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Date: 24 May 2011 18:24:10 -0000

From: “Gurucharan Deva”


Subject: Mahaprayan of Ac Nigamananda Avt







It is with sadness and respect that we share the news of the mahaprayan* of our respected Dada, Ac Nigamananda Avt. Our esteemed elder brother underwent his mahaprayan just a few hours ago, at approx 9:30PM IST, Tuesday 24 May 2011, at Akash nursing home, Malviya Nagar, Delhi.


Dadaji was well known for his boundless energy and enthusiasm, as well as for his many years of dedicated service to the Marga and humanity. He inspired many onto the path of bliss. He became WT in 1960’s, hence he was a worker for 40+years.


All in all, Dadaji worked in many departments, but most notably in VSS for a long time. Actually he led a very colourful life. He was a very important person who will be remembered for his many good activities as well as for his notorious dealings.


Initially, after 1990, Nigamananda was the “hit man” for Sarvatmananda; and later on he became the “hit man” or “strong arm” for Rudrananda. And in the later years, he was the “hit man” for his own position.


Recently Nigamananda secretly sold one large organisational property at Asansol. That is but one of his many nefarious activities of which the list is very long. Indeed Dada tortured and terrorised so many innocent people. He will long be remembered for that – so many good and bad things.


That is why on this fateful day, surely some are sad while many others are breathing a sigh of relief. Dadaji was the cause of so many unjust and negative activities – as well as various good deeds.


When Dada became seriously ill and incapacitated due to his brain hemorrhage on 07 Feb 2011, many workers felt relief and happiness. Dadaji was notorious for his abuse of power. Of course one should not feel happy by seeing another’s misery, but back in February numerous wts could not control themselves because of all the torture Nigamananda had inflicted upon them.


Baba has given one very good teaching about what happens when an ideal person passes. Let’s see how far Dada Nigamananda fits this description.


Baba says, “You should live such a benevolent life and do such glorious deeds that when you leave this world, smiles will blossom on your face while the people mourn your departure with copious tears. The people will feel bereaved at the loss of a person who truly helped them in their hour of need. All of you should take such a vow to do noble deeds as long as you are alive, and thus leave this world with a smiling face.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, part 8, What Should Human Beings Do?)


So we can all think and ponder this.


Even then, given his years of service, it is totally disrespectful to say Nigamananda died – when the higher, more respectful term of mahaprayan is available. Of course Parama Purusa is eternal and never dies so there is no question of using the mahaprayan term with Him. But in the case of a respected avadhuta like Ac Nigamananda it is probably appropriate and deserved to use the term mahaprayan. Irrespective of his unseemly activities, after all Nigamananda Dada was an avadhuta and disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji. On that ground, I call his death as mahaprayan.


So I have deep regard for him. After all, for those who came close to Baba and dedicated everything, I have great respect and reverence.


Tragically, for the last 3 1/2 months Dadaji was in a coma due to a brain hemorrhage.

With his mahaprayan, we pray that our dear brother Ac Nigamananda Avt has found

eternal peace on Baba’s lap.





Note: If you want to know more about his personality, please write me.


* Mahaprayan: Many are aware that mahaprayan is the common term used in

India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan of respected persons of society who died or passed away.


Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word ‘mahaprayan’ is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no devotees ever use the word ‘mahaprayan’ in reference to Lord Shiva or Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then there is no question of Their mahaprayan.


And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it will be confirmed that the word ‘mahaprayan’ means death of a respected person.


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