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Date: 26 Jul 2011 21:33:18 -0000
From: “Divyacaksu Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Mystery Behind Suicide



The main reason why people commit suicide is that they hope to find a better life after their death.

First of all, it should be understood that ultimately everyone wants to live – nobody wants to die. That is Baba’s teaching in so many discourses. Actually it is only when one feels their current life is not as good as their future life, then they contemplate finishing this life and joining the next. Only then do they consider suicide.

This type of tendency is prevalent both in the dogmatic religions and among atheists.

Followers of the dogmatic religions believe that they will reach heaven and join their family and friends. Atheists think that they will enter into a state of oblivion where they will feel no pain.

By this way we see nobody really wants to die, but rather escape from the problems of this world and live a better life somewhere else. Truly speaking, the main culprit behind suicide is the dogma-centered philosophy that preaches that after this life there is heaven.


According to Ananda Marga philosophy, you must face your consequences (samskaras) as there is no heaven or hell; everything is before you – you to face your reactive momenta. There is no other way. If you kill yourself then you are not going to get human life again very easily because you already destroyed it once. You will instead get the life of a lower creature like a bug, earthworm or some other animal.

Baba furthermore offers the below warning about committing suicide in His teachings on negative microvita.

Baba says, “People who commit suicide due to humiliation, psychic distortion, frustration or the overpowering influence of excessive attachment, anger, greed, vanity, jealousy, etc. get the status of kabandha yoni [negative microvita] after death. Wherever these entities happen to see other human beings under the spell of psychic derangement, they incite them to commit suicide.” (Microvita Nutshell, Disembodied Souls and Microvita)

After living in this state for millions of years they are reborn in animal form. Such is their plight.


Those who understand our samskara theory and AM philosophy do not have any attraction or allurement to get rid of any problem by committing suicide.

Top of all those who are sincere margiis never feel depressed.

The conclusion is that nobody wants to die. It only looks like they want to die. In reality their desire is to find a better place to live. Where those religions preach their dogma, there is a lot of suicide cases.

To resolve this issue, we should wholeheartedly propagate the rational teachings of Ananda Marga.



Position Country Male Female Total Year
1 Lithuania 58.5 8.8 31.5 2009
2 South Korea[4] N/A N/A 31.0 2009
3 Kazakhstan 46.2 9.0 26.9 2007
4 Belarus[5][6] N/A N/A 25.3 2010
5 Japan 35.8 13.7 24.4 2007
6 Russia[7] N/A N/A 23.5 2010
7 Guyana 33.8 11.6 22.9 2005
8 Ukraine[8] 40.9 7.0 22.6 2005
9 Hungary[9] 37.1 8.8 21.8 2009
10 Sri Lanka[10] N/A N/A 21.6 1996


“A’gun la’giye dile pha’gune e madhuma’se…” (P.S. 1904)


In the grand & stunning beauty of this spring season, You have sparked a
fire deep inside my heart. Baba, I am longing for You and crying in pain,
desperately wondering why You are not coming. Baba, You have suddenly
broken the slumber of my sleeping heart– and I yearn for You all the 24 hrs.

Baba, the thin threads of crudity were keeping me in a state of deep
slumber and drowsiness. But, You broke that staticity with the warmth of
Your divine love. By Your karuna I am awake and I live in the hope of
receiving Your grace.

O’ my dearmost Bandhu*, in this universe You are incomparable. You are
beyond space and time. You are cida’ka’she; You are in my mental plate.
Baba, in this spring season, when the whole atmosphere is drenched in
the sweet aroma of flowers, You are not coming. Baba, please grace by
eternally remaining along with me…

*Bandhu = Baba says, ” ‘Atyago sahano bandhu’. The person with whom you
cannot tolerate separation is known as ‘bandhu’. When the tie of love is so
great that a person cannot tolerate any separation from you, he is called
your bandhu. The tie is called bandhanam in Samskrta. It is so strong that
the person cannot remain away from you, cannot tolerate separation from
you….Thus in this world, only Parama Purusa can be bandhu…He is your
everything. You cannot do without Him.” (AV-4)

Where to Spend Money

Baba says, “If by building big temples and large rest houses for pilgrims, they think they are showing their love for God, they are false, vain, and hypocritical.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam-7, p.12)

Note: The best utilisation of money is spent in the service of the downtrodden humanity, the common mass. However these days, a few ignorant people are busy erecting Memorials and Mahasamadhi type of buildings and they think they are doing virtuous work. In true sense though there is hardly any difference between making dogmatic temples for Lord Krsna and erecting Mahasamadhi buildings in AM.

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