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Date: 15 Jun 2011 21:05:42 -0000
From: “G Bhaskaran Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Collectivity in Spiritual Realm



In our Marga, everyone feels in their heart that spirituality is very
important. All have the idea in mind that doing proper sadhana is highly
needed. From east to west and from north to south, everyone recognises this
point. But even then, often times, life just passes us by and we do not get
ample scope to do deep sadhana or even regular sadhana. Just it all becomes
somewhat mundane.


As a general guideline, spiritual gain means feeling closeness with Parama
Purusa; and spiritual achievement means having oneness with Parama Purusa.
But attaining either of these blissful states on one’s own is not easy.
That is why Baba guides us that at certain times on fixed days we must
partake in collective spiritual sadhana– as this brings a special force or
momentum into one’s life.


It is just like in the physical sphere, when human beings gather together
then they can naturally generate greater physical force. That is why before
the invention of so many machines, to build any structure or do any tough
physical job, then the entire community would work together collectively.

For example in the old days the whole town would gather to help in
“barn-raising” activities– to build new barns for the farms. Likewise when
building the railroad then hoards of strong men would assemble together to
lay down the track. Without that collective physical energy, these
laborious tasks were not at all feasible. So there is added muscle strength
in our collective movement which helps people get the job done and achieve
the goal.


Similarly, in the psychic sphere also, collective mental strength is
needed. Here below Baba gives the classic example of how with together good
people can overcome a very wicked person and thereby create a positive
environment due to their collective psychic strength.

Baba says, “If a person is a durjana, someone who may cause your downfall
if you come in contact with them, who you think is not a good person, you
should keep away from that person. Wicked people should always be avoided,
because under their influence an ordinary person may go bad. People of this
type are durjanas to ordinary people. But if it is absolutely necessary to
be in contact with such a person, then what should you do? Suppose your
good qualities are four per cent, while the bad qualities of the durjana
are ten per cent. What do you do? Well, when you contact that person you
take two or three other persons with you. As a result, the combined good
qualities of you and your companions will come to twelve or thirteen per
cent. The bad qualities of the wicked person being only ten, the influence
of those bad qualities can be overcome. The effect will be like that of
satsanga [good company]. That is why all sa’dhakas should assemble for
dharmacakra [collective meditation].” (DKG, ‘Even the Greatest Sinners’)

Thus in all our pracara activities wherever the situation is unfavourable
then all we need to do is collect more and more A’nanda Ma’rgiis, then that
negative circumstance will become positive. This is the natural law per
Baba’s guideline.

So here the whole point is that good people can add up or multiply their
individual energy by assembling together and then they can create a
sentient flow wherever they go. And Baba furthermore says that one special
tool or practice for this is our weekly dharmacakra program.


And it works the same in spiritual sphere also. In some of His special
guidelines Baba has told that collective spiritual gatherings like
dharmacakra help each and every sadhaka to advance on the path. This
collective practice of everyone sincerely chanting their Is’t’a mantra
helps arouse a unique spiritual force that propels everyone involved
further ahead on the path of progress– towards the Cosmic Hub. In certain
special places, Baba has revealed the importance of the ‘collective mind’
which gets generated as a result of sadhakas gathering together for

For this reason Baba guides us that we should be vigilant to do sadhana
with other sadhakas.

Baba says, “Do not miss the opportunity of collective Iishvara pran’idha’na
whenever some of you conveniently meet together. The indomitable mental
force aroused as a result of collective Iishvara pran’idha’na will help you
solve any problem, great or small, on this earth. It is for this reason
that you should always be zealous to attend weekly dharmacakra regularly.”
(GHC, last page)

So collective meditation creates a special force that brings welfare to
one and all.

As we know, dharmacakra is one of the requirements of AM life.

Baba says, “Regular participation in the weekly dharmacakra at the local
ja’grti should be considered mandatory.” (Pt #15 of Sixteen Points)


Just as collective sadhana has a riveting effect on the collective mind,
similarly kiirtan also helps immeasurably when done together– with more
and more people.

Baba says, “At the time of kiirtan…their collective psychic energies are
flowing in the same channel under the inspiration of Parama Purusa. So many
minds are being loved by Parama Purusa, so many minds are being guided and
inspired by that Supra-Celestial Entity. So at the place of kiirtan…there
will be a huge concentration of psychic energy which will remove collective
accumulated miseries of this material, quinquelemental world.” (‘Kiirtan
Dispels Calamities’)

Here below Baba furthermore guides us that collective kiirtan will
absolutely avert disasters and bring a soothing balm to any natural
calamity which does strike.

Baba says, “If people collectively chant kiirtan, then calamities are
dispelled then and there. In case of natural calamities like flood, famine,
drought, or epidemic, or man-made calamities, miseries, and tortures– if
[collective] kiirtan is chanted with maximum sincerity, it will bring
direct relief in no time.” (16 May ’82, Kolkata)


Thus in all realms of life collective energy helps to achieve great things.
And especially in the psycho-spiritual realm dharmacakra helps immensely,
as we engage in both collective kiirtan and sadhana. This is one direct
boon in the life of each and every sadhaka.

At the same time Baba warns us to be vigilant not to let the time get
wasted. Because just as repeating one’s mantra helps add to the collective
flow, in the opposite direction if anyone is sleeping during dharmacakra
then that directly halts the collective mental flow. Rather it pulls
everyone backward as other sadhakas will certainly start sleeping also.

This we have all seen in our various AM reportings. Where one person falls
asleep and then step by step all in the dharmacakra hall start sleeping–
and some even start snoring. And sometimes one or two people start sleeping
so deeply that they start to bend forward and in those crowded DC halls
their nose will smack up against the back of the person in front of them.
Time to time these things occur.

To prevent such mishaps, we might want to consider having a ‘guard’ or
‘monitor’ during our dharmacakra programs. That way if anyone’s eyes start
fluttering or if their body starts weaving and bobbing then the monitor can
gently tap that sadhaka and awake them from their stupor. So in those
places where sleeping during DC is an issue, then this is one potential way
to resolve the situation and once again set the program in a proper way.


By Baba’s divine grace in both our individual and collective life we will
all realise the greatness of sadhana and achieve that supreme stance. In
this holy endeavour, Baba’s infinite grace remains ever with us.

Baba says, “The perfect sa’dhana’ is the sustained effort to completely
identify every kos’a with the inner self, thus the more sa’dhakas progress
on the path of sa’dhana’, the more their cakras and propensities ( vrttis)
are gradually controlled by the higher and higher kos’as. But the sa’dhakas
must not stop here. At the final stage of their sa’dhana’ even the stance
of a’jina Cakra, even their entire mind entity — has to be taken to a
higher state of existence, the Brahmaloka, and merged in the Purus’a Bha’va
or Cognitive Bearing. It is in the Sahasra’ra Cakra ( pineal plexus) that
sa’dhakas establish themselves in the true blissful state and transcend the
bondages of pleasure and pain. That state is the ultimate state of
attainment for microcosms, it is the original stance of Brahma. There
exists neither you nor He, the two become One. It is by means of sa’dhana’
that this supreme rank is attainable.” (SS-4, ‘This World and the Next’)


Note: It will be very blissful to hear people’s personal experiences how
collective sadhana has helped them to progress or other inspiring stories.


“(A’mi) krpa’-kanika’ ceyechiluma, Tumi karun’a’dha’ra’ d’helecho… (1355)


Baba, You are ever gracious. I was asking for an iota of Your divine
grace and You have showered me with the endless flow of Your infinite
karuna [1]. Living in this world, in the ocean of sorrow, everything is
transitory; it cannot give us eternal happiness. Baba, I wanted You to
bless me with a wee-bit of Your divine grace and a’nandam. And You have
showered me in the causeless compassion of Your varabhaya mudra. Baba,
You have completely flooded my entire being. Your infinite grace is

With the passage of time, so many jiivas come and go in this srsti
(creation). In this panoramic cycle of life and death, so many jiivas
come and go. They are unable to remember you constantly. O’ Baba, You
keep careful watch over one and all – unit and vast. You witness
everything. Everything occurs under Your divine witnesship. Baba, You
care for everyone via your ota and prota yoga.

O’ Parama Puruas, You are the ocean of love. By Your grace You have
removed all cimmerian darkness and negative samskaras. You have
graciously removed the bondages and showered me with Your effulgence.
With the warm, loving touch of Your heart, with the flow of nectar, You
have showered Your grace and this whole universe became dhanya [2].
Baba, You blessed all with Your infinite grace.

Baba, I surrender to Your lotus feet…

[1] Karuna’: (Literally: ‘Divine Compassion’); When Parama Purus’a sees
the suffering of devotees, then He feels pained by how they are unable
to move ahead on the spiritual path due to getting caught up in various
problems and difficulties. In such circumstances, Parama Purusa cannot
bear to watch His bhaktas go through so much struggle and strife. So in
their helpless condition, when devotees are trying hard to progress but
their pathway is completely obstructed and they cannot advance in their
sadhana or spiritual life– and again and again they are overcome by
various complexes, bondages, and obstacles– then by seeing His devotees
beleaguered in this way, Parama Purus’a Himself comes and graces them.
With His immense feeling of karuna’ (divine compassion), Parama Purusa
blesses His devotees and relieves them of their pain and suffering. This
special grace is nothing but His divine karuna’: Wherein Parama Purus’a
graces the devotees and removes their troubles and hindrances so that
once again they can move ahead freely on the path of spiritual salvation.

[2] Dhanya: This means successful in the spiritual sphere in the form of
reaching your Goal, reaching your Destination, attaining Parama Puruaa.
Baba blesses us with this idea at the conclusion of all His devotional
discourses. It is His special blessing for spiritual victory and
reaching Him.

Baba says, “He is with you – He will give you proper direction so that
with His gospels for the salvation of the universal creation, you will
reach your goal without much difficulty. He will do what is necessary.
You just go on obeying Him, just go on doing His work and adhere to what
He says with all your energy. Let the speed of His introversial thinking
be accelerated by your noble actions and by your spiritual pursuits. Let
that golden day come at the earliest and make your life effulgent.” (SS-18)

Speciality of the Rg Veda

Baba says, “Although the Rgveda is mainly concerned with hymns, it also
contains various tales and anecdotes. While not all of these stories and
tales carry equal spiritual value, they are representative of the
cultural heritage of those ancient humans. They paint a portrait of the
gradual advancement of human thinking and the structure of society. When
considered from this point of view, the language, literature and
expression of the Rgveda is of special value to the world.” (SC-2, 96-7)

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