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Date: 19 May 2011 16:53:19 -0000

From: “G Bhaskaran Reddy”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Subject: Our Holy Language


“A’j prabha’te a’lor pa’the nu’tan phuger ba’rta’ dile…” (P.S. 2001)


Baba, today in the dawn You came and gave the message that a new era is approaching. You told me to open my eyes and see how the darkness has faded away. And that humanity has gotten liberated from the serpentine noose of ignorance, staticity, and dogma. The humanity which was stunned by exploitation, injustices, and the tortures done by demons, today that very humanity has developed the inner strength to kick out those demons and get free. O’ Lord, You are the charioteer of the chariot of effulgence, and You have come here to guide everyone towards the Cosmic Goal. In addition You have also brought a basket of hope and inspiration; and that You are showering that upon everyone. Baba, You came and sang the song of hope and showed us the path towards enlightenment. What was needed everyone got from you. Baba You came in the dawn and gave the message of the new era– that of neo-humanism…




We are all aware that groupism did not burst out just recently within the last 1 or 2 or even 7 years. Rather, its roots are very deep.

The below document – written 16 years ago in 1995 – reveals how the situation was then. That time various factional people were raising their ugly head and spreading venom.

The following was written by a member of Amara Bengali samaj. This circular reveals the superiority complex of the Bangla faction and how they want to unjustly impose various mandates on the entire world.

Certainly H group and its affiliates also have their own negativity and they are spreading their own dogmas of various tiirthas and groupism. But let us not forget it is B group who created most of the systemic problems by destroying margii rights and inventing all sorts of horrible groupist policies and dogmas.

This original circular gives the picture how the fire of groupism was burning strong beneath the ashes those days back in 1995. Reading the below document makes all this quite clear.

Reviewing this historical document will help us better understand the nature of the current problem and how to resolve it.

in Him,


* * *

(Here begins the Amra Bengali circular from 1995.)


Dear Brothers and Sister, Namaskar.

The purpose of this letter is to tell some facts that are going on against Baba’s ideals and which are causing great harm to the Marga’s unity. So every senior member must know these matters that are now confronting us, and think how to deal with them.



a. BABA was born into a Bengali family. So Bangla is the mother tongue of our Guru. Therefore it must be regarded as the sacred language in order to maintain the authentic qualities of Baba’s expression.

b. Baba always gave His Ananda Vanii first in Bangla only.

c. All Baba’s life, for writing purposes. He used only Bangla.

d. All records of Baba’s handwriting are available only in Bangla.

e. Baba wrote his signature always in Bangla script.

f. 99% of the songs He wrote were in Bangla.

g. Baba was insistent that Prabhat Samgiit must be sung in Bangla and that they were not to be translated into other languages for dissemination but learned in the original Bangla. In this way, His secret motive was that maximum people of the universe would learn and enjoy Bangla. This was Guru’s wish.

h. Acarya Diaries were originally written in Bangla. The only permitted translation is to English. Not to any other language. This proves the importance of Bangla.

i. Baba always gave dictation in His room in Bangla.

j. Baba spoke mostly Bangla during reporting.

k. With His PA, Baba spoke only Bangla.

l. All acaryas and LFTs all over the world must learn some basic Bangla to qualify.

m. Although Baba was well versed in all the major languages of the world and could converse in any of them, He personally chose to speak in Bangla most of the time.

n. On Baba’s orders, irrespective of the place or language He used in the original discourse of general darshan, all translations of His books must carry the written note that it was, “translated from the original Bangla”. This tradition was started by Baba himself.

o. Because of all this, margiis must learn Bangla and teach their children also. Bhukti Pradhans must uphold this idea and encourage everyone to learn the sacred language, for their spiritual enrichment. In all the aforementioned ways, Baba proved that Bangla is Marga’s sacred language, but it is very unfortunate, that in this diverse organisation, people are feeling uneasiness about this indisputable fact. By accepting this fact the unity within the whole Marga will be strengthened.



For a long time some group has been working against Sarvatmanandaji to overthrow him and assassinate his character. This was revealed when they made a caucus against him in November ’94 and pushed him out of his post. This they did despite the fact that he was endowed by Baba to remain as executive head for his whole life, which was assumed by all to be his right to guide and inspire the whole Mission, as he has the special qualities needed for this work and nobody else in the organisation demonstrated that they have these needed qualities. That very group it seems, made a circular in Hindi and mischievously circulated it in all Hindi areas of India anonymously. When this circular was opposed by rational people, a request was made to the Organisation that an Inquiry Commission should be set up to investigate who was the culprit behind this false propaganda. It is distressing to see that most of the members who were selected for that Inquiry Commission are Sarvatmanandaji’s proven enemies. So what chance is there that they will sincerely try to find out the culprit?


How then can Sarvatmanandaji get justice from any of those people in this matter of the Inquiry into that circular, when these opportunists and traitors have proven their enmity to him already. This whole Inquiry is therefore , nothing but an ‘eyewash’. Not only that, but these people have no courage to inquire at all, for fear of themselves losing their positions if they disturb the person who may be responsible during their work of inquiring into certain people. Who are suspect if they really want to find out the culprit, centre should reconstitute the Inquiry with people such as Vijayanandaji, Sutiirthanandaji, Narayanandaji, Pranavatmakanandaji, Vitamohananandaji, and Haratmanandaji. From the existing Inquiry Commission only Sarangiji should remain.


Because of PP’s age and health, it seems logical that he should concentrate on the spiritual duties required of Purodha Pramukha. The post of president should be offered to Vijayanandaji who is best qualified for this role in the Mission. I am requesting all Margiis and Workers to seriously think about all these things that I have mentioned because they are true and they affect us all. As you can see from these points, many things are being done which are against Baba’s wishes. So before more things are done to harm the Mission, we must stop and correct these sort of activities and by that ways the unity and solidarity of Baba’s mission will be maintained. You are all senior persons, so please take this letter in a positive way.

In His Service,

S. Das


25th April, 1995.

NB You know, Bangla is my mother tongue which I love to use. But for the purpose of this letter, I am writing in English as these matters are related to all workers and Margiis of the world, therefore I am bound to use the International language of English. So my dear Amra Bengali brothers and sisters who expect to hear from me in Bangla, please understand and excuse me. And please circulate this letter accordingly. Thanks.

(Here concludes the Amra Bengali circular from 1995.)

* * *


Everyone knows that true margiis do not believe in groupism.

brotherly yours


BABA says, “The newly awakened humanity of today is anxious to herald the advent of one universal society under the vast blue sky. The noble and righteous persons of all countries, bound by fraternal ties, are eager to assert in one voice, with one mind, and in the same tune that human society is one and indivisible” (AFPS part 2 p. 25 ) Baba says, “Spiritual philosophy does not recognize any distinctions and differentiations unnaturally made between one human being and another, and stands for universal fraternity.” (Idea and Ideology)


Population Growth: Really a Problem?

Baba says, “Does a population problem actually exist? This issue should be considered in the perspective of two vital factors – the availability of food and the availability of space. Today human beings have enough resources to manage their food. Planet Earth is rich enough to feed a far greater number of people than the present population….[So] The tragedy is that there are enough resources to supply proper food to all human beings in the world, but the defect lies in the present approach of the existing socioeconomic systems.” (PNS-13, p.44)



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From: Foster Davis

Subject: Terrorise & Make Slaves

Date: Thurs, 19 May 2011 06:48:21 -0400




In just 2 days – on May 21, 2011 – one group of Christians has declared the coming Rapture: Jesus will appear and take his chosen followers to heaven, leaving everyone else behind to be doomed – as the earth will be finally destroyed on October 21, 2011. Such is their claim.

What many do not understand is the motive behind such outrageous prophecies.

As Ananda Margiis, of course we do not give an ounce of credence to these tall tales, but we should understand the mind-set that is responsible for inventing such dogmas – as well as what effect this has on common citizens.

In addition we should know how outsiders are profiting from this “event”.


In just 2 days, a whole congregation of people will be rising straight up into the sky, so they believe.

Normally when someone shoots straight up into the sky they are an astronaut on a rocket ship – such as the NASA shuttle that rocketed into outer space earlier this week. One could also be on a helicopter as that also rises directly upwards. But that is not what is going on here.

Welcome to Rapture!! The belief that all “true Christians” will be gathered together in the air to meet Christ at his return. Such Christians believe that the date of the next rapture is very, very soon: May 21, 2011. It is just 2 days away.

This will be a great event as we will see an entire mass of people defy gravity without the use of a single engine. Magically they will rise up into the sky – to the promised abode of heaven.

Even more remarkable is how another section of society – confirmed atheists – are making a bundle of money off of this rapture mania.


The next question you may be asking yourself is how could all of this unfold in the west.

After all, isn’t the west very advanced in technology and material science? Isn’t the west extremely literate? Then how could citizens of western, so-called advanced nations embrace such an event like “Rapture” that is cent-per-cent full of superstition and religious dogma.

Well, as Baba points out, the amount of worldly education or mundane knowledge or material wealth any community or society has is not the defining point. What matters is the degree to which their system of education and psychic understanding is based on neo-humanism.

Only in neo-humanism, combined with spiritual practice, can one overcome all dogmas and superstitions like Rapture.

When one’s mind is oblivious of the psycho-spiritual and spiritual realms – as is the case in materialistic societies – then even “educated” people will easily get duped by ploys and dogmas like Rapture.


The key point why various preachers – like Harold Camping who is the “author” of this coming day of Rapture – engage in this is very straightforward: To gain followers, prestige, respect, money, & more.

Such preachers like Camping are eager to increase their fold (i.e. congregation) and get people to be more vigilant in following their every command. To be frank, such preachers want an army of slaves, i.e. blind followers who hold on to their every word and order. And the best way to do this is through the infusion of a tremendous fear complex like rapture.

What is Rapture: “If you do not obey my word, i.e. God’s command, then you will not be one of the saved, rather you will be forced to suffer and meet your eternal destruction.” That is their message.

Actually such priests regularly terrorise their congregations on an individual level; this is an everyday occurrence. By not following church dogma or not giving large donations, then one will never reach heaven. And there are numerous ploys priests use on the individual level to control followers and acquire money.

And when they want to dupe large numbers of people on the mega-level, then they do big events like Rapture. Then they can make more money and get greater control. And even if the Rapture event does not come true – there is little lost.

We should not overlook the fact that Harold Camping – i.e. the inventor of this declared 2011 Rapture – also declared a Rapture day in 1994 as well. Needles to say that one did not come true. But that did not end his Rapture career. Rather through the grand 1994 schema wherein he collected huge funds from followers, he has been able to live a life of wonderful luxury for 17 years. Now again he is desiring more profits, prestige and respect so he has simply declared another Rapture. Hence the May 21, 2011 Rapture. It is now upon us.

For the last several years leading up to this grand proclamation, Mr Camping & Co have been able to get followers to commit 100% by enlisting the criteria for being accepted for the Rapture. Indeed their followers will do whatever Camping & Co say. Followers give them huge respect and praise. So it is a major win for Rapture organisers like Camping.

And when the Rapture invariably does not happen – all the organisers have to do is make-up some phony excuse and infuse massive fear into their followers by saying: “Rapture can happen at any moment – anytime – so beware.”

Note: Here we also have to keep in mind that at present Christianity is melting quickly in the so-called advanced nations. Church leaders are resorting to Ratpure as a last-ditch effort to power-boost their membership by infusing a huge fear complex in the form of Rapture dogma. By this way naive and innocent people become the obedient servants (i.e. slaves) of those opportunistic vipras, i.e. those preachers.


The whole entire rapture agenda is based on fear. Namely, if you do not follow the Christian doctrine then you will not rise up into the sky and not enter into heaven – rather you will be forced to remain on this heinous earth and finally rot in hell. That will be the awful plight of all non-believers and non-devout Christians.

With this fear psychology – all done in the name of god – such Christian priests get their followers completely engrossed in the rapture movement. That is how they sell their event. That is why so many Christians are packing bag and baggage and getting ready to make the great flight up into the sky and on to heaven in 2011 – May 21st to be exact.

Even more surprising is that this is going on during the age of science and reason.

In the past, such raptures were declared in: 1772, 1844, 1977, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, and 1994. As noted many of the dates have been declared in modern times.

And each time the leaders of the failed rapture were met with ridicule, teasing, critique and embarrassment by outsiders. Mostly they justified their stance by saying, “Jesus will be meeting us up in the sky, only we made a mistake in the calculation of the date.” And then they promptly arranged a new date – and again all their followers became totally sucked into the frenzy all over again.


Once again, how is it that such people in this modern era get duped by the Rapture dogma?

In most cases, during their childhood they were indoctrinated into the Christian dogma and on those points their mind became inert. In other worldly spheres – with their job, house repairs, education, and food shopping – they can apply their logic and reasoning but not in the field of religion. On that subject their brain is totally frozen. They are unable to think – just they follow blindly. Such is the power of dogma.

And it is for this reason that modern day people get captivated by the rapture dogma.


Seeing all this, one group of confirmed atheists have come forward to make bundles of money off of the rapture program. Here’s how they do it.

In the west – and in particular in the US – where the rapture dogma is at its height, people love their pets. They are alienated from other human beings and pour all their heart’s longing into their pet.

Believers know that Christ has come only for them – not their pets. That means during rapture, when they get magically pulled up into the sky, then their pets remain on earth.

Hence, confirmed atheists capitalised on the situation.

Such atheists proclaim: “I am an atheist – I will be stuck here on earth after the rapture – so, my dear Christians, I will take care of your pets. After you make it up into the sky, I will be here on earth to ensure your beloved pet (dog or cat etc) is not left uncared for. Start paying me now – reserve your place – and I guarantee I will care for and feed your pet after the rapture for the next 10 years. Since I do not believe in Jesus I am bound to be here after the rapture. So put down your payment with me and invest in the welfare of your treasured pet.”

This is the scam confirmed atheists are doing. There are thousands of such websites right now. And they are all collecting huge money from the rapture seeking Christians. So many believers have enrolled and deposited money for the care of their pet.

So atheists are making piles of easy money from the rapture dogma. Why easy? Because they need not invest any money and they will not have to care for those pets after the rapture. Because those pet owners will still be on earth as the famed rapture is nothing but one big sham or hoax.

Thus it is easy money and many, many atheists are taking full advantage. But don’t take my word for it. Go on-line and check out all the websites.

Indeed you will see that one person even wrote a book titled: How to Profit From the Coming Rapture: Getting Ahead When You’re Left Behind. The cover features dollar signs ($$) rising up to the sky. So it is big business.


Actually, none should think that only Christians are involved in this kind of Rapture dogma.

As Baba points out in various discourses, numerous other religions and sects prescribe to the doomsday theory. Viprans in the form of religious thinkers and priests from various traditions have preached and continue to preach that the world will be destroyed.

Certain Hindus also fall into this trap. Cunning Hindu priests dupe followers into thinking that the world is coming to an end. At that point huge donations and gifts are given to those priests. To prevent the destruction of the earth the people pay for and engage in all kinds of yajinas and the businessmen sell truckloads of rotten ghee. This yajina (sacrifice) is all done to prevent the destruction of the earth. Baba has explained this is some detail in Human Society (’87 Edn, The Vaeshya Age) in a large footnote on page 83.

So it is a similar mentality as the rapture but with a slightly different outlook.

The Hindus do not believe that through their yajina they will rise up into the sky. Just they think that they will have averted disaster by saving the earth from destruction. And they will thus continue to live on earth. So theirs is a safer proposal. Without having to rise up into the sky they can more easily declare victory.

In contrast, the Christians feel that during the Rapture they are on their way to heaven and that they will be leaving this earth. That is the central difference. Other than that both exploit their followers to the bone.

It is actually fairly common for people in various countries to subscribe to various theories of this nature, but only certain radical Christians think that they will actually rise up magically into the sky without the use of a rocket ship.


Baba describes the mentality of such rapture & doomsday preachers perfectly in the below citation.

Baba says, “Hypocrites’ dogma is embraced knowingly by those with vested interests, although most people follow dogma unknowingly. Ordinary people are told by their priests, “You should not do this or that because it is a sin and is forbidden by the scriptures. If you do not follow the path that we have suggested, your family will be ruined.” If rational people challenge these illogical ideas, a priest may retort that he had a dream in which the Divine Mother appeared before him and said many things to justify his position. This is all hypocrites’ dogma.” (PNS-16)


If truth be known though, no god can do like this. No god that is all-powerful and all-loving will senselessly destroy and ruin his creation. Nor will any god favour some and hate others. That is the loophole and hypocrisy of such rapture beliefs.

Such Christians preach that their god is great and all-loving and then in the next breath they attach all kinds of crude-negative actions to their god.

But who can accept such a personality as being god if that god abuses and harasses innocent and helpless beings. No all-loving god could also be so crude-minded and malicious.

That is the main defect of their rapture and doomsday agendas. By this way such Christians expose their own mentality.

Their situation parallels that of Freud. Freud super-imposed his own crude sexual lust on all human beings.

Baba says, “Those psychologists that give undue importance to sexual lust, betray their own vulgar and licentious mentality.” (SS-3)

Thus by his theory, Freud merely exposed his own dirty outlook – nothing more.

Similarly, such crude Christian propagandists are putting for their own faulty ideas in the name of god. They are merely exposing their own mean-minded manner. That is all that is going on when they declare that their god will damn and punish all non-believers etc.

Here it should be made clear that Parama Purusa is all-merciful and there is no need for anyone to worry. He loves and looks after all.

Baba says, “His grace is for all – both for virtuous and non-virtuous. All are His children. Nobody is unimportant, nobody is insignificant…You spiritual aspirants, you should remember that Parama Purus’a is always with you and His grace is always with you, and you all are His loving children. You need not develop any fear complex regarding the Supreme Father. You should remember that He’s the Supreme Father.” (SS-19)


Now in this modern era where still people’s intellects are being captured by religious dogma, the only way out is to propagate neo-humanism.

People must be made to understand that whenever their mind is not allowed to think beyond the confines of a particular boundary line, then that idea is dogma. For instance, in the rapture agenda, no one is allowed to think beyond the confines of the rapture model. No logic or reasoning is allowed. Just one is forced to follow the mandate of rapture blindly.

Our job is to calmly and rationally convince people not to worry about nor get caught up in or duped by any type of Rapture propaganda. We should encourage open and free debate on this matter and see the facts.

Side by side we must always remind everyone that Parama Purusa does not have any imperfection. He does not hate or curse anyone; He showers equal love upon all. He does not judge anyone based on whether they are a “believer” or not. He watches over all: the virtuous and the sinners, margiis and non-margiis.

Parama Purusa loves all – in that case, all talks of doomsday and Rapture are nothing but a farce.


Baba says, “He is everyone’s shelter, everyone’s refuge. Thus, human beings are never helpless, neither individually nor collectively. Always remember that He is with every individual. Some philosophers, quoting the scriptures, say that a day of final doom will darken the Earth when the dead will rise from the grave. Others predict that a doomsday (pralayá in Saḿskrta – “pra” means “complete” and thus pralaya means “complete destruction”) will obliterate all forms of life. One should laugh at such illogical doctrines. According to Ánanda Márga philosophy, this doomsday or pralaya will never occur….the flow of creation will continue…There will never be a complete thermal death. of the universe. Thus, predictions of an imminent doomsday should be of no concern to you. It is nonsense; pralaya will never occur.” (AV-17)



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