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From: “Vinay Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Our Festivities & Animal’s Doom

Date: Tue, 10 May 2011 23:48:17




Our humanity is no longer that slow, dull, lumbering mass, but rather a

sleek, new people full of sentient thoughts and refined ideas. By Baba’s

grace this sweet transformation is going on. And our holidays and

festivals should reflect this.

Unfortunately, our global human family is still littered by occasions &

festivals that feature harsh and cruel treatment to animals. We have

inherited these social functions from days-by-gone and the time has come

to rethink such events.


Nearly all the religious and cultural traditions on this earth engage in

the gross mutilation and rampant killing of animals during times of


During the Hindu Durga Puja, animals sacrifices are common. It is the

people’s way of “pleasing the gods”.

Plus the Aryan culture has a long history of such type of rampant

animal killing in their various yajinas, religious rituals, and

ceremonies of worship. Note 1 details how the Chambal river was but a

river of blood created by thousands of animals sacrifices.

Next the Islamic festival Eid must include the slaughtering of a goat.

This is a must for all Muslims. So here too we see that human

“celebrations” go hand in hand with the butchering of animals.

And Christianity and the west are also involved in this same destructive

pattern. In particular, during the American holiday, ‘Thanksgiving’

millions upon millions of turkeys and massacred. Each and every household

or family gathering celebrates this day by eating a murdered turkey.

Plus nearly all the Christian holiday revolve around meat-eating. That is

the tradition.

If we look further, we can find countless examples wherein our human

family indulges in the cruel treatment of animals as a means to honor

the gods and show our festive spirit during the holidays.

There is a long history of this, often stemming from times when the

people did not have the knowledge or capability to observe festivals in

other ways. Over the generations, these cruel and senseless traditions

have been kept alive. Still today, they are common.


In this modern era, wherein popular western values are spinning around

the globe at record pace, the archaic psychology, ‘this creation is for

our enjoyment’, needs to be put to rest.

The Christian doctrine preaches that God has put all these beings and

creatures on this earth for human enjoyment. This is the anthropocentric

vision that is grabbing hold of so many people. In the past, religious

Christians would preach this gospel and now pseudo-culture popularizes

this same approach via its ‘me-first’, self-indulgent manners. It has

become the fashion to ‘treat yourself right’, irregardless of the cost

to others.

All of the above contravenes our teachings of neo-humanism. And it is

time we lead the way more and more in putting these dogmas to rest.

Animal cruelty and torture is a remnant from humanity’s barbaric past.

However the picture is not all bleak. In pockets of human culture around

the globe, there are many raising the slogan of animal welfare and

animal rights.


Today, then our humanity is going through so much growth and development

in so many respects, now is the time to deviate from past traditions and

rethink the way we celebrate during times of festivals.

After all, so many new outlooks are being born each and every day:

Multi-culturalism, women’s rights, minority rights, native rights,

rights of the accused etc. In each and every sphere of life we are

rethinking our relationships with other human groups. And this has

brought must respect and dignity to our human family.

Sadly, this trend has failed to come full circle with regards to animals


No doubt, there is some progress, but there is much work to be done.

In the past, humans were offered to the gods via sacrificial fires; that

has now stopped. Similarly, we have to put a stop to such things being

done to animals.

All around the globe during times of festivals, people heartily look

forward to “sumptuous meals” born from the ruthless killing and torture

of animals. ‘Thanksgiving’ is but one of many such occasions where

people blindly overlook the senseless destruction of animals for their

own silly pleasure.

We have to ask ourselves, ‘Is this the civiliisation we want to

perpetuate and pass down to our children?’.

Now then is the time to raise consciousness on this critical and dire

issue. Often times animals look to us for shelter and support and in

response we outrightly breach that trust and dupe them into walking into

their own death.


Here Baba points out how the the human psyche wrongly justifies the

slaughtering of animals. Deep inside people know it is not right, but

they cover it up will all kinds of false logic.

Baba says, “When people sacrifice a goat or buffalo in a religious

festival while chanting “Divine goddess, divine goddess!” before a

deity, they know that the animal is an irreplaceable part of creation,

but still they slaughter it. This is hypocrites’ dogma.” (PNS-16,

‘Religious Dogma- B’)


Here below Baba clearly points out that it is against the law of nature

for humans to eat meat

Baba says, “According to the laws of nature, canine teeth are necessary for

chewing meat properly. Carnivorous animals such as cats, dogs, tigers and lions

possess canine teeth, but cows, monkeys, elephants, wild asses, etc. do

not possess canine teeth. Nature does not want them to eat meat. But what

do greedy human beings do? Even though they do not possess canine teeth,

they cook or boil meat so that they can eat it. This is done out of greed.

According to the laws of nature, human beings are not carnivorous. So, if

they eat meat they will catch numerous diseases. Vegetarians generally

suffer from fewer diseases than non-vegetarians because they are more

habituated to following natural laws. You must have noticed that those who

violate the laws of nature and become non-vegetarian, even though they do

not possess canine teeth, have peculiar eating habits. Sometimes it even

seems as if non-vegetarians eat like dogs. Non-vegetarians have trouble

chewing meat properly because of the absence of canine teeth.” (AFPS-4)


By Baba’s grace we will rethink our role on this earth and treat all

animals with dignity and respect, and not work towards their wanton


Baba says, “Human beings are more cruel than vultures. Their hearts

don’t melt even at the sight of tears of innocent birds and animals.

Just to gratify their sense of greed, they mercilessly slit the throats

of animals with sharp knives and swords and thus deprive them of the

right to live, even while preaching the hollow dictates of religion.”





Baba says, “When the Aryans were living in the Rajasthan area in the

western part of India, they found many animals there, because there were

forests and sufficient rainfall. They used to perform sacrificial rites

by killing these animals. There is a story that once they performed a

sacrificial ritual killing hundreds of thousands of animals; the heaps

of those animals’ skins was as high as a mountain, and blood streamed

down unceasingly from that pile of skins. It looked as if a river was

flowing. After a long distance, this stream of blood flowed into the

Ganges River. As the stream of blood flowing from the pile of animal

skins took the form of a river, it was named Carman’vatii in Sanskrit.

The present name of the river is Chambal.” (NSS, Disc 7)


One other misconception these days is that people, especially in the

west, brag about how kind they are to their own pets, yet in the end put

their pets “to sleep”, when they think the animal is too old and frail.

People sympathetically boast of their compassion in doing such things.

But really is this a practice that can be supported. Under normal

circumstances, would we put elderly human beings to sleep as well at a

time we deem fit. Or do we honor them up to the last breath. Our way is

to respect their dignity and let them live out their days according to

nature’s design. We do not prematurely put them to death. But this same

respect we do not extend to animals. Rather we deceive ourselves into

thinking that we are doing proper by intentionally putting an animal to

sleep, when in fact we are rudely ending their life.


“Toma’r madhur ha’si niye eseche…” (P.S. 328)


Baba, Your sweet smile has such a strong attraction that it has

attracted everything of this created world close to You. Everyone is

rushing towards You. Your sweet smile has incomparable charm. It has

filled everything with nectar– from the throbbing sensation of the

heart up to the existence of each and every entity of this created

world. Everything and everyone You have filled with Your divine nectar.

Baba, by Your sweet grace please come with the rhythm and melody of song

and dance. You have filled all the wonderful memories with Your divine

nectar. Everything is so beautiful. Baba please come in my Guru cakra in

dhyana with Your sweet, attractive, & charming form. Your love saturated

eyes have filled my heart with full content. Baba, Your sweet,

attractive, & charming form has attracted everything close to You…


Colourful Future

Baba says, “As life becomes increasingly easy, there will be greater

opportunities for intellectual pursuits. A day will come when there will

be hardly any need for human beings to work. This may sound strange

today and perhaps we might not like to hear such a thing, but that day

will surely come. Physicality will be transformed into more and more

intellectuality, and intellectuality will be transformed into the

culminating point of spirituality.” (PNS-17, p.36)


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