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From: “Karma Rasa Deva”


Subject: Baba Has Given Everything…

Date: Wed, 11 May 2011 19:22:38 +0000












Our blessed holiday of Ananda Purnima is coming soon. That is one of

the most glorious occasions in our Marga. We all gather and celebrate His

Divine advent.


Unfortunately, since 1990, this highly devotional occasion has been riddled

by one dogma: The issueing of Fake Ananda Vaniis by one or more groups.


Here is the story about that and how we must rid this dogma from our AM






Since some time the discussion has going on how we can solve the problem

of the Fake Ananda Vanii. Because since 1991 every year, two times we are

receiving some quotes, wrongly named as ‘Ananda Vanii’ by the leading



So, as one solution, in our unit we collectively decided that since we

already have 74 Ananda Vaniis, originally given by Baba — then why not

choose one of these for the twice yearly unveiling of an Ananda Vanii

during Ananda Purnima and New Year’s Day.


In that case we will treat that Ananda Vanii as the guideline for the next

six months. And then we will select another one for Ananda Purnima from

Baba’s original collection, “Ananda Vanii Samgraha”.


Thus some margiis think that instead of having some groupist politicians

fabricate a Fake Ananda Vanii, in place of this it is far to select the

Ananda Vaniis from the pool of the Ananda Vanii collection.





Sarvatmanandji created one negative trend in 1991 & according to his own

selfish desire he was selecting one quote and calling it Ananda Vanii. When

in fact he was making Fake Ananda Vaniis. That is why most margiis do not

like what he did as it is against Baba’s system. So ultimately we thought

Baba’s original and true Ananda Vaniis is enough; let those groupist people

choose their quotes in their dogmatic approach call it what they like– but

we do not appreciate what they are doing.


Margiis requested those groupist persons to follow Baba’s system and select

an Ananda Vanii from amongst Baba’s perfect jewels of 74 Ananda Vaniis–

however because of their dogmatic mind they do not like to listen and they

got stuck up in their dogma. But by Baba’s grace, rational margiis from my

unit firmly maintained that we must adhere to Baba’s teachings. Let those

groupist people do what they are doing– but we will follow Baba.





Nowadays various margiis also give the proper logic, that as in Ananda

Sutram there are 85 Sutras. So it is very limited in number-since it is not

hundreds of thousands. Similarly we have limited DMC discourses which is

also not several thousand. And we know that only DMC discourses can be

printed as Subhasita Samgraha. Not others.


Only one Supreme Command we have, not many. Doing Guru Puja, we have only

four slokas, not hundreds and thousands. Because Baba has given everything

in a very pointed and concentrated way. So people should not feel that AM

ideology is very, very difficult to study and understand. But surely if it

would have been fifty thousand sutras in Ananda Sutram, and twenty thousand

DMC discourses, or several hundred mantras of our sadhana or several

thousand Vaniis then it would have been a problem.


But in truth Baba has made it very easy and graspable.





On the other side we see that the Hindu religion has thousands of

ritualistic things– and similar type of dogma is there in all the

religions. They do not have simple, straight-forward, pin-pointed

teachings. So they are all confused about their do’s and don’ts. By that

way, the common public thinks that to understand the scripture is not an

easy job. It is the work of priests only. Seeing the opportunity, priests

exploit the common mass profusely. To not allow this situation in Ananda

Marga, Baba gave His teaching in a very concentrated way. So that our

slogan is – “Dharma for All.”


So in the meeting it was concluded, that our duty is to follow bhagavad dharma

so we should follow those Ananda Vaniis which He has graciously given us.

And we should select each time only one from this pool. And treat it as the

present Ananda Vanii of that occasion – New Year’s or Ananda Purnima.


What is the need to select some quote and treat it as the new Ananda

Vanii. And finally add in the Ananda Vanii collection book, and go on

multiplying the number of vaniis each and every year. And in the course of

several hundred years, the number of quotes will increase to more than the

actual Vaniis. So everything will be mess, chaotic.


One other margii emphasized that in true sense there is no need to create

Fake Ananda Vaniis from random quotes. After all, that is a quote. A quote

is quote – but a piece of a different discourse whereas an Ananda Vanii is

an Ananda Vanii – a full discourse unto itself.


So quotes and Ananda Vaniis are two different things – non-interchangeable.


We know there are many sutras which Baba gave in DMC that He did not

include in Ananda Sutram. In that case we must not include those in Ananda Sutram.

Nor can we call it a sutra of Ananda Sutram.


Similarly, Baba’s quote from various discourses, cannot be treated as

Baba’s Ananda Vanii. They are not the same thing.


Discussing all these, everyone became satisfied that Baba gave total 74

Vaniis and it is enough. From there we will select, and every year we will

do like this. When the time will come then we will select another one from

this Ananda Vanii Samgraha book. So tomorrow we will have our dharmacakra

and decide what will be the Ananda Vanii for 2010 occasion of Ananda Purnima.



Karma Rasa







“Tumi yadi bha’lo ba’so keno na’hi a’so ka’che…” (PS 3039)




Baba, by Your grace, I have so much love for You. If You love me then

why don’t You come close. Baba, please come in the depths of my heart– I

am calling You. O’ Divine Entity, why are You smiling from a distance in

Your extremely charming and captivating form. Why are You not coming close

so I can hold You tightly and make You mine.

O’ my Dearmost, I have been waiting with great anticipation for Your

arrival, but, alas, You are remaining far away– beyond my reach. Baba, in

the disappointment and sadness of Your not coming, in that hopelessness the

braids in my hair have become loose and fallen. My exquisitely threaded

flower garland which I made exclusively for You has become dried up and

fallen to the ground, on the dusty floor. O’ Rupamaya [1], O’ Divine

Entity, with the tears pouring from my coloured eyes, everything in this

expressed universe is floating away.


Baba, I have heard that You remember everything and that You never

forget anything; I have heard that You keep everyone in Your mind, always.

All are Your very close. O’ Divine One, at last You have satisfied my

heart. By Your grace, You have come to me in the madhavii garden and

saturated each & every pore of my mind with Your heavenly sweetness. Baba,

You have graciously filled my heart with Your love; You have showered Your

grace and made me Yours…





[1] Rupamaya: [‘Rup’ means ‘form’ and ‘may’ means ‘consisting of’.] This is

one of the innumerable names of Parama Purusa that describes one of His

infinite qualities: Namely, how He has graciously come in the form. By His

wish He has manifested Himself and come in His charming form. That is why

one of the names of Parama Purusa is Rupamaya.




One Riddle


Baba says, “Once King Akbar said, ‘Birbal, can you please tell me something

which will make a happy man unhappy and an unhappy man happy?’ Birbal replied, ‘Aesa’ din nahi rahega’– This day will not last forever’. (AV-4, p. 80)


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