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From: “Satiish K Deva”
To: am-global@earthlink.net
Subject: Read News: Which Group Is Best?
Date: Sun, 07 Aug 2011 22:56:36 +0530



~ Part 1 ~

Note: This is the first letter in an on-going series. Please watch for the next installment soon. You are also welcome to write us with more news should you be aware about these events or related situations.

As Ananda Margiis, our aim is to follow Baba’s divine guidelines and spread His teachings all around. Thus each and every one of us must become a veritable medium of Ananda Marga ideology. Our conduct must reflect His teachings.

Nowadays, there are three main groups that comprise the current landscape of our Marga. Let’s take a peek into the inner workings of these groups to see what makes them tick.

Then we can decide for ourselves how far they represent the ideals of AM – i.e. which one is best.


There is a distinct “working style” within the ranks of the Ranchi faction these days. So long as you tow the party line, you are fine, i.e. free to do as you please. However, if you fail to tow the party line, then regardless of how sterling your conduct is, you will be in trouble.

This may sound strange or odd to some, but for our many sincere Wt brothers and sisters who live inside the Ranchi tent, this is their harsh reality – day in, day out. For them this is not a joke, but a major aspect of their existence.

While there are many critical stories and news to share, the following account seems to be the most urgent. It is going on as we speak and we should be ready to take a stand.


Everyone knows that Didi Ananda Kalyanmaya – a junior Didi in our Marga – has been quite sincere and ideal in her ways since becoming a wholetimer. Here is Didi’s story and what she is facing these days.

Early on and up till quite recently, Ananda Kalyanmaya was quite close with Hariisha’nanda Dada. They were both from the same village in Madhya Pradesh and Didi looked upon Dadaji as her esteemed elder brother. After all, Hariisha’nanda entered wholetimer life back in the 1980’s.

So Didi held him in high regard and sought out his counsel and advice on many issues. She genuinely felt that he was her well-wisher and a trusted guide. Dada always seemed to act very kindly towards her. Naturally, Didi thought that Dada was a saintly person.

Unfortunately, the way Didi was thinking of Dada was not the way Dada actually was.

On one particular occasion, Hariisha’nanda expressed his inner intentions toward Didi and she become totally overwhelmed and shocked. Here she was thinking that Dadaji is a great sadhaka of the Marga and a trusted advisor, and now this very same Hariisha’nanda is openly expressing his crude desires towards her. After hearing this, Didi Ananda Kalyanmaya left the place immediately with her honour in tact.

But that was not the end of it.

Hariisha’nanda was furious and thought to save his own prestige and take revenge. Dada immediately began undermining Didi’s life and reputation at every opportunity. He started spreading false and filthy rumours about her character – claiming her as a prostitute.

(Please excuse me for using this word in reference to our kind-hearted and sincere Didi. My only reason for using that “p” term is to demonstrate the extent of Dada’s negative and mean-minded dealings.)

In this way Hariishananda was psychically torturing and verbally accosting Didi.

Even then it did not stop there. All know well that Hariisha’nanda is the #3 man in the chain of command on the Ranchi side. There is Rudrananda, then Madhuvratananda, and then Hariishananda. So he has a lot of power and pull.

Soon after, Hariisha’nanda & Ranchi COS (Citsvarupananda) called Ananda Kalyanmaya and gave her an order which was clearly against our organisational system. In essence, these two Dadas were setting Didi in one trap. She rightly refused the order.

Then the entire Ranchi brass (i.e. all top Dadas including Rudrananda) took their revenge. Eight months earlier Rudrananda had considered Ananda Kalyanmaya a trusted and loyal servant as she was close with Hariishananda etc. So Rudrananda had rewarded her with the posting of LFT Trainer in NY sector at the center in Monterrey, Mexico. Rudrananda was thinking that it would be good for him to have her there in NY, as she would support him. So for months, COS Dada had been working diligently in getting Didi the requisite papers to go to NY.

In an instant all those grand plans went up in smoke. The moment Didi refused their anti-ideological order, these three Dadas systematically tore down every convention in Didi’s life. Indeed, COS changed the posting order without even telling or consulting the Ranchi PP / President, Ac Vishvadevananda. They were purposely keeping Didi in India where they could essentially annihilate her and make her life miserable. How dare she stand up to their corrupt orders.

And that is where things stand today.

As we speak, our dear Didi Ananda Kalayanmaya is still facing the ugly wrath of these Dadas. They are literally out to destroy and break her. That is the notorious agenda of these Ranchi camp Dadas. With their arrogance and selfishness they want to ruin the life of one of our very sincere and junior avadhutikas. Such is their modus operendi. This is how they behave.


Before writing anything further and describing how EC and B group run their camps, we should all realise that it is our bounden duty to save the prestige and life of Didi Ananda Kalyanmaya. Sitting quietly when such a grave injustice is going on against this innocent Didi is veritably pratyavaya (sin of omission). So we should take the matter seriously and come to Didi’s side and support her. There is no other way.


Now that you have heard about Ranchi, we should take a look at EC. Actually it is well understood that EC has very little structure and hence very little discipline. Being in EC is like being on a permanent vacation, or thereabouts.

Here again while there are numerous tales from the EC side that need to be told, let’s here consider the story and news of Didi Ananda Krsnapriya (RSL / DSL, Portland, Oregon, USA). Didiji recenty proclaimed that she could never support Ranchi because Ranchi does not follow Baba’s system and protocol.

Hearing this, we might all conclude that this must be a very dharmic Didi. Well, let’s take a closer look.

Didi Ananda Krsnapriya actually has a long history of misconduct herself. She was the Didi who first became romantically involved with Dada Anandeshvarananda before he ultimately left the organisation. Then this same Didi Ananda Krsnapriya got physically involved with VSS Dada Vichitrananda. To be with him, Didi would regularly blow off her TP (tour program) and follow her own whim and fancy just to be with Dada. Plus there are “others” in her life.

But now look what injustice Didi Ananda Krsnapriya is involved in and see how the EC leaders are doing nothing about it. Not only does Didi like to be romantically involved, but she has taken to match-making other Didis with Dadas. Is that not shameful?

Our workers have come and pledged themselves to a high idea and Didi Ananda Krsnapriya is pushing them into the mud.

One of her prized match-making feats was setting up Didi Ananda Atandra with Dada Kamalkrsnananda. Not only did they mate, but in 2006 these two Wts married each other. All thanks goes to Didi Ananda Krsnapriya.

But even then that is not all.

Ex-Didi Ananda Atandra refused to return to Delhi sector (she is originally from Mumbai) after leaving her Wt ship and marrying Dada. So then what is Ex-Didi Ananda Atandra doing for income? Well, she is working at the New Day School in Portland, OR as part of the administrative team. Is that not outrageous. And not only that, she was hired by Didi Ananda Krsnapriya.

So here we have a double faux pas:
(1) An ex-Didi remaining in the sector where she was previously posted; and,
(2) having that ex-Didi working in one of our AM schools.

Baba never, never appreciated such things. Yet now it is happening right under the nose of EC and they have given their blessing.

In case you were wondering, Ananda Atandra’s offiicial tite at the New Day School is: Board of Directors, Program Direct, Accounts. Not a bad title for an ex-Didi. Indeed you can see her profile and photo on the New Day School website

And camp EC has given their approval, otherwise they would have forced her to leave by now. Keeping all this in mind, you can estimate the standing of this EC group.


Now we come to the final news for you to consider – then you can decide for yourself which group is truly best.

For years and years there was a senior Dada in and around NY sector named Dada Sarvabodhananda. Early on Dada had quite a sterling reputation even though his conduct was otherwise. Unfortunately he had a penchant for sisters – lots of them.

And for some time this happened without much notice from others.

But then Dadaji really stepped in the bucket. Just a few years ago he engaged in sexual relations with the daughter of a very well respected margii family. And what a scandal it became – most everyone heard about it. The bravery of the margii daughter was unprecedented and she stood tall, refusing to become yet another voiceless victim of Sarvabodhananda’s deceitful dealings. So the thing erupted into a major public scandal.

(Note: To maintain the honour and respect of the girl (she was 20 years old at the time), it is essential not to mention her name, nor her place, nor her parents’ names.)

In the wake of all this, Centre called Sarvabodhananda for punishment and re-training.

Seeing this, B group then jumped in and caught their prey. They told Sarvabodhananda that if he joined B group then he need not go through the humiliation of re-training. He could simply join the ranks and get a post. Because B group is not interested in the moral character of a worker, their only thought is that they should become more powerful by having more and more Wts.

Hearing this offer, Sarvabodhananda did indeed join B group. It was his ticket to freedom and respect without ever having to atone for his sin.

So that is B group’s normal way of operating. They have a long history of taking fallen workers and alluring them with a good post. By this way they increase the number of their cadre. And that is their only concern.

Let us also remember that this is the same group that has done untold damage to Baba’s discourses and books. This group has single-handedly ruined Baba’s scripture by their wrong style of translation and declaring that all discourses must be translated from the “original” Bangla. So this is yet another wrong we have to clean up.

And then of course there is the fact that B group also introduced their dogmatic tomb workship in Tiljala. Plus they invented Fake Ananda Vaniis and curtailed BP rights.

All of that adds up. So one has to think: Is this the best group? If not then, which one?


While everyone is free to choose for themselves which group they think is best – the facts remain for all to see.

And, side by side, we should all be vigilant to step forward and save our dear Didi Ananda Kalyanmaya from ongoing psychic torture and suffering. Her situation is quite dire and we should not sit still. We must not allow Hariishananda and Co to exert their will and continue to ruin her. That is 100% injustice.

So once again all can decide freely which group is best, but we are all bound to act on behalf of Ananda Kalyanmaya. It is my duty and your duty to do so.

Baba says, “I have said many times in the past that no one in this world is to be neglected. But while doing something activated by group interest, if some people are neglected or their development is obstructed, should this be tolerated? No.” (Prout Nutshell – 12, Service Psychology and Group Psychology)


By Baba’s grace, when our acarya cadre and leaders come clean and follow His divine guidelines, then groupism will be a thing of the past in our Marga. Then we will not have to sit around and decide which group is the best. Then our Marga will be one perfect, monolithic structure where our leaders stick to dharma every step of the way.

Till then, please do write us and let us know your thoughts.

Let us all consider Baba’s below teaching.

Baba says, “True leaders should always be vigilant and think how to work best for human society: they must be ever cautious that under their guidance the people are not led to darkness, death and immorality. Those who have the responsibility to show the path to others should be of superlative character with the most refined conduct. They and their followers must move constantly towards all-round development and shreya [ultimate spiritual attainment]. Persons who teach such well-regulated behaviour to others by their own conduct are called ácáryas.” (Ananda Vacanamrtam – 31, The Conduct of an Ácárya)



“Toma’y bha’lobese chinu kono atiite neiko mane…” (P.S. #1359)


Baba, it’s not in my mind when I became close to You. When we became bound in the tie of love. In which hoary past this started, it is unknown for me. Since then, by Your grace You have colored my mind with Your tune and melody. In the secret core of my heart, my love for You is growing.
Since then, everything in my life has become colorful and charming. The evening is as magical and captivating as the brilliant crimson dawn. And similarly, the scorching heat of the midday sun is equally charming. Because everything is Your expression, Your gift, Your grace. When my mind is in the bond of love with You, then good or bad everything becomes beautiful.
All the seasons are equally charming and blissful. The coldness of winter is glorious just as the sweet fragrance of the spring. And likewise, the rainy season brings various types of niip flowers which spread their pollen with sweet and intoxicating fragrance. And birds chirp in joy and dance.
Baba, all Your expressions are attracting, charming, and blissful. Because everywhere is Your eternal presence. And everything is Your expression of love. Baba, Your everything is unparalleled…

Divine Guideline in Dhyana Process

Baba says, “In the fourth phase the relationship is just like a piece of paper; the unit consciousness of the spiritual aspirant is one side of the paper and the Cosmic Consciousness of Parama Purus’a is the other side of the paper; they are inseparable, one cannot be removed from the other. By His effulgence the unit existence, the existential faculty of the aspirant gets lighted, gets illumined. With His illumination the aspirant is to move forward and enjoy the Supreme Beatitude and the Supreme Composure.” (SS-18, p. 13)

Note: Here above Baba is indirectly guiding about the last part of the practice of dhyana– which every sincere sadhaka practices regularly.

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