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From: “Gagan Deva”
Subject: In AM Sex is For What
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2011 10:35:43 -0000



In the general society, especially in the west, sex is for enjoyment. People commonly think the material world is only for their selfish enjoyment. And of all the worldly pleasures, sex is the top. This is the common outlook and way of life.

This is evidenced by the movies, dress, advertisements, values, products and activities of those living in materialistic countries.

But in Ananda Marga, our approach is totally different. AM is the path of bliss – i.e. spiritual bliss. For us, worldly dealings are for adjustment only to proceed on the path of spirituality. Our food habits, lifestyle, and thinking are to be controlled in order to advance pointedly towards our Goal, Supreme Consciousness. Indulgence of the various motor and sensory organs is not appropriate for one’s physical, psychic and spiritual progress.

A few of the various religions hold somewhat similar beliefs while other religions are more indulgent.

In our Marga however, our stance is very straight and clear. Ours is that path of bliss where the mind is goaded towards Parama Purusa and sex is merely for society building (i.e. procreation), not for sensual pleasure etc. Baba’s teachings about this are very straightforward.

Here following are Baba’s guidelines on this subject. We must reflect on them in a deeper way; a knee-jerk reaction is not at all helpful. If anyone reads Baba’s teachings with a dogmatic or stagnant state of mind, they will not be able to understand. An open mind is needed. Baba’s following guidelines are life changing.


[1] In this first teaching Baba warns us that often males are more prone towards indulgence and this leads to female diseases as well as the degeneration of those males. Best is to exercise restraint and goad one’s energy to higher cakras. In the following quote Baba is clearly stating that males are the cause of female disease.

Baba says, “In most cases, if not all, lack of self-control by the male is one of the causes of female disease. It is certainly not desirable for women to go to their graves prematurely due to the intemperance of men. Sexual over-indulgence is also harmful to the men, because it causes excessive wastage of shukra, which in the lymph stage nourishes the brain. Remember that self-control is the greatest thing in life.” (Yogic Treatment, Females Diseases)

[2] Here again in this next teaching Baba warns us that lack of restraint leads to a whole host of illnesses and diseases.

Baba says, “People should not taint their lives by sexual over-indulgence. Everyone should remember that shukra is the ultimate element of the body, and if it is absent or somehow impaired, all the elements of the body may become impaired and invite attacks of various diseases.” (Yogic Treatment, Appendix)

[3] Baba’s final guideline is that one should exercise more and more restraint.

Baba says, “When it comes down to a choice between restraint and lack of restraint…the more restraint the better.” (Yogic Treatment, Sex)

We should all be aware of Baba’s guidelines and follow accordingly. We should not get caught up or swayed by the crude ways of materialism where sex is everything. Ours is the path of bliss where we goad all our energies towards serving and pleasing Parama Purusa.


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