the fact remains that they

translate nearly every discourse into Bengali first and then into the

targeted language. And that is not what Baba wants.

For instance, if a discourse was first given in English or Hindi, B

group’s regular way is to put the discourse into Bengali and then

convert that into whatever the printed language will be. They will even

translate a Hindi discourse into Bengali and then back into Hindi–

thereby ruining the originality and integrity of Baba’s expression.

Such is the case with the 1979 SAMBAPUR DMC PRAVACAN. It was given

originally in Hindi by Baba, yet the Tiljala faction translated it into

Bengali and then retranslated it back into Hindi. And then it was

printed in Hindi based on that faulty translation pattern. So even

though Baba has given the discourse in Hindi, the printed Hindi version

in no way resembles Baba’s original spoken discourse. That is the shame

of it all.

And the same nonsense they do if Baba has originally given the discourse

in English.

That is the faulty way in which the Tiljala camp has done nearly all of

their translations. So they are (knowingly) going against Baba’s system,

because they are well aware about Baba’s directives in this regard. But

they overlook them. And, even worse, they are (mis)training all their

supporters to do the same.

That is why the more recent publication of Ananda Vacanamrtam part 9 – 10

and 11 – 12 are totally off the mark. Baba has given a particular guideline

and the B team went against it.

Of course other factions are also disobeying Baba’s guidelines, but even worse

B group is making faulty publications- knowingly – and that is mahapapa (terrible

sin) as they are altering Guru’s scripture. Yet they broadcast that they are

the only ones who are faithful to Baba. Such is their hypocrisy.


Now let us take a look at another of Baba’s directives about how to do

translation work.

DIRECTIVE FROM BABA: ‘Never dilute the original by adding an extra step

of translation such as going from Hindi to Bangla to English to Spanish.

That means, if the discourse was given originally in Hindi and due to

limitations it cannot be translated directly into Spanish directly then

only English should be used as an intermediary step– not any other

language like Bangla. There must not be TWO intermediary steps. That is

Baba’s explicit dictum.


Yet once again, although it may be unpleasant to their ears, this is the

faulty manner in which the Tiljala camp pursues all its translation

work. They continually insert extra steps into the translation process,

because they are only satisfied when Bengali gets used– whether it is

needed or not. Thus, they totally overlook Baba’s guidelines and warnings.


Baba has explicitly stated, in His translation mandates, that 20% of the

original essence of a discourse is lost when it gets translated. So we

should not add steps into that translation process. That is Baba’s warning.

But time and again, the Tiljala crew transgresses Baba’s mandate by

automatically translating everything first into Bangla. They know they

point about losing 20%– as Baba told them directly. Even then, they do

not care. Or what else are we supposed to think.

Only if the original has been given in Bengali do they remotely follow

Baba’s directives– other than that they always betray His orders.

The B team has a deep penchant for putting all Baba’s discourses into

Bangla, regardless. Plus in the case of Baba’s original DMC discourses

which have been given in three languages, then the Tiljala heads

totally ignore the English and Hindi sections of Baba’s discourse and

only translate the Bengali section, as if that is the whole. In that

case huge portions of the discourse are just lost– never ever seeing the

printed page.

So these are some of the innumerable errors that are occurring on a

daily basis with regards to B group and their publications endeavors.


By Baba’s grace we must never lose hope. He has given all the necessary

guidelines and in the due course good devotees will ensure that Baba’s

mandates are being followed. And verily, even now there are margiis and

wts who are keeping an active eye.

So it will not be long before all our AM Publications are done in the

proper way– according to His guidelines. Right now, although it may

be unpleasant for them to hear, the B brigade only gives lip service to

this. Yet very soon, inevitably by His grace the good people in the

Marga will rise up and ensure that all His discourses are proper.

Because that is what Baba wants.

Baba says, “The scriptures containing spiritual injunctions must be

totally flawless.” (NSS)



Note: Those aware about more of Baba’s actual guidelines for

how to translate His books should write with more points. I have

heard that these guidelines are well known to the Tiljala faction so

for them this is but a reminder. And those who know more should

come forward so we can put forth a comprehensive list of

these directives. That is a necessary part of saving His



“Eso eso prabhu mor mana’ne…” (P.S. 4941)


O’ Lord, please come in my ideation, I am always looking towards the

path of Your divine arrival. Baba, I do not want prestige, money,

wealth, boon or any sorts of mundane gifts. I only want Your compassion.

So please appear in my dhyana and bless me with Your sweet smile.

Baba, ages have passed, so much time has gone by. So many dawns and

evenings have come and gone– crying in Your longing. My eyes are

floating in the tears of yearning for You. Baba, please come in my

contemplation, ideation, meditation and dhyana…


Futility of Materialism

Baba says, “Materialism is the sign of shallow knowledge. Due to lack of

proper understanding and ignorance people become materialists. Human

beings should study more and acquire sufficient knowledge. Then they

will understand that in materialism there is nothing.” (DMC 84 Delhi,

SS-16 (H))


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