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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2011 22:07:55 -0000
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From: Ram Sahay Deva
Subject: The Birth of A’nanda Ma’rga


“Shra’van’ii pu’rn’ima’r katha’ a’j mane par’e…” (P.S. 4954)


Baba, today the divine story of Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ is coming in my
mind, in my heart. O’ Bandhu, the memory of Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ is
floating in my mind. The glorious advent of that historical day is still
fresh in my mind when the divine play between the staticity and divinity
started happening*. That time the sweet fragrant air was saturated with the
aroma of the night jasmine; it was permeating the entire atmosphere. This
yuthika’ flower was full of sweetness & love. A sweet, mild breeze was
blowing and various creatures including frogs were singing the chorus with
great joy. On the crude mind, the grace of Supreme Consciousness happened
with the divine force of ista mantra shakti. On that very day of Shravanii
Purnima new vibrations of effulgence were created on this earth as the
radiant effulgence pierced through the fog & the darkness. The memory of
that Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ is still fresh in my mind, by Your grace…

*Here Baba is poetically narrating how when Kalicharanji got blessed by
receiving initiation then he started repeating his Ista mantra & with the
incantative power of the mantra his sleeping divinity was aroused.


Shra’van’ii Puurn’ima is this Saturday (Aug 13) and this letter shares some
of the highlights of this special occasion and festival of Ananda Marga.

In AM everyone is aware that Baba started giving initiations in 1939 and
that began one auspicious and glorious era. So it is a special occasion
because on that very day the Lord Himself initiated the first person. And
Baba Himself proclaims that Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ night was the first
occasion upon which He initiated anyone on the path according to the Ananda
Marga system.


Our Ananda Marga is the Path of Bliss. A’nanda means bliss and Ma’rga means
path; hence path of bliss. And if one follows this path– His teachings of
Ananda Marga– then one gets the bliss by reaching up to Parama Purusa and
being bathed in His divine nectar.

2-4 “A’nandam’ Brahma itya’huh”
Meaning: This a’nanda is called Brahma

So our Marga is the path to Brahma. And Shravanii Purnima is the day when
Baba graciously first revealed this path to humanity. So this is one highly
memorable day as it is the birth of Ananda Marga as we know it. Because it
was on Shravanii Purnima that those devotees began performing AM
sadhana and thereafter began holding dharmacakra and following so many
spiritual teachings, by Baba’s grace. Later on the organisation was formed
in 1955 but by then already Baba had beautifully created so many followers
of Ananda Marga. That is why Shravanii Purnima in 1939 is the real birth of
Ananda Marga– the path of bliss.


Since that very day of Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’, the cosmic play started
between the divine forces and crude forces. And ultimately the collective
kundalinii got awakened and started rising up, by His grace. This entire
scene Baba describes in the above Prabhat Samgiita.

The overall idea is that Baba has infused this whole world with His special
vibration. And in that way there will be victory over the crudeness &
staticity. So that is what happened through that historic initiation of
Kalicharanji in 1939.

In AM history this day of Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ has deep importance, not
just physical history but psychic and spiritual history too. It has a
special significance because that day Parama Purusa infused His spiritual
power and energy which is working and will work in future also. So this
Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ has great value.

In true sense human beings come on this earth to reach and achieve this
goal– Parama Purus’a. And Parama Purusa Himself comes in the form of
Ta’raka Brahma to help and execute this task. And that is what was started
by Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji in 1939, when He performed His first initiation.


As every Ananda Margii has realised, His divine advent itself is very
meaningful; and, so is the special day when He started giving initiation.
Both are historic events. Because Ta’raka Brahma comes on this earth to
liberate one and all from all sorts of bondages: physical, psychic and

Baba says, “No one need harbour any doubt that Parama Purus’a exists to
promote the well-being of all created beings. If He was not concerned about
the welfare of the living unit beings, He would have remained in His
unqualified stance forever and would not have manifested Himself as Ta’raka
Brahma or Sagun’a Brahma. But He did manifest Himself in this way and has
just showed His intention of promoting the well-being of humanity. That is
why He has given the assurance:”


“Now what is the necessity for His repeated advent into this world? To
ensure human welfare; about that there is no doubt. Human welfare primarily
means welfare in the spiritual stratum…” (PNS-11 pg 59-60)


So we are fortunate and especially graced that Baba has taken us in His
loving shelter. Because when He has accepted us as His disciples; that
means we are in His divine care.

Those who do not have that deeper connection with Baba, with their
superficial understanding they may think that ‘Baba has left us, He has
gone, He did not fulfill…’. But those who are devotees have the real
understanding. They know that Baba is with us, and that HE is always
remaining along with us. And we can have His communication, & we can get
His blessing in Guru cakra with the medium of dhya’na, what He has taught.


Baba says, “The one formless, beginningless and infinite Parama Brahma
(Supreme Consciousness) is the only entity to be attained by living beings
– That alone is Jagat Guru (the Supreme preceptor), That alone has revealed
Brahmavidya (intuitional science) to us through the medium of the name and
form of Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii. Unit beings must be made to appreciate
Its majesty.” (CC II p.1)


One important fact remains that Baba performed the first initiation in
the cemetery. So this reveals and foreshadows how in each and every Ananda
Margii’s life the cemetery has immense practical value. And those suffering
from the dogma that cemetery is only for avadhutas or kapalikas– that is
not good. Our AM is tantric sadhana and that has importance for each and
every Ananda Margii. That is the special significance why the first
disciple Kalicharanji got initiated there.

So once again the day of Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ is coming so each and every
margiis should try to visit the cemetery at least once in a year, or on a
more regular basis such as on amavasya. But doing sadhana there on this
Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’ is very good because human life is very short. So we
should utilise it for higher pursuits and that will be real remembrance of
Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’.

Here following is Baba’s divine blessing:

Baba says, “By dint of sadhana, one is to arouse and exalt that sleeping
divinity. …But for this, one requires divine help and I know further that
one is getting divine help, and I know still further, that it is for
infinite time and infinite space, one is getting this divine help, and you
are all sadhakas, you will certainly attain the Supreme Stance and enjoy
that divine blessedness. You are sure to enjoy it my sons and daughters.”
(AV-23, p. 76)

Ram Sahay


Here below Baba Himself recounts the scene of that auspicious Shra’van’ii

Baba says, “This is Shra’van’ii Pu’rn’ima’. It is an important day. Then I
was very young, studying in Vidy’asagar College in Calcutta. One evening a
very interesting event took place. Suddenly a wicked person came near me. I
use the word ‘wicked’, but it is not a permanent state of human beings. A
person who is wicked today may be a noble person tomorrow, and one who is
dull or stupid today may be wise tomorrow. These are all relative matters
bound by the bondages of relativity. No one can be called permanently
wicked. It should always be borne in mind that one should always try to
develop the good and the subtle in a wicked person.”

“That evening a certain wicked person came to me. What could he expect from
me? But then he came. In accordance with natural human psychology, I asked
him, “What do you want ? Why do you adopt this evil path?” In the course of
our conversation, he realized that he should change the course of his life,
and he took initiation. That was the first spiritual initiation I ever
imparted to anyone. And that same day, Shra’van’ii Pu’rnima, has again

“A long time has elapsed since then. That was perhaps in 1939. This all took
place 41 years ago.” (AFPS-5, p.27-28)


When a sadhaka from his inner heart feels repentance for his sins or
crimes, then grace personified Parama Purusa takes away all those negative
samskaras. And He blesses that sadhaka with His unfathomable grace. That is
what happened with Kalicharanji. And here following Baba reveals the
importance of repentance.

Baba says, “Someone might have committed a pa’taka [sin of commission], but
after that wrong action feels repentance, and compensates for the harm his
action caused. After such repentance and compensation, the action is no
longer a sin…that person’s sin has been washed away.” (DKG, p. 176)

Baba says, “If, knowingly or unknowingly, you have committed any mistake or
any sin, then your repentance and your singing Kiirtana, wholeheartedly,
will free you from all sins. So, your future is always bright, never dark,
never dark.” (AV-12)

Use of Kurmanadii

Baba says, “Kurmanadii is a point in the throat at the bottom most portion
of the periphery of the Vishuddha cakra. If mental equipoise is brought
about in the kurmanadii then the body’s vibration can be temporarily
stopped. Bulls have the capacity to fix their mind in the kurmanadii
thereby achieving a state where they can remain still without moving for a
long time. To see them, it would appear as if they were not a living being
but a statue chiseled out of stone.” (SC-1, p.48)

Note: You might have seen some persons who cannot sit quietly. Even during
sadhana they continue to twist and turn their fingers, or scratch their
backs, or even open their eyes a little to take a peek around. And you
might have seen some other persons who keep their domestic pet constantly
on their lap and they scratch and pet their cat while they are practicing
sadhana– doing both things together at the same time. All this happens
because their mind is restless so naturally their body is also restless.
About such type of meditation, Baba has given the term “donkey sadhana”.

To solve this problem Baba has given one beautiful asana whose name is
kurmakasana (tortoise posture). This posture gives one the ability to gain
better control over their body and contract and extend the various limbs of
the body– similar to how a tortoise does. That is why its name is kurma
b/c kurma (tortoise) regularly does this.

This entire topic is also related with kurmanadii which Baba is
describing above. And the overall significance is that by controlling the
kurmanadii will help this or ameliorate this situation.

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