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From: “Ratan Deva”

To: am-global@earthlink.net

Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 07:41:17 -0500

Subject: News: O’ Sadhu, Cakuna Samvaro




As we know our Dadas and Didis are full-time representatives of Baba and the Marga. So their behaviour and dealing are to be proper at all times, especially when in public.

In particular Baba warns about any kind of mixing & dealing with the opposite sex.

Baba says, “You will protect yourself from sexual weakness and luxury.” (WT Conduct Rules, Fourteen Points, pt #12)

Baba says, “One should not look at the face of the opposite sex…” (37 Workers Rules, pt# 15)

Unfortunately, an ongoing scene took place at the 2011 Jamalpur DMS that contravened Baba’s stated mandates.



At DMS, Dadas and Didis were staying in multi-story buildings directly across the street from each other – approximately 70 feet apart. The buildings were basically the same height.

During free time in the evening hours, some or more Dadas were going up to the rooftop to watch what the Didis were doing. Dadas were on one rooftop and Didis on the another – and those Dadas were waving and gossiping and smiling towards those Didis. Indeed an unsightly scene was created – the term “spectacle” is perhaps most suited.

Firstly, as we all know, Dadas and Didis should not be flirting in this way – neither privately nor publicly.

But see how this was done: Our Dadas were in very casual garb and they were watching those Didis who were not in their usual office dress. Dadas were motioning and signaling towards those Didis.

Those watching stated that: “Allurement was in the air as our own Dadas and Didis were gesturing, texting, and phoning to each other – just like school kids.” It went on like this day after day – morning and evening – during the Jamalpur DMS program.

Some of the names of those involved are appended below.


Considering these are our sannyasis this was quite unbecoming. Our Dadas and Didis are to maintain a strict code of conduct befitting that of a renunciate. They are to set an example. Yet at this DMS, some disregarded Baba’s WT conduct rules. And they made a public spectacle of themselves.

Many of the townspeople watched as these events unfolded. They were astonished and even shocked by this display of some of our Dadas and Didis.

Is it any wonder then that our wholetimers are not commanding proper respect in the general society. When people see how some of our acaryas behave, then they feel aghast. They wonder how could such people be true acaryas when they behave in such an immature and peculiar manner.


All this casts a dark shadow on the many good Dadas and Didis who work hard and are sincere about their conduct and spiritual life. As Ananda Margiis it is our duty to pay closer attention to the way some of our wholetimers project themselves in public. Otherwise how will we be ever to lead the society forward.



By reading the above, some may be thinking, “Oh no, this can’t be so – our acaryas would not behave like that during DMS.”

However, as unfortunate as all this may sound, here is further evidence of what goes on these days. Some of you may know about Dada Vipulananda (former RS Chandigahr). Well this Dada had all kinds of illicit relations with the opposite sex until finally he recently left his wt ship. When he left he grabbed all the money he collected during his wt life and used those organisational funds to start his own private business. He now runs a petrol pump in Sitamarhi Bihar. And he is still involved in that illicit affair.

Even more remarkable is that such types of Dadas get a lot of praise in the organisation. Rudrananda himself highlighted this Dada in a workers meeting: “Wts should be like Vipulananda…”. So this Dada received huge praise & stature within our wt ranks, yet his conduct was loathsome and filthy.

This all goes to show how conduct is not the main thing these days in certain WT circles. No doubt the vast majority of our Wts are sincere, but their contributions go overlooked. Rather those who give money – like ex-Vipulananda – are praised to the sky and free to do as they wish. This Dada was laudee as being ideal – when in truth his dealing was despicable. Why was he praised? Because he gave big money to top Dadas.

This type of event sets the tone that one need not worry about their conduct if they are a WT. Tragically, a few take advantage of this. And that is what we see happening at some of our public functions as well as behind closed doors.


With regards to the scene and that 2011 Jamalpur DMS and all such related incidents, it all comes down to one thing: Honoring and adhering to a spiritual ideal in life. When that is done all kinds of great things will unfold in our Marga and our workers will be proper and respected by all. So long as that is not done, then on a regular basis we will witness this kind of poor conduct that reflects badly on our Marga.


Here is Baba’s universal guideline for all workers and sadhakas. This is the ultimate solution to all these kinds of problems.

Baba says, ““Cakśuńá Saḿvaro Sádhu” O spiritual aspirant! O Bhikśu! O monk! O devotee! You should have proper control over your eyes; whatever will have bad effect on your mind, you must not see it. “Sádhu Sotena saḿvaro”. Whatever will have bad effect on your mind, O good man, you must not hear it. “Ghánena Saḿvaro Sádhu.” You should have control over your nose, “Sádhu Jibháya Saḿvaro.” You should have control over your taste. “Káyena Saḿvaro Sádhu.” You should have control over your body. “Sádhu Vácáya Saḿvaro.” You should have control over your language also; and “Savvatha Saḿvaro Bhikśu.” If you want emancipation, if you want liberation from worldly fetters, you must have all-round restraint.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 14, The Fundamental Principles of Life)




Here is a list of some of the Dadas involved in the rooftop incident at Jamalpur DMS. If you know of any others please let us know.

1) Hiteshananda

2) Ragatiitananda

3) Puspendrananda

4) Purnadhiishananda,

5) Kalyanmitrananda

Such Dadas were attracted towards & flirting with our Didis. At minimum, a few Didis were involved but it would be inappropriate to share their names. They know who they are and we have confidence they will correct their manner next time.


“Saba’re kari a’hva’n saba’i a’ma’r pra’n’…” – P.S. 2945


Here is the clarion call to one and all. Everyone is my own; everyone is my

pra’n’a; everyone is close to my heart. We are all collectively singing the song in unison and moving towards the Goal– Parama Purus’a. Nobody should remain left behind. We should carefully see that nobody should cry in the society, remaining as downtrodden or as neglected one. We are all singing the marching song of life collectively, with one tune and one melody. There is no difference between one human being and another. Everyone’s desires, hopes, and inspirations are the same. We are all moving on one path with the inspiration of the great ideology, which will lead towards greatness…


Speciality of the Rg Veda

Baba says, “Although the Rgveda is mainly concerned with hymns, it also contains various tales and anecdotes. While not all of these stories and tales carry equal spiritual value, they are representative of the cultural heritage of those ancient humans. They paint a portrait of the gradual advancement of human thinking and the structure of society. When considered from this point of view, the language, literature and expression of the Rgveda is of special value to the world.” (SC-2, 96-7)


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