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“Maner mayu’r meleche ye pa’kha’ krs’n’a meghe dekhe ca’nderi pa’she… “(#392)


The divine Entity Parama Purusa has come and by His holy advent the whole creation is getting awakened. By seeing the clouds close to the moon, the peacock of my mind is extending its feathers. By the effect of the intoxicating and vibrating songs, the lyre of my heart is getting resonated. The lost heart has come back again. All those tunes which I had lost are again being played.

Baba, my entire existence has been reawakened. I In the deep blue sky, that divinely-intoxicating, heart-stopping vibration has come. Because of the advent of the ever-new, everything which was lost has gotten rejuvenated.

The rhythm which was gone has again returned, & now my whole body and mind is starting to dance to the tune which I had lost in the past. I have offered the entire basket of my heart at His alter; I have surrendered my whole existence at His lotus feet. The sweet breeze saturated with the flower fragrance is blowing.

Baba, due to Your divinely intoxicating presence and causeless grace, everything has gotten new life…


Of late there has been an email thread called “silent action”. You may have seen it in your in-box. Here our main focus is to examine the way of expression in one such letter.


As disciples on the tantric path, one of the most essential qualities is reverence for Guru. There must be utmost regard for Baba and that has to be reflected in all aspects of our expression: Thought, word, and deed.

Baba explains this quite clearly in His teachings:

Baba says, “I must have reverence for the Guru….That is, you must have respect for the Guru.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 12, Shiva’s Seven Secrets)

Baba says, “One must develop shraddhá [respect or reverence] for one’s preceptor, one’s teacher.”” (Ananda Vacanamrtam, Part 23, How to Concentrate)

Baba says, “One has [to] embrace the Supreme Cognitive Force with utmost reverence, single minded devotion and extreme sincerity.” (Ananda Marga Ideology and Way of Live, part 6, The Only Way to Salvation)

Thus, maximum reverence for Guru and His teachings is a requisite in Tantra. Without such respect, there is nothing left. If the disciple does not bow down to the Guru in all ways, they cannot progress – rather they will degrade. Thus in one’s thought, word and deed, in all of one’s manners and expressions, a sadhaka must demonstrate respect of the highest regard for Guru.


Tragically, in the thread on silent action, one person wrote:

Baba has provided for the so-called ‘Silent Action’

Such were the unfortunate words of one person – words that do not reflect even an ounce of respect for Guru.

As we know Baba’s divine teachings are invaluable treasures for the humanity. His discourses bring forth guidelines never before kjnown to human society and spiritual practitioners. Baba’s teachings are indeed blemishness and incredibly unique.

And His guideline of silent action is totally revolutionary. In this guideline Baba empowers family people to question the status of monks / wts. In the history of humanity, no prophet or preacher has dared to give such an edict.

Yet Baba, being the dharma Guru, has set down this special guideline of silent action to ensure that family margiis have the requisite tools to express their dissatisfaction with a particular worker. So silent action is a highly valuable and key guideline. The fact that Baba Himself has issued this teaching is enough that every Ananda Margii should respect it.

But tragically one persons casts extreme doubt and irreverence by calling it “so-called” silent action. As if Baba’s divine teaching of silent action is fake, useless, phony and of no value.


All rational margiis & wts understand well that silent action is a highly beneficial teaching given by our Sadguru. Here are some things to consider:

1. Whether or not we choose to observe silent action in today’s organisational climate, silent actions stands as an excellent tool in a healthy society.

2. Baba’s teaching of silent action has inherent value. There is no scope for someone to term it as “so-called.” Suppose there is an avadhuta rule that is not followed by the majority of Wts, then we should not call that avadhuta rule as so-called. We should not denigrate Baba’s teaching just because some are not up to the mark. Similarly, just because some may not wish to use or do not know how to use silent action for a particular situation does not at all mean that one may call it so-called silent action. That is demeaning to both Guru and His given teaching of silent action.

3. At present, because of corruption by some organisational leaders and the lack of understanding of some margiis, silent action is not practiced nor allowed to be practiced. It is similar to how a corrupt government does not acknowledge that justice should be given.

4. Silent action is part of our dharmashastra as it stems from Ananda Vacanamrtam. If a case is being reviewed by the acarya board, we have the freedom to practice silent action against the concerned worker. This is Baba’s clear-cut teaching. It is part and parcel of our spiritual philosophy so there is no question of referring to it in a denigrating manner liked “so-called”.

5. Silent action works best when the margii is in close physical proximity to the worker in question. If the margiis and worker do not see each other frequently, then the worker may not even be aware that someone is taking silent actions against him. Hence, silent action is a very potent guideline when used in the right circumstance.

And certainly there is much more to be said about the right and proper use of silent action. Suffice to say here that anyone referring to silent action or any of Guru’s divine teachings as “so-called” is being totally disrespectful and is undeserving to be called as Ananda Margii. Such a person should come forward an beg apology to correct his wrong. And he should vow to never make such a sinful mistake again.


Baba has graciously bestowed on us the pure spiritual teachings of Ananda Marga. His guidelines are perfect and pure in all regards. We are truly blessed. There is zero scope to think that any teaching is “so-called.” Rather Baba’s each and every teaching is a veritable gold mine. Anyone who thinks otherwise is merely exposing their lowly mentality.



Now we should take a look at who wrote like this and named silent action as “so-called”.

Actually many might say this person to be a good sadhaka but by his use of the word “so-called” it seems as though he is losing his mental balance. Otherwise how to explain such an irreverent utterance.

We must remember that this world is mobile. Nothing remains the same – everyone and everything ages. Same is the case with this person. We should watch him carefully as he is advancing in years.

Let us not forget what happened with the first PP Dada Shraddhananda. Dadaji started suffering from dementia and began writing silly things and making a mockery. There are thousands of Shraddha Shuman songs which prove this point.

Intelligent people will always keep quiet when they start losing their capacity in old age. Their friends and family will help them and warn them about this.

Unfortunately, SS Goenka is just roaming the internet in such a condition and calling Baba’s divine teachings as so-called. Is this not his dementia. Or what could be the reason why this is going on.

Truly it will be considered as a terrible tragedy if Goenka can no longer put his thoughts together properly. Someone should warn him of such an event and / or tell him to be more careful next time.

On 06/17/2011 07:38 AM, Sgoenka wrote:
> Namaskar !
> Re: Silent Action.
> No doubt Baba has provided for the so-called ‘Silent Action’. ….
> Yours brotherly,
> S S Goenka.

This Must Be Averted

Baba says, “‘Andham tamah pravishanti mudha ye ke catmahano janah.’ What
happens to the person who runs after the external mundane things instead of
the Self within? One day he finds himself surrounded by the blinding
darkness (Andhatamasa). All around he finds nothing. When a person whose
self has miserably degenerated, whose spiritual progress is altogether
stopped, rushes towards matter, his whole existence starts getting
crudified, his mind and Self get crudified, he forfeits the right even to
be called a human being. This is indeed a miserable condition, an
unimaginable circumstance.” (Calcutta, 1980)

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