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Date: Sat, 07 May 2011 22:51:22 -0000

From: Gagn Deva

Subject: How to Control Sex

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“Dakhin’a’ va’ta’se malay suba’se mrdu, hese hese esechile…” (PS 358)


Baba, You have graced me by coming in the deep core of my heart with a

gentle smile– in the refreshing fragrance of a sweet, southern breeze.

Baba, You are the most divine One; I cannot forget You and I do not want

to forget You. By Your grace, by pouring my sweet love, I shall keep

Your divine memory ever alive in my mind– in my heart.

O’ Supreme Entity, O’ my Lord, O’ the Beloved of my mind, O’ the most

adorable One of my mind, I will do puja to You in my inner sanctum of my

mind and spread Your nectar of devotion across this vast, expansive

universe. Baba, in Your sweet fragrance of Your divine liila, please be

merciful and eternally reside in my mind– graciously intoxicate me with

Your divine flow.

O’ Lord of divinity, please take me to Your great abode– the land of

divinity– by holding my hand, by holding my mind. Baba, by Your grace

after forgetting all fear and shyness and after remembering You and

keeping You in my heart I am at Your lotus feet, remembering You.

Baba, please do not forget me I am Yours…



When we think about those who wish to control their sexual energy we

usually think of monks & nuns, sadhakas, aspirants and service-mined

people. For most of us, that is the typical picture that comes to mind.

Today, however, with the rise of sexual crimes, sexual predators and

state officials are also brainstorming and implementing their own ways

for how to control sexual power – in particular in males.

We should all be aware about these recent trends and see if they are in

concert with Baba’s ideals.

This is an emerging social issue that demands our attention and know-how.


As we all know, in this grossly materialistic era, sexual content and

display is at an all-time high. There is a plethora of bare-skin and

near-nudity on the buses, in schools, on billboards, at the workplace,

in parks, all over the internet, and throughout the society. Even

upstanding professionals, dignitaries, and state representatives resort

to dress that highlights their sensuality and sexuality – especially


Anyone who has been out and about is quite familiar with the above,

especially in western countries and wherever materialism is in full force.

Not surprisingly, in this materialistic era, sexual crimes are also on

the rise – if not skyrocketing. Date rape, pedophilia, statutory rape,

and illicit affairs are rampant; and then of course there are sexually

related problems like teenage pregnancy etc. All this has become a

societal disease.

And the penalties for sexual crimes are quite severe. Sexual offenders

are branded for life and face harsh prison terms. That is why certain

convicts and/or potential convicts are interested in reducing and even

eliminating their sexual energy. Because they do not trust themselves to

behave with integrity. To reduce their sentence and to ensure proper

conduct, such convicts may voluntarily resort to the elimination of

their sexual energy.

Then there is the other side of the story: Many guilty of sexual crimes

are repeat offenders. So state and justice officials are exploring ways

to reduce crime by curtailing offenders’ sexual energy.

That is where things are at the present moment – and here is what they

are doing.


Across the globe – in various states and countries – government

officials are offering voluntary (and involuntary) castration to those

incarcerated as part of their sentencing and / or in exchange for their

early release from prison.

For the state officials this is a way to increase the punishment and

relieve pressure from and cut costs on the overcrowded and extremely

expensive jail system; and for offenders it can a way to regain their

freedom sooner without having to worry about being tempted to commit a

similar crime.

To some then, this looks like a win-win situation. The state gets what

they want and the offender gets what he wants.

Toward this end, there are two basic pathways being pursued by the state

to control sexual energy: 1) chemical castration and 2) surgical


In many western countries, including the US and England, chemical

castration has been put into effect in certain areas.

“Chemical castration is a term used [most often] to describe treatment

with a drug called Depo-Provera that, when given to men, acts on the

brain to inhibit hormones that stimulate the testicles to produce


So this is one way that is being used to minimize and even eliminate

sexual allurement. It is not fail-safe, but it is in vogue (increasingly

so). Back, in 2008, Louisiana became the 7th state in the US to

“allow Louisiana judges to sentence convicted rapists to chemical


The effect of this type of castration is temporary so the patient must

return again and again for treatment.

Secondly, surgical castration is the actual removal of the testes from

the human body. There is a long history of this throughout the world:

guards and attendants in palaces were castrated so they could safely

oversee the harem, young male opera singers were forcibly castrated to

preserve their vocal quality, combatants defeated in war etc.

Nowadays, the Czech republic resorts to surgical castration as a

voluntary form of punishment and treatment for convicted sex offenders.

While chemical castration is not always “successful”, surgical

castration systemically reaches its desired end. Czech officials speaks

highly of the effectiveness of this approach.

Whatever the means, chemical or surgical castration, there is a growing

acceptance and interest by state governments to address the rising

occurrence of sexual crimes in this manner.


The main myth at hand is that criminals and officials alike believe that

by controlling one’s sexual energy – by any means including chemical and

surgical castration – then one will overcome their sexual wrath and

automatically develop a calm and balanced mental outlook.

This is the myth they believe and propagate because they feel those

gland are solely related with sex.

Baba’s guideline reveals a much different approach with a much different

outcome. And that we are going to explore.

Let’s first look at two other segments in society looking to curtail

their sexual energy / reproductive capacity.


Over the centuries and today also, dogmatic monks from around the globe

as well as crude Indian sannyasis have used myrobalan (haritaki) or

anise (saunf) as a means to overcome sexual desire.

For a short-term treatment plan it may be permissible, but over time it

will totally dry up those sex glands leading to impotency and


This also is not an approach which we in AM support as we advocate the

channelization of sexual energy to spiritual awakening, not sexual

suppression. More about this is expressed further down in this letter.


Finally, in various nations, people commonly resort to the permanent

destruction of their reproductive organs as a means of birth control or

family planning.

In women, the fallopian tubes are tied in a procedure known as tubal

ligation and in men the vas deferens are cut in a procedure known as a

vasectomy. These procedures are done by ordinary citizens so they can

continue to carry on sexual relations with their spouse, yet not have to

worry about producing children. Either they do not want children at all

or they have produced the number of offspring they desire and do not

want more.

Here again though, this is not an approach supported by AM.

Baba says, “Using birth control methods which deform the bodies of men

and women or destroy their reproductive powers forever cannot be

supported, because this may cause a violent mental reaction at any

moment.” (AFPS-9)


The point that is missed in all the above circumstances is that our

human bodies are far more subtle and involved than people think. Whether

they be magistrates, husbands, convicts, dogmatic sannyasis or whomever,

such persons who alter their sexual function fail to understand the more

subtle effects of our glandular system.

They think that the testes and ovaries are just for sex – nothing more.

When in fact these glands are part of a greater system that provide

energy to the brain and highly impacts our mental, psychological,

emotional and spiritual outlook.

Baba says, “The lymphatic glands supply raw material – lymph – to the

factories – the glands – and the surplus lymph goes to the brain and

provides food for the nerve cells in the cranium.” (YP)

Baba says, “The essence of blood, when transformed, becomes shukra, and

this shukra is food for the brain. In the absence of shukra, or in case

of its impaired functioning, the entire constitution may be impaired,

the body may become susceptible to disease, and mental and spiritual

sa’dhana’ may be impaired. Therefore, restraint is a must for every man

and woman, because only self-control helps achieve the maximum

preservation of shukra.” (CC-3)

Thus when certain glands like the testes and ovaries are categorically

destroyed or altered with drugs such that they fail to operate properly,

this adversely affects the production of lymph, which is the food for

the brain.

Indeed, by destroying or inhibiting the function of the testes, the

human personality loses so many good qualities. Because the testes are

singularly responsible for attributes like rationality,

service-mindedness, benevolence and love for the Supreme.

Here following are a series of Baba’s teachings about the importance of

those sexual glands in the cultivation of a proper human personality.

[ A ] Here Baba points out how the testes lead to a sense of

responsibility and dutifulness.

Baba says, ‘If the secretion of the testes glands is normal, a sense of

dutifulness will be created in the mind. A boy will be proud of the fact

that he obeyed his father. But if the boy was only three years old, he

would not be able to feel a sense of dutifulness.” (YP)

Baba says, “In a male, if the testes are separated from the body, there

will be physical and psychological changes. The man will not die but he

will lose the sense of dutifulness and responsibility. All the qualities

associated with the testes, such as the sense of dutifulness and

responsibility, will be wanting.” (YP)

[ B ] In this below quote, Baba demonstrates how the proper functioning

of one’s sex glands cultivates rationality, integrity and strength of mind.

Baba says, “If the testes are over-active [highly active] and there is

over-secretion [high secretion] of hormones, a youth develops the spirit

of rationality. The pubic hair grows due to the activity of the testes.

This is the physical effect. The development of rationality is the

psychic effect. The nervous system will also be affected. If not

hindered by the natural flow of the lymphatic glands, over-secretion

[high secretion] leads to the development of hair in the arm pits at the

age of fifteen to seventeen in hot countries and seventeen to eighteen

in cold countries. Along with this the feeling of rationality grows. For

example, a boy may say, “No, father, do not ask me to do that. It is not

good.”” (YP)

[ C ] Next Baba discusses how due to a defect in the functions of the

sex glands, one becomes mean-minded.

Baba says, “If there is under-secretion of the testes glands, there will

be less hair; and if, at the same time, the sex glands do not develop at

the specified stage, the boy will become very cruel. He may, for

example, take a grasshopper and cut off its legs. You may have seen such

a boy at the age of thirteen, fourteen or fifteen: he may be unsocial,

he may not mix with others. This is due to the under-secretion of

hormones from the testes glands.” (YP)

[ D ] Baba also points out how the greater secretion of the testes leads

to love for the Supreme. It is these glands which allow one to practice

and progress in sadhana. Without the proper functioning of these glands,

spiritual practice is impossible.

Baba says, “In the case of ordinary secretion, sex longing is created.

If there is over-secretion [high secretion], a youth acquires the power

to transform that longing into universalism. In those of you who have a

longing for Parama Purus’a [Supreme Consciousness], an over-secretion

[high secretion] took place in your hormones between the ages of fifteen

and seventeen. At that stage the idea to become great comes into the

mind.” (YP)

[ E ] A lack of hormonal secretion by the testes leads to staticity. The

person will lack benevolence and courage, and will therefore be prone to

follwoing dogma, not dharma.

Baba says, “If there is under-secretion of the hormones of the testes

glands, a youth will develop less kindness, and less hair will grow in

the armpits and pubic region. If you see a man with these physical

characteristics, then and there you can come to a conclusion about the

extent of his kindness. Moreover, such a person will most likely support

dogma. He will not have the moral strength to protest against dogma

(including scriptural dogma), and he will not support a new idea.” (YP)

[ F ] Lastly, Baba discusses what happens with the organ is removed from

the body. Among other things, sadhana is no longer possible.

Baba says, ‘If the sex organ is cut off from the male body, what will be

the result? The man will not die, but the testes and kidneys will not be

able to function properly. There will, therefore, also be psychological

changes and no sex feeling.” (YP)

Thus we do not support any of the aforementioned approaches in order to

control sex. We do not support chemical castration, surgical castration,

the use of myrobalan or anise, nor do we support vasectomies etc. All of

these will adversely affect the human personality because those glands

are critical for the positive development of mind – not just sex.


Or course in AM, we do believe in proper restraint in the sexual sphere,

but we do not prescribe to any of the aforementioned policies or

procedures. We do not support the destruction or alteration of the sex


Rather we believe in certain physical practices and mental approaches

which help divert one towards higher faculties, not sexual engagement.

By adhering to a sentient diet, by regular fasting, by practicing

asanas, by doing kaoshikii and tandava, by following the proper bath and

half-bath systems, and by various other physical practices, we lay the

groundwork towards controlling one’s sexual desire.

But the main way to control sex is through the psychic realm. If one

follows all the above mandates but still actively harbors lustful

things, the desire to have sex and thinks dirty thoughts, one will not

be successful in controlling their sexual desire. The mental part is

critical – even more so than the physical, although both physical and

psychi practices are needed.

So the real control is mental. If we goad the mind in a positive

direction and follow Baba’s mandate of “cakuna samvaro…”, then we will

be in a proper flow to divert all one’s energies to the Supreme, not

towards sex.

Baba says, ““One must have restraint over one’s sensory and motor

organs.” “I must not see that object, that may pollute my mind. I must

not hear that sound, that may pollute my mind.” These are all restraints

over sensory and motor organs. Lord Buddha said, Cakkhuna’ sam’varo

sa’dhu – “O sa’dhu, O spiritual aspirant, you should have proper

restraint over your eyes.”” (AV-23)

And here Baba talks about our special system of psychic channelisation

to the spiritual realm. By this way one’s sexual desire will be properly

controlled thereby allowing for a whole new outlook and deep realisation.

Baba says, “Psychic urges must not be objectified nor should they be

suppressed; rather they must be channelized towards the Supreme

Desideratum through the proper psycho-spiritual approach…With constant

spiritual practice, the mind, with its thousand propensities, becomes

one-pointed and is goaded towards the Supreme Singular Entity…This

inner channelisation and one-pointed conversion into psycho-spiritual

pabulum brings about radical changes in individual and collective life.

The psycho-spiritual approach makes a person deeply introversial,

one-directional, strong and dynamic…With the smooth, natural and

progressive channelisation of the psychic urges of the individual and

collective mind towards the Supreme Entity, psychic pabula will be

converted into psychospiritual pabulum. Then each person will be a

sadvipra, and the whole society will be a sadvipra sama’j – an A’nanda

Pariva’ra. So the transformation of psychic pabula into psycho-spiritual

pabulum is the only panacea.” (AFPS-8)


By Baba’s grace He has given the proper way to control sexual longing.

Those who resort to the destruction or alteration of their glands are

only inviting serious mental problems and they are essentially killing

their spiritual inclination as well. Only through proper restraint can

one evolve into a truly sentient and spiritual being.

Baba says, “Men should have proper control over the conversion of lymph

into semen. This is part of brahmacarya sa’dhana’ [meditation on the

Supreme Entity]. Men should have proper control over their bodies. Human

beings should be sentient in food habits, mind and intellect.”





Sign of Devotees

Baba says, “When undergoing any trouble then some human beings think

that they are shelterless. But you should always remember that in this

world at any given moment you are never shelterless. Because when Parama

Purusa is with you then how can you be shelterless. So there is no

reason for any feeling of helplessness or fear in any circumstances.

Because when He is with you the strongest and mightiest force of this

universe is with you. Then what is there to be afraid of? If you

encourage fear complex it means you have the forgotten the fact that

Parama Purusa is with you. So those who are sadhakas, those who are

devotees, those who are adherents of the path of dharma, they will

always be fearless. This is the quality of a sadhaka: That he is

fearless. Why is he fearless? Because he knows that the most powerful

entity, Parama Purusa, is with him. So there is a loving relation

between devotees and Parama Purusa– their relation is based on love.

Because of this truth the devotee is never afraid. He will never be

afraid of anyone and under no circumstances will he be perturbed.

Becoming paranoid is not the sign of devotees. Parama Purusa always

remains with you and He always watches over His devotees. He is always

seeing how He can save devotees from any and all difficulties. So when

in this loving way Parama Purusa is concerned about you, then why will

you be disturbed. You should be fearless. There is no reason for any

sort of paranoia in the mind of devotees.” [SS-16 (H), p. 83, DMC Agra

19 Feb 84]


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