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Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 13:55:02 -0000

From: NJK Majumdar

Subject: Do You Know Why AM is Special







We all know that in our A’nanda Ma’rga Baba places tremendous emphasis

on the dual approach of spiritual sadhana and social service. Both have

a huge role to play. For that reason some may be thinking that our

spiritual life and our social life are therefore equal in all regards.


Without going too deeply into the matter, this might be a logical

conclusion one would make: Estimating that both are 50-50– the same

size & of equal value etc. It is easy to surmise how someone might

conclude in that fashion.


However, Baba’s divine teaching is something else. As important as our

social life is, Baba here unveils and expresses the vastness &

unparalleled nature of our spiritual approach in A’nanda Ma’rga.


Baba says, “Our spiritual life is not a part of our social life; our

social life is a part of our spiritual life.” (Poona DMC, 26-11-79)


Thus, Baba’s above teaching establishes the supremacy of spirituality as

He tells that everything falls within the scope of our spiritual life.

That is, our spiritual life is not a subset of our social life; but our

social life is a part of our spiritual life.


With this is mind, that means that our entire social dealing comes under

that great umbrella of spirituality. Or, another way of saying it is

that nothing comes outside of our spiritual approach. Everything is part

and parcel of that. Hence in Ananda Marga we say that spirituality is

the top-most thing– the summum bonum of life.


Baba says, “Spirituality is the summum bonum of life in all its

aspects.” (Idea & Idealogy, p.77)


Here are more points which lead in this same direction– which highlight

the greatness of spiritual life in Ananda Marga. All brothers and

sisters should also write in with their perceptions and thoughts also.





The path which Baba has shown us– the path of Ananda Marga is totally

revolutionary since it is deeply ensconced in the nectar of

spirituality. From birth to death and from morning till night, the life

of an Ananda Margii is filled with spiritual practices and cosmic

ideation. When one emerges from the womb and enters this world then

immediately that infant is drenched in the singing Baba Nam Kevalam. And

it continues on from there. Hence in AM spirituality is our very heartbeat.





By Baba’s grace in AM our spiritual approach continues through the whole

life. In the morning we greet and start the day with our practices of

Guru Sakash and paincajanya etc, and the whole day follows in that flow:

Doing sadhana, reciting our bath mantra, taking second lesson before our

each and every work, ideating as we say namaskar, singing kiirtan etc.

Each and every activity through the day is linked with the Cosmic Hub–



And then after dark we go for night sadhana and ultimately take rest

with His name on our lips– dreaming of Him.


About this holistic ideal, Baba has given one divine sloka:


‘Kuru punyam ahora’tram’

Meaning: Do virtuous deeds day and night


In Ananda Marga we are ideating on Brahma during the day and performing

our various works and duties and then when sleeping we are repeating our

Ista mantra or dhyana mantra during the night. In that way each and

every second of the life is drenched in the sweet flow of spirituality.







As we know, in Ananda Sutram Baba has outlined the whole of AM

philosophy in seed form. In sum there are 85 Sutras in these five

chapters. Yet the first four chapters– or the first 69 Sutras– deal

exclusively with points of spirituality. There is no hint of mention of

social life in these sections.


Then in His revolutionary approach in the final chapter of A’nanda

Sutram Baba incorporates our social life and Prout– all neatly woven

into the context of spirituality. Hence Prout is a sub-set of AM

spiritual ideology; Prout is a God-centered philosophy resting on the

dynamic force of AM spirituality.


By all this we can all easily understand that in AM spirituality is the

main thing. This is the divine flow of life in Ananda Marga.





The path of Ananda Marga is the top as our Marga maintains its stance of

spirituality throughout all the realms of life. This is one of the

reasons why we say AM is a revolution– and far above the rest.


In comparison, the dogmatic religions fall way short of the mark. In

their most basic and fundamental sense, at best the religions

theoretically aim to be spiritual institutions; but in actuality just a

tiny partition or a small segment of religious life is for Godly

pursuits. And even that small piece has gotten infested with dogma.


Hinduism started with some aspects of meditation and other spiritual

points of yoga and Bhagavata dharma, but even then it was just a small

part of the life. The proof being that the great Shankaracarya himself

declared that people could not dedicate themselves towards spirituality

until after 75 years of age. And not just that, but step by step,

Hinduism has totally fallen away from any pointed spiritual approach.

Such that now, the touch of true spirituality is all gone from their

religious dealings and their followers just indulge in idol worship in

the temples and other dogmatic rituals.


To their own degree, Christians may even be less in this regard. They

have no meditative practice to speak of and their prayer etc is done on

Sundays only. So their religious life is extremely limited and tucked

away into a little corner.


So in this way each and every religion has partitioned its prayer

practices to a small part of life which is hardly even visible and which

barely touches the seed of their existence. Rather they are totally

governed by materialistic policies


Only in the dharma of Ananda Marga do we see that living aspect of true

spirituality ensconced into each and every cell of one’s existence.





From top to bottom, spirituality is everything in AM. That is the be-all and

end-all of our existence.


Even then in this crude era of kali yuga, due to the enormous onslaughts

of materialism etc, from time to time we all get pulled and dragged into

mundane duties and worldly obligations. We all have huge quotas and lots

of pressures to attend to in this regard: Bills to pay, houses to

maintain, plus all the negative allurements of the general society to

combat. This is the harsh reality which we are facing nowadays.


Indeed, we can see that even our Dadas get caught up in this rush of

external living and mostly they just do sadhana so that they can eat.

Means sadhana is just a ticket to get into the dining hall– nothing

more in many cases. I think we have all seen such things.


So we all know that spirituality is everything yet the practical reality

is that whether we like it or not on various occasions we are all

getting dragged head first into mundane life. No doubt we are all

following 16 Points to the best of our ability etc, but the general flow

of the world is pulling us strongly in its crude direction. In the face

of mundane pressures our sadhana time gets reduced, asanas get skipped,

and so many things unfold. No need to list them here as we are all well

aware about what happens.


Hence even though in Ananda Marga, spirituality is the most treasured

aspect of life and as much as we practice it during our days and nights,

still the reality is that the mind tends to become extroverted due to

the extreme amount of mundane pressures.


Taken altogether, we should be extremely careful and take whatever

measures necessary to reverse this trend. Baba’s following teaching

leads in this same direction.


Baba says, “This element of devotion, the most precious treasure of

humanity, must be preserved most carefully. Because it is such a tender

inner asset, to preserve it from the onslaughts of materialism, one must

build a protective fence around it, just as people put up a guard-rail

around a small tender plant.” (NH-LOI)


So Baba’s divine direction is to safeguard this most precious thing:

Devotion, which is the seed of true spirituality.


In this regard we can take steps by singing more kiirtan, keeping strict

timing for our sadhana, encouraging ourselves and others to be vigilant

in 16 Points, and evaluating our lives every 15 minutes to see if we are

on the right path or not. On this aspect also, it will be highly

inspiring to hear everyone’s suggestions and recommendations.


By this way, and with Baba’s grace, we will be able to maintain and rise

above the challenges– delving deeper and deeper into spiritual life.





Here Baba once again highlights the supreme nature of spiritual life.


Baba says, “That ultimate and absolute ideal is the Cosmic ideal – an

ideal beyond the scope of time, place and person. It is the Absolute,

without and beyond relativity. It stands with its own lustre for all

times and for every factor of the Cosmos.” (I & I, p.76)





By Baba’s divine grace each and every margii will taste the supreme

sweetness of AM spirituality & reach unto Baba’s divine lap in this very



Baba says, “The human being’s mission in life is movement towards

perfection– towards God. This is one’s dharma, or duty. In this

struggle, the forces of evil [materialism etc] are bound to be defeated.

That has been the case all along, and that will repeat itself.” (AV-23,











Here Baba reveals the awesome nature of spirituality and that taking

this as their base Neo-Humanism and Prout has been formulated etc.


Baba says, “Spirituality provides a human being and humanity at large

with that subtle and tremendous power with which no other power can be

compared. Therefore, with spirituality as the base, a rational

philosophy should be evolved to deal with the physical, psychological

and socio-philosophical problems of the day.” (‘The Cosmic Brotherhood’,

5 June 1959)


Keeping our spiritual ideal at the fore, Baba has given us the way to

identify, address, and solve each and every difficulty of our social

life. This is His great blessing on the humanity.





In His below teaching Baba pointedly guides us that it is the golden

thread of spirituality which will bring together all the various beings

of this universe.


Baba says, “The Cosmic ideal alone can be the unifying force which shall

strengthen humanity to smash the bondages and abolish all narrow

domestic walls of fissiparous tendencies.” (‘The Cosmic Brotherhood’, 5

June 1959)





“Tumi ya’ke bha’loba’so se kena a’r’a’le tha’ke…” (PS 3333)




Baba, one thing I do not understand. Please tell me why Your great

devotees like to keep themselves far away from name, fame praise etc.

Always they keep themselves hidden.

You keep Your devotees very close to You. But You do not grant them

wealth, money, higher social status, name or fame. Rather You take away

all these worldly things from devotees and You saturate their heart with

the devotion. Devotees are always hidden in the society as ordinary

persons. And as to those who are not A-grade devotees, You glorify[1]

them with the high status. Why like this? Please tell me.

Baba, only You can control and utilise occult powers. Except You,

those others who acquire occult powers lose their conscience and do all

kinds of negative things. Ultimately they degenerate and follow the path

of negative pratisaincara– they become one with the crude matter.

Devotees get You all the time in their heart and in that way they

always remain in bliss. Having You their whole existence gets filled and

all their deep longing and desires get satisfied.

Baba to those whom You are loving, to them You always keep them hidden…



[1] Devotees do not ask anything from Parama Purusa other than HE

Himself. Whereas those who are ordinary people ask for name, fame,

money, power, post etc. So accordingly Baba grants them those things and

fulfills their desire.




Brave Persons


Baba says, “Do not remain worried about your individual problems at all.

Be prepared to carry your own burden and be prepared also to carry the

burdens of others. Then alone are you brave. Be dagdhabiija. Everyone

has their own individual problems. Do not try to pass them on to others.

On the contrary, bear the burdens of others. No one is your enemy. Be

ready to bear the burdens of others.” (AV-30, p.4)


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