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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 22:44:05
Subject: Kettle Drum and Kiirtan


“Mandrita manomohan mama, mu’rtta mamata’ tumi…” (PS 662)


O’ Manomohan, O’ most attractive One of my mind, You are mine and Your
voice is sweet and sonorous; O’ most Compassionate One, You are the
embodiment of love and affection. By Your grace please shower Your divine
karuna on the afflicted person– on me. Please wash away all my accumulated
sufferings as well as my bundle of samskaras. Baba, I have come to You and
am taking shelter at Your lotus feet. Please be gracious.

O’ Baba, You are beyond maya– You are mayatiita; yet, You are also the
Controller of maya– You are mayadhiish [1]. Baba, with Your infinite
compassion You are the destroyer of all dangers, threats, and terror. Fear
itself is fearful of You. Baba, You are Kalus Ha’ri [2]; Baba, You are
Manobiharii– You move joyously around the mind and make it blissful. Baba,
You are Marmarainjan and Manasrainjan [3]; You dye my heart and mind in
Your divine colour.

Baba, You are the object of my dhyana; You are the dearest One of my
heart. Baba, You are the essence of all songs and melodies which are sung
and chanted. Baba, with Your divine sword You pulverise the vanity of the
demons (deva’ri) [4]. Please remove my stagnancy and make me disciplined
for my all around enlightenment: physical, psychic and spiritual. O’
merciful One, please pardon me by removing by samskaras. Please shower Your
divine grace and make my whole existence vibrated and blissful.
Baba, I am at Your shelter; I do sastaunga pranam to You infinite times…


[1] Ma’ya’dhiish: In the above song Baba simultaneously both far beyond
ma’ya’ (ma’ya’tiita) as well as totally involved in controlling ma’ya’– in
which case He is Ma’ya’dhiish. Here below Baba is making a contrast between
jiivas who are ruled by ma’ya’ and Parama Purusa who lords over ma’ya’.
Baba says, “Jiiva’tman is under the influence of Prakrti, it is
Ma’ya’dhiina or controlled by Ma’ya’, whereas Parama’tman, in whatever form
He may manifest Himself is Ma’ya’dhiisha or Controller of Ma’ya’.” (SS-1)

[2] Kalus’ha’rii: This is one of the names of Parama Purusa that reflects
one of His infinite qualities. In this role as Kalusha’rii, He removes the
darkness from the mind of the jiivas. That is why in 2nd stanza of our Guru
Purja mantra it is said that He removes the stains of mind and bundle of
samskaras. By His grace He removes all the cimmerian darkness.

Ajina’natimira’ndhasya jina’na’injana shala’kaya’.

Baba says, “You know that an eye ointment is applied with a stick
(“Shala´ka´” means stick). Now, all the microcosms are parts of that
Noumenal Entity, all are actually parts and particles of that Supreme
Entity, but due to ignorance, due to the darkness of ignorance, they cannot
see what is what and which is which. That is why they require the ointment
of spiritual knowledge. Guru (with a stick) applies the ointment of
spiritual knowledge to their eyes.” (AV-3)

[3] Ma’nasrainjan: Baba has told us countless times and we all know that
devotion is that unique ingredient which allows one to advance in the
spiritual field. Without innate love for Parama Purusa one can never
succeed. By Baba’s divine grace, in His role as Ma’nasrainjan, He is that
Divine Entity who colours and saturates the mind of sadhakas in the
fountain of devotion. Baba says, “‘rainjana’, which means ‘the One who
colours’ – that which colours the mind.” (AV-1) So He is that Cosmic Being
who graciously showers devotional love into the heart and mind of the
bhakta. And by such overwhelming Cosmic grace, the devotee becomes immersed
in Supreme bliss and comes in the closest proximity with that Love
Personified Entity: Parama Purusa.

[4] Deva’ri: (Deva literally means ‘god’; ari literally means ‘enemy’). So
those anti-social beings who are enemies of the gods are known as demons.
That is the why the colloquial meaning of the term deva’ri is ‘demons’.


Note: With many retreats coming up in the various sectors, we should all
keep the following in mind.

During our dharmacakras and retreats we all like to collectively chant
kiirtan. This is one of the most beautiful aspects of any Marga gathering.
And here below Baba describes the very special effect which happens when
A’nanda Ma’rgiis gather and sincerely sing kiirtan.

Baba says, “If even two or three people gather together, they can do
kiirtan collectively; if one thousand people assemble together, then also
they can do kiirtan. When you do kiirtan and move towards Parama Purus’a,
the Supreme Father, then in Parama Purus’a’s mind also there will be a flow
of bliss, because so many minds are coming towards Him with love. He will
feel very happy. Seeing the bliss of His devotees, Parama Purus’a will also
become overwhelmed with joy, because of His enormous love for His devotees.
‘How good these devotees are!’ – He says. Parama Purus’a loves each and
everyone, but He loves those who do kiirtan still more. He will say to
them, ‘Come, come, come, – come near to Me.’ This is the proper way to
serve Parama Purus’a.” (17 May 1982, Kolkata)

Thus by kiirtan there is a flow of bliss both in the bhaktas’ minds and
also in the Cosmic Mind of Parama Purusa. And it makes any dharmacakra or
retreat into a deeply devotional and highly spiritual event.

So kiirtan holds a very special place in the heart of all Ananda Margiis.


At the same time we have all seen how at some kiirtan sessions there are a
few people who begin to beat the drum very loudly. But this heavy and
strong banging on the drum is not conducive to the devotional flow of

Baba says, “It is advisable to play some instrument during kiirtana. A
mrdanga [a soft kind of drum] or some similar instrument should be used,
but one should not play any heavy-sounding instrument like a dhak [a large
kettle drum played with sticks], a dol [a loud drum] or a gong. The mind
prefers to hear a sweet sound, like that of the mrdanga, than a harsh
sound. Some time ago I mentioned that Bhola Mayra said that when the cawing
of crows and the beating of drums stop, human ears get some relief. People
do not like to hear such harsh, unpleasant sounds. The sound of the mrdanga
may not be perfect, but it has one quality: it is very sweet. Thus,
whenever a distracted mind hears the sweet music of a mrdanga, it returns
to the proper place. A remarkable science lies in kiirtana.” (AV-8, p.13-14)

So by Baba’s above guideline it is clear that loud drum playing is not
helpful in our kiirtan programs– rather those loud drums disturb the flow.
Because loud drums irritate the mind in which case one cannot feel the
sweet vibration of the kiirtan.

And sure enough this is something we have all experienced at one retreat or
another. Because we all like to attend our AM retreats and we all look
forward to the devotional flow of the kiirtan; but when one or two people
play a loud drum like the kettle drum then that ruins the devotional

As Baba guides us it is far better to play a drum like the mrdanga which
has a gentle and sweet type of sound. Then in that soothing atmosphere the
mind can easily flow towards Parama Purusa and become immersed in His bliss.
So it is ok to use certain types of drums in kiirtan, just we should ensure
to play them softly. And side by side we should refrain from using big
drums like the kettle drum. Even if someone is loudly banging on a congo
drum then that too will be nothing more than a distraction.

Hence those playing the drums in kiirtan should choose a softer type of
drum that can be played in a sweet and gentle manner. In that way their
drum playing will complement the chanting of kiirtan and allow everyone to
move towards Him.


By the proper chanting of kiirtan we will always feel that He is being
ever-gracious on us.

Baba says, “It is imperative for every intelligent person, every wise
person, every clever person, to always do kiirtana…And those who do
kiirtana should always remember that the hands of Parama Purus’a bestowing
blessing will always be with them.” (16 May 1982, Kolkata)



Baba says, “While doing spiritual practice, spiritual sadhana, while
singing Kiirtan and dancing, we should remember the fact that all our
spiritual activities are just a dance around Parama Purusa, lessening the
distance…there cannot be any peace, any happiness, or any beatitude till
the aspirant comes in tactual contact with the Supreme Self.” (AV-12, p.71)

Capacity of A’tma

Baba says, “Till you have a human body go on doing great work. After death
in absence of the brain the mind cannot function in which case one cannot
do anything. But the unit consciousness (atma) can still work. It has the
capacity to work in subtle form.” (Delhi DMC 1984 Discourse)


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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 16:13:26 -0000 (GMT)
From: Deva_Manindra
Subject: Mahaprayan of Ac Gurukrpananda Avt



It is with much sadness that I share news of the mahaprayan (death) of respected Ac Gurukrpananda Avt on 23 June 2011 at 8am, after being admitted to the hospital on 15 June. Dadaji was an industrious and dynamic avt whose mahaprayan has come all too soon. He was merely 45 years of age.

A longtime avadhuta Dadaji, unfortunately, had been sick the last three years with diabetes. Most recently he was posted as CO (circle organiser) Kolkata in SDM dept. Dada had recently visited the outlying village area of Midnapur (West Bengal) for a program. He was not able to get proper food in that village region. His already compromised physical constitution became weakened. In quick succession, he suffered serious stomach issues and vomiting and was driven to the hospital where he died. Dadaji’s mahaprayan is a terrible loss for us all.

Ac. Gurukrpanandji was admired for his sincerity and assertiveness in serving humanity. He was always known to be deeply involved in service projects and other endeavours for the well-being of others.

It is very sad that nowadays there seems to be an endless pot of money for court cases and infighting, yet there is always an extreme dearth of funds to care for the health of our dedicated workers. Tragically, those at the helm seem resigned to let our field workers die without receiving proper medical attention. Otherwise, how else can we explain the untimely mahaprayan of Ac Gurukpranandji. It was understood that he was suffering from a medical condition.

May Dadaji’ service, selflessness and passing not go in vain; we should all learn from his mahaprayan. To maintain proper health we should all strictly follow Baba’s do’s and don’ts; in addition there needs to be a distinct shift in the way our field workers are treated. None should suffer unnecessarily and lose their health. In order to perform maximum social service to society, we must keep the body well-tuned. Once any worker becomes sick their ability to serve is severely compromised. This lesson from Dadaji’s mahaprayan is especially suited toward our field workers.

Once again it is with a heavy heart that I convey the news of Dadaji’s mahaprayan. As mortals there is little we can do know. May Dadaji find eternal peace and solace on Baba’s divine lap.

Very sincerely,

* Mahaprayan (Death): Many are aware that mahaprayan (death) is the common term used in India and especially in Bengal to describe the death of an honoured or even ordinary person. In that way the newspapers of Bengal are regularly citing the mahaprayan (death) of various persons of society who died or passed away.

Some may get confused and wrongly think that the word ‘mahaprayan’ death) is one extraordinarily devotional term to be used in association with Parama Purusa. But that is not at all the case. Rather to do so is only to undermine the eternal presence of Parama Purusa. That is why no devotees ever use the word ‘mahaprayan’ in reference to Lord Shiva or
Lord Krsna. Because Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna exist eternally. Then there is no question of Their mahaprayan (death).

Those who think that Baba is a mortal human being celebrate Mahaprayan on a particular day of the year related with Baba, but in the true sense Baba is Parama Purusa so He is eternal and there is no question of His mahaprayan.

And for those who need still more technical proof then all this can be clarified quite readily by referencing the dictionary. Specifically in the Samsad Bengali-English dictionary on page 742. Checking there it will be confirmed that the word ‘mahaprayan’ means death. Which is why it used to refer to the passing away of even common citizens.

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Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 15:41:18 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Prakash Deva
Subject: Who Should Distribute Baba Photos & Films


“Du’rer aja’na’ pathik eseche mor ghare ei viha’ne…” (P.S. 4947)


From the distant dawn the Ajana Pathik has come today in my home. About
this very Ajana Pathik, I had longing for Him in my life, in my death,
while awake, in my dream, & in my sleep. All throughout I have been longing
for Him. And that Aja’na’ Pathik has come today in my home.
That very Entity is most loving for me, even more than my own prana. He
is the dearest of dear to my soul. He is more adorable than anything else.
He loves me so much; He knows more about me than I know about myself. What
I know about myself, He knows far more.
That Aja’na’ Pathik is kaladhiish– He cannot be bound by time. So He is
kaladhiish. That Aja’na’ Pathik is also the controller of the time factor
so He is kalatiita– One who works beyond the bondage of time. His glory,
charm, and attraction cannot be expressed in words. Since eternity He has
been hiding in a remote corner of my heart. I have been dreaming of Him
with deep longing for hundreds of lives. That Aja’na’ Pathik has come today
in my home. He has graced me…


Around town and in our email forums, there has been much discussion
about the management and distribution of Baba photos and films as well
as Baba’s other devotional treasures like Prabhat Samgiita etc.

This is an important topic as it is directly related with Ista, the
spread of Baba’s teachings, one’s individual growth as a sadhaka, and
our organisational systems.

So let’s take a look at this critical issue.


One of the main things that Baba has emphasized is moving ahead in
samgacchadhvam spirit – i.e. working together unitedly toward a common

Baba says, “The meaning of the sam’gacchadhvam’ mantra should be
realized in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or
small, with unity…” (CC-2, ‘Society’, pt#34)

One can say that for this reason of unity and collective projects, Baba
created AMPS – the tool for spreading His dharmic teachings and programs
in an organised & cohesive manner.

After all, the way to achieve success on this earth is to join together
and work collectively. That makes any job or project infinitely easier.
Even the materialists have learned this basic point. Small businesses
have merged together to create larger companies, and larger companies
have bonded to create bigger corporations, and bigger corporations have
expanded to become world-wide, multi-national enterprises. Their aims
may be selfish, but as a matter of efficiency and approach, the business
world realises that working collectively is the only way to go. In
addition, schools, countries, foundations all follow this same principle.

Naturally then, whether it be on points of pracara, Prout, AMURT,
schools, or the distribution of Baba photos and films, our approach as
Ananda Margiis should be in the spirit of samgacchadhvam, i.e. working
together in an organised way towards a common ideal.

Clearly then, our fundamental manner is to adhere to our AMPS structure
and regulations. Specifically, the distribution of Baba photos and films
should be led and carried out by the corresponding organisational
pathway, such as Public Relations Department and PRS Dada.

That is the way things should work – under ideal or normal conditions.
That is in tune with our samgaddhadhvam spirit.

However, at present, we are not living in normal times. Because when our
organisational structure is cracked, when groupists are doing and dying
for their own fame and power, and when our organisational channels are
no longer doing what they were designed to do, then who can think these
are normal times.

In that case, we have to reconsider the matter entirely.


When there is care and love, then naturally there will be deep interest
to do things properly. But where groupism is rampant, the desire to
serve the cause of dharma is replaced by the greedy need to rule over
others. Tragically, at present, many of the devotional tools in AM have
been taken hostage by group leaders who suffer from this defective

VARABHAYA MUDRA PHOTO: Earlier, all Ananda Margiis had easy access
through the proper organisational channels to a high-quality image of
Baba’s varabhaya mudra photo. However, since 1990, the photo being
distributed has been tainted, faded and lightened such that one can
hardly even see the image. This makes both Guru dhyana and Guru sakash
very difficult.

Actually, the history is that after 1990 the organisation (i.e.
Sarvatmananda’s team) had a perfect negative of Baba in varabhaya mudra.
However, as they were more concerned with power than saving Baba’s
things, they allowed their negative get ruined by mold in the humid
environment of Tiljala. Such was their level of interest.

By the grace of Baba, committed margiis came forward and began sharing a
high-quality photo, much to the displeasure of the organisation. As they
preferred to have full control, whether they were carrying out their
duties properly or not.

Still today this remains an issue. The PRS and other organisational
channels either do not have a good quality photo or they refuse to share
it with others – both of these scenarios come into play.

In that case, how can we sit back and say, that only PRS Dada has the
right to distribute Baba’s photo. Rather, it is the right of every
Ananda Margii to have Guru’s photo for the spiritual progress in
sadhana. In the best case scenario, PRS would have a proper system in
place to get the photo to sadhakas of the Marga. But nothing of the sort
has been done. Rather, PRS refuses to share the photo at all.

So this is a clear-cut instance where the organisation is not serving
the aims of dharma. Thus, bhaktas have been forced to step forward and save
the situation so devoted margiis can get a proper photo. Best of course
is if the organisation properly handles this duty, but when they do not
have the interest nor the desire, then other recourse is needed.

PRABHAT SAMGIITA: This is another blatant example how since 1990 the
organisation has failed to live up to their duties. Instead of following
in the footsteps of Baba’s dharmic example, the groupists in power gave
up the ship on Prabhat Samgiita and (1) sold out to pseudo-culture and
(2) propagated the late PP’s silly rhymes, ridiculously titled as
Shraddha Shuman.

Who can forget how the organisational “leaders” pasted glamorous
pictures of filmy singers on the covers of our Prabhat Samgiita
cassettes and began distributing those cassettes as a collection of
mundane love songs wherein Baba’s divine compositions were sold in the
common marketplaces along side pop-music.

Under such a condition, who can think that the organisational channels
were fulfilling their dharmic duties – rather they strayed deep into the
realm of pseudo-culture and dogma.

They have shown they cannot be trusted.

Plus, that is not all, for years and years in that post-1990 period,
Sarvatmananda and Co. were actively promoting, recording and selling PP
Dada’s silly rhymes, thereby totally overlooking Baba’s divine
collection of Prabhat Samgiita.

All this eerily spells out how the organisational channels were failing
to live up to their responsibilities – thereby forfeiting their duties
to others, i.e. interested margiis and acaryas.

AM BOOKS: Next we come to the publication of Baba’s books. Although Dada
Acyutanandji is working hard and has diligently involved in this
endeavor, Dadaji’s fine efforts have not been enough to overcome the
dark ways of the Kolkata team.

No doubt, Rudrananda is doing zero to publish AM books, but even worse,
in the opposite corner, Sarvatmananda and his cohorts have adopted the
path of Bangalisation. They hastily toss aside and intentionally ruin
English and Hindi discourses – as well as those given in other languages
– and instead they only attend to Bangla discourses. Or they insist that
all discourses be first put into Bengali – even if Baba spoke in English
– in order to put Bengali on top. There are no shortage of examples in
this regard.




These above letters are but a few of the many examples of how such
groupists have ruined Baba’s books. So this is another clear-cut case
wherein the factional heads have gone against the ethic of AM and
destroyed our treasures.

All in all, it is clear we are not living in normal times. Because those
at the helm of the organisation are violating all the principles of AM.
And even worse is that when others try to pick up the responsibility or
correct things, then those factional monsters wage an all-out war
against that innocent margii.

So the whole scene is quite tragic and the only remedy at present lies
in the hands of those courageous margiis & wts who come forward.

Because organisational authorities have no interest in doing their jobs.


Actually when these groupists bond together, they can create all kinds
of problems. The most glaring example of this is the dogma of Mahaprayan.

As we all know, in Caryacara part 2, Baba has clearly stated that Guru
is infinite and ever-lasting, forever in our hearts.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living
beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone
has revealed Brahmavidya’ (intuitional science) to us through the medium
of the name and form of Anandamu’rtijii. Unit beings must be made to
appreciate Its majesty.” (CC-2)

Yet, when all the groupists were “united” and serving as footstools to
Sarvatmananda, then in ’90 they unanimously voted to insert the dogmatic
Mahaparyana addendum to Carycarya part 1, essentially stating that Baba
is gone.

Such is the hell that groupists can do when they are all on the same
page, i.e. working together.


Now let us again return to the main query: Who Should Distribute Baba
Photos & Films?

Given all the information and proofs from up above, we have to
reconsider the situation. Because when the organisational channels have
no desire to attend to this responsibility, then there is no other
option except for others to come forward.

Certainly, the Public Relations Dept should be in charge, but when they
shirk their responsibility, the only recourse is for rational margiis to
take up the job.



We must remember that those leaders at the helm of the organisation are
not like some capitalist owners who may do as they please. The only
avenue of post holders in AMPS is to serve Guru and the Marga, beyond
that they have no right.

Thus when top Dadas are failing to carry out their duties and when
devoted margiis around the globe are thirsty for devotional treasures
like a proper Baba photo etc, then other dharmikas must come forward and
demonstrate initiative.

Because, all sadhakas should have proper access to Guru’s gifts.

Baba says, “Human life is short. It is wise to get all the instructions
regarding sa’dhana’ as soon as possible.” (CC-2, ‘Sadhana’, pt#8)

So when Baba’s photo is such an essential part of our sadhana practice
and when His discourses and Prabhat Samgiita are some of our devotional
treasures, then every Ananda Margii has a right to those gifts. That is
Baba’s stated wish.


Given the severity of the situation, the only practical way to move
ahead is for interested Ananda Margiis – be they family margiis or wts –
to share Baba photos and Prabhat Samgiita etc. That is the only way to
remedy the situation at present.

But, this is only a temporary measure – a quick band-aid.

The main solution is to clean up the organisation and have people in the
chair who wish to serve Guru and propagate His ideals. Then PRS Dada
should have full authority over the distribution of Baba’s photo etc.


By Baba’s grace He has created AMPS as medium for us to work together in
spreading His ideal. Without that, it would be impossible. So we must
fix the organisation. Till that time – until all groupists have been
removed or rectified – pathways are needed to ensure things like Baba’s
photo get distributed properly to other sadhakas. In that case, any
interested margii can do.

Baba says, “All have come from Him, and therefore all will remain
together. But this is not sufficient. All have come from Him, are in
Him, and will merge in Him, therefore all people will have to live
together. For you, unity is the natural course, and division is
unnatural. You well know that the Cosmic Energy will not long tolerate
what is unnatural.” (Disc MHB)



Just because margiis and field workers are now involved in sharing
Baba’s image and writings does not mean that they can carry out this
work indiscriminately.

Rather, it should be done with the utmost sanctity and reverence for
Baba’s gifts.

Thus, we should be vigilant that no one go against the ethic of the
Marga in this regard. If that happens, these instances should be
reviewed on a case by case basis, and conclusive action should be taken.

And again, best of all will be if the integrity of our AMPS can be
restored. Then the organisation can resume full authority of all
devotional properties etc. That will be best.

About Rich People

Parama Purusa Baba says, “It must always be remembered that the value of
money lies in its proper use. If more money is accumulated than what is
necessary, it becomes valueless for want of use. To the extent that you
keep idle and valueless money with you, to that extent you become
responsible for the injustices done to the hungry and the naked. Your
valueless hoard will have to be made valuable by providing opportunities
for use by others. Those who do not know the right use of money on the
basis of the exchange of mundane resources are in fact the enemies of
society.” (HS-1, p. 41)

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Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 20:46:55 -0600
From: “Punya’tman Deva”
Subject: Taboo


PS Intro: Progress happens with speed and pause. In the spiritual field,
sometimes the mind is very lucid and sometimes quite dry. The dry mind
is expressed by summer and the lucid mind is expressed by the rainy
season. This is the song of the rainy season. In this rainy season, new
plants and grasses have started growing. The lost beauty of the forest
is slowly returning back; the barrenness of summer is gone. Now
everything is getting decorated in a new way. The sadhaka is asking that
invisible Entity, “Who has come and changed the entire scene of the
forest?”. By all these changes it is clear that someone has come – all
these changes reflect the arrival of one Entity. The dress of that
Entity is expressed by the lush green vegetation.

Prabhat Samgiita #3004

Ta’l tama’lir vaner ma’jhe-,
Ta’l tama’lir vaner ma’jhe-
Ta’l tama’lir vaner ma’jhe-,
Ke go- ele- nava sa’je————–

Maner dua’r khule- diye-,
A’nle a’ma’y tava ka’je—
Ke go- ele- nava sa’je————–

Varas’an’e pla’-vita- dhara’-,
Varas’an’e pla’-vita- dhara’-,
Varas’an’e pla’-vita- dhara’-
Varas’an’e pla’-vita- dhara’-,
Hrid gos’pad ekei ha’ra’-
Jhaunkrita man toma’y bhara’-,
Nandan surabhi- ma’jhe—
Ke go- ele- nava sa’je————–

A’ka’sh pa’ta’l bha’ve eka’ka’r
A’ka’sh pa’ta’l bha’ve eka’ka’r,
A’ka’sh pa’ta’l bha’ve eka’ka’r
A’ka’sh pa’ta’l bha’ve eka’ka’r,
Eki chande nritya saba’r,
Ek dyotana’r spandita ha’r
Toma’r kripa’- kan’a’ ja’ce—,
Ke go- ele- nava sa’je————–

Ta’l tama’lir vaner ma’jhe-,
Ke go- ele- nava sa’je————–


In the palm and tama’la woods, in this rainy season, Who are You Who has
come in new dress and form? Opening the door of the mind has engaged me
in Your work.

The earth is inundated with rain. The puddles and the lakes [1] have
become one. The vibrated mind is filled with You in the atmosphere of
that nandan [2] aroma.

The sky and the underworld have become one in their vibration, both are
dancing in the same rhythm. All these are a vibrated necklace of that
one effulgence – yearning for an iota of Your divine grace.

O’ Lord, please shower Your causeless grace on me…


[1] Lake: One of the terms in Samskrta for lake is hrd. Baba has clearly
mentioned this in His grammar books. But those who are confused wrongly
translate hrd as “heart”. In that case their attempt at translation only
serves to mislead the reader.

[2] Nandan: In the above song nandan refers to that beautiful attracting
aroma. When human beings come in contact with certain expressions they
derive much happiness. It is because of that derived happiness that they
seek out those objects.

That is why various tourists or nature-lovers visit various places:
Because they feel attracted. In return, they wish to give pleasure as
well. They donate money or work to protect and keep those places
pristine. The goal is to derive and give back pleasure.

Those engaged in nandan vijiana are attracted to various worldly things,
knowingly or unknowingly: Art, dance, drama, music, paintings – these
are all expressions of nandan vijiana, or aesthetic science.

In the field of kiirtan also, nandan vijiana plays a role. In the
initial stage, devotees do kiirtan to derive pleasure – that is nandan
vijiana. When their mind becomes ensconced in Parama Purusa then their
sole desire is to give pleasure to Him. Then their mind is above nandan
vijiana and it is in mohan vijiana, or supra-aesthetic science.

So the idea is that in nandan vijiana the goal is to give and get
pleasure whereas in mohan vijiana the sole desire is to give pleasure to
Parama Purusa. Nandnan vijiana starts with worldly expressions and
builds up to the entry into spiritual life.

Those running after purely physical things are in a lower state of mind
and when their sentient factor is awakened and the mind is more elevated
then they lose interest in physical crude pleasures and they seek out
psychic pleasure such as writing, thinking, and reading ete. Then they
chase after physical things for psychic enjoyment.

Those interested in higher aspects of nandan vijiana & ultimately mohan
vijiana may overlook lower aspects of nandan vijana.

== TABOO ==

In some places, sex education is totally taboo.

But in our view – in the outlook of Ananda Marga – sexual education is a
most important topic. It is not something that can be ignored or seen as
being off limits. This is a topic that demands our assertiveness and
full engagement.

Why? Because at present, the wrong information and misunderstanding
about sex is being transmitted by the mass media, textbooks, internet,
school boards, government, academic studies etc. In all these agencies
and circles the wrong kind of education is going on – the preachings and
advice are misguided.

Either they project how fulfillment in life comes from sex or that
masturbation is a key practice for adolescents. And along the way so
many other dogmas and myths get preached. The messages they present
are harmful and that is reflected in society, especially here in the
materialistic west.

Thus, if we fail to enter the arena and engage in the public discourse,
then what our youths do not learn about sex from us, they will
absolutely, positively get from the general society. Their void will get
filled with the crude dogma of society. And that will not be good.

So this is a topic we cannot and must not ignore.

This letter then addresses: (1) topics to be discussed, (2) at what
stage in life they should be talked about, (3) who should lead these
discussions and (4) much more.

Without a doubt, your input is greatly needed as we collectively rally
around this delicate yet highly important subject matter.


Here it should be understood that sex education means proper
understanding and use of our sex glands in order to goad the mind in a
proper direction. If those glands are misused the results are
disastrous. Thus sex education does not mean “how to perform sex”, nor
is it a survey of different kinds of contraception. Rather it is the way
we educate youths about their developing physical bodies and how to goad
the mind toward the psychic and spiritual fields. This is the need of
the day when children enter adolescence.


The first aspect that needs to be decided is what should be included in
our sexual education curriculum. Plus, is the title, “sexual education”,
even appropriate or is there a better term. Please do write in with your
thoughts on this latter point.

Baba has discussed in great detail the importance of our glands, as well
as the significance of our “sexual glands” – the testes and ovaries
which are critical for idealistic thinking and spiritual practice. In
that sense, they are not merely sexual glands nor is that their primary
role and function.

Hence, of key importance to this discussion on sex education is the
glandular system as well as the benefits of using the glands correctly
(good sadhana, courage, bravery etc) and the harm of misusing this
system (sexual crimes, diseases, prison, loss of job etc). Both the good
and the bad must be discussed.

To this end, our discussion must draw heavily from Baba’s books, Yogic
Treatments and Yoga Psychology, among others.


Youths should be fully informed how the right use of their developing
bodies can lead them to greatness. With the development of the testes
and ovaries comes courage, tenacity, idealism, compassion, kindness,
intellectual sharpness, and love for the Supreme. All of this Baba
clearly discusses in His discourses.

Thus our sexual education curriculum must highlight how those glands are
not for sex per se, but for helping to develop the entire human
personality. With this clear-cut understanding & empowerment, youths
will have logic and reasoning to steer clear of depraved behaviour.

Here Baba guides us how the testes and ovaries are linked with high
qualities of mind and proper conduct.

In this first quote Baba tells us how sexual restraint leads to
greater intelligence as the lymph is best utilised.

Baba says, “If the testes function properly and if there is no hindrance
from the lymphatic glands, intelligence will develop. Without the
testes, the solar plexus will not be developed and intelligence will
decrease.” (YP)

In this below teaching Baba reveals how the sexual glands promote
clear thinking – so restraint is a must, otherwise that faculty
of mind will not develop.

Baba says, “If the testes are over-active [highly active] and there is
over-secretion [high secretion] of hormones, a youth develops the spirit
of rationality.” (YP)

In this next teaching Baba guides us how the right use of those
glands brings a sense of responsibility.

Baba says, “If the secretion of the testes glands is normal, a sense of
dutifulness will be created in the mind.” (YP)

Finally, those glands are highly related with spiritual thirst and
creating a link with the Supreme.

Baba says, “If there is over-secretion [high secretion], a youth
acquires the power to transform that longing into universalism. In those
of you who have a longing for Parama Purus’a [Supreme Consciousness], an
over-secretion [high secretion] took place in your hormones between the
ages of fifteen and seventeen. At that stage the idea to become great
comes into the mind.” (YP)

Thus if anyone wishes to become an ideal human being, they must be aware
that their glandular system has to be maintained and used properly. This
must be reinforced again and again to our youths. We will have to teach
the point that the lymph is “food for the brain” and “food for the
glands”, and should not get senselessly converted into spermatoza and

Baba says, “In males the testes are the glands which convert lymph into
semen. As soon as lymph is converted into semen, the nerves are affected
and there is a corresponding change in one’s thoughts. It is the
pituitary gland which tells the testes to convert lymph into semen [that
is, testosterone and spermatic fluid]. When the production of lymph goes
beyond the capacity of the body to utilize it, it is converted into
semen and comes out of the body.” (YP)

Unfortunately, in today’s society, the lower vrttis are encouraged by
negative propaganda in which case many youths and young adults cannot
develop the right qualities in life.

Our aim then is to give youths the right theoretical knowledge to
understand that we should safeguard lymph – and not get drawn into
sexual stimulation – and that by this way they will develop all kinds of
great qualities in life. Then they will become true leaders in society,
extraordinary aspirants, and get the respect of others.



Again, one of the main themes of our sexual education curriculum has to
be fueled by the stark reality that the general society has established
views on sex. They teach masturbation to adolescents, use of condoms and
other forms of contraception as well as many other points related with
sexual practice. The point being that they expect and even encourage
teens in this regard.

Whereas the point of our discussion is to goad youths in another
direction entirely.

Because those who become lured into sexually oriented lives get caught
up in so many problems: disease (gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes), crime
(date rape, pedophilia, sexual predator), death (AIDS etc) and so many
other issues like poor student life, teenage pregnancy etc. These are
all regular occurrences for youths in materially oriented areas.

In particular, our young girls should receive extensive training about
female diseases. Baba has placed much emphasis on the care of women in
this regard and our young girls should be fully schooled in this way. It
is a tragedy that so many females in materialistic nations suffer from a
string of ailments. Males also suffer but generally not as badly as
females as the female biological system is more complex and prone to
disease. And of course the point of teen-pregnancy is such a
growing problem.

Thus we should warn our youths about the pains, shame, harm, and
depravity of sexually related diseases. Such diseases can make a person
sterile, bed-ridden, or even lead to death.

Of course no one ever thinks that they themselves will contract a sexual
disease or suffer hygienic problems. But it happens. That is why we must
warn our youths about this. They think everything will be fine but it is
not true. Awful problems are destined to mount if anyone travels down
that dark road.

The other danger is that sex is not just a vice like alcohol or
cigarettes. There is a huge emotional attachment as well – another human
being is involved. Youths get attached to the opposite sex and spend all
their time in that direction and their studies get left by the wayside.
A good student can lose all their ability to concentrate and focus. both
due to emotional attachment and lack of lymph. Here we are focusing more
on the emotional part.

A year ago in the USA, one tragic case occurred where one college student
murdered his ex-girlfriend (a student at the same college) due to
extreme jealousy. So now the girl’s life is over and the boy will spend
the rest of his life in jail. Their dreams are shattered and their lives
ruined. And both were smart students attending a prestigious school. Yet
sexual involvement destroyed all that they had and destroyed their

There are no shortages of other cases where youths spend all their time
arguing and compromising their values because of heated emotional
feelings for the opposite sex.

Thus instead of having a successful academic career and paving their way
for a bright future, they get caught up in negative relationships and
their whole life gets stuck in that way – just a pile of missed
opportunities, or even worse.

These represent but some of the many pitfalls and horrors.

Finally, we should remind our youths that Parama Purusa is watching
everything and He does not like to see His young children absorbed in
crude sexual dealing and deviant behaviours etc. So this is another



We have now discussed both the huge benefits of right understanding that
leads to the development of the higher human personality as well as the
horrible outcomes of wrong understanding wherein youths get caught up in
disease and strife and ruin their entire life.

The next matter is how to fortify our youths to move in the right
direction. They need to know what to do in order to avoid the pitfalls
and grow in a proper manner.

Here are some points to include in our curriculum:

1) Right Company: Boys should befriend boys and girls should befriend
girls. Never should members of the opposite sex be together in a lonely,
isolated place. This should start early in the pre-pubescent years,
as some go through puberty as early as 11 years old.

2) Yoga: Youths should be encouraged in all kinds of yogic practices
like sadhana, kiirtan, asanas, kaoshikii and tandava. This will goad
their mind in the right direction as well as keep their bodies healthy,
balanced, and sentient.

3) Regular Fasting: At a young age, students should start fasting. If
they are still in elementary school or primary education the fasting can
be modified according to what our doctors and acaryas decide is
healthiest for their growing bodies. And by early adolescence and young
adulthood, our youths should be on a regular fasting program. This will
divert their physical energy away from lower inclinations and will give
them strength of mind and time for spiritual practice.

4) Proper Dress: From an early age our boys should be taught about
wearing a laungota and our girls about appropriate undergarments. Our
Ananda Marga has a scientific system that helps in restraint. That is
one point. The second point is that our youths must not be allowed,
encouraged, or swayed into wearing provocative clothing. Unfortunately
now in materialistic nations many of our students wear revealing
clothing and that drives the whole existence in the wrong direction. So
we must teach and enforce the policy for appropriate dress.

And in addition to dress there must be inherent respect for both
oneself and the opposite gender.

5) Sixteen Points: Our youths must get the full teaching about joint
hair, use of water, half-bath, and other key points of health and
hygiene such as applying oil to the joints. By our special system, the
glands are kept cool and the mind is diverted upwards. These all need to
be critical aspects of our curriculum.

6) “Cakuna samvaro…”: Baba’s teaching from Lord Buddha’s preaching is
most important.

Baba says, ““Caks’un’a’ Sam’varo Sa’dhu” O spiritual aspirant! O
Bhiks’u! O monk! O devotee! You should have proper control over your
eyes; whatever will have bad effect on your mind, you must not see it.
“Sa’dhu Sotena sam’varo”. Whatever will have bad effect on your mind, O
good man, you must not hear it. “Gha’nena Sam’varo Sa’dhu.” You should
have control over your nose, “Sa’dhu Jibha’ya Sam’varo.” You should have
control over your taste. “Ka’yena Sam’varo Sa’dhu.” You should have
control over your body. “Sa’dhu Va’ca’ya Sam’varo.” You should have
control over your language also; and “Savvatha Sam’varo Bhiks’u.” If you
want emancipation, if you want liberation from worldly fetters, you must
have all-round restraint.” (AV-14)

This is a key point in this media-centered era. Youths should keep away
from websites, movies, music, television etc that is sexually alluring
etc. That means our youths need to be introduced to a whole new modality
that is separate from the flow of the general society. But actually it
is not as difficult as it sounds. Because there is a movement in the
regular society in this direction and as margiis we have a lot to offer.
So if we put forth some effort – spiritual clubs, sports, and strict use
over technology etc – then our youths can easily get success.

So that stands as an introduction or partial list of what types of
practices and endeavours should be included in our curriculum. More can
certainly be added. We expect as much.


The next aspect concerning our curriculum is when it should be
introduced. It should not be done at too early an age, nor too late.

Some of us discussed might be the best time and we collectively thought
that introducing this topic about 1 year before children reach puberty.
At that point they can learn about wearing a laungota and using the
right undergarments etc.

Then progressively more points should be introduced as children begin to
enter puberty etc. The main idea being that children should have the
knowledge they need ahead of time. That way they can prepare.

It is just like being told about a hurricane before it strikes. If one
is forewarned then all kinds of preparations can be made.

Same with entering into adolescence. The more the children know – so
long as it is presented in a serious manner and by the right person
(discussed below) – then our youths will be able to avert so many
problems and find the right course in life.

So timing is a key point. The child should not be forced to raise
questions on their own or be left to learn from their peers. That should
be avoided at all cost – then it means that the right time has passed.

We should be vigilant because although there is a general time period
that is appropriate for most kids, there are bound to be some who need
instruction and guidance earlier. We should be tuned in and ready.




This section has two parts: Who should lead the talk and what should be
the tone & environment of the talk.

The person leading the sexual education series might be a teacher, a
respected elder, or an acarya – or anyone else the parents of the
community deem appropriate. Generally speaking, it should not fall
directly upon the parents to impart this knowledge since many children
prefer not to talk about this with their parents.

Whoever is selected to guide our youths, that designated person must be
(a) a sadhaka of AM, (b) familiar with Baba’s teachings in Yoga
Psychology and Yogic Treatments, (c) of proper moral character, and (d)
well regarded as a teacher.

These are the absolute minimum requirements of the guide.

Now let’s discuss the teaching environment:

1) Taught by gender: This should not be co-education. There should be
strict separation of the sexes. A respected female will teach to the
girls and a well-regarded male will teach the boys. Under no
circumstances should there be boys and girls in the same class. Nor
should a male teacher lead the girls or vice-versa. It should be a
single-sex environment.

2) No jokes or crude comments: The tone of the talks should be of a
serious nature and those with questions should be encouraged, not
ridiculed. Thus the teacher will have to establish a proper forum where
all feel included and silly jokes and/or lewd comments are eliminated.
In sum, a positive, safe, inclusive, and respectful forum needs to be

3) Emphasize science: The curriculum should be science based. Baba has
given great teachings about the glands of the human body, the role of
lymph the functioning of mind, and the relationship between mind and
body. Thus this course should include all the teachings and draw from
the fields of human anatomy and physiology, biology, metaphysics and
intuitional science.

4) Recording: The forums can be recorded via audio or video so that
parents can review what is going on. They should also be in the know.
Plus, there may be other uses for such media.


So this is but a small look into what our sexual education curriculum
might look like. In addition, there is still the problem of the name
itself, “Sexual Education” – a better term is certainly available.

Everyone should write in with their thoughts and input about all aspects
of this letter.

We must keep in mind that if we do not take the lead on this topic, then
our youths will learns from other such as the media or their peers. In
either case, their training will be in the wrong direction.

As Ananda Margiis, we should have our stand and present our curriculum.
Once established, those in the general society will take shelter in our
programs as well. Because our way is for the welfare of the entire society.


By Baba’s grace, we are to bring our youths into this world in the
proper way and teach them all they need to know to get success. This is
our way – then society will truly flourish.

Baba says, “Our world needs a great change in order to move forward and
progress. A new order, a new wave, will have to take the place of the
old to remedy all the physical, social, intellectual and spiritual ills
of the world. As the vanguard of this new movement, the youth are
indispensable. It is the youth, and the youth only, who have the vigour
to bring about the necessary change. It is the youth who have the
resilience to change and adapt and implement the vision of a new
society. Without this vision, without the youth, the world will continue
in the morass of suffering, injustice and exploitation that is our
present social condition. It is the youth of the world only who can help
bring about the new world order and the vision of a new humanity.” (PNS-18)



This below recently posted letter speaks to the point of castration and
physical surgeries as forms of contraception. Of course, such practices
are not condoned in AM. Reference the below letter for all the details.


Sadhana Tips

Baba says, “While doing spiritual practices (meditation) when the aspirant
is required to direct his mind toward Parama Purus’a, then one must not
move, or walk, or practice sit-ups, push-ups etc. One’s physical body
should be motionless.” (APH-5, p. 345)

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From: Amriteshwar Deva
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 16:01:17
Subject: Rational for Opposing The Agenda Of…



We know that Gandhian followers like Anna Hazare advocate the Lokpal bill which states that there should be a singular, all-powerful body overseeing the government. They think this is the way to end corruption in the Indian government.

Here below are the stated loopholes of the Lokpal bill from one contributor:

“The draft which has been proposed by Anna Hazare, it is pertinent to note that he along with Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh and others have proposed to make Lokpal, an absolute authority on this issue with it’s members having powers to investigate, prosecute and even pass judgements equivalent to a court. Well, in my opinion, that is something which is against the basic tenets of democracy. All these three functions cannot and should not be done by one agency.

Another provision is the nomination of members in the Lokpal committee in which they propose to have one chairperson and ten other members. These ten members will be selected by another committee comprising of members from parliament, two seniormost Chief Justices of High Courts, two seniormost Supreme Court judges, Bharat Ratnas, Nobel Prize winners of Indian origin, two Magsaysay Award winners, CEC, CAG, Chairman NHRC etc. While most of these proposals are quite okay it may be worthwhile debating the composition of this selection panel. For instance, I fail to see the point of having Nobel prize winners of Indian origin who may or may not be residents of India. Also, having a someone like current chairman of NHRC Ex Chief Justice of Supreme Court Balakrishnan on this panel, who himself is a fit case to be investigated for corruption, is a mockery of this institution.

Yet another issue worth debating is their proposal of having an investigating wing within the institution of Lokpal. They’ve also proposed that anti-corruption wing of CBI be under it’s ambit. While on the face of it, this may be a good proposal but it also raises other relevant questions. Is this doable? Also, does CVC, Enforcement Directorate and other investigating agencies continue to be under home ministry or should they also be made answerable to Lokpal only. If not, what is the point of having so many separate investigating agencies? Please note that these are already existing organizations with relevant staff and infrastructure. Just that their mandate is currently dictated by political parties in power. Isn’t there a requirement to look into these aspects as well?

Lastly, the draft bill of Anna Hazare does not want the office of Prime Minister to be included under the ambit of Lokpal. Well, that needs to be debated. Given the number of cases of corruption/ignorance/incompetence on the part of the current incumbent I’d rather keep the office of PM also under it’s purview. Mind you, if you exclude the PM, it’d be quite logical for Chief Ministers to say that they too should not be under the Lokayukta at the state level. Also, what happens when the PM or the Chief Minister is holding an additional charge of another ministry, like home or finance or some other ministry. Does it mean that the additional ministry too will be out of Lokpal’s ambit or not?

The point I’m trying to make is that there has to be a proper debate on what Anna Hazare is proposing. Apart from the issues that I’ve raised there may be many more which you need to discuss threadbare. Also, you cannot have an all powerful Lokpal answerable to no one but itself. We have to have checks and balances. What Anna Hazare is proposing will eventually become a super monster cop and judge who will be too big for it’s own boots.” (from one contributor)


By reading the above it is clear that Lokpal bill has many weak points. The main defect being: What is going to stop this “top agency” from falling into corruption. If the government itself can fall prey to corruption then how will this “all-powerful” committee sponsored by the Lokpal bill remain corruption-free. Where is the guarantee?

You must have read this concern in the above article.

We Ananda Margiis also want the government to be corruption free, but Prout is the answer not the Lokpal bill. Ihis is why as Proutists we do not support such a bill.

Indeed, as Ananda Margiis we should not support any movement other than Prout. It is well-proven and firmly established that other philosophies are outdated. Those guided by devotion will surely support Prout 100%.

Some people do not think about this issue in a devotional way. For this reason they support various movements like Anna Hazare, in spite of the above logic and reasoning. They should also think rationally.


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Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 22:46:19 -0000
To: am-global@earthlink.net
From: Manomohan Deva
Subject: Spiritual Vibration & Touch


“A’ka’she a’loke bhese ja’y tava mahima’ri katha’…” (PS 3287)


Baba, You are the most magnificent One. The tale of Your glory and
grandeur is floating and permeating throughout each and every molecule of
the vast, blue sky and in the effulgence– everywhere. Baba, Your story,
the story of the ever-present, Ancient One, is glittering in all the
realms: in both bhuloka and duloka– in the physical and spiritual worlds.
Baba, You are so gracious.
O’ Ancient, Divine One, You are eternally, ever-new. Baba, by Your grace
You are always, intrinsically with everyone– just like their vital force,
just like their pra’na. Baba, You always remain present in my feeling,
ideation, and intuition. For that reason this eternal longing of my heart
is for You and You alone.
Baba, by Your grace with the flow of effulgence You color my mind and
You are sitting in the depths of my ideation playing Your divine flute in
the deep core of my heart. Baba You are so compassionate: You do not
neglect or overlook anyone. You graciously goad everyone towards divinity,
You show everyone the path which leads to immortality.
Baba, please shower Your causeless grace; I surrender at Your lotus feet…


As Ananda Margiis we openly recognise that spirituality is the highest
thing in life. That is the greatest endeavour: spiritual attainment. And to
reach to that highest stance and come in contact with Parama Purusa we all
do sadhana.

Side by side, we readily accept that in the spiritual realm His grace is
everything. That is the be-all and end-all. Nothing more is needed than
that; this much we all know and feel: That Baba’s causeless grace is

Yet at the same time in this panoramic liila of Parama Purusa, as human
beings our assigned duty is to do sadhana. That is, we are to put forth our
best effort and follow the path which He has graciously given. We have to
please Him by following His teachings.

So when Guru has given the system of intuitional practice, our duty is to
follow that path. In that case, sadhana has to be done– there is no other

Here following then are a few points related with spiritual vibration and
how to best retain that special feeling which we all get by doing His
sadhana. Everyone is also welcome and very much encouraged to write in with
their own thoughts and experiences.


In His magnificent manner, it is well accepted that Baba being the Parama
Purusa can grace us in innumerable ways. We can feel His grace by attending
and seeing His divine darshan. Plus when doing His dhyana, we can come in
contact with His divine presence and feel His closeness– His grace. In
dream also He bathes us in His divine effulgence. So there are multiple
ways in which we feel His grace. Or more specifically, He has innumerable
ways to shower His infinite grace.

And sure enough one of the most visible ways to receive His grace is by His
physical touch. We all know that while in physical form, Baba would touch
sadhakas as a way to bless and grace them. This we have all seen or heard
about on countless occasions. Where by His mere touch Baba was able to put
aspirants into samadhi and or cure their ailments etc. By His touch
sadhakas could feel His grace. In countless demonstrations Baba has shown

After all who has not heard about how Baba would regularly direct various
persons like Dasarthji to grab onto His toe and by doing so Dasarthji would
then be able to see past, present, and future– by Baba’s grace. This Baba
has demonstrated oh so many times– too many to count.

Here the whole point we can understand that physical touch has the capacity
to carry spiritual vibrations. By physical touch spiritual wavelengths are


For this reason, while in physical form, all were madly running after Baba.
Because by coming in His physical contact one could feel His spiritual
vibration, His divine grace, His boundless love.

At the same time in His divine liila, Baba was not openly allowing
disciples to touch Him. This is also a well known fact. Physically touching
His feet was not allowed when doing sastaunga pranam. And if done, then in
His divine play and dramatic way Baba would become visibly furious and
angry. So this was His liila’: Sadhakas were deeply attracted to His
physical form and side by side Baba was not allowing people to rush up and
touch Him.



To control the situation– to keep sadhakas from running up and touching
Him– Baba Himself formed the cadre of VSS: ‘Volunteers for Social
Service’. Since those days the first and foremost duty of VSS was to keep a
tranquil and clear pathway for Baba, wherever He would go. To allow Him to
move around in peace without being barraged by the many margiis and wts who
wanted to have His physical touch.

To further explain this grand phenomenon, on various special occasions Baba
has graciously revealed His unique plan behind the formation of VSS.

“I am the nucleus of the charm, all get attracted to Me, people grab Me, so
for that reason I had to make VSS.”

By His grace on select circumstances Baba has revealed that this unique
truth: That He is the embodiment of spiritual charm and for this reason
sadhakas are deeply attracted to His physical presence and to keep control
of the situation it was necessary for Him to form the VSS cadre.


By all this we can easily realise that spiritual waves pass through
physical touch.

With this in mind, in order to direct human beings along the proper path,
Baba has given various guidelines to help people advance. Because
maintaining a spiritual vibration while living in this mundane world is not
an easy job. We need help wherever we can get it. So to maintain our
spiritual flow, one point Baba advises us is to minimize our physical
contact or touching with the common public– with others.

Baba says, “Do not shake hands with anyone.” (CC-1, chap 7)

Baba says, “Unrelated men and women should not, as far as is possible,
touch each other.” (CC-I, 95 Edn, p.49)

So as far as we can understand His liila, we can see that this point of
touching others– or not touching others– has meaning. It is not just a
physical or psychic or social expression. By touch, spiritual energy is
also transferred– i.e. it can be lost.


So in our own practical life we should try to follow the word and spirit of
Baba’s above guidelines– as far as possible. This is something for us all
to experiment with and gain an inner understanding of. Along these lines
here are some points for everyone’s consideration.

As sadhakas to whatever degree possible after doing sadhana one should not
touch others right away. Of course in our family lives we have small
children etc, but to whatever extent we can, we should try not to come in
physical contact with others immediately after doing sadhana.

In addition, sadhana should not be done with a cat or dog in our lap. Nor
should we hold our small babies in our arms when doing sadhana. Best is to
be alone when doing sadhana, and not touching others.

And if we all think further on this there are probably numerous other
approaches regarding physical touch and sadhana etc.

Overall, the above are but a few of the many ways to increase one’s sadhana
and spiritual flow as they help to retain one’s devotional vibration.

Whereas if we do sadhana and then randomly go around touching everyone then
that subtle energy just drains out.


So this point of touching is an attainable reality not just a mere fantasy.
However some in our Marga do not understand or accept this. In that case we
have to think how far they are different from those atheists who think that
God is just a mere figment of one’s imagination. In their psycho-spiritual
poverty such atheists cannot conceive of or feel His divine presence and
love. Similarly a few lower type of sadhakas senselessly disregard this
point of touching, thinking it is utterly meaningless. Whereas those with a
balanced outlook understand its inherent value and are willing to
experiment with and understand this point of touching.

Actually many advanced sadhakas in our Marg advise that less or minimal
touching helps one to progress in the higher realms. And indeed this is
Baba’s guideline as well. So we should all see for ourselves and try to
realise this eternal truth.

Once again all are encouraged to write in and share their experiences.


By His grace here Baba shows us that as we progress in sadhana we can feel
His physical touch– His divine touch– more and more, thereby submerging
our entire existence in His bliss.

Baba says, “When the sa’dhaka clearly feels the thrill of divine existence
around him at the time of sa’dhana’, the state of bliss as experienced by
the sa’dhaka is described as dasha’. When the sa’dhaka feels the existence
of the divine world around him, as also the source from which the divine
existence comes, the state of bliss the sa’dhaka experiences at the time of
sa’dhana’ is bha’va. Again, when the sa’dhaka feels the closest proximity
of Parama Purus’a, even within his embrace, that bha’va is called

“At the time of dasha’, the sa’dhaka feels bliss within and falls down, and
during bha’va, the sa’dhaka feels proximity to God, feels great bliss and
falls down.”

“At the time of maha’bha’va, the sa’dhaka feels the tactual presence of
Parama Purus’a and falls down. At that time, every nerve-cell, every
nerve-fibre and every pore of the human body feels the divine touch.” (AV-33)


Multiple Health Benefits of Black Pepper

Baba says, “Black pepper stimulates the secretion of saliva, increases
hunger, and helps to enhance digestion. Plus it makes the nerve fibers
alert. Furthermore it is a medicine and remedy for lethargy and melancholia.”
“If you make a paste by mixing the top layer of milk with black pepper
and apply it to the face it prevent acne.” (SC-8)

Note: People should also be aware that black pepper, especially coarse
grain black pepper, should not be applied directly on the food when one is
eating. Rather it should be prepared with the food. That way in the cooking
process the black pepper will mix with the water and get distributed evenly
throughout the dish. Whereas if one eats raw black pepper directly on their
food then it enters the body in a very concentrated form which the body
cannot digest. If the black pepper is extremely fine like dust, then one
can eat it directly but best is to hydrate it in water first and then let
it sit for a while in a container and then sparingly put that sauce (i.e.
pepper water) on your food.

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From: “Shiva Kumar”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Stupid King of Blind Cabinet
Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2011 21:02:09 +0530


“Lukiye tumi ka’j kare ja’o pratya’sha’ kichu rekhe…” (P.S. 2618)


Baba, You are the Doer of all the work being done in this vast universe.
Secretly You go on doing and executing everything. Nobody can see You– but
You are doing everything. And You do not harbour any desire to receive
anything in return. Just You are deeply involved in managing all the work
secretly, O’ my Parama Purusa. And when You notice that somebody is
searching You, then that time You move ahead in Your grand liila of hide
and seek. Baba, You decorate the effulgence in darkness; and simultaneously You
flood the cimmerian darkness with the showering of Your divine effulgence.
Baba, You are the bridge between life and death; You are the crossing
point. Yet all the while You Yourself remain hidden behind the scenes.
Baba, You are the great hope of the hopeless hearts. In the end of the
night You are the colourful dawn. Baba, You show the direction to those who
have lost the path. And You spread Your divine love in all the ten
directions. Baba, You go on doing all the work of this entire universe secretly–
never desiring anything in return. Just You continue playing hide & seek.
Baba, Your liila is unfathomable…


At the recent 2011 Ananda Purnima DMS, one grave injustice was done by a few organisational leaders. The ramifications of this sinful act are slowly being embedded within our organisational-cum-devotional culture. We should all be aware about what happened – otherwise things will only continue to get worse.


Here is what occurred: Purodha Pramukha, i.e. Dada Vishvadevananda, appeared on stage at the DMS sitting on an elevated seat that was higher than Guru’s place. The photo is attached for your review.

Here the key point is that in AM Brahma is the Guru. There is no lineage of gurus as in Hinduism and other yogic traditions. Baba is the Parama Purusa incarnate whereas PP Dada is just one jiiva born into this world with all kinds of samskaras and ignorance. Baba is the granter of salvation whereas PP is struggling for liberation. There is no comparison between the two. There is no question of PP gaining higher stature.

Yet tragically, that is exactly what happened at the recent Ananda Purnima DMS. It was arranged to put PP Dada’s dais higher up than Guru’s place on the DMS stage. That is the atrocity.

In this letter we explore (a) how and why opportunistic Dadas prop up PP’s stature for their own gain by promoting PP as the spiritual head of AM, and (b) why the post of Purodha Parmukha is verily a social post, not a spiritual one.


Let’s begin with a quick review of our tantra tradition.

As we know, we do guru dhyana at the sahasrara cakra. That is the highest point of the human experience. That spot signifies deep regard and reverence. It is the pinnacled point of the human mind. Indeed that is the tradition in tantra: To goad the mind upwards, never lower.

And indeed in all aspects of our spiritual life, Guru’s place is the highest and the most revered. Nobody is above or on par with Guru. This is the main teaching of tantra.

Because when Baba is the Guru and He is Taraka Brahma and perfect in all respects, then naturally His status is unparalleled.

Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma (Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings – That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed Brahmavidya´ (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and form of Anandamu´rtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate Its majesty.” (Caryacarya, part 2, Sadhana, point #1a)

Yet some for their selfish reasons are trying to prop up PP Dada – i.e. one mere mortal born in bondage and prone to avidya maya – as being the revered one. Indeed this drama has been going on in one way or another since 1990.

So we should investigate why this is being done and clear the air.


First off, we should all understand that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social one, not a spiritual post. Here are the reasons why:

(A) Caryacarya itself is our social scripture. And CC-1 lays out the social duties of purodha pramukha. PP Dada’s duty is to act as head of this worldly organisation AMPS. In this capacity, PP is the “chief of the purodhas”.

(B) PP has zero ability to arrange his own mukti & moksa; in that case what can he do for others in this regard. Nothing. PP is himself not liberated and obviously cannot grant that to others. This furthermore shows that his post is purely social, not spiritual.

(C) PP cannot give any new scripture or shastra. Our AM scripture is perfect and complete – all delivered by Guru Himself. If PP wishes to write a story or commentary he may do so. But he is unable to contribute even one syllable to the shastras of Ananda Marga.

(D) Organizational executive decisions related with social affairs must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his discretionary review. This is one of his social duties.

(E) PP’s post is lifelong – not longer than that.

(F) In the Purodha Board, PP’s single vote has decisive meaning, though his order can be overturned. Hence, PP’s order is not final; his decisions are subject to review.

(G) Each of the judiciary decisions also must reach to Purodha Pramukha for his final approval. This again deals with the social sphere.

(H) Purodha Pramukha is chief of the purodhas – which is a social board in our AMPS.

(I) PP Dada has no great spiritual power anointed to him by God. Just he is one purodha selected by his peers to serve as the chief of the board.

(J) Plus PP has so many more social duties and responsibilities.

By all this it is quite clear that the post of Purodha Pramukha is a social post – not a spiritual one – in our Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.

In our Caryacarya, Baba has given various provisions about the social post of Purodha Pramukha. The post of PP is just one of the many social posts in the organization wherein PP Dada deals with worldly affairs, not spiritual emancipation etc.

The question remains: When the position of purodha pramukha is clearly a social post, then why do some try to turn it into a spiritual one by giving maximum reverence to PP Dada and placing his seat higher than Baba’s.


If you look at the present day dogmatic religious scene or political field then you may see that lackluster people are always getting the power. Just some puppet type of person gets the leadership role, and conniving priests rule from behind.

And this is exactly what has been happening with the post of purodha pramukha since 1990. From day 1, Sarvatmananda was excited and eager to select a PP whom he could control 100%: Hence the selection of the late Dada Shraddhananda.

Sarvatmananda immediately then propped up PP Dada Shraddhananda as being divine because then those divine powers would be routed to him (i.e. Sarvatmananda) since he was the one controlling PP. By this way Sarvatmananda ruled with an iron fist – all via the tongue and signature of PP. It was quite a plan.

And indeed Rudrananda basked in this same luxury when he snatched PP Shraddhananda. He could do anything and everything with PP’s stamp of approval. By this way he even ousted Sarvatmananda from the organisation. How ironic: Sarvatmananda got bit by his own creation.

Anyway, groupists want to get more power by controlling a PP whom they deem as being all-powerful. This is their trick. And to make PP all-powerful they build him up as being divine and the veritable spiritual head of AMPS. Tragically, some innocent margiis get befooled and cheated.

Actually what these Dadas do is just a carbon copy of Hindu dogma. The Hindu priests put all power in their idols. Then when they wish to get any order implemented, they say, “Goddess Kali told me to tell you…”. This is their manner. By this way all credit and responsibility goes to some stone statue that is 100% silent. There is nothing anybody can do but obey. After all, where is there scope to argue or protest? That stone idol is mute. In this way, those exploiting priests have unquestionable power.

Some of our top Dadas do exactly the same maneuver. They create an aura that PP is great, nay divine, and put him on a high pedestal – above Baba. Of course, within their inner circle they have not an iota of respect for this PP Dada – after all he is just their puppet – but they proejct that same PP as having divine and absolute powers. PP’s word is beyond question. This is their outer show to the general public. With this technique, such Dadas can execute their every wish: Expulsion as weapon, victimisation of innocent margiis, capture more power, eradicate margii rights, scripture distortion, Fake Ananda Vanii and so much more. All of these misdeeds are carried out by “the word of PP”.

Their top aim is for the common margii to transfer all their respect and love for Baba to PP and ultimately surrender to PP. Then those opportunistic Dada can wield full power in the Marga.

All they have to do is find some spineless Dada to act as PP and then prop up that Dada as being a god. This is their plan. In the past they did this with Shraddhananda and now they are doing this with Vishvadevananda.

That is why at the recent Ananda Purnima DMS they placed PP Dada Vishvadevananda’s dais on a plateau higher than Baba’s stance. Thus we see that who gets the high seat.


Here are some closing thoughts on this topic:

1. Such opportunistic Dadas are just implementing Hindu dogma. Step by step they are just putting forth the idea that when Guru “left” then the current in-charge, i.e. PP Dada, takes on an equal or greater role.

2. So margiis should salute PP as PP has divine power. By securing maximum respect for PP from the margiis, then simple and ignorant margiis become restless to get the blessing of PP. In the name of PP they will accept anything. This is the plan of those opportunistic Dadas.

3. New margiis think this is the system and that everything is proper, while old margiis think that the matter is sensitive. So they do not protest or raise their voice in public.

4. In AM we do not approve of these Hindu dogmas. But opportunistic purodhas are so degraded that want to start that tradition, gradually. The attached photo is but one of the proofs. It is further validated by viewing all the horrors that have been done in the name of PP since 1990. By this way anyone can see that they prop up the post of PP to something divine and then wield that power to their liking.

5. The various religions have a spiritual head but that is not the case in AM. In our Marga, there is no third entity between God and the disciple. The religions use a priest between their god and the seeker; but in AM, Parama Purusa (God) and the sadhaka have a direct connection. There is no intermediary.

6. We have to remember that in AM the role of an acarya is limited. Whether it be RS Dada or PP Dada, they have the same Guru as regular margiis. PP is not something divine. Rather, he is just a human being in a social post.


Baba has given Ananda Marga ideology for rooting out dogma. Yet now we ourselves are falling into Hindu dogma as top Dadas prop up the stature of PP on the stage of our very own DMS – giving more status to PP than Baba. Is that not ironic – even tragic.

Even though in the relative sphere our Marga is struggling some, surely the day is not far when all will rally around His divine message in one voice and declare:

“All human beings belong to one race…’The exploitation of human beings cannot be allowed!’ and, ‘Religious hypocrisy cannot be tolerated!’ Giving a clarion call to the fragmented human society from beneath the saffron flag, the symbol of service and sacrifice, they will proclaim at the top of their voices, ‘Human beings of the world, unite!'” (POD)

Shiva Kumar


In this entire spectacle, PP Dada is the “stupid king” and the opportunistic Dadas are the “blind cabinet” as they do not realise that by not having reverence (shraddha’) for Baba they are inviting their spiritual deminse.

Here are some other key points to know:

1) Because PP Vishvadevananda sided with Nigamananda and toured around Europe with him, now PP Dada is very scared of being victimised by Rudrananda. So he is psychically touching the feet of Rudrananda to get in his good books. That is why, now, all of a sudden, after the death of Nigamanadna, PP is being extremely obedient to Rudrananda. Because earlier he left Rudrananda to be with Nigamananda. PP was not aware that Rudrananda would outlive Nigamananda.

2. Rudrananda wants to become PP. So these days his “yes men” are campaigning for him. They want to remove PP by making life totally suffocating for Vishvadevananda etc. PP Vishvadevananda is younger than Rudrananda so they do not have the luxury of waiting for him to die. Rather they have to force PP out of the post by making life unbearable for him. Then Rudrananda can capture the seat.

3. Ananda Dyotona Didi is also feeling shelterless since the death of Nigamananda so she is also thinking to leave team Ranchi. Staying is unbearable for her.



The below letter is another way in which they aim to profit by making PP into some divine entity. At DMS, they are charging big money from margiis to get a marriage blessing from PP Dada. When in truth PP’s post is only social, not spiritual.


To Do Great Work

Baba says, “The meaning of the ‘Sam’gacchadhvam’ Mantra should be realised
in life. Always remain united. Solve all problems, big or small, with
unity. Consider misfortune of one as the misfortune of all– an injury to
one as an injury to all.” (CC-2, ‘Society’ chapter, point #34)

Note: So long as Baba’s above teaching is not put into practice, one cannot
do great work. Devoid of this one’s life will be as meaningful as the life
of a termite or ant etc. In our practical life we should be strict in
following Baba’s teaching.

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