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Subject: Avadhutas With Girly Hair-Cut

Date: Wed 20 Apr 2011 08:29:36 +0500 (IST)

From: Ram Sahay Deva




These days some Dadas are not following one of Baba’s standard rules for avadhuta dress / presentation. A list of such Dadas is appended at the bottom of this email.

Here we are talking about the length of Dadas’ hair as well as the length of the beard. First let’s address the length of the hair on the head.

Baba says, “The minimum length of hair on the head should be half of the length of the hand, from elbow to the palm.” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt#2)

According to the system the length of the hair of the head should be half the distance from the elbow to the end of the palm. The average distance for an adult male is 14 inches and when divided in half the minimum length of hair should be around 7 inches, on average. The means at minimum the hair should fall well below the bottom of the ear and nearly to the shoulders. That is the minimum length as ordered by Baba.

But many of our Dadas are keeping aloof from Baba’s rule by cutting their hair at the top of the ear, or even shorter than that.

Such avadhutas have their own logic and justification about this. They say silly things like, “The length of the hair rule pertains only to the front, but not the sides, top or back.”

But no one is amused by such responses as everyone understands that according to Baba’s rule, all hair on the head must be at least 7 inches in length, irrespective of which portion of the head it is.


Regarding the length of the beard for our avadhutas, Baba has given the following:

Baba says, “Beard should be kept up to a handful in length [at minimum].” (32 Rules for Avadhuta, pt#1)

By Baba’s above regulation, every avadhuta must be able to grab hold of their beard with their hand / fist, and that beard must be as long as the hand. As Baba says, it must be a “handful” at least. That portion of the beard which has grown down past the hand may grown longer or trimmed. Every Dada can choose; but the beard must not be less than an entire handful. In general, the beard should be at least 3 – 4 inches in length.

Nowadays there are Dadas keeping their beard very short, far less than Baba’s requires.

And in this case also they give their various justifications.


No doubt, you may be wondering: Why do such Dadas do this? Why do they not abide by Baba’s rules and keep their hair and beard of sufficient length. After all, they are dedicated workers and it would seem to be a fairly simple rule to follow. Just let the hair grow – that is all. Then why is it that more and more Dadas are failing in this regard.

Well, here’s your answer.

Some of avadhutas – it seems – do not wish to be viewed as a monk 24/7. By keeping their hair short, they can easily change their dress and mingle in with the general public. That’s to say they can easily masquerade their true identity by having short hair.

In that case they can indulge in nefarious and anti-social activities without the public really noticing who they really are. Just by taking off their saffron robes they can blend in with the rest society and look like a husband or a business man etc. Then if they gossip with someone from the opposite sex, or involve in big-money dealings, or smuggle this or that, or indulge in any other type of under-world activities like theft etc, no one will be shocked and question why a sannyasi is doing such things. They will just think it is some crude fellow and they should continue on in their day.

Whereas if those same Dadas kept their long hair and a full-length beard, they will be easily recognisable and they would still look like a monk even without the orange dress. Hence such Dadas prefer to keep their hair and beard short. It allows them to disguise themselves.

Then all they have to do is remove their dress and they can plunge into crude, worldly dealings without anyone questioning why a yogic monk is doing such things. Just they are viewed as a general person since their beard and hair remains short.

As we all know, the sannyasi sentiment in India is very strong. People expect great things from sannyasis. Even people who are not in AM give generous donations to our Dadas because those people revere anyone who dresses and looks like a sannyasi. They think that monk must be doing great things in the society. General citizens give respect to all sannyasis because they are “higher”.

Hence if they see someone who looks like a monk with long hair and a long beard indulging in nonsense activities, then they will be furious with that so-called monk. Then they will call the authorities or more likely alert all the townspeople. They will vent their fury.

To escape all this, some of our esteemed Dadas keep their beard and hair short so no one will think they are a sannyasi. In that case they can do all kinds of baser activities without anyone thinking they are dong something wrong.

That is why some of our Dadas do not like to keep longer hair and a longer beard. They can plunge into subterranean dealings without drawing attention unto themselves. By this way so many activities are done “in the dark” by certain Dadas – i.e. without proper length hair and beard.

For this reason, margiis are always suspicious when they see avadhutas with very short hair.


Then there is another reason why some of our Dadas prefer not to keep long hair and a full beard.

High school girls in India keep their hair quite short – i.e. to the ear, no longer. Our Dadas emulate this style. It seems they want to be like those girls, otherwise what could be the reason.

Let me explain further. Those stuck in the clutch of powerful animal propensities do all kinds of things to follow the opposite sex such as copying their dress etc. When one has intense attraction for the opposite sex then the mind craves to become like and look like that. Men and women in the west – with their strong sexual urge – are constantly copying the fashion of the opposite sex. Males get earrings and long hair while females dress in a suit and pants like a man. This is what happens. Why? Because if you have any attraction towards something then you want to emulate that manner in your own life – according to the fashion and style etc.

Males in India used to wear only white dhoti and white lungi. Females would wear colourful saris, while the male clothing would be plain. Out of their sexual longing males adopted female styles and now so many males wear colourful, even flowery, lungis and dress. All born out of their urge to be like those whom they desire: i.e. women.

Our avadhutas seem to be trapped in the same flow. Firmly in the clutch of animal propensities, they are copying the style of those teenage girls by keeping their hair short.

This is just one way to satisfy their baser propensities. If anyone knows any further reasons why our Dadas prefer short hair, please tell.


How can we call those who do not follow avadhuta rules as avadhutas? We cannot.

Baba says, “If you cannot learn anything from the conduct and behaviour of a certain person, why should you accept that person as an ácárya/á?” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 23)

It is the duty of each and every margii to follow Baba’s guideline and not regard such Dadas as avadhutas.

Do not treat or entertain such people as avadhutas, otherwise in the eyes of Baba you are encouraging their nasty behaviour. In that case, they, as well as you, will be responsible for their negative behaviour. That is what bhagavad dharma explains. So do not encourage adharmic activities. Do not accept or allow such Dadas who keep their beard and hair short. Those avadhutas must follow Baba’s guideline.


We all know that no rule in AM is dogmatic; every rule is based on science. And here is the science behind the length of hair for males and females.

Generally females are more emotional than males and it serves society well. Females need that emotion to care for their offspring otherwise they will not be able to manage. For instance, if a child is urinating all around and making a mess, then a mother may not be frustrated whereas the father will quickly become irritated. Why? Because females have greater emotional feeling towards others and can therefore tolerate the various behaviours of their progeny. So this is very good.

But females / Didis not bearing children they need not keep long hair. Rather they should have short hair. This will help curb their emotional feeling and make them more rational and less sentimental. That is why Didis have short hair.

In contrast, our Dadas must develop more empathy for the common people – good or bad – otherwise they cannot serve the society. So they need to develop more emotion. That is why Baba has said our Dadas must keep their hair long. This produces a glandualr effect. And there are other reasons to be explained in future letters.

So this is the general science why our Dadas should have longer hair and our Didis should keep shorter hair.


By Baba’s grace we have been given us all the needed rules and regulations to gain success in life. All such rules must be followed by all – that means our Dadas (& Didis) must adhere to Baba’s mandates on length of the hair. We must not allow any slackness in this regard. That is Baba’s mandate.

Baba says, “You are to follow the code of discipline…These are all codes of discipline as prescribed by Bhágavata Dharma. You must follow these codes. There cannot be any concession in this respect, rather concession is dangerous. Atha yogánushásanam. “One must follow anushásanam. One must follow the code of discipline.” One may be a king or may be a very poor man, but the code of dharma is equally applicable to all. In this matter, nobody can claim any special concession or favour.” (Subhasita Samgraha – 21, Jaeva Dharma and Bhágavata Dharma)


Ram Sahay


Here is a basic list of Dadas keeping shorter hair and shorter beard. They are not following Baba’s system – for reasons best known to them.

















Actually the list is longer than this. The aforesaid persons move in avadhuta dress by day and then in nighttime go out in civil dress. In that case, the length of their hair does not make them look like a sannyasi so they can indulge in all kinds of anti-social dealings like smuggling, theft, robbery etc.


In the past, when some of our Dadas were posted internationally, then various governments were acting as Indian spy agencies. Those days AM was growing very quickly and the Indian government was totally against of AM. They felt severely threatened. So Baba allowed some workers to dress in undercover ways and He allowed for shorter hair and shorter beard. Otherwise our Dadas would be recognised and held in customs etc. But that was just a temporary measure and not meant as a permanent rule. Now, the aforementioned Dadas are not traveling internationally – plus AM is not demonized in the news these days etc – so there is no reason for our Dadas not to have long hair.


Just as some of our avadhutas are attracted to baser propensities, some of our Didis are the same. So this issue is not limited to male Wts alone. Certain female workers are not less in this regard. There are a growing number of Didis who do not follow Baba’s rule that they keep short hair. Instead a few Didis are keeping longer hair. But this is not Baba’s system.

At present we are giving those Didis the opportunity to cut their hair otherwise next time in a few weeks we will mention their names just as we have given the list of Dadas up above.

Now we will give such Didis opportunity to make their hair according to avadhutika rules, i.e. just a centimeter or so long. Those Didis who do not follow Baba’s rule and instead keep their hair 6 or 8 inches in length will be brought forth on the public forum.

Indeed, Baba’s rules must be followed by all.

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