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Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2011 21:27:46 -0500
From: RJ Deva
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Diplomacy in AM: Useful & Sinful


PS Intro: In this following song Parama Purusa is posing His questions &
speaking directly to the devotee.

“Kon aja’na’r buk theke ele, korn asiime bhese ja’o…” (PS 2222)


From which unknown bosom have you come and what is your goal. In which
direction are you floating. You must know you are not meagre or
insignificant. You are the expression of Cosmic Consciousness. He has
created you according to His desire; You are within Him. Now tell me what
you want; what are your desires and longings. You should know that your
Goal is the Parama Purusa.

For ages You remained oblivious of your own existence; era after era
passed like that. You were seeking the answer to all your worries,
anxieties, and problems externally. You were trying to find happiness
outside; and, you were trying to quench your thirst and satisfy your
hunger from material things. You never tried to look within.

Everything is hidden within you. Look within and you will get
everything. Just you have to turn your eyes from outside to inside.
Divert your vision from external to internal. The Divine Entity– who is
your everything, who is your shelter– He knows each and everything
about you. He knows your past, present, and future– everything.
And He loves you too.

Your future is situated in Him up to eternity. Yet forgetting this
eternal and divine truth, what are you looking for. Do not waste your time.

The Divine Entity has bestowed you with human life. Utililse it to satisfy
Him. Do everything according to His wishes. By this way your coming on
this earth will be successful…


As a community, we need to take a clear-cut look at how diplomacy has
been used in AM.

The common belief is that since Lord Krsna used diplomacy then we in AM
may do so as well. This outlook particularly applies to certain workers.
Of course as the Taraka Brahma, all Lord Krsna’s dealings were dharmic;
the same cannot always be said of others.

In the name of satya, some spread lies and falsehoods for their own
agenda and petty gains. In that way, the practice of satya becomes tainted.

In the name of diplomacy, one commits crimes and sins, yet they remain
totally oblivious that they will face ghastly consequences and negative
samskaras – now in this life and the next also.

Such is what happens when people use “satya” and diplomacy for their own

Some mistakenly justify that since Baba has given one such teaching of
diplomacy in His Ananda Vanii series, then they may freely engage in
diplomacy. But here is the proper explanation and use of Baba’s teaching
of diplomacy.

All should be cent-per-cent clear on this critical issue and be able to
apply it to present day events in our Marga. Certain cases are outlined


First off, let’s explore two critical examples of the use of diplomacy
from the Mahabharata era. Because, diplomacy can be used for both sinful
and dharmic purposes.

When in the name of guru daksiina, Dronacarya requested the thumb of
Ekalavya, then that was a very nasty and selfish maneuver. Dronacarya
did this because he did not want to touch to a lower caste student – and
Ekalavya was a so-called untouchable. Due to caste superiority,
Dronacarya senselessly and wickedly ruined Ekalavya’s career.

Baba says, “Shockingly, in the name of guru daksina (sacerdotal fee for
the master), Dronacarya demanded the thumb of Ekalavya) and thereby
spoiled the brilliant career of Ekalavya…And as a result of his
discriminatory treatment of his disciples, Dronacarya had a serious fall
in the battle.” (Disc MHB)

Dronacarya used diplomacy in a harmful and gross manner and thus had to
pay the consequences. Such misuse of diplomacy cost Dronacarya his very

Baba says, “Dronacarya was neither an ideal man nor an ideal teacher. So
it became imperative to eliminate such an acarya from society. That’s
why Shrii Krs’n’a resorted to duplicity and advised Yudhisthira to
announce before the assembled people in deceptive language, “Ashvatthama
hatah iti naro kunjaro va” – “Ashvatthama is killed. This may be
Ashvatthama the man or may be Ashvatthama the elephant.” The Ashvatthama
who was killed was in fact an elephant, not Ashvatthama, the son of
Dronacarya. But the announcement was made in such a way that Dronacarya
was convinced that his son was killed, and was overcome with grief. It
was easy for the Pandavas to slay him.” (Disc MHB)

In this second case, under the guidance of Lord Krsna, Yudhisthira
purposely employed ambiguous language for the sake of dharma and the
well-being of the people. His righteous action has been approved by Baba.

Thus diplomacy, when wrongly used for self-interest, or for the devious
motive to harm others, will lead to one’s demise, as in the case of
Dronacarya’s dealing with Ekalavya; and when used properly, diplomacy is
a great tool of dharma wherein one’s action will bring welfare to the
entire society & whole humanity, as in the case of Yudhisthira.

Here we have to remember that diplomacy and satya are for universal
well-being. That means it must not be limited to benefit of a particular
group or subgroup or even section of humanity like the Christians
society, B group society, or Hindu society.


Here then is Baba’s divine teaching on diplomacy. We should understand
it and apply it to events going on in AM since 1990.

Baba says, “The most valuable treasures on the path of human progress
are honesty, simplicity and spiritedness. In no stratum of life should
you allow the standard of honesty to deteriorate. In no situation,
except during the struggle for dharma, should you indulge in diplomacy
or duplicity. In other words you must keep yourself straight in all
other strata just as in sasta’unga pran’a’ma, and remain vigilant that
the fire of your spiritedness is under no circumstances buried beneath a
heap of ashes…” (A’nanda Va’nii #54)

We should all be acutely aware how and when to use diplomacy as well as
when it must not be used.



Just see the history…

When good margiis around the globe raised the banner of margii rights,
scriptural distortion, bhukti pradhan rights, and dogma of mahaprayan,
then they faced all kinds of abuse and torment from those at the helm.
Let us see if this was proper use of diplomacy or not.

(I) Mahaprayan: In the early post-1990 period, a few people raised the
point that the dogmatic mahaprayan program undermines the sanctity of
Guru. Baba is eternal, beginningless and endless, yet the dogma of
mahaprayan mandates that Baba is gone. So good margiis came forward to
oppose the mahaprayan program – not for their own interest or gain but
for the proper representation of Guru.

In response, certain top Dadas would externally they say something in
the name of diplomacy such as Mahaprayan is the way to give reverence to
Guru and sing kiirtan, but internally they have the devious agenda based
on their own geo-religious sentiment.

Indeed they waged a veritable war against such margiis who opposed the
dogma of mahaprayan. In the name of their supposed dharmic cause, Dadas
used all kinds of diplomacy against those margiis in order to strip them
of their posts, isolate them, and blacken their careers. Those Dadas
took such harsh measures in order to protect their geo-religious
sentiment of making Kolkata into a Mecca and to bring in huge dollars.

(II) Scripture Distortion: Here is another classic case of the misuse of
diplomacy. In the early and mid-1990s, one Dada infamously ordered
“Translated from the orginal Bengali” to be printed on the title page of
every AM book, irregardless of whether Baba delivered those discourses
in Bengali or not. Their agenda was to highlight and glorify their own
language, not Guru’s teaching.

Externallly said they are following Baba and that Baba confided behind
closed doors that we should do like this, but internally such Dada are
thinking and doing for their own language sentiment and community. First
they want everything translated into Bengali and then into other
languages, even if the discourse was originally given in English or
Hindi or any other language.

Here again, margiis opposed such wrongdoing and in reaction certain
leading Dadas used diplomacy and “satya” to ruin the name of such
margiis. The margiis valiantly wanted Baba’s teachings to be printed “as
is” with proper reference and presentation of the original language.
Their approach was noble and dharmic.

But those top Dadas fought tooth and nail to tear such margiis to shreds
by ousting them from our AM society. They thought that for their own
gain they could employ crude diplomatic tactics. In the end they
themselves were ousted by their own false tactics of expulsion etc.

(III) And there are so many other examples: Fake Ananda Vaniis, misuse
of service project funds, Fake Bhukti Pradhan Manual,
Memorials/Tiirthas, and more.

For instance, such Dadas created Fake Ananda Vaniis for their group
interest where the message to margiis was just to do sadhana, keep
quiet, and not fight or oppose groupism. That was their inner motivation
but externally they talked how their Fake Ananda Vaniis were dharmic
representations of Baba’s ideas. So this was all their diplomacy –
nothing more.


In all such cases, groupist leaders mercilessly employed diplomatic
tactics to protect their own status, power and agenda and fend off
margiis who wished to see Baba’s teachings remain pristine.

Internally they have their own geo-political agenda to grab post and
power etc, yet externally they are painting a rosy picture of doing and
dying for Guru and ideology. Their ways are not at all straightforward..

Internally they want to hold a top post and externally they say they are
serving Guru.

However, using diplomatic measures for one’s own gain is not sanctioned
by Baba nor part of our dharmic code. For this reason, those leaders had
to face the consequences – and still they are facing them.

Tragically, since 1990, those in positions of power in our Marga –
regardless of their groupist affiliation – have badly misused Baba’s
teaching of diplomacy for their own petty gain.

They should be aware that they must face the consequences. There is no
other option – they cannot escape prakrti.


Baba’s Ananda Vanii #54 is more about “honesty, simplicity and
spiritedness” than anything else. Baba is guiding us that all must
adhere to these tenets, “except during the struggle for dharma”.

That means our each and every dealing should be truthful, straight,
pure, and free of all kinds of duplicity and hypocrisy.

Unfortunately, those top group leaders failed to absorb this point. They
forgot to be true in life. All they got from that vanii is that they can
engage in diplomacy.

But that is not Baba’s teaching. Baba’s guideline is that for the sake
of dharma (i.e. universal well-being and benevolence), one may resort to
diplomacy to fight against crude immoral forces, but beyond that one
should be very straightforward in their dealing.

The groupists however thought that their dharma was to rule and in that
case to tighten their grip on power, they can do all kinds of crooked
diplomacy. This is what they think – we can see by their actions from
1990 up till today.

With that in mind, such Dadas have employed all kinds of crude
diplomatic tactics against countless innocent margiis.


Baba warns us that those who misuse diplomacy for their own gain or
wrongly revert to such tactics against good people will be doomed. That
is also part of His guideline.

Baba says, “Do not hurt an honest person even slightly.” (CC-2, Society,
Pt #43)

That is why today we see many groupists facing the boomerang effect and
adverse reactions to their own misdeeds.

None should fall in this depraved state. We should be 100% honest in all
spheres of life and think 1 thousand times before resorting to diplomacy.


By Baba’s grace everyone should be aware that if they are doing for
their own group interest then they will have to bear the burden and
consequences for lives together on end for their misdeeds. One must not
misuse diplomacy for their own gain. They will invite negative samskaras
and have to face all kinds of harsh reactions.

For post, power, and mundane gain one must not indulge in diplomacy.
That is the distinct warning Baba is issuing in Ananda Vanii #54.

Diplomacy is solely for the cause of eternal welfare not for fleeting
mundane gain. Then one can lead a truly dharmic life.

Rasa Deva


As you may be aware, Baba issued lengthy purports for all or most of His
Ananda Vaniis during the time of DMC. That means the Ananda Vanii would
be read in various languages and then an involved explanation would be
given. For this particular Ananda Vanii about diplomacy, Baba counseled
Vijayananda and what Baba told in Bangla, Dada he repeated in English….

Furthermore, Baba both questioned and corrected Vijayananda to ensure
the message was proper. Many senior sadhakas have notes from these
occasions in their journals and diaries from DMC. Some of the purports
for the Ananda Vaniis may have been recorded as well.

Finally let us remember that those who use diplomacy in the wrong way
will invite their own destruction. Diplomacy is only for universal
well-being of all.

Health Guideline

Baba says, “Deafness is not a disease by itself, unless it is
congenital. It is an after-effect or reaction to some other
ailment…Excessive use of quinine or similar poisonous medicines for a
long time reduces the power of hearing.” (YT, p.43)

Note: The intake of allopathic medicines contribute significantly to
deafness. One can see this reaction especially in the case of small kids.

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