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Subject: Story: Baba Told Not To Do Fake Mahaprayan
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“Toma’rei ma’ni ka’che a’cho ja’ni, Tumi a’ma’r devata’…” (4235)


By Your grace, I have understood this fact, that You are remaining always very close to me. You are my devata’, You are my everything. Knowingly or unknowingly, I am remaining in Your mind. You are my eternal saviour. Baba, You are always living with me. It is Your grace…



The story starts here, which I received.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I was with Baba in Delhi those days. Once He blessed me the opportunity to go in His room and personally see Him, to serve Him. And then He started telling many things about Lord Krishna and the whole incident of Lord Krishna’s leaving His physical body. And in the end part of Lord Krishna’s leaving His physical body Baba told that some poisonous arrow pierced into Lord Krishna’s foot and that was the last…

And by listening to this long story from Baba I was feeling pain. Then Baba asked, “Why are you feeling pain? I also have to leave My physical body and you people must not be unhappy.” While Baba was speaking like this I just put my hand on His mouth and with full pain I requested Him not to say such things. “I don’t want to hear such painful things about when
You are going to leave Your physical body. Please do not say such things.”

Then Baba started smiling and took my hand away from His mouth and with love He started convincing me. “First stop crying and then I will tell you something.”

When I stopped crying He started saying, “All the rules of nature are made by Parama Purusa and under that rule, one day I have to leave this physical body. And that day will come when I have finished the work I have decided to do with this physical body. Try to understand that when Lord Krishna wanted to make the Great India, the Mahabharata, He made the Pandavas His medium. And when His work was finished, with His own desire, He left His physical body. You all are my mini-Babas. When you become like this and are able to execute My samkalpa, then I will understand that you can fulfill My work, and so what will be the use of My physical body? When the work of this physical body is finished then I will leave My physical body, and I am remain always with you in your heart.”


Baba then said, “I only took this physical body to teach you all practically and to establish Ideology. If Parama Purusa so desires He can do anything and everything and when He created this physical world He also made the rules to control this physical world. Prakrti is controlling everything and so His physical body also has to follow nature’s rules that
He Himself created. Otherwise how will Nature follow its rule properly?”

“Parama Purusa has given certain rules and authority to Nature, to the Operative Principle to follow, so He is also obeying that rule when He comes in physical form. If Lord Krishna had so desired, dharma would have been established even without the complete destruction of the Kaoravas but it would not have been inspiring history. Actually, Lord Krishna wanted to teach the public that they should come forward to save dharma and that happened.”

After Baba’s talk I was again crying and I put my hand on Baba’s mouth and requested Him, “Baba please do not say such painful things. Listening to those things, has made me cry so do not say such things. If you so desire You may leave Your physical body, but promise me that You will not go before me. You must not leave me.”

After listening to my pain Baba assured me. He said, “What you are thinking will happen like this. I was in your Guru Cakra, I am in your Guru Cakra and I always will remain in your Guru Cakra. You people are the image of My ideology, and the world will know Me by your actions.”

Before leaving the room I asked Baba if He would answer some questions.

On this point, Baba smiled and said, “Whatever you want, you can ask without any fear.”




I (Parasattananda) asked Baba, “Why is it that people do not celebrate the death day of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna yet people celebrate the birth ceremony of Lord Krishna?” When I asked Baba this question He became furious and in a loud voice, Baba scolded me. “Does Parama Purusa die any time? He is an eternal entity, He never dies.”

When I saw His furious face I started trembling and sweating and I felt strong repentance for asking such a question. Then Baba said, “Lord Krishna as well as Lord Shiva is Parama Purusa and for doing great work and to establish dharma, He comes in physical form and when dharma has been established, then He leaves His physical body – but I will remain always
with you”.

For permanent relief to sadhus, and the complete destruction of bad people, the Lord comes in human form. And when His work is over, when dharma is established, He leaves His physical body, but I shall always remain with you – in your heart.”

“Lord Krishna did the same thing and with His desire, He left His physical body when His work was finished. Because He is Parama Purusa and eternally present all the time, then how one can celebrate His death day. He is Omni-Present. He is Parama Purusa. So there is no question of celebrating the death day of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna.”

In the last Baba with strong voice asked me, “When I (Baba) leave My physical body will you people want to celebrate My death day?”

Listening the commanding voice of Baba I was scared and replied slowly, “No, Baba. ”

After that Baba became mild and He told me “It is getting late at night, you go and take rest.”

And after I did sastaunga pranam and I quickly escaped from His room and took a deep breath, and started pondering that how Baba is furious about my question. Constant idea was hovering in my mind that how HE was furious.

Because of that still I remember the whole episode that His so-called Mahaprayan must not be celebrated. That is why in my personal life I never participated. How I can participate and disobey His command and make Him unhappy. Since a long time I am telling this story to all who I see on different occasions. That is why since the beginning I have strongly opposed this so-called Mahaprayan.


Here I am quoting some Baba’s direct lines which are highly significant.

Baba says, “Guru rus’te na kaschan….”

‘The meaning of the whole sloka is that when Guru is unhappy then nobody in this universe can save the person.’

That is why it is also said,

“Mantra mulam…
‘Guru’s words are mantra…’

This is the same reason that happened that Sarvatmanananda disobeyed Baba on this above said story and look what is going on with his fate.

Note: This story is translated from Dada Parasattanandaji’s book ‘Manavrata ka Sunahala Bhavishya’, which means “The Golden Future of Humanity”.

Dada Parasattanandji is posted in India most of the time. These days postings and transfers are so common in our Marga but as far as my awareness in the recent past Dadaji was posted in Bihar. He is a very respected and good Dada and he is WT since 1967.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Lord Baba says:

“The person who is engaged in service, if in his mind this ideation is there, ‘I have served him. Then he should also do something for me. It will be better.’ That is not good. But rather the one who is serving, in his mind this feeling should be there: ‘I have come on this earth to serve others. It is my duty. But no one has any duty towards me.'” (AV-9, Ch 11 [Hindi])


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