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Date: Fri, 27 May 2011 17:54:49


From: V.J.K. Deva

Subject: …Direct Way to Heaven








Most are certainly aware that Dada Nigamanandji’s body was brought from Delhi to Ananda Nagar for his burial and cremation etc. That cremation ceremony was scheduled to happen today.


This following letter details many of the events and plannings surrounding Nigamananda’s cremation. Please read below for all that news.


Here first, we begin one of Baba’s famous stories from Shabda Cayanika as it is highly related with this entire topic.







In His story from Shabda Cayanika, Baba asks the caretaker of the land about a white stone in the back of the guesthouse. The caretaker replies, “That white thing is the tomb of those three dead people.” (Shabda Cayanika, Part 1, Disc: 3)


In that same story Baba directs an inquiry towards Brother Niilainjana, i.e. one of those three deceased persons who was buried in that spot and who now has just a luminous body.


Baba says, ‘Then I (Baba) asked: “In your opinion, are your sister Mainjulá and her friend Vásavii Vasu also bound here [like you are] by the same attachment to the place?” He smiled a little and replied: “Exactly as you say“.” (Shabda Cayanika, Part 1, Disc: 3)


Here the whole point is that when a tomb is made for a deceased person then that soul is not free. Their mind gets seriously attached to that particular place. It is a big problem.


If a tomb is constructed for a deceased person then they will not get moksa – rather that soul will be bound to that place. That is their unfortunate fate which Baba Himself reveals in His story from Shabda Cayanika.


That is why in Ananda Marga, there is no system for making a tomb for deceased persons. That is not our way as it hinders their progress and obstructs their pathway. They will not get moksa. This is evidenced by the predicament of those three deceased students (Niilainjana, Mainjulá & Vásavii Vasu) in the aforementioned story from Shabda Cayanika. They became totally bound to that land as microvita for decades and centuries – unable to progress or get moksa.


So it is a tragedy. This entire cycle of creation is spinning on and on and countless unit souls are progressing and getting moksa by His grace, yet those with a tomb get stuck and bound to that spot. They do not get moksa.


No doubt some religions are totally unaware about this fact; that is why they partake in this tomb dogma. But as Ananda Margiis why should we also fall into this trap? Why should we construct tombs for our deceased brothers and sisters and thereby block their pathway for getting moksa. That is not good.


Rather we should follow Baba’s noted system for the disposal of the dead body (reference Caryacarya Part 1). There Baba makes no mention of the construction of any tomb etc.


The whole problem is that when a tomb is made that person will not get moksa – regardless of whether they are buried or burned to ashes. So long as a tomb is constructed for that person, that unit being gets bound to that place. Their future is not at all bright. We should not impose this grim fate on anyone.







Now let’s take a look at what has happened with Nigamananda and other respected Dadas.


(A) As you probably know, on 25/ 26 May, Nigamananda’s body was transferred by ambulance from Delhi to Ananda Nagar. The distance is 1500 kilometers at minimum. It took huge resources (money, fuel, time, energy) for this to be done. So we have to think what motivated and inspired them to do like this – especially when this is not Baba’s designated system.


(B) When we look at the recent history we can get a glimpse of why this tomb dogma is going on. For example, there is the case of Dada Sadhaneshvara’nandajii’s mahaprayan in A’nanda Shiila. After Dadaji expired then what happened? Parmeshvara’nanda made one “sama’dhi sthal” (i.e. tomb) with marble on the place where Dada Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii was cremated at the A’nanda Shiila MU.


Many say now that Paremeshvarananda made that tomb of Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii so that one day someone would make a similar tomb for him. After all, our Dadas see how big-time politicians are revered and respected and get “blessed” with a huge, fancy tomb upon their death. So our big Dadas like Parmeshvarananda want a tomb when they die. But it would be unbecoming if Parmeshvarananda made or constructed his own tomb ahead of time. Being a sannyasi that would not look very good. So instead he made a tomb for another Dada in the great hope that one day someone would grace him (i.e. Parmeshvarananda) with his own tomb. This is the way things are working.


Another thing people say is that because Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii was very popular, it was relatively easy for Parmeshvarananda to collect money in Dada’s name. Thus he was able to gather huge funds – of which some was used for a tomb. Otherwise what could be the reason why Parmeshvarananda erected a tomb when doing so is explicitly against Baba’s system.


No doubt, Dada Sa’dhaneshvara’nandajii was a very good devotee, laborious, and dedicated. But making a tomb is not the way to pay homage to him. Dada’s memory is not in that marble tomb. Rather his memory is in Ba’ba’s mission & organisation for whom Dadajii lived his life. His memory is his dharmic way of living at Ananda Shiila where he worked as CTS and where he constructed buildings to help build the Marga.


This above case gives the picture of how some are attracted to burying the bodies of our deceased Dadas on master units so that in due course a tomb can be erected. It seems they suffer from the dogma that this is a direct route to heaven or at the very least a way to garner great respect.


Yet Baba Himself guides us that faulty manner of making a tomb only binds a person to that land – they cannot get salvation.


(C) Here is another case that leads in this same direction. At the time of oShraddha’nandajii’s (former PP Dada) passing in October 2008 at a hospital in Ranchi, his body was taken to Ananda Shiila for cremation. And now today at the place where his cremation was done, it is surrounded by bamboo and a wood wall. Why? To reserve that spot so that that they can make a tomb in the future. Otherwise what was the need to demarcate that spot and not use it for some practical project etc.


(D) Here is yet another example: Artesha’nanda’s cremation ceremony and mahaprayan was in Gadaipur Ba’ba’ Quarter Delhi. Centre cremated his body in that Ba’ba’ Quarter campus. To this day, such persons still associate Dadaji with that place – as if that is where he will reside forever. Still that spot where he was cremated has not been used for any other project. They have reserved that spot with every intention of constructing a tomb one day. Otherwise, they would have and could have used that space for other service projects etc.


Note: If the purpose of burying the body inside the compound in Delhi was to make cemetery / smashan for night sadhana etc, then that can be accepted. Some Dadas might make that claim as it is not easy to find places for night sadhana in big cities like Delhi. But whatever they say, there is no rational justification for erecting a tomb on that spot or designating that spot for a tomb in the future. That should not be done. Nor should that body be transported a long distance such as from Delhi to Ananda Nagar. That also has no rational justification.


(E) By all this we can critically see that this tomb issue is an ongoing and growing dogma in our Marga.


(F) So now Nigama’nandajii’s mahaprayan (death) happened in Delhi and they have brought the body to Ananda Nagar. Question: What is the need to bring body to AN? Why was the cremation not done in Delhi itself? After all, Nigama’nandajii was a worker of our universal organization; his life was for the organization and humanity. Then what was the need to spend huge money from our poor organization to bring Dada’s body to AN? What was problem in cremating the body in Delhi?


Here we can only assume that the intention of some is to make a tomb for Dadaji in Ananda Nagar. Perhaps they think that by this way Dada will get a direct transport to heaven and / or that someone will make a tomb for them in the future. When in fact the truth is that Nigamananda will be bound to that land and he will not get moksa nor get any progress at all. Rather he will be stuck and bound to that place. That is Baba’s explicit warning in Shabda Cayanika.


(G) Now we can practically see that the cremation of senior Dadas is becoming a new dogma in our organization. It looks like the authorities are impressed by the cremation ceremonies of big political leaders and want to emulate those events. We have to remember that Ananda Nagar is our global headquarters for the organization. It is not our global cremation ground, i.e. global smashan. Baba has given our AM master units and Baba Quarters for designation dharmic purposes. Our MU’s and BQ’s are not to be turned into smashan bhumi or cremation ground with all kinds of tombs etc.





One important point to note is that Centre does not bring all the bodies to Ananda Nagar etc. Nor do they make a tomb for every worker.


In the last decade or longer, so many simple and sincere Wts have passed, yet their mahaprayan occurred without the erection of a tomb. Rather local margiis and workers cremated the body per Baba’s system. No big Dada came to drag that body to Ananda Nagar. Indeed even with the then President of AMPS – Ac Raghunathji – they did not bring his body to AN nor did they make a tomb for him. And verily in the last 50 years so many of our respected workers and margiis passed as dadhicii’s, yet no tomb was made in their honour.


Then why is this being done today – why are tombs being prepared and planned – for the more famous workers, i.e. those with clout? That is what we must ask ourselves.


It seems that Centre is awed and jealous of those big political leaders who have huge tombs erected in their honour. In general politics, the bodies of such leaders will be brought to certain place and they will have a grand tomb erected. And people will come and visit that spot and pay honour for generations and generation. That is what we see happening. In the same way, Centre is now trying to do the same thing for select top Dadas.


Also big leaders think that if they will make the tomb of their friends then after their death their samadhi will be also made.


Ultimately, this manner of bringing the dead body to certain place for cremation and erecting a tomb is a big dogma which should be stopped.







Here is one related dogma with all of this: It has become a distinct pattern for them to always put the dead body in the Ba’ba’ quarter. For instance: Krtvidya’nandajii, Abhiprema’nandajii, and now Nigama’nandajii, and many others. They are reside in the BQ land.


Their bodies were put in Ba’ba’ quarter to give Shraddha’njalii. But this ceremony should be done in some other hall – not in the Ba’ba’ quarter.


If the purpose of the ceremony is to do the last darshan and to pay homage to the deceased and put flowers on the body, then that can be done in any other hall.


But the organisers do not see it in the aforementioned dharmic way.


Rather their purpose is to put that deceased body in the Ba’ba’ Quarter because in their mind they wrongly think that Ba’ba’ is there in that BQ and not in any other place. That is why they use the Baba Quarters in this way. Such is their dogmatic outlook.


Otherwise what could be the reason why they are doing this again and again and again.





As we know our workers and avadhutas have come for the service of all. They have given up everything of individual life for collective welfare – all done in the loving service to Guru. For our workers, the entire brahmanda (universe) is their homeland.


So there is absolutely no need to take their body to a certain place or location. Wherever that worker died is where his cremation should be done.


Then that ceremony will properly reflect our AM ideology and pay honour to the great cause for which that Wt dedicated their life.


And of course, wherever a Wt is buried, there should not be any tomb nor should the spot be marked in any way to erect a tomb in the future. Just let those deceased souls be free and at peace. That is Baba’s system.








PS Intro: This is one special type of song where Parama Purusa explains to the devotees what He does– how He carries out His liila.


“A’gun jva’la’te a’si niko a’mi, diipa’valii jva’li man ma’jhe…” (P.S. 421)




I, Baba, do not come to light a burning fire in the heart. I come to light the lamp of devotion in the heart – for that reason I come. I fill the mind with divine effulgence, with devotion, not fire*. Even on the rough & jagged path I pour divine sweetness – I make even the dry heart full of devotion. Even in those trees where flowers do not come, those places also I decorate with flowers. I change the crude personality into a divine one. I decorate them with the beauty of devotion. To the dry heart I bring the warmth of love and devotion. And I give them inspiration to move towards divinity. This way I bless everyone.

Through the melody and rhythm of song and dance, silently I fill the remote corner of the heart with love. Indeed I fill the entire universe with devotion with the medium of song, dance and music – Prabhat Samgiita. I do not come to ignite the heart with some other yearning; rather I fill the heart with devotion.

To those hearts which are frustrated, sunken, and lost, I give them the strength for their forward movement. I fill their heart with the bliss so they can forget their pain and misery and get ensconced in divinity.

I remain with everyone through My ota and prota yoga. I make everyone aware of this by my actions. I tell this truth again and again so that human beings can realise that Parama Purus’a is with them always.

I advent of this earth to fill up the heart with devotion…


*Fire= Here fire means that devotees always lovingly accuse Parama Purusa that ‘I am crying for You yet You just set my heart on fire, with no relief in sight’. But Parama Purus’a explains that it is not like that; rather He comes with the explicit motive to fill the mind with devotion.




– Some Secret –


Baba says, “Man can do nothing. Living beings cannot do anything without His support: that is, when a human’s desire and His desire coincide, then only does the human desire become fruitful, otherwise it is a sure failure. When the jiiva’s desire coincides with the desire of Parama Purusa, then it is successful, otherwise not.” (10 September ’78)


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