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Subject: Without This, Sadhana Goes Nowhere
Date: Thu 01 Sep 2011 22:44:07 +0500 (IST)
From: Ram Sahay Deva


“Toma’r tare vishva ghure, ber’iyachilum, shudhu shudhu…” (PS 2199)


Baba, You are the most charming Entity of this entire creation. I have wandered around and searched this vast universe looking only for You– only for You. I could not see or find You anywhere; I could not get that most sweet Entity of my mind, O my dear most Baba. Baba, about You, various people say various things: Some give useless logic and empty theories about You; and, O’ my Vidhu, O’ my Moon, others say that You cannot be held by studying the philosophy or by learning spiritual science. Baba, I do not possess any spiritual wealth or atma-jinana for attaining You. Only this much I know that You alone are the essence of everything. Baba, You are my Goal. O’ my dearmost, by Your grace this much I understand that when You shower a wee-bit of Your grace only then will I get You. Baba, please be gracious…


During one reporting session with Baba, in a dramatic and heart-moving manner He lovingly revealed the importance of creating a devotional link in sadhana.

This letter details that particular scene and presents the special guidance which Baba graciously expressed to us on that most memorable occasion.


As we all know, mysticism means creating a link between finite and infinite. During sadhana, by His grace, we grow closer to Parama Purusa. Our relation becomes more intimate with Him. This is how we measure our progress on the path of mysticism.

In sadhana, we are veritably calling Him. Hence a relation is needed as one cannot call someone if there is no relation, or if that relation is a distant one.

For instance, if one girl’s mother is a police chief, then that daughter will probably not like to say, “Chief, chief”, as that will feel quite distant and official. Instead that little girl will like to call out, “Mommy, mommy”, as the essence of that mother-daughter relation is more dear to her.

As sadhakas we are trying to deepen our link with Him. For this to happen, we must sincerely practice meditation. By this way we will learn and yearn to call and long for Him in a more personal way. One of the inherent aspects of sadhana is transforming our relation with Baba from that of the more formal relation of Guru to one which is more intimate, such as Father, Friend, or an even more intimate relation. According to Baba, this is our mystical journey.

(Part 1)

As many may recall, every reporting session with Baba was like dharma samiiksa. He would bless us by pointing out our defects and lovingly guide us onto the proper path. It was all exclusively His grace.

This particular occasion was no different. In His loving liila, Baba was sternly rebuking and lovingly encouraging us all, and of course pointing out certain individuals as well.

At one point, Baba turned toward one avadhuta and said, “In the past you were doing very good sadhana. You were singing bhajans regularly and then in sadhana you were calling me with love and affection and I could feel and hear the sincerity of your call. That was very good. But more recently, you have forgotten that devotional approach, and now you just sit for a few minutes in sadhana – your intuitional practices have become quite mechanical.”

Then Baba turned toward Ajitananda.

Baba said, “His sadhana is alright – it is very devotional. He has cultivated strong longing in sadhana and the way he is doing his meditation is proper. There is only one problem.”

Note: Actually, we all came to know that Ajitananda had begun hugging and kissing Baba in his sadhana. No one told him to do this, just the idea grew in his mind to relate with Baba in this way. Because of his sincere approach in sadhana, those types of closer feelings developed and Baba clearly indicated that this type of sincerity and devotional longing is very good. This type of channelisation will deepen one’s meditation. So these types feelings should not be suppressed; rather
they should take expression, so long as that is one’s natural desire. Whereas, if one is forcing things in sadhana or doing something without having that inner feeling in their heart, then that is not good. Sadhana should be a natural expression of one’s true heart-felt feeling.

(Part 2)

Baba was still looking at Ajitanada and said:

“There is only one problem. He has developed the habit that when he finishes his sadhana, then he kisses my photo and leaves his saliva on the picture. If others see this mark or stain on the photo, then what will they think.”

At this point, many of us began to smile, because if really Baba was concerned that others should not find out what this Dada was doing, then Baba would not have exposed the matter in front of all.

Baba continued, “I do not have any problem if in his sincerity he kisses my photo after sadhana, but at least he should not leave the saliva on the photo.”

Baba was quite serious when He said this, and then He looked around the room and spoke out loud to many of the Dadas present.

“What do you think, should he clean the photo after he kisses it?”

Then of course everyone present readily agreed that Ajitananda should maintain the cleanliness of the photo by removing the saliva.

At the same time, we all understood that Baba was teaching us to follow the feelings of our heart when expressing our love towards Him. Normally, it is not easy to talk about this openly with all, but in His special manner, during this reporting session Baba graciously revealed this intimate and special aspect of sadhana and devotional life. The greater point was not about having saliva on the photo – although Baba did want that it should be cleaned off – the bigger teaching is that in our devotional life we should express those natural feelings which arise in the heart. Baba was appreciating Ajitananda’s sincerity in sadhana.


So in this reporting session, Baba was giving us the idea that one should express their devotion in all kinds of natural ways. Indirectly, Baba was indicating that what Ajitananda was doing in sadhana was very good, and that if he wished to kiss the photo afterwards that was also alright, so long as that was the inner desire of his heart – which it was in the case of Ajitananda.

The main thing is that what one does in their devotional life should be natural, it should be an extension of their heart’s desire. And the more we cultivate a link with Baba in dhyana, the closer we will feel towards Him. That relation will grow, deepen, and become more intimate. In that case, one should respond to the feelings that naturally arise in the heart. These devotional feelings should not be suppressed.

At the same time, Baba was also warning us that we should not do something just for show or in a mechanical manner the way so many people go to temple and do their ritualistic worship just to put on a display in front of others etc. That type of expression is meaningless, rather it is detrimental as it is just the height of superficiality.

But if one feels a strong internal urge then one should not be hesitant and think that what they are feeling is inappropriate or against the code of tantra etc.

So by the above described reporting session, Baba was giving us all the idea – even those who do not have the feeling to hug and kiss him – that one should harbor and cultivate a closer connection with Him. One should follow one’s heart and be sincere in sadhana. And if in the course of that, one begins to feel more close, then those feelings of closeness should take expression. They should not be suppressed. That is the way to deepen one’s mystical connection with Baba. That is what we all felt He was teaching us on that day.

In contrast, if one fails to acknowledge one’s inner feeling and just suppresses those devotional sentiments, then one cannot progress on the path of sadhana.


By His grace, our love for Him grows out of our more pointed approach in sadhana. So one should not feel shy to express those feelings. If we just feel that Baba is our Guru then there will be a gap in our communication with Him. Step by step, our devotional practices will minimize this gap as we develop mote intimate feelings with Him. This is the way to progress in sadhana and grow closer and closer with Him until finally, by His grace, we become one with Him.

Baba says, “The Entity whom you are trying to attain – Parama Purus’a – is your own innermost self. Your relation with Him is not external, to be defined by courts, laws, or society. It is a family relationship. The desire in your mind to meet God is only born when He is inclined towards you. It is the result of His desire to meet you. Your meeting with God
is not a unilateral affair, it is a mutual thing. You walk one step towards Him and He will come twenty towards you.”

“When an infant starts walking, the parent first asks it and goads it to walk a little. It tries to walk, but falls. Then the parent advances and lifts it up onto his or her lap. God does the same. Make the slightest effort, and He will pick you up and place you on His lap.”

“Your relation with God is personal. No one can sever this relationship. It is part of your being, your birthright.” (AV-23)

Ram Sahay



One other aspect about this story that is important to discuss is the idea of physical expression versus psychic expression.

For instance, Ajitananda was kissing Baba in sadhana and then afterwards He was kissing Baba’s photo as well. Both are ok since this was Dadaji’s sincere desire. However, none should think that physically kissing Baba’s photo is needed in order to progress in sadhana. The only requisite needed to progress in sadhana is sincere longing for Him – there need not be any outer display, though this can be done if one desires, as in the case of Ajitananda.

Everything though can be expressed within the mind. One can mentally touch Baba’s feet, offer Him flowers, hug Him, talk to Him, and so many things. All our feelings to Him can be communicated mentally.

In their homes, some do like to decorate their puja table with real flowers. There is nothing wrong with that. They feel that by this way they are serving Baba. So that is fine.

But side by side, one must do sadhana as well. Even those central workers who were around Baba 24hrs a day had to sit and close their eyes and do sadhana. This was mandatory. But it was not mandatory that all had to see Baba physically.

Clearly the path of mysticism is a psycho-spiritual approach. It unfolds in the mind and we must not suppress those feelings. External things like kissing the photo or garlanding Baba’s photo can also be done if one feels so inclined.

However, doing such things in a purely ritualistic way is not at all good. Whatever we do should be by following our own sincerity. We should not copy others or mechanically do such things just for show.

Ultimately, our relation with Him is purely an individual affair and we should follow our heart and express our feelings to Him accordingly. By His grace, through sadhana, our link with Him becomes more intimate and by acting on those feelings we progress closer and closer towards Him, becoming one with Him.

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